Q’uo On Intelligent Infinity || EP 463

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five philosophical monographs published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books.

The books purportedly were authored by a non-human intelligence named Ra through the process of channeling, in which Don Elkins acted as the questioner, Jim McCarty as the scribe and Carla L. Rueckert as the channel for Ra. The 5 book series presents both commentary and full transcripts of the dialogue between the questioner and Ra, who is described as an entity composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrial beings that are fused into one unified consciousness.

The material in the books conveys an elaborate and grand reality. Ultimately described as being called The Law of One or the basic principle that “all is One”, that all “things” that exist are ultimately the same “essence” within many forms and configurations. The philosophy of The Law of One describes the big questions of life: why, how and where everything that exists comes from. As well as its place within the manifest Creation. The five books explore this premise in relation to many aspects of life including: philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, and the “paranormal”.

Are they real or was this the imaginings of the channeler’s mind.  In either case this is either a grand science fiction opera or a profound description of the universe and the way it works.  

Check out my brief synopsis here https://youtu.be/RRLF7rbodgI

One of the most fascinating concepts discussed in the books in intelligent infinity.  It is stated that once we make contact with intelligent infinity it is a game changer.  According to Ra contacting intelligent infinity results in miraculous power and will transform planets and species.

I explored what Ra had to say about intelligent infinity here https://youtu.be/JMk19Ll9bRs

Q’uo is an entity similar to Ra that was channeled after the Ra Material was completed.  Much of this material is the same and in many cases is more revealing.

What can Quo add to our understanding?

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