Robert B Stone How To Contact The Good Fairy Waiting To Grant Your Unlimited Wishes || EP 497

You have been attracted to these pages because you are ready to benefit from them. This works as surely as the law of gravity. The law of gravity is a physical law. The law of attraction is a metaphysical law. You can see the law of gravity work every time.

But with a metaphysical law like the law of attraction, now you see it, now you don’t. It is the “don’t” part that drives scientists crazy. So they stick with physical laws and pay no attention to laws beyond the physical. On the other hand, you are now being exposed to the non-physical laws that symbolically involve good fairies, angels, genies, and wizards because you have lived your life in a certain way.

Let’s look at a couple of possible ways that you make yourself eligible for this help that comes from the other side of our physical world. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was in a position where she needed help and she needed it now. She expressed that need. The Good Witch quickly appeared and filled Dorothy’s need. What made Dorothy eligible? Obviously her innocence. She was guileless. She had no motives behind her motives. In Cinderella’, the good fairy appeared and enabled Cinderella to thwart her evil sisters. That’s because Cinderella was obviously good.

The fairy tale brings out her goodness right from the start. You have some positive quality that makes you deserving of similar help. This means that you have the equivalent of a good fairy waiting to grant your wishes — not one or three or ten, but unlimited wishes. In this chapter, you will contact this power and begin the flow of “good luck” that it appears to be.

Although fairy-tale language helps to explain help from the invisible realm, the help itself is no fairy tale. It is the very energy of creation itself, using you and me as co-creators. It enables you to: Get as much money as you need.  Increase your attractiveness to other people.  Reap a crop of good luck every day.  Revitalize your health and even postpone aging.  Protect yourself from those who are “out to get you.”  Climb the ladder to social, business, or political success.  Buy and sell at the right time.  Affect events at a distance.  

Scientists are now beyond the smallest particles of the atom in their investigation of matter and are penetrating into microscopic realms that are the frontiers of “the other side.” They are beginning to see intelligence in the form of fields of energy filling all of space. As this energy manifests in the form of life, money, and love— as well as lakes, mountains, and prairies—we call this energy creation.

Stone, Robert B.. Celestial 911: CALL WITH YOUR RIGHT BRAIN FOR ANSWERS! (p. 9). Dennis Stone. Kindle Edition.

You can get a kindle copy of his book here

Here is the kindle link to this wonderful book Life Without Limits, it has so much more than this episode

Stone was author and co-author of over 80 published books, most notably on self-help and powers of the mind. His most best-selling book was “Martinis & Whipped Cream” (1966) with coauthor, hypnotist Sidney Petrie. That book was significant in the history of dieting.

Dr. Stone was an internationally known lecturer on the human potential. He taught for many years at the University of Hawaii on activating the powers of the mind. A MENSA member and graduate of MIT, Dr. Stone was elected to the New York Academy of Science. A Silva Method lecturer for 20 years and Ambassador-at-Large, he introduced the Silva Method to five nations and was honored with many Silva awards.

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