Recognizing And Following Your Hunches || EP 503

Ever get a hunch about something. Thought about somebody and they immediately called? Noticed synchronicities that foretold some future event? Intuition is an ability available to all of us that can enhance and transform our lives.

Some days the number of choices we face is almost overwhelming. As consumers we have an amazingly diverse array of options: dozens of different breakfast cereals, automobile models, and clothing styles. For entertainment and relaxation there are dozens of cable television stations, nearly countless movies at the video rental store, and myriad vacation alternatives.

To them it seems as if spirituality might come more easily if so much time and attention weren’t wasted on all the daily decisions. They may even find themselves looking for a new life-style to simplify matters. For other people the problem is an anxiety that perhaps the right decisions are not being made. They wish for certainty, for signs from God that point one way or the other. These individuals sincerely want to follow a life path that is spiritually attuned, but sometimes they don’t see clearly which choices will lead in that direction.


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