Neville Goddard – The Unalloyed || EP 798

Tonight’s subject is the unalloyed. We all know the unalloyed is the unmixed, the pure, the complete. And you and I are seeking that state; the complete unalloyed. We are making our exodus from this age into another age and the exodus of man begins when man accepts the God of Israel. If the journey seems long, it is only because the children of Israel, those who have accepted the God of Israel, find it difficult to keep the tense. For the God of Israel is I AM; that’s his name forever. And when I find it difficult to keep the tense then the journey seems very long.

So here we’re moving from this age into another age, entirely different age, and we will move when we have completely accepted the God of Israel. And the one who has not accepted it, no matter what he has done, no matter how kind and generous, how wonderful he is, he doesn’t move from this age. Now you can take this from every level of your own being. You and I were made subject unto futility, not willingly but by reason of the will of Him who subjected us in hope that you and I would be set free from this bondage of decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God. That is our hope. But while we are subjected to it and this presence who subjected us disappears from view. He takes up residence in us and we have to find Him. He is the Unalloyed; the pure, the unmixed. No child born of woman could cross the threshold that admits to conscious life unaided by the light of God. The Bible speaks of the life of God as the blood of Jesus. We are told the life is in the blood and one day man will find it. And one day this tree of good and evil and this cloven pine will be ribbon from top to bottom and the in-prison spirit set free. Every one of us but not until we completely accept the God of Israel and that God of Israel is simply I AM.

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