Neville Goddard The Word || EP 671

The Word

Neville Goddard


If I titled it, I would call it “The Word.” We’re told in the 17th chapter of the Book of Luke that “he came to a certain village and ten lepers raised their voices and said, ‘Master, have mercy on us’ and looking at them he said, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ As they went they were cleansed” (verse 12). So every word of scripture is a message to us, for the Bible is simply the word of God that would not keep silent and could be expressed in no other way…just poured through those who were qualified to receive it. So in this simple little story you and I could transform our entire world if we could only extract its message. What is the story trying to tell us? When you hear the word “leper” you think of some unclean person who is put aside from society and they cannot mingle with man because they are unclean, and it’s contagious. But you and I have been put aside and ostracized socially, financially, intellectually, ostracized in a thousand ways…and we are the lepers.

So what is this story trying to tell us? He said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” Well, in the ancient world the priest was not only the one who instructed man in the word of God, he was also the physician, and only a certificate of approval from him could allow one who was ostracized to mingle freely with the crowd. So show yourself to the priests and if he approves of your cleanliness, he will give you that certificate of approval; then you can mingle freely with the crowd. And as they went they were cleansed. What a story! You and I as we are here, suppose now we were embarrassed, say, financially, how would I take this story and become cleansed of that poverty and find myself in a sense of security, how would I do it?

First of all, there is an action here: To produce the new requires a complete rearrangement of the furniture of the mind. Well, the furniture of my mind, your mind, our minds, is simply those that we know. We have friends, we have relatives, and all of these people, all really, are bits of furniture in the mind. Any rearrangement would change meaning, wouldn’t it, but any rearrangement. And so, were I tonight in an office and I desired a higher position in that office with greater responsibility and more income, I would in my mind’s eye see the same office and see myself occupying a different position in that office. And that change would automatically change me relative to everyone in that office. Everyone would have to see me differently, for I would see them differently. ___(??) I now see everyone differently in that state. And just make them, for one little moment, just make them remain stationary in my mind’s eye as I would set you up for a portrait. If I’m going to take a picture of you, I would ask you to pose in a certain way; when I get it just right, then I’ll snap it.

So in my mind’s eye I make it, I make this rearranged structure of the mind, remaining stationary long enough for me to actually take a picture of it, a mental picture. You look at it mentally and you inhale until you feel a sense of relief. A peculiar thrill goes through you. For all of the pleasures of the world, relief is the most keenly felt. I think anyone has had this…anyone here undoubtedly you’ve had this experience…you’re waiting for someone to come home and they are late, and you love them…could be a child. But they’re late. It’s an hour late, maybe it’s two hours. You get more and more tense. Then you hear the familiar footsteps or the familiar voice and that relief that comes…there is no pleasure in the world comparable to relief. Of all the pleasures of the world relief is the most keenly felt.

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