Neville Goddard The Womb Of The Universe || EP 728

Neville Goddard

The Womb Of The Universe


Tonight’s subject is “The Womb of the Universe.” You and I are called upon to experience scripture. Every word of scripture is true, every word. I know the great scholars of the world look upon it as myth, and they say the entire story is simply a myth. I tell you it is true, every word is true. Tonight we will take two words of scripture.

A word of scripture is not necessarily a word; it’s a thought that might take fifty words to express. You can say, “Jesus wept.” Now, there are two words…but that is called a word. Take any passage, when you get to the end of the thought, and it’s clear, that’s considered a word in scripture. So we are told not to alter the words, leave them just as they are, and when you are ripe, you will experience the word and be a witness to the truth of God’s word. So let us take two words. We go back to the 2nd chapter of the Book of Genesis, “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept” (verse 21). Then we are told, while he was in this profound sleep that something was taken from him and from that something was formed, a woman. That’s what we’re told, a woman came out of man; called woman because she came out of man. And then, the man was told to leave father and mother and cleave to the woman and they become one person. Now, there is a word, there is a thought, a clear thought. Well, every scholar in the world believes that to be just a simple little story that is a myth, told and recorded in scripture to in some way aid the mind and focus it as it were. Suppose I told you that that is literally true and tonight I hope to explain what I mean by being literally true. It doesn’t make any sense at all, does it?

Neville. The Wonder Working Power of Imagination: 1965 Lectures .

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