Q’uo – Seeking Unity || EP 769

Q’uo a member of the confederation similar to Ra was channeled by Jim Mccarty and Carla Rueckert after the original Ra sessions.  

This information is mindblowing.

Here we discuss a variety of topics including the seeking of unity

“You asked today a question that is so very pertinent to the third-density illusion in which you inhabit at this time. For the third density is one which is surrounded by a veil of forgetting—forgetting that all within it are portions of the One Creator, that all within it know that love of each other is a given beyond the veil (though so much of a forgotten fact within the veil), and that the light that the creation is made of shines within each entity. For oftentimes in your illusion, as you have mentioned in your question, this light seems to either shine in a method or manner which is difficult to perceive or unable to be perceived at all. For there seems to be so much division and disillusionment, separation and anger, that is the food for many who exist with you at this time within your third density.

And so how do you, as spiritual seekers of truth, as portions of the One Creator, find within yourselves the ability to seek unity with all other entities about you, even those who seem to be diametrically opposed to your spiritual perception of reality, to the ability to give and receive love freely between entities, to open the heart in acceptance and love of those who would not desire to do the same with you? This is the very heart of the seeming separation that creates your third-density illusion. And illusion it is, for it is the goal, the challenge, and the path of each within this illusion to find the love in the moment, in the self, in the other. This is a great challenge. And yet, this is the challenge that each of you have set before yourselves before the incarnation. For unless you have a challenge that takes you further than you have ever been before in your total soul identity, then there is no chance for growth.

So you may look at the situation of separation in your illusion as an opportunity for each person, each soul expressing itself as a personality shell within the third-density illusion, to grow, to expand the consciousness, to share the love, to create an understanding that we are all one, that we are all on the same path; that we are all seeking in some fashion to realize this pre-incarnative desire to move beyond seeming separation and to find, even in small moments, a kind of unification, a kind of ability to harmonize with those about us that may not feel to them to be necessary, desirable, or even possible. This is the great challenge.” Q’uo

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This information is mindblowing.

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