Neville Goddard Occupant Or Inmate || EP 1188

Well, tonight I want to show you all how to move. Because if you move from one state where you are into any state in this world, that state is waiting for occupancy. And the great fallacy of the world is perpetual construction and deferred occupancy. I don’t occupy it. If I would only occupy the state I have constructed in my mind’s eye—wouldn’t it be wonderful to be and name it in my mind’s eye…

That’s exactly what Blake told me. He said, “Let yourself go, Nev, fall backwards, just fall backwards and you will see what I have told you, the infinite man, one man, and you will see it contains the whole vast world of humanity. Now, let yourself fall.” I turned backwards and fell, as though I’m taking a deep dive as I have done from a high-diving board, backwards. This time I am falling through interstellar space. I’m not just diving into a pool, I am falling backwards into interstellar space, and when I came to a rest and looked, here is a heavenly being in the distance, one man. Then on approaching him the heart was aflame like a ruby blazing. I came closer and closer, and here it isn’t…it simply contains all humanity, all the nations, all races, every being in the world contained in the heart of one man. But I fell backwards….

So tonight learn how to move. Move from one state into another state. And it takes no time, just the willingness to let go completely. You cannot serve two masters; you either believe me or you don’t. He who is with me then he is not against me. He said, you are either with me or against me. And so burn your bridges and completely abandon yourself to a state. It seems mad, doesn’t it? Sleep this night as though you were exactly the person you want to be.

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