Neville Goddard The Law Of Liberty || EP 369

Neville Goddard

The Law Of Liberty

March 13 1964

Tonight’s subject is “The Law of Liberty.” In this present series I’m asking everyone to try it, test it, and then share with us the result, that I in turn will then share with others what you have proved by this wonderful law of ours. Lord Lyndsay once said to a group of clergymen, “You ministers are making a mistake. In your pulpits you’re arguing for Christianity and no one wants to hear your arguments. You ought to be witnessing: ‘Does this thing work?’ Then share it with the rest of us.” And so, that’s what I’m asking you to do, share it. I tell you it works. We have found that which the whole vast world’s been seeking and it works. But you’ll not know it by just hearing about it. To be convinced you must test it and prove it, and you can prove it.

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