Robert Collier – It’s About The Giving Not The Getting || EP 477

Do you know what is the most important lesson in the whole Bible? Do you know what principle was considered so vital that God is said to have used it on three of the six days of creation, and it is repeated no less than six times in the first chapter of Genesis alone?

Just this: “Everything Reproduces After Its Kind!”

Go back over the miracles of increase in the Bible. What do you find? When the widow of Zarephath gave Elijah her oil and meal, what did she get? MORE OIL AND MEAL, did she not? Not gold, or riches, but INCREASE AFTER ITS KIND.

When another widow begged Elisha to save her sons from bondage, he asked—“What hast thou in the house?” And when told—“Naught save a pot of oil,” it was the oil he increased, was it not?

When the multitude lacked for bread and the Apostles asked Jesus what they should do, He did not turn the stones into bread, or bring forth gold with which to buy. No, He asked—“How many loaves have you?” And when told five, and two fishes, He based His increase upon them.

You see, it all comes back to terms of electrical energy, for what is energy but power, and what are personality, skill, ability, riches, but different forms of power? If you want to increase your stock of these, what must you do? Put them to work, must you not? Put them out at interest, as in the parable of the talents.

No energy ever expanded until it was released. No seed ever multiplied until it was sown. No talent ever increased until it was used. You want more power, more riches, greater ability, a wider field of usefulness. How are you going to get them? Only by putting out at interest that which you have!

And the way to do this lies—NOT in working for riches as such—BUT FOR INCREASE IN THE FORM OF ENERGY YOU HAVE! Now, what have YOU in the house? What seed can you plant, what service can you give? “Give me gold,” prayed Levesco, “that I may be helpful, not helpless. Give me gold that I may taste the pure joy of making others happy. Give me gold that I may see the beauties of this world in moments of leisure. Give me gold that I and mine may be secure in our declining years.”

A worthy prayer, indeed. But prayer alone is not enough. You must plant the seed before you can hope to reap the harvest. You must give before you can get. “DO THE THING,” said Emerson, “and you shall have the power. But they who do not the thing, have not the power. Everything has its price, and if the price is not paid— not that thing but something else is obtained. And it is impossible to get anything without its price. “For any benefit received a tax is levied. In nature nothing can be given—all things are sold. “Power to him who power exerts.”

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