Neville Goddard Story Telling and Picture Taking || EP 269

Law/Story Telling/Picture Taking 2/16/65

Neville Goddard

Neville. The Wonder Working Power of Imagination: 1965 Lectures . Trafford Publishing. Kindle Edition.

If you could now think of your Imagination as the most sensitive instrument in the world, and compare it, say, to a piano; you can’t conceive of a tone or a combination of tones that it could not express. And so you can imagine, so you own the instrument: it’s your very self. But if you owned the most wonderful piano in the world, it wouldn’t mean you could play it, not play it really intelligently. You would have to find out some wonderful method and then practice. So here is this wonderful instrument, which is your Imagination, and so you own it, and that instrument is God. God actually became man that man may become God. So we can’t think of God as even near, for nearness implies separation. There is no difference between divine imagining and human imagining save in the degree of intensity of the two. When you and I are born anew, it means an expansion of the same power, which is imagining, and we rise to higher and higher and higher levels. On this level it is the same power but it’s keyed low. So here, when I speak of God I’m speaking of your own wonderful human Imagination. Now we can put it to the test, actually test it. “Come test me and see,” that’s what we’re invited to do in scripture (2Cor. 13:5). So I say that the actual source of all phenomena is one with imagining that is active in you and me. There is no other origin for phenomena in this world.

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