Prayers Of Divine Surplus By Ernest Holmes Et Al (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1104

From the depths of our hearts, we do thank God for all the good there is. We know and understand that gratitude opens the very windows of heaven! Thanksgiving opens every channel of life, health, happiness, and abundance. Every door opens to the grateful heart. Be grateful today!  

List all the things you can be grateful for and watch how the Law of Increase and Multiplication will supply your every need. Make gratitude an unbreakable habit. Jesus was grateful for the “despised” loaves and fishes…and they increased and fed a multitude.  

Being grateful and using what we have at hand like the widow woman with the cruse of oil and the handful of meal (I Kings 17:9 16) makes way for God’s plenty to roll in.  

Gratitude prospers! Complaint impoverishes. Gratitude attracts Abundance. Complaining drives prosperity away. Gratitude expands. Complaint belittles.  

Bring joy, praise, and thanksgiving into your daily work. In all your ways give thanks and sorrow, sickness, lack, and limitation will forever flee away.

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