Neville Goddard The World Is A Dream || EP 275

This World is a Dream 5/7/65

Neville Goddard

Now tonight, I think you’ll find it very practical. 

The purpose of a teacher is to encourage and to stimulate, sometimes even to belabor one to become curious to detect the principle in operation. 

Our principle is that imagining creates reality. 

We make the claim that “the eternal body of Man is the Imagination and that is God himself, the divine body Jesus…we are his members” (Blake, Laocoon). 

Buried in everyone is Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is God himself. Here, we must awaken from this state, and awakening from this state is called in scripture, the resurrection. 

The signs of the resurrection in the life of the believer are the indispensable internal testimony, without which Jesus might have been raised but could never have been preached as risen. 

Everyone will have this experience, and they can preach from experience that he is risen because he is in them. 

When he rises in them, they become a witness and they can preach from experience that Jesus Christ is risen. If they don’t have the experience, he may have been raised, but they will never know with that authority that they can preach that he is risen. 

As I stand before you tonight, I can speak with the authority of one who is witness to the risen Christ, for he has risen in me. 

I know beyond all doubt I am he. 

I know we are one. Limited, yes, in this world of the flesh, for I can’t prove it to anyone’s satisfaction. When they say, “Turn that into gold” or “Turn that into bread” or “Turn that into something else” or “Jump off the cliff—would he not give you some support and if so, you would not dash your foot against the stone?” No, I will not attempt in any way to prove anything to another. I am sent to tell you only of one presence: the risen Christ. So, “The eternal body of Man is the Imagination and that is God himself, the divine body, Jesus; we are his members” (Blake). So buried in all, every child born of woman, buried in us is Jesus Christ.

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