Neville Goddard Time To Act || EP 264

Neville Goddard

Time To Act


Tonight’s title is “Time to Act.” You’ll find this a very practical evening and yet it is based upon a mystical experience. If God has spoken, what in the world is more important than to listen to what he’s said and what he’s telling you?

But first, let me share with you an experience. It happened thirty-odd years ago. When I tell you I was taken in spirit I mean it literally.

You may tell me the whole thing took place within me, and I would agree with that, for the whole vast world is contained within the Imagination of man.

But you do have the sensation of travel, and so in this I had that sensation of an enormous journey.

I was taken into a divine council. The first one that I stood before was infinite might. You may describe him as almightiness, the first word or the first expression of deity in scripture, El Shaddai.

Then I was taken into, well, the area, a huge interior, a courtyard. The atmosphere was one of an ancient world, cobblestones, nothing modern about it. Then I saw, well, I called her a lady, like some angelic recorder, a recording angel; and she used a quill pen in an enormous ledger, the kind you see in great museums or art galleries or sometimes even in a private club, where you’re called upon to furnish your name.

She simply looked at me, looked back at the ledger, and simply wrote. Then I was taken before infinite love. He asked a very simple question, “What is the greatest thing in the world?” I answered automatically, as though I had no choice; it was simply a response. I said, “Faith, hope and love, these three abide; but the greatest of these is love” (1Cor.13:13). At that moment he embraced me; we became one being.

And the words of Paul you can take literally, “He who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with him” (1Cor.6:17).

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