Raymond Charles Barker You Are A Potential || EP 759

“No one has ever seen the Divine power within you, but it is there.  You are inward mind action, and as this action which is able to control your experiences, you are invisible. You are mind unfolding.  You are a movement of consciousness.  You are mind unfolding itself. Inside the individual there is always the incomplete, unfinished, evolving mind. You are a potential. You always have been, you are now, and you always will be.” Raymond Charles Barker

Raymond Charles Barker was a leader and author in the New Thought spiritual movement. Barker grew up in New Thought, having been trained at the Unity Training School. He was a minister at the Unity Center in Rochester, New York before being elected as the president of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) in 1943. Raymond Barker was also president of the IARSC, but his deep interest in INTA never waned.

Barker was one of the youngest people to ever be chosen as president of the International New Thought Alliance and entered actively into INTA affairs and was highly supportive of them. He served on committees, attended congresses, worked in regional groups, and was even promoted by INTA. Dr. Barker had a keen sence of the value of history as well. During his first years as president of the INTA he was also editor of the INTA Bulletin.

Later in his life, Raymond Charles Barker become affiliated with the Church of Religious Science; he founded and became a minister of the Church of Religious Science in Manhattan. Some of his students included future Religious Science leaders Stuart Grayson and Louise Hay. His classic book, Treat Yourself to Life is often used in Religious Science classes today.

Dr. Barker explains how to change the subconscious patterns through spiritual treatments, barker’s teachings explaned how one could go deep into the subconscious mind, destroy old thought patterns and install new ones. Barker provided processes for treating the subconscious blocks which prevented individuals from attaining their goals. His treatments included everything from eliminating problems, creating happiness, creating new ideas, removing the belief of limitation and lack, and taught how to ‘decongest’ the consciousness in order to create a fresh new mind.

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