Neville Goddard’s Behold the Dreamer Cometh || EP 147

Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me. Genesis 37-9

Neville Goddard Lecture Behold The Dreamer Cometh 09-19-1969

This is a great deep dive and reading of Neville Goddard’s classic lecture Behold the Dreamer Cometh

One day you will understand this truth, for:

“Real are the dreams of gods

And smoothly pass their pleasure

In the long, immortal dream.”

Your thoughts are your dreams, which weave your world into being and sustain it. You and I are inserted into the dream. “`Tis we who, lost in stormy visions fight with phantoms, an unprofitable strife.” And we will continue the dream until we awaken to discover that we are the dreamer, who is God himself.

Goddard dazzles with stories and examples that will awaken the dreamer in you.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’re going to do another deep dive on Neville Goddard lecture. Behold, the dreamer cometh. There are so many incredible lectures that Neville Goddard had and I definitely want to go through all of them. Some of them are going to be kind of triggering because they’re very biblical, but some of them really hold some wisdom. So I’m trying to give the best ones to go with first. Uh, I’ve only had a three or four episodes on novel Goddard, and so each of these episodes are me exploring and understanding that we’ll Goddard with you. I’m not coming to you as any sort of expert. These are questions I’ve asked. I’ve interviewed some people about it. Neville Goddard still is new to me. Even though I’ve read a lot, I still am finding nuggets and pearls of wisdom in every lecture. And the more I read these lectures, the more I become impressed by his sheer use of language and incredible wisdom that is shared in some of these lectures. And one I found that I really loved is called behold the dreamer cometh. This was a lecture that was given on in September 19th, 1969 and I love the concept, the idea that we are the dreamer and that we’re in a dream in what we dream becomes real. So I’ll read a little bit of this and hopefully it touches you like it did me in the 37th chapter of Genesis, we read the story of Joseph, a dreamer whose dreams always come true. His father, Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons and made him a long robe with sleeves. Now I asked you, who is Joseph? He is foreshadowing of Jesus Christ your true identity, historical evidence for Jesus. The man is nonexistent, yet he is only, he is the only reality in the true identity of every child born of woman. When you say within yourself, I am, that is Jesus Christ. He who is dreaming this whole vast world into being one day you will understand this truth for real are the dreams of gods and smoothly pass their pleasure in the along immortal dream. Your thoughts are your dreams, which weave your world into being and sustain it. You and I are inserted into the dream. TIS we who lost in stormy vision’s fight with Phantoms and unprofitable strife and we will continue the dream until we awaken to discover that we are the dreamer who is God himself? [inaudible] this is not an idle dream, but one designed for the divine purpose of extending imaginations, creative power, expanding by entering his dream. God appears as you and I and he is going to awaken from his dream. And because there is only God, although we number into the billions, we will all be resolved into the one Lord God Jehovah. Who is Jesus Christ. Now remember I will be doing another episode. There’s a pretty good lecture he has called imaginal facts become acts. Imaginal acts become facts and the idea is [inaudible]. You can question what you want about the Bible, about the reality of the Bible, but the characters in the Bible are actual States that you can you pass through. The States are permanent era. There are mortal, we are immortal, but these States are just something that we go through. And so being Abraham as a state and Joseph is a state and Jesus is a state, the ultimate state that we can reach in all of the different States that are available to us. So when they say Jesus Christ, they’re not saying it in the same way that you may think. They’re saying that we can become like Christ as Christ said in the Bible. What I can do, you can do more of this and more. And so it is absolutely possible for us to reach that pinnacle as a state that we can enter into. And so when you hear Neville talking about the Bible, he is coming at it from a completely different outlook. And when he does, it’s very interesting. We’re looking at the biblical verses and characters as examples becoming making the Bible the ultimate law of attraction text. [inaudible] your thoughts are your dreams, which weave your world into being and sustain it as he says. And we will continue dream until we wakened to discover that we are the dreamer who has got himself. So this is not an idle dream, but one designed for the divine purpose of extending imagination, creative power, expanding by entering his dream. God appears as you and I, and he’s going to awaken from his dream. And because there is only God, although we number into the billions, we will all be resolved into the one Lord God Jehovah, who is Jesus Christ. Now, Joseph could dream and interpret the dreams of others regardless of their complexities. Certain dreams are simple and need no interpretation, but most of our dreams are symbolic. And few understand the language of symbolism. Joseph understood and interpreted the dream of the sheaves as well as his dream of the sun, the moon, and 11 stars bowing before him. When his father heard the dream, he said, what is this dream? Shall I? And your mother and brothers bow down to you? He didn’t criticize him, but set things straight in his heart. Now in the state of Moses, the name Joseph Joseph is changed to Joshua, which is the Hebrew fake form of the Anglicised word Jesus or Jehovah saves. So here we find Joseph the dreamer becoming Jesus, the savior. By awakening from the dream he dreamed interpreted and fulfilled. Right now you think this room is real and tonight you might have a dream and if you’re lucky, remember it as a dream but not as reality. One lifted dream is to dwell in unreality, not knowing it as such. What is life but one uninterrupted dream. Until you have certain experiences, you will no doubt question my sanity, but when you have them, you will know that this which seems real is no less a dream than the dreams of the night. Travel with me in your mind as we read the morning paper and on the first page we read of an air crash, a war, a holdup, a murder, an embezzlement. Turn the page to the social column and see the pictures of the bride and the groom read all about their wedding and the guests attending another page lists the deaths. And finally we turn to the financial page, which tells us who is making money and who is losing it. Isn’t that disjointed? Lost in the reading. We have traveled from violence to a wedding to gossip, deaths and finance, all written by 10 or 12 men who are sound asleep and dreaming their columns into being while you and the millions who read the paper will see the out-picturing of all that you thought during the reading this commentary, although dated, because sadly people don’t read the newspaper like they used to. One of my favorite things used to be to go and just read the paper, but it’s very, very much talking about what’s happening now in social media and the news and when you turn on the news, all you see is death, destruction, then maybe a wedding, then embezzlement, a murder, a hold up, an air crash, a war, all of it. [inaudible] and what happens and millions of people are reading this or watching the news and millions of people are then creating it. Our creative powers are being used against us and we have been trained that we read that we watch the news every day and that we listened to the news and we’ve been trained. We have to know what’s going on. Okay, but now that you’re aware of your true creative power that you buy the law of assumption, which is like the law of attraction, that buy the assumption of a state that you can become that reality, which is basically the same theory of any of parallel realities that by becoming a state, you move into the parallel reality of that reality. It’s the same thing [inaudible] so how do I know that this is going to happen? That these thoughts are going to become real when you watch these things? That’s the question that Neville asks. How do I know this? Because I have awakened from the dream life. He said, I know that God laid himself down within me to sleep to dream that he is I for when he awoke, I was he. How do I know that I am he? Because his only begotten son David called me father. So what we’re saying here is the idea that God decided to forget and when he woke he became you and me. [inaudible] so Neville says, while I remain in this body of blood and flesh, I must abide by its restrictions and limitations. Yet remembering it is a dream. I can change it. If this world is reality, I cannot change it, but if I am, it’s reality. I can change my world relative to myself. I can imagine a desire fulfilled and watch it to come to pass in my outer world, but first I had to know it was a dream. This I do know for he who is in the depth of my own being said to me, I laid myself down within you to sleep and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed that I am you. Yes, he dreamed that he is I for he awoken. He was I. A few months later, he revealed his mystery to me, bringing his son David to call me father through an N eight wisdom. I knew he wasn’t just a boy who called me father, but the David of biblical fame who has God’s only son. When God awakes within you, he’s the same God who is awoke within me. There aren’t two cards. You and I are really one. Although there appears to be billions of us here we are all one being one God acting out this play to expand our creative power and wisdom. A very dear friend of mine is in the audience tonight. Neville says at the time of this lecture, I’m so thrilled for him and for anyone who comes and has such an experience and shares it with me. This is his experience. While in his living room watching TV, he felt drowsy, closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall asleep. Remembering he was just watching TV. He finds himself driving his car with his wife at his side feeling a sense of impending disaster. As his wife grabbed the wheel, he woke in the dream and succeeded in getting control of the wheel again. Up ahead. He saw a man he recognized as a great actor and suddenly remembering where he was. When the dream began, he inwardly proclaimed, I am. At that moment he awoken, seated on his chair facing the TV. Then he said, since this is the first time I awoken a dream to know who I am and where I am, I can but be pleased with myself while he’s should be. All of these experiences are little breakages to the brain that bind us to the dream which is, which means that he’s on the verge of awakening from this dream of life. [inaudible] so if you find yourself caught in a dream, Neville gives a very simple technique and I recommend that you try this to try to make your dreams lucid. Just proclaim inwardly I M [inaudible] unnumbered times I have sat in my chair and found myself slipping into what reason tells me I should not see. I’ve stepped into that world. It closes around me and becomes just as real as this. I am in a terrestrial world talking to people who are just as solid and real as you are and I am awake. I am aware of where I was when I entered this section of time and I also know that there is no road to take me back to the year in place that I left. You see all things are taking place now. Eternity exists and all things in Aternity independent of creation, which was an act of mercy entering a certain section of the dream. We animate it and become aware of that which already is the past has not ceased to be. It is taking place as it took place and still takes place when anyone enters that section of time. The same is true with the future. The year 1969 finds us standing on the moon. It always has been so the world is and we are placed upon this little space called earth to learn to bear the beams of love for God is infinite love. I know for I stood in his presence, then came down and entered a Spectre in order to learn to love and take on substance. Not long ago I was in another section of time instructing a group of maybe a dozen men all seated around me in the center with me was a spectrum, a shadow of a man I could move him about and do with him as I willed. Then I said to him, go in love to the degree that you love. You will acquire substance. Only then can you take part in the drama and awake life in yourself. What I said to those men, Goddard says, I say to you now at the present time, you were only an animated being, not a life giving spirit. One day you will acquire substance and acquire love. Then you will become one with life in yourself knowing that all things were made through the creative act of love, the act of mercy and without it was not nothing made as life-giving spirits. We all return to the one being as that one being yet retaining our own identity. We will never lose our identity, but rather we will grow ever greater individualization. [inaudible] while in San Francisco, a chap who attended my meetings there told me a story. One hot summer’s day, he stopped in a bar for a nice cold beer taking the only unoccupied seat at the bar. He was soon visiting with the man sitting next to him who told them this story. The strangest thing happened to me years ago and it haunts me still. I was wounded during the Korean war, the man said and shipped to a hospital in Japan while lying on that bed in the hospital and knowing I’m an American, I felt the room fade from my view. And suddenly I am in Europe dancing with a lady who is dressed like all the other ladies in hoop skirts, knowing who I am. I said to my dancing partner, you know, this is a dream. And with that remark, she became frightened as people gathered around me. I told them that I was really an American soldier who was wounded in a hospital in Japan. I even told them what year it was, but to them, the year had not yet arrived. So the crowd became angry and I decided it was time to leave. So I simply assumed that I was on my bed in the hospital in Japan. And when I opened my eyes, I was there. This man hasn’t yet completely awakened, but one day he will awaken from this dream. That seems so consistent, just as you will. And when you do, you will experience every precept of scripture and what the world will call a dream [inaudible]. Now, the sixth chapter of one Timothy tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil, and in the 13th chapter of the epistle to Hebrew, Paul tells us to keep your life free from the love of money. When I was a little boy in the Island of Barbados, every Sunday for four of us would ride a big male donkey. We used to sire horses to produce mules down to my grandmother’s house where she would give each of us a coin. I received a penny. When we got out of my grandmother’s side, a man would meet us with a female donkey and for my penny, he would get on the back of his donkey and he would get, we would have a wild ride home as our jackass chased his female donkey. This went on for a long time before my mother found out, and then she said, you know, nev, you weren’t going to have anything for you. Give everything away. Okay. I knew intuitively that the love of money was the root of all evil. Now to show how scripture fulfills itself in experience, I will share it with you now. A recent waking dream of mine. I knew where my physical body was and I knew aware what year it was, but I found myself standing on a street corner holding an enormous packet of bills and denominations. As a woman passed by, she reached over and grabbed some of my money and her Egan or several bills floated away from her and were grabbed by the other people passing by. Suddenly this lady became a very angry and demanded that they all give her money back to her. She had just stolen it from me, but was now accusing others of stealing it from her. Isn’t that life a man can trace the ownership of his property back to his father for fathers who stole it, but he would be as mad as can be if a relative, the original owner tried to reclaim his property. So he’s talking so far about the love of money being the root of all evil, the love of keeping the money, and maybe he’s saying that it’s okay to spend money. So let’s keep going with what he’s saying. A man can trace the ownership of his property back to his forefathers who stole it. Now, in my dream, I kept on moving through the labyrinth ways of my mind objectifying what I am, a countering. Suddenly a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi still holding my money. I refused his invitation. Then many men began to gather around me and when I saw their faces and their knives, I realized they were going to take my money as well as my life. So I reminded myself of where I was when I began the dream. I knew that if I awoke, I would defeat their intention. I would survive, but none of us would get the money. The moment my decision was made, I dropped the money in return to my bed. Now I know the truth of the statement. The love of money is the root of all evil. For my vision is part of the eternal structure of the universe. YouTube will have a vision such as mine. After you have lost all desire for money, yes you will desire the necessary means to to meet the needs of Caesar, to pay rent, taxes, buy food and clothing, but you will know that you don’t need a billion to meet them. Those who are hungry for more and more billions are sound asleep. If they heard what I’m telling you now, they would think me insane, but I would tell them that their dreams reveal a far deeper insanity for their sound asleep, believing their dreams to be reality. Now in the story, Jesus was a dreamer whose father so loved him. He made him a robe with long sleeves. I wondered what was the importance of the sleeves and one night I had this experience, I was teaching the great mystery of God when a man entered the room and she severed the sleeve of my robe to expose my right arm from the shoulder to my fingertips. The next morning I turned to the book of Isaiah and the red who will believe our report to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed that night, the sleeve of the war robe worn by Joseph. The dreamer was severed, revealing my arm, the symbol of my imaginative power. I know now that I all imaginative power have awakened from the dream. I know that is what you are. Also, I’m trying to convince you of this and ask you to test yourselves. If this world is real, you can’t change it for you cannot change reality, but you can change a dream. I feel the changes have now come upon you. Immerse yourself in that feeling and sustain it. If this is a dream that what you are feeling will produce objective facts for others to see as real, but you will remember its origin was dream. Once it becomes objective and real, don’t get lost in the dream for like all dreams. It will fade away. Everything comes into being. Waxes, wanes and vanishes. A tree may be 8,000 years old, but it will eventually die. The stars are melting away because they are dreams of the gods and real dreams are the gov dreams of gods and smoothly past their pleasure. In a long immortal dream [inaudible] imagination, God’s brought the world into being and sustains it. While the grand experiment is taking place, we are those gods who collectively form God the father. No child is born that is not clothing as son of God as told us in the 32nd chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, he has put bounds to the people. According to the number of sons of God, a child could not breathe without God’s entrance as his breath. God himself enters death’s door, the human skull and lays down in the grave of man and visions of an eternity until he awakes and sees the linen clothes lying that the females woe for him at the gate of his father’s house. When I entered this garment that my mother and a female, Whoa for me, God whose name is I, am entered with me and began his dream. My mother called me Neville and this is what Neville is saying, and then as time went by, I began to claim that I am Naval. Then one day we became one new being for the I who entered the garment named Neville awoke to discover I am God then to prove to myself that I truly am God. He God’s son appeared before me and called me father now restrained and by the body that I wear, I am limited and weak, but when I take it off and the world calls me dead, I will return to the one being out of which I came. And four, I came out from the father and came into the world again. I am leaving the world and returning to the father. If you know that you are God, the father, you will know that it does not matter what the world dreams, no matter how horrible the dream may appear to be, the dreamer is untouched by his dream. He who dreamed he was stolen and murdered millions is untouched by his dream and in the end we’ll discover that all things work towards God’s awakening. The plea in the 44th Psalm, Rouse dye self. Why sleepest thou O Lord awake do not cast us off forever is directed to God the God in everyone who is struggling to awaken. He is waking in my friend bill who had the experience of driving his car knowing he was seated in his living room. These kinds of experiences break the threads that bind one to his dream. And as these threads began to break, he wakes within his own school. For that is where the drama takes place. So he’s giving us an example of somebody that sat in his living room and imagined that he was in his car. And the next thing you know, he had the car. Now in the story, when Joseph joined his brothers, they said to one another, let us kill him. But as brother Judah pleaded for his life saying, no, he’s our flesh and blood. Do not let his blood be upon us. Let us sell him into slavery. So they stripped him of his robe and threw him into a pit than a caravan on its way to Egypt, carrying gold, incense and murder the same things the King’s brought to the Christ child at his birth, agreed to buy him. And Joseph was taken into Egypt where he Rose to the power of Pharaoh. Joseph then saved civilization from starvation. And when the brothers were sorry for what they had done, Joseph said, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good. Then his name was changed from Joseph to Joshua, which means Jesus. So they’re giving us an example of how one bad thing could happen cause he was sold into slavery and turned into a good thing. And I like this passage. It’s a, it’s a good passage on how you can take what happens to you, to your advantage. And that in biblical story is the ultimate example. Neville goes on to say that remember, scripture unfolds with within you. The dreamer in you has been thrown into a pit now in the 40th Psalm, which is so often used in the new Testament concerning Jesus. The second verse reads, they raised me up from the pit out of the miry bog and placed my feet upon the rock, making my steps secure. The word Meyer is defined as spongy earth. Can you think of anything that better describes the human brain and the man is called the earth for the word Adam means red earth. So the dreamer is taken out of the pit, the skull where he has been locked in by awakening from his dream and being born from above. You must experience two births, a physical one and a spiritual one. You are spiritually born through the awakening and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead in his state is what they’re saying. It is not another being born. You are he for you are all alone and when you leave, your tomb is empty. The new Testament is all about the dreamer in you who awakens as Jesus Christ and everything said of him is true. His history is divined, not secular. You will never find any evidence of a historical Christ here on earth with that may not be true. There is evidence that a Joshua did exist, but he’s saying that it’s not important that it’s a state that we can go into. That’s the point. Bishop pike, he says, Bishop pike went looking yet never found who Christ really is. That’s one example of a historical observer. The Pope as well as leaders of all Christian religions have millions of people looking to them as guides. Yet they are all blind leaders of the blind. The historical evidence of Christ as a man is non-existent. Yet he is the only reality and the true identity of every child born of a woman. You are Jesus Christ, sleeping, dreaming horrible dreams mixed with the lovey ones, but in the you will awaken from the dream to know that you are Jesus Christ. You will then remain a little while to tell your experience to those who are willing to dis to be disillusioned and will allow their false ideas of the past to fall away, and then you will leave this little shadow that walks across the earth to enter Aternity as God. What I have told you will live in your minds. [inaudible] hold fast to the visions I’ve shared with you for in my time. My word will take root and grow within you. [inaudible] then this wonderful story will erupt in you and you will know you two are Jesus Christ. And because there is only one, Jesus Christ and only one son, when God’s son calls you, father you and I are one. That is the fantastic mystery. How we retaining our individuality are one [inaudible] an amazing speech by Neville Goddard with a beautiful idea that we are all living in a dream, a dream that was created by us long ago for we are all God creating different experiences. This idea is powerful and interesting. So examples of Joseph are given in the book and how he was Joseph and then Joseph became Jesus. Some of that stuff I still don’t totally understand, but it appeals to me the idea that we are in a dream and only in a dream would you be able to, to have things occur when you matched the feelings to them. As we talk about [inaudible] and once you become awakened in this dream and know the true power that you have, you can reach your penultimate version of yourself, a version of yourself that’s better than anything that you can imagine, where you’re truly empowered and free. And this version is the ultimate Christ like version that Goddard is talking about. It’s within all of us, and it is our path as we move our soul on this path to perfection, to understanding, to compassion, to courage, to gratitude, to unity. As we move on this path, we awaken from the dream [inaudible] knowing where we will return. [inaudible] I hope this resonated with you like it did with me. Some of Neville’s teachings may not be for everybody, but he’s had a beautiful use of language and the stories and examples that he gived carried resonance. And so I just enjoy sharing some of these lectures with you. Okay. Tell me what you think. Is there a particular lecture that you would like me to go over? I probably will go, there’s several different ones and I asked Katherine jaggedy in a recent interview. She’s an expert on Neville Goddard. So I have some ideas of future ones coming up. [inaudible] in many ways, Neville’s message is simple, but the repetition and the ways that he teaches it are so beautiful. [inaudible] that it’s a wonderful thing to listen to and to consider. [inaudible] and while this was so, so long ago, 50 years ago, 50 years ago, this speech was given. It resonates with us today because we are, we, we are awakening from this immortal dream. [inaudible] and as he said, real are the dreams of God’s and smoothly past their pleasure in the long immortal dream. [inaudible] awakened from the dream [inaudible] and welcome to the reality revoluti

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