Neville Goddard The Sower || EP 678

Neville Goddard

The Sower


Tonight’s subject is “The Sower.” You’ve all read about it in scripture. And a sower went forth to sow. He scattered his seed on a variety of soils and some were fertile, some were barren, some were highways, some were rocks, and so on (Luke 8:10). Tonight, let me say that every physical effect has a spiritual cause and not a physical. The physical cause only seems; it is a delusion.

Everything that happens in our world comes into being because of a spiritual cause. And by spiritual let me say, not some strange thing that you’ve been taught to believe is spiritual…just sit quietly and imagine; that’s a spiritual act.

You may not know that’s causation but that is causation. And when it happens in your world, because of the shortness of memory you may relate it to some physical event that preceded it and think that was the cause of it; and it isn’t so at all. Every physical event in the world has a spiritual cause and not a physical.

But our memories are short and we do not relate the physical effect to the unseen and possibly forgotten spiritual cause. But, as we are told, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap” (Gal. 6:7).

Let me tell you, as far as your promise goes which is God has promised man to give himself to man, that is already planted. You can’t stop that. That’s completely unconditional. Every child born of woman is destined to be God. That’s already done. For if all ends run true to origins and our origin is God, the end is God. That’s already done. The promise came first and no one in the world can deprive you of the fulfillment of that because it’s unconditional. Hasn’t a thing to do with your position in this world—-what you’ve accomplished, what you are now doing, what you hope to do—it’s completely unconditional.

So every child born of woman is destined to be God…completely unconditional. But while we’re here in the world of Caesar we’re given a law and the law is conditional: As we sow, so we reap. Memory is short and memory is almost a decaying thing in this world…we can’t remember.

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