Neville Goddard Shared Experiences || EP 750

Tonight’s subject is “Shared Experiences.” In Paul’s letters to the Galatians he tells them that everyone who is taught the word shares all good things with him who teaches (6:6). Paul was not asking for material gifts, for he said in one of his letters, I have paid for every meal that I have taken and I have worked day and night; he who will not work, let him not eat.  

That was Paul’s philosophy. He was not asking for anything that was material in this world. But he did ask for their prayers, for he knew the efficacy of prayer. Paul never placed himself upon a pedestal, as if he had no need of spiritual help from his converts.  

He knew the depth of his soul was one with the depth of the soul of everyone, and those that he converted to this way of thinking. For he found the true Christ, not a man after the flesh; he found the creative power and wisdom of God (1 Cor. 1:24). That was the only Christ that Paul ever recognized. He identified it not in his words, but, believe me, he identified it with his own wonderful human Imagination. Your own wonderful human Imagination is Christ Jesus, the creative power and wisdom of God. So that was the being of whom he spoke.  

He knew that the depth was infinite, and it could reveal itself through you, one that he converted to this great thinking. He asked you to share with him your visions. It would add to that which was coming through him and would make the knowledge of Christ Jesus all the greater, so he could tell it in his lessons in his wonderful letters.

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