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Tonight’s subject is “They Did Not Die.” It is possibly the most difficult subject to discuss, but I’ll do my best. We turn to the greatest of all books, the Bible, and so the Old Testament really is prophetic history: Everything in it will come to pass, everything. So we turn to the 51st chapter of Jeremiah, the 39th verse: “While they were inflamed I prepared a feast for them and made them drunk, till they swooned and then they slept a perpetual sleep and did not awake, says the Lord”…while they were inflamed.

The word translated inflamed is a “self-imposed trance” really—to become so completely carried away with a story that is being told me that I’m completely inflamed, I’m entranced. And so, the feast prepared is the story told me: I’m being told a story of transcending myself, and I’m feasting upon it. Then I feast upon it until I swoon away, I am drunk; and then in this state as I swoon away, I sleep a perpetual sleep and do not wake. That’s the story. You who have your Bibles you can check it, it’s the 51st chapter, the 39th verse of Jeremiah. Now, I know from my own experience that nothing dies, but nothing dies.

The little flower that blooms once blooms forever; and yet in this world of ours everything seems to come into being, it waxes, it wanes and it disappears, everything. So we see things constantly dying. They’re born and then they die. And yet, I can tell you from my own experience that nothing dies. So tonight we’ll take this and try to take it, in the limited time, from different angles. The Bible begins, “In the beginning God…” this is Genesis; the Book of Genesis ends on the note “…in a coffin in Egypt” (Gen. 1:1, 50:26). All ends run true to origins; the origin is God: “In the beginning God…in a coffin in Egypt.” The word translated coffin is also translated ark, and so Blake said, “Man is either the ark of God or a phantom of the earth and the sea.” I say man is that ark that contains God and God being all that there is, everything goes into the ark and the ark is man.

So, “In the beginning God…in a coffin in Egypt.” But the one placed in that coffin is called Joseph, and Joseph was called the dreamer: “Behold, this dreamer cometh” (Gen. 37:19). Now, the Bible recognizes only one source of dreams: All dreams proceed from God. So, Joseph is the prototype of God. So the dreamer is put into a coffin which is man, in Egypt. But he exacts from the sons of Israel a promise that they will not leave him there; they’ll bring him out of Egypt into that which was promised by God before this journey started. Now, the Bible itself ends on the note (in the end of Revelation)—-omitting the very last verse which is only a benediction—but the very last verse of the actual end is “Come, Lord Jesus.” These are the words…so, “In the beginning God…in a coffin in Egypt…Come, Lord Jesus.”

We are told in the New Testament, in Colossians, in Corinthians, that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, the first-fruits of those that slept. So here something is placed in the coffin and it seemingly is dead; and the first awakening is called Jesus Christ, the first-fruits of those who slept. So, Come, Lord Jesus, come awaken us from this dream, this fantastic dream where we are fighting with demons.


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