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Neville Goddard

The Man Within


Tonight’s subject is “The Man Within.” The man within is Jesus Christ. How will I know that Jesus Christ really is within me? I hope tonight to make it just as plain and as clear as I possibly can, I hope. I tell you this, because last Monday night I thought it was clear, and the next day a very dear friend of mine called me and told me that her phone had been busy all morning where so many who have been coming over the years were disturbed. It was not clear to them. Something said simply disturbed them and she herself was disturbed by an answer I gave to some question asked after the meeting. I thought I had made it clear.  

So tonight, again, I hope I can make it clear. How do I know that he is within me? Well here, let me first turn to a small little poem of Blake, it’s called A Little Boy Lost. You’ll find it in Songs of Experience: “Nought loves another as itself, nor venerates another so, nor is it possible to Thought a greater than itself to know: And God, how can I love you or any of my brothers more? I love you like the little bird that picks up crumbs around the door.” When the priest heard this, he went into a rage and took the little boy by his hair and led him up to the altar high, and burned him as he had many burned before. Here, it is impossible for man a greater than himself to now. So if I would know God and God is greater, then God has to become me that I may discover myself as God.  

There is no possibility of my knowing greater than myself. Therefore, if the Lord God who created the universe is greater and he wants me to know him, I can know no greater than myself; therefore, God becomes as I am that I may be as he is. So Paul tells us in his letter to the Galatians: “I have been crucified with Christ”—I no longer live—“it is not I but Christ who lives in me; and the life I know live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and became me” (2:20). He wanted my love, well, I couldn’t love something greater than myself —“Nought loves another as itself.”  

Now I know the so-called holy people of the world will scream like the priest in the little poem, because they aren’t honest with themselves. Oh, they will say, I love my country so I’ll die for it…if you draft me and I have no choice in the matter. I love so and so, so I’ll die for him…and all this palaver. No one really looks right into the mirror of his own mind and is honest with himself. Blake was: “Nought loves another as itself, nor venerates another so, nor is it possible for thought a greater than itself to know.”  

So, O Father, you want my love? Well then, you’ve got to become me, because I don’t know you…I can’t know anything greater than myself. So, will I know you? Well then, become me and let me discover you as myself. I’m discovering self. So he plotted and planned the whole thing when he became me. He brought the plan within himself; and then as I discover self, I discover it through the plan, and I reveal myself as he who became me.  

So this is the mystery of discovering this inner man. “I am crucified with Christ.” It’s the past tense, really—“I have been”—for that is over. Now anyone who teaches, Paul tells us, he said it in his 2nd letter to Timothy, “There are those who teach that the resurrection is over and past. They’re upsetting the faith of some” (2:18). It is not over…it has started, it is continuing, but it’s not over. It’s taking place in all whom he became and he became all; for he chose us in himself before the foundation of the world…and then came the descent.

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