Neville Goddard’s Changing the Feeling of “I” || EP 152

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This is an exploration of Neville Goddard’s lecture called Changing the Feeling of “I”

It is a powerful exploration using many of the traditional teachings for Neville. In particular this teaching is powerful for those who feel limited due to their environment, their culture or there race.

This is one of Neville’s best teachings on how to do deal with racism and cultural designations as limitations in your life.

Most of us are totally unaware of the self that we really cherish. We have never

taken one good look at the self, so we don’t know this self, for the “I” has neither face, form nor figure, but it does mold itself into structure by all that it consents to, all that it believes, and few of us know really what we

do believe. We have no idea of the unnumbered superstitions and prejudices that go to mold this inner, formless “I” into a form which is then projected as a man’s environment, as the conditions of life.

This teaching really allowed me to believe that anything was possible and if I changed the feeling of I, I could become anything.

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Welcome to the reality revolution today. I got another cool lecture by Neville Goddard from early in his career in 1953 and I wanted to do a little summary of this one. Read it to you and hopefully it touches you like it touched me. It’s called the changing the feeling of I for the benefit of those who are not present last Sunday and at this time he’s giving a weekly speech. He says, just let me give you a quick summary of the thought expressed here. We claimed that the world was a manifestation of consciousness, that the individual’s environment, circumstances, and conditions of life were only the out-picturing of the particular state of consciousness in which that individual abides. Therefore, the individual sees whatever he is by virtue of the state of consciousness from which he views the world. Any attempt to change the outer world before he changes the inner structure of his mind is to labor in vain. Everything happens by order. Those who help or hinder us, whether they know it or not, are the servants of that law, which constantly shapes outward circumstances in harmony with our inner nature. We asked you last Sunday to distinguish between the individual identity and the state we occupy the individual identity is the son of God. It is that I speak of you or to you or speak of myself. I mean really our imagination that is permanent. It fuses with state and believes itself to be the state with which it is fused. But at every moment of time it is free to choose the state with which it will be identified. And that brings us to today’s subject, changing the feeling of I and I hope I will not get the same reaction that is recorded in the sixth chapter of gospel of John for we are told that when this was given to the world, they all left him leaving just a handful behind four when he told them that there was no one to change but self, they said, this is a hard, hard teaching. It’s a hard thing. Who hear it for? He said, no man cometh unto me. Save. I call him and then it’s recorded. When he repeated it three times, they left him never again to walk with him. And he turned to the few who remained and asked them, would you also go? And they answered and said, to whom would we go? We have the word of eternal life. I, in other words, it’s so much easier when I can blame another for my misfortune. But now that I’m told that no man cometh unto me, save, I call him and that I am the sole architect of my fortunes. And misfortunes did difficult saying. And so it’s recorded. It’s a hard saying who can hear it, who can grasp it and who will believe it? [inaudible] and so he said, and now I sanctify myself, that they also be sanctified through the truth for if this is the truth, then there is no one to change. No one to make whole, no one to purify, but self [inaudible] and so we start with the eye. Most of us are totally unaware of the self that we really cherish. We’ve never taken one good look at the self. So we don’t know. This self for the eye has neither face form nor figure, but it does mold itself into structure by all that it consents to all that it believes. And few of us know really what we do believe. We have no idea of the unnumbered superstitions and prejudices that goal to mold this inner formless eye into a form which is then projected as a man’s environment, as the conditions of life [inaudible] so here, read it carefully when you go home. No man cometh unto me. Save. I call him. You didn’t choose me. I have chosen you. No man can take away my life. I lay it down myself. There is no power to take from me anything that is part of the inner arrangement of my mind. All that you gave me I have kept and none is lost. Saved the son of perdition or the belief in God and because nothing can be lost, but the belief in loss, I will not now assume loss of anything [inaudible] you have given me. That is good. And so I sanctify myself that they be sanctified through the truth. And now how do we go about changing the eye? [inaudible] first of all, we must discover the eye and we do this by an uncritical observation of self [inaudible] this will reveal a self that will shock you. [inaudible] you will be all together. I wouldn’t say afraid but ashamed to admit you’ve ever known such a lowly creature and had it been God himself who drew near in this despicable form. You would have denied him a thousand times before a single cock would Crow [inaudible] you couldn’t believe that this is the self that you’ve carried around and protected and excused and justified [inaudible] then you start changing this self after by an uncritical observation. You make the discovery of that self for the acceptance of self is the essence of the moral problem of the world. [inaudible] it is the epitome of a true outlook on life for it is the sole cause for everything that you observe. What a powerful observation that Goddard makes for the acceptance of self is the [inaudible] essence of the moral problem of the world and we do see a battle of acceptance of self and helping others outside of ourselves constantly on a regular basis. It is a part of this very fabric that we’re living. Your description of the world is a confession of the self that you do not know. You describe another, you describe society, you describe anything and your description of the thing you observe reveals to one who knows this law, the being you really are, so you must first accept that self. When that self is accepted then you can start to change. It’s so much easier to take the virtues of the gospel and apply them as the word of life, to love the enemy, to bless those who curse us and to feed the hungry. But when man discovers the being to be fed, the being to be clothed and the very being to be sheltered, the greatest enemy of all is that self. Then he is ashamed, completely ashamed. That is the being for. It was easier to share with another. Something that I possess to take an extra coat and give it to another one and I know the truth. It’s not that I start with the self having discovered and start with change of that self. Now let me tell you a story. A few years ago in this city, Goddard says, I was giving a series of lectures down near the Lake. I can’t even recall the name of the Lake, but it was some Parkview manner was the place where I spoke and in that audience was a gentleman who sought an audience before the meeting and we went across the street into the little park there and he said to me that he had an insoluble problem. I said, there is no such thing as an insoluble problem, but he said, you do not know my problem. It’s not a state of health. I assure you it is looking at the skin that I wear. I said, what’s wrong with it? It looks lovely to me. He said, look at the pigment of my skin. I by the accident of birth, I’m now discriminated against. The opportunities for progress in this world are denied me. Just because of the accident of birth that I was born a colored man, opportunities for advancement in every field, neighborhoods that I would like to live and raise a family. I couldn’t move in where I would like to open up a business. I couldn’t move into that area. Then I told him my own personal experience that I came to this country. Well, I didn’t have that problem, but I was a foreigner in the midst of all Americans. I didn’t find it difficult yet as he reminded me, but that’s not my problem. Novel. Others have come here speaking with an accent, but they haven’t my skin and I was born in American. Then I told him my, an experience of mine in New York city, if I were called upon to name a man that I would consider my teacher, I would name Abdula. I studied with that gentleman for five years. He had the same color skin, the same pigment as this gentleman. He would never allow anyone to refer to him as a colored man. He was very proud of being a Negro. Didn’t want any modification of what God had made him. He turned to me and he said, have you ever seen a picture of the Sphinx? I said, yes. He said, it embodies the four fixed quarters of the universe. You have the lion, the Eagle, the bowl and man and here is the man that is the head, the crown of that creature called the Sphinx, which still defies man’s knowledge to unreal. It was crowned with the human head and look carefully at the head, Neville and you will see whoever modeled that head must have been a Negro. Whoever modeled it had the face of a Negro and if that still defies man’s ability to unravel it, I am very proud that I am Negro. Abdula said, I’ve seen scientists, doctors, lawyers, bankers from every walk of life seeking audience with old Abdula and everyone who came thought themselves honored it to be admitted to his home and to receive an interview. If he was ever invited out and he was, he was always the honored guest. He said, Neville, you must first start with self find self. Don’t be ashamed ever of the being you are. Discover it and start the changing of that self. I strongly believe this. I think no matter what your situation, where you were born, what your, where your circumstances are, there is a place for you. If you find your true frail, you’re yourself, your soul’s purpose, that these things don’t matter anymore. Sometimes it’s a part of our spiritual lessons that we go through, but there are some times, and I’ve met people that you would think would be discriminated against by the standards of discrimination and they don’t because of a concept of self, a certain energy that they had. Goddard goes on to say, well, I told this gentleman exactly what Abdula had taught me that there was no cause outside of the arrangement of his own mind if he was discriminated against. It was not because of the pigment of his skin. Though he showed me signs as large as all outdoors denying him access to an area. The sign is there only because in the minds of some men, such patterns are formed and they draw unto themselves with now they would condemn that there is no power outside the mind of man to do anything to man. And he by the arrangement of his own mind, by consequenting to these restrictions in his cradle and being conditioned slowly through his youth, waking into manhood, believing himself, set upon would have to set upon, but no man cometh unto me. Save. I call him. So then someone comes to condemn or to praise. They couldn’t come unless I called them. Not a man called Neville, but that secret being that is not novel, that is not called Neville. The secret being that is the sum total of all my beliefs, all of the things that I can send to that form a pattern of structure, that secret being draws unto itself, things in harmony with itself. When that man went away and wrestled with himself, he couldn’t believe everything I told him, not that night, but last Sunday morning in the lobby, he came forward and you renewed the friendship. He took me next door to show me the fruit of his teaching. He said, Neville, it took me almost three years to really overcome that fixed idea that I by the accident of birth would be a secondary citizen, but I ever overcame it. Now, here’s my office on Wilshire Boulevard. I picked this one not because it was the only one offered, four equally wonderful spots were offered me. I took this one because it had greater telephone facilities, but the others were equally good. Now here is my office. Now you couldn’t judge my income from this office. Lovely as it is. Everything is nice about it, but Neville, this year I will net a quarter of a million dollars, which in 1953 was a huge amount. Well in America that is still a fabulous sum of money. It would be a staggering in any other part of the world, but even in fabulous America, Amanda net, a quarter of a million is really up in the various highest brackets and that was the man that a few years ago told me that the whole vast world was against him by reason of the accident of birth. He knows now he is what he is by virtue of the state of consciousness with which he is identified and the choice is his to go back to the restrictions of his childhood when he believed the story or to continue in the freedom that he has found. This is an amazing teaching and the language may be uncomfortable. This was written in 1953 he’s quoting of doula here, but the most important part of this that I want you to get, and I see this all the time on Facebook, on Instagram, on what I’m, people will ask me questions and they will always preface it by saying, Oh, I live in this country and it’s just a such a poor country and I’ll never be able to achieve anything. This country, my my, my family, my color of my skin. If you have some situation that you have a belief in your mind that you cannot overcome, that is the beginning of the problem. It does not matter. You are responsible for the world that you live in based on your own consciousness. You’ve been told from birth that you are risk, that you are a result and you have nothing, no control over it and that you live in this country and that that your, because of the country you live in, that you have no other choices but it’s not true. If you learn how to change your concept of I, you are responsible for your own state of consciousness. So as Goddard says, you and I can be anything in this world we desire to be. If we clearly define our aim in life and constantly occupy that aim, it must be habitual. Don’t do it once every once in a while. Make it every day. Make it more than once a day. The concept we hold of self that is noble must not be put on just for a moment and taken off. When we leave this church, we feel free here. We feel that we have something in common. That’s why we are here, but we are going to wear the noble concept. We now hold of self when we go through the door and enter that bus or we’re going to can return to the restrictions that were ours prior to coming here. The choice is ours. And the hardest lesson to learn is that there is no one in this world that can be drawn into your world unless you and you alone call him. So do not do what they did thousands of years ago for that as the beginning of the succession of the great truth. So we are told they turned away from it, never again to walk with it. And the few who remained didn’t like it either. But where would they go if this world is the word of eternal truth? Not that it’s true for this day and age, but if this is the law of being and in all dimensions of my being, it holds good. If this is eternally true, then let me S learn the lesson. Now though I wrestle with myself as he did for three years. So, so the changing of the feeling of the eye is a selective thing because unnumbered States are infinite States, but the eye is not the state. So the eye is not the state. The I believes itself to be the state when it enters and fuses with it. So he was presented with the state and without the faculty of discrimination in his youth, he fused with the state and believed these restrictions were true. And it took him three years to disentangle the eye from these fixed ideas with which we lived for so many years. Now you may take only a moment, or you too may take yourself three years. I can’t tell you how long it’s going to take you, but I’ll tell you this much. It can be measured by the feeling of naturalness. You can wear a feeling until it’s natural. The moment the feeling becomes natural, it will become and begin to bear fruit within your world. So I told this story at a small gathering here in the city, [inaudible] and not, not very many asked questions about it, but three people asked. But he must’ve had money before. He must’ve had known the right people. He must in some way have had some substance to start it because how can you go out to loan $100 million and call that a real fact of being that you have that to loan and tell me you didn’t have someone who had it or you yourself didn’t have it. I did not ask the gentlemen about the individual facts of the case. I went into the office. I saw it. I didn’t look at his books. He volunteered this information and gave me the figure of a quarter of a million net for that year. I have not checked or in any way verified the statement. I believe it implicitly, but I will not go along with those who believe that unless you have certain things to start, you can’t apply this law. We are told from birth of laws to restrict us to the world that we have. We’re our creative powers are used against us over and over again. We’re locked into a system that locks our mind and our creative powers from the true fourth dimensional powers that we have by giving us beliefs that reflect back on us forcing a world that we had no choice until now to make as we wish. [inaudible] you can start now from scratch and choose the being that you want to be. Okay. You aren’t going to change the pigment of your skin, but you will find your accent or the pigment of skin or your so called or racial background will not be a hindrance for if a man is ever hindered. It can only be the state of consciousness in which he abides. That hinders him. Man is freed or constrained by reason of the state of mind in which he persists. If you persist in it, well then I will say persist in it, but I warn you, no one cares and that it is an awful blow. When a man discovers that no one, no one but himself really cares. So we find ourselves weeping with ourselves in the hope of getting others to weep with us. And what an awful shock when the day arrives. We discover that no one really ever cared. They will give us some little listening ear for a moment, just as they were passing by, but they really didn’t care. When we make that discovery, we shake ourselves out of it and boldly appropriate the gift our father gave us before the world was. So let me show you the gift. You’ve read your Lord’s prayer possibly daily, but you read it as a prayer from a translation of a translation, which does not reveal the sense of the evangelist. The real translation you will find in Farrar Fenton’s work, where in the original it is written in the imperative passive mood, which is like a standing order, a thing to be done absolutely and continuously so that you can look now upon your universe as one vast internet machinery where all things happen. There isn’t a thing to become. All things are taking place [inaudible] so what is written in this manner, die will, must be being done. Thy kingdom co must be being restored. Thy will must be being done. Thy kingdom must be being restored. It is the only way you could express if you would express the imperative passive mood, but from the Latin from which our translation was made, there is no first ARS of the fur of the imperative passive mood. So we have it in the way we have it, but it does not reveal the intent of the mysteries. If you will see all things are now, you don’t become, you simply select the state that you would occupy occupying it. You seem to become, but it is already a fact. Every aspect of that state in its most minute detail, it’s worked out and taking place. You by occupying the state seem to go through the action of unfolding that state. But the state is completely finished and taking place. So now you can choose the being you want to be. And by choosing a being other than what you are now expressing, you start the change of the feeling of I, a beautiful explanation of the concept that we live and something akin to an an archive of scripts, movie scripts. Imagine that their movie scripts of your life, you have infinite number of scripts that you can choose from. And so what you’re doing when you’re manifesting and becoming an going through this process of manifesting your, not necessarily visualizing one thing that comes to you. You’re choosing a script that will bring you to that. The script involves that particular scene. You’re moving to a lifeline where that script is, and so everything will happen naturally. And you’re in the script. Let the script play out. Don’t over question it. Once you, once you tune into it, you left. Let it play out. This what he’s saying here is all you have to do is that the state is happening now in this moment. Now is the state. You can switch it out of any state. All you gotta do is express the way you [inaudible] start the change of the feeling of I. Now, how will I know that I have changed the feeling of I by beginning first with an uncritical observation of my reactions to life and then noticing my reactions when I think I am identified with my choice. If I assume that a man I am the man that I want to be, let me observe my reactions if they are as they were, I have not identified myself with my choice for my reactions are automatic. And so if I am changed and I would automatically change my reactions to life. So the changing of the feeling of I results in a change of your reaction, which change reaction is a change of environment and behavior. But let me warn you now, a little alteration of mood is not a transformation. It’s not a real change of consciousness because as I change my mood for the moment, it can quickly and rapidly be, I would say replaced by another mood in the reverse direction. When I say that I was changed as that gentleman changed his mood, his basic mood, his state of consciousness. It means that I, that having assumed that I am what the moment denied, what my reason denied, that I remain in the state long enough to make the stable state to make the state stable so that all of my energies are from that state, from that state. I am no longer thinking of that state. I’m thinking from that state, so what? Whatever a state grows so stable as to definitely expel all of its rivals. Then that central habitual state of consciousness from which I think defines my character and is really a true transformation or change of consciousness. When I reached that state of stability, watch my world mold itself. Then in harmony with this interchange and men who will come into my world, people will come to aide and they will think they are initiating the urge to help. They are paying only their part. They must do what they do because I have done what I did. Having moved from one state into the other, I have altered my relationship relative to the world roundabout. And that changed relationship compels a change in behavior relative to my world so they have to act differently towards me. So imagine I had this thought as we were, as he explained it, cause I’ve talked about parallel realities. We are constantly shifting in and out of different parallel realities and the future portions of parallel pillar realities for you exist in an information, in a level of information that you actually can get feelings about. In the same way that people get feelings that they avoid going into the airplane that crashes or they get feelings in you, you want knowledge in the alternative space of certain events that happen. And there were constantly just shifting. Well who we are is not our life that we live. We are just constantly shifting in out of different lifelines. And so when he says that it is the state that you want to be in is happening now, it really does bring on that model of all these parallel universes exist right now in this moment, in another universe that state exists and so we, we really don’t know the interaction. We be placed with all these parallel realities, but we know that the future is just a script and so at some point these script will merge with that parallel reality because it’s the physics of it is all built out. It might be a little bit different, but it will be, there’s a general movement towards that and so that’s what you’re doing on a really complicated level. If you want to understand how your mind, you’re constantly just shifting in and out of these different lifelines. You go into a negative lifeline. Suddenly everything’s not working. Your fridgerator is not working. Your washer and dryer is not working. It’s because this in this lifeline, that dust is bad or something happened, there’s always a result. And so the more and more I’m learning about combining these things, he is stating this without an explanation of that. Um, but it’s so true and it’s just very powerful and I love the way he explains it. So when changing I you with the desire [inaudible] which will and we will enfold and elaborate on in other lectures for it starts with desire. Desire is the spring of action for you must want to be other than what you are. We fail because we do not fall in love enough with an idea. We aren’t, I would say, moved enough to want to be other than what we are. If I could get you to be completely in love with some state to the point where it haunted the mind, I would almost prophecy that you would in the not distant future, externalize that state within your world. And the reason we fail, we aren’t hungry enough to change for either we do not know the law or we haven’t the urge or the hunger to really bring about the change for the feeling, for the changing of the feeling of I results in the change of reaction which change reaction results in a change of world. If you would like your world and your complacent about it, you haven’t started up the road of mysteries for the very first beatitude appeals to one who is not complacent. Bless it, are the poor in spirit. You must be poor in spirit, not complacent, not satisfied. The man who thinks that by reason of birth, the religion that he inherited at birth is good enough for me that he is not dissatisfied. He is not, I would say moved. That being his complacent and therefore he is not poor in spirit. He is very rich in spirit. Theirs is not the kingdom of God for if I could stir you, make you dissatisfied with self, then you will not recognize that self and set about to change it. For the only field of activity for man is within himself and on himself. You do not work on the other. The day you change self, that day you change your world. Little quote at the beginning of this particular passage that I want to focus in on is the changing of the feeling of I results in the change of reaction. So how would, and that’s a question that you can ask yourself as you go about developing this thing that you desire and how you, how would you react? What would your reactions be from that state where your wishes fulfilled? What would your reactions be? There are things you don’t know. So open yourself up to somebody who says, Hey, let’s go to this party. Something random. What would be your reactions? Be? Give yourself some real world things to test about what your reactions would be. [inaudible] so the next part is, I just want you to imagine that you’re in 1953 and you’re sitting with the people that are listening to this lecture. I think it was a theater in LA that he did these every Sunday because you can feel like you’re a part of this and you can share in this exercise that he has at the end. I’ll leave some couple minutes of music at the end of this so that you can hopefully try his exercise. Now he says, now I see my time is going to its quick end. And so in the remaining minute I’ve left here, let me not urge you, because if you come to the meeting tomorrow night, not really hungry, you wouldn’t benefit. But I do hope that many of you are there. Even if you are stirred to the point of trying to, I would say disprove what I told you. I would accept that challenge for any attempt to disprove it. I know if you are sincere in your attempt, you would prove it. So he’s telling them as a challenge. I know you guys don’t believe me, all the people in the audience that you don’t believe me. That’s fine. Go ahead and try it. So I hope many of you will come and take this feast with us. We are here in the city at the Ebell for 15 minute night, Monday through Friday. I don’t know where that, I think that’s where he was actually speaking as ms [inaudible]. Mr. Smith told you for three consecutive weeks, if you can’t take all I and I do hope many of you will take all than pick out the titles that appeal to you tomorrow night to me is basic. It’s the importance of defining an aim in this world. Having a goal for without an aim. You are aimless and you are warned in the book or I would say in the epistle of James that the double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Let not such a man believe that he shall receive anything of the Lord for he is like a wave that is driven and tossed by the wind. Oh wow. Like a wave sort of become particle. You need to focus on one thing. That man never reaches his goal. So you must have an aim. And tomorrow, I guess at the time he’s giving this lecture, he had a group of consecutive lectures. So he’s telling them that he was going to show the importance of defining desire. There are certain schools who teach you to kill out desire. We teach you to intensify, desire and show you the reason for such teaching. Show you what the Bible teaches about desire. And now we will come to the help that many of us have asked for today. Those who were not here on Sunday. Let me remind you that it is a very simple technique as I told you on Sunday. Anytime that you exercise your imagination and do it lovingly on behalf of another, you’re meditating God to man. So we sit quietly and we simply become imitators of our father and he called the world into being by being the thing he would call. And so we sit and we listen as though we heard someone congratulating us on having found what we seek. So we go to the end of the matter and we listen just as though we heard and we look as though we saw and we try in this manner to feel ourselves right into the situation of our answered prayer. And there we wait in silence for just about two minutes. So they will lower the lights to age you. And let me remind you, if you want to clear your throat, please do so. If you want to shift your position in the chair, do so feel as though you are alone at home. Because if you don’t and you try not to disturb the neighbor, you will not be able to exercise your imagination on behalf of anyone. So now I will take the chair and simply listen attentively. Just as though you heard, I’ll make you this promise the day you were very still in mind and really become attentive. You will hear as coming from without what really you are whispering from within yourself. And now you sit in this auditorium listening to Neville for his timeless, a place that you can access and imagine closing your eyes and living from the feeling of the answered prayer. And you can meditate God to man by on behalf of another, using your imagination on another and for the next two minutes, [inaudible] imitate. Find the new, I changed the feeling of, I go through that process. [inaudible] [inaudible] welcome to the reality revolution. [i

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