Q’uo On The Sinkhole Of Indifference || EP 1059

In the Ra material ra explains the sinkhole of indifference

The spiritual path being predicated on the choice between the positive and negative polarities, the sinkhole of indifference is the state of remaining unpolarized and not achieving the transformation afforded by making the Choice. It is a state of being less-than-conscious and without power, a blind repetition of patterns. When neither path is chosen, the entity will continue to receive catalyst until it forms a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control.

In a recent channeling they asked for further clarification on this topic

As we look at the circumstances of our world today, we are curious about how inner peace relates to outer peace, what’s the tipping point of Earth’s transformation to fourth density is and how all of this relates to the sinkhole of indifference?

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light this evening. We are with this instrument and this group at this time for the purpose of speaking to the query of the evening, which we are most happy to do, for it is a query which encompasses each person and the planet itself and the progressions of each into the fourth density of love and understanding. Before we begin, we would ask that you use your personal discernment to determine what of our words and concepts are now of use to you, and please do not feel any hesitancy about leaving behind those that are not now relevant to you. We thank you for this favor.  

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