Neville Goddard One More On The Law || EP 271

So tonight, in a very simple way, for those who are here for the first time, let me show you how we actually operate this simple, simple principle. Instead of withdrawing from the body unknowingly into any old state, you withdraw deliberately into a predetermined state. So you put the body on the bed or on the chair and you imagine yourself in the state predetermined, a state you really want to realize in this world. You want to be successful? With whom would you share it, a few friends at a little dinner party, or a luncheon, or a tea, or a cocktail party, any kind of a party where they would discuss your success and truly discuss it in the sense that they would be happy about it? Well now, know exactly where you’re going to go while you are still seated, anchored to this body; and then let the body relax, and get into that area in your mind’s eye where your friends are present and you’re all discussing your success. 

And it all seems natural…you are accepting their praise, accepting their congratulations, and it seems very, very natural, with all of the sensory tones of reality. Then, return to the body…and follow Feynman’s concept—-it starts from where it hasn’t been and it speeds to where it was an instant ago. As it arrives there, it is bounced so hard it’s turned around, it’s time sense is turned around, and now it returns to where it hasn’t been. See it? It starts in time from where it hasn’t yet realized the state, and moves back to where physically it was only an instant ago; and then it’s bounced and turned around, and it moves now across this bridge of incident leading up to the fulfillment of that state in consciousness where you were…where all these friends were gathered together to congratulate you on your good fortune. And that’s how it works.

Loved this lecture, and it felt like he was giving his own version of quantum jumping.

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