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Neville Goddard

Last Tuesday, we spoke of the three levels of the Bible, the rock, the water and the wine. So much is said in the Bible about the rock. We’re told, “Of the Rock that begot you you are unmindful, and you have forgotten the God who gave you birth” (Deut.32:18). So we find the Rock equated with God. Then we are told, “They drank from the supernatural Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ” (1Cor.10:4). We are told that the people rejected this Rock and yet it eventually became the chief corner stone. And throughout scripture so much is said about the Rock.

From experience I tell you that truth is literal…although the words used may be figurative. When you experience scripture you will see though before experience they were to you just metaphor and, well, figurative, when you experience scripture you will see how literally true these words are. How could God be a rock? How could Christ be the Rock from which man not only drank but the Rock that gave him birth? How can it be?

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