Neville Goddard Yours For The Taking || EP 395


By Neville Goddard


The whole vast world is yours for the taking, and I mean that literally. Every statement in scripture is to be accepted literally and fulfilled literally—the law on this level and the Promise on a region beyond the wildest dream of man. Yet when fulfilled, it will be fulfilled literally, as the law on this level is fulfilled literally. Tonight, we will devote ourselves to the law on this level. Now, first of all, there’s only one cause, only one source of all the phenomena of the world, only one. We call it God. God is truly a person, in the most literal sense, housed in man. Believe it…I know from experience.

God the Creator is like pure imagining in ourselves. He works in the very depths of our souls. He began a good work in us and he will bring it to completion on what is called in scripture “at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil.1:6). Well, Jesus Christ is simply the unveiling, the unfolding of his creative power, his wisdom; for Christ is defined in scripture as the power and the wisdom of God (1Cor.1:24).

When he unveils it in us, we are that power, we are that wisdom. “He underlies all of our faculties, including perception, but he streams into our surface mind least disguised as creative, productive fancy.” You sit down to wonder “What can I do to transcend my present limitations of life?” and you dwell upon means. Forget it.

He’s not asking you to consider means; he is asking you to define ends. He speaks to you through the medium of desire. What do you want? “What wantest thou of me?” You find it all through scripture and you name what you want. Now, we’re told in scripture that his ways are past finding out—you read it in the 11th chapter of the Book of Romans—“They are unsearchable, inscrutable, past finding out” (verse 33).

So, don’t be concerned with the ways and the means that God will employ to fulfill the end which he urges upon you through the form of desire. So, “What wantest thou of me?” You name it…because it’s coming upon you through desire. Well then, leave it alone in faith. Can you believe it, just as though it were true?


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