Neville Goddard The Bible Is Addressed To Your Imagination || EP 1053

The Bible Is Addressed To Your Imagination

Neville Goddard  


Blake asked the Reverend Trussler, who always criticized him, “Why is it that the Bible is more entertaining and instructive than any other book? Is it not because it is addressed to the Imagination, which is spiritual sensation, and only immediately to the understanding or reason?” If you’ll take this thought of Blake, take it seriously, you’ll be amazed at what you get out of it. When you think there are sixty-six books, it’s a library in that one book of ours…sixty-six books. It’s a challenge, something addressed only to the Imagination. The understanding is simply like the mediator…it passes through, as though someone comes in to mediate some problem. And from the depths of your own soul you’re speaking to the surface of your being, the enormous, infinite Imagination speaking to human Imagination. So it’s not really addressed or directed to understanding or to reason.

Neville. Imagining Creates Reality: 1967 Lectures

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