Neville Goddard The Greatest Of All Blessings || EP 306


Neville Goddard


So the greatest of all blessings would be a strong Imagination, a clear idea, and a determinate vision of things as we desire them to be, all clearly fixed in our mind, and never waver from that vision, regardless of what you hear, regardless of what rumor comes into your world. Just a strong Imagination, a clear idea, and a determinate vision of things as you would like them to be, which would imply the fulfillment of a dream, your dream…on this level. That same formula holds good for us on the highest level. It is held in the Divine Mind, and his dream for us is “Let us make man in our image.” That has never faltered, never wavered. It still remains fixed in the Divine Mind. 

Regardless of what we go through in this world, that remains fixed so that must come out. You and I, on this level, we may waver and break the image and feel that the law doesn’t work. But on the highest level for us there is no wavering, God is faithful. You can trust him implicitly to produce in us the image, which is the image of himself: “Let us make man in our image.”

Music By Mettaverse

A New Beginning

Inner Worlds

Healing Tranquility

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