Q’uo On The Magical Personality || EP 469

This episode Q’uo discusses how obtain the magical personality.  The magical personality.

Ra: I am Ra. There are two concepts with which you deal. The first is the great way of the development of the light in the microcosmic mind/body/spirit. It is assumed that an adept will have its energy centers functioning smoothly and in a balanced manner to its best effort before a magical working. All magical workings are based upon evocation and/or invocation.

*Magickally speaking, this refers to the intentional enhancement and circulation of light, or prana, in the body by the adept.

The first invocation of any magical working is the invocation of the magical personality.* In the working you mentioned, the first station is the beginning of the invocation of this magical personality, which is invoked by the motion of putting on something [such as a robe, cloak, ring, etc.]. Since you do not have an item of apparel or talisman, the gesture which you have made [to signal the switch to the magical personality] is appropriate.

*The Magical Personality is developed by every magician. It is given a magical name, and can be compared to the created avatar in some virtual games. It is an idealized self-image of one’s Higher Self.

Here we go over what Q’uo has to say about the magical personality.

“Now, to attain a magical personality there is much which one can do and, indeed, must do to create the appropriate atmosphere for the gentle lover’s touch of the rational mind into the deep mind. This is a slow process for many and infinitely worth it. Once one has been able to contact that part of the self that is sixth-density and which has given the gift back to you within the deep recesses of your mind, you may then have a much wider perspective, a much more clear vantage point from which to view the life experiences which your incarnation brings to you.”

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