Q’uo – On Dreams || EP 797

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we answer your call for information this evening. We thank you for calling us to you and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with yours. It is most kind of you and most helpful to us, and we hope that we may in some humble way offer you a thought or two that you may use. However, we do warn you that we are not infallible, and, as always, we ask for you to use careful discrimination in absorbing any information, using your discernment and your own inner remembrance and recognition of what is true for you.

There are several types of dreams for all entities and for some there are more specialized types of dreams. We shall go over what this instrument would call the garden variety of dreams first, and that is the typically half-remembered, somewhat chaotic dream which has elements within it which are recognizable from the recent past. That which occurred within the recent past was not the appropriate solution for your mind or your emotions or your physical vehicle or your spirit and thusly a proportion of your mind is working out different ways of experiencing the situation which was not satisfactory to you or which held a meaning to you that was subconsciously recognized at the time. Thus, in the non-dramatic dream where the images are scattered and do not seem clear, it is important simply to recognize that you are more than casually troubled by something within the experiences which are being rehearsed within the dream experience in whatever distorted form. These are new items of distress and have not yet descended to the level of deep dreaming. These are the easiest dreams to work with, therefore, for although they may not seem as clear or as important, that small change which is dealt with in a daily manner, when balanced, becomes a very, very large amount over the long run.

It is important to remember the absolute necessity of the dreaming process. Therefore, even if you cannot remember the dreams at all, at least at first, never fear that you are lacking in the dream experience but assume that there is some other reason for the dreams to be removed from the ability to recall. In some cases, perhaps it is not well that the conscious mind deal with that which the subconscious mind finds conflicting and difficult. This will, however, cause the one who does not remember the dreams finally to experience a clearer dreaming process, perhaps in a more dramatic manner, say, than one who remembers dreams in a regular fashion and works with the images and their impact upon waking reality and what your own spirit has undergone in order to withstand or bear the catalyst that you re-experience in the dream.

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