Neville Goddard – Moses, Elijah And Jesus || EP 770

Moses, Elijah and Jesus. In biblical language, a man’s name reveals his character. The name is an expression of the essential nature of its bearer. As I’ve said in the past, these characters are not persons—they are eternal states through which the immortal soul passes to awaken as God. These are eternal spiritual states.

To understand tonight’s subject, let us go back just for a moment. As you know, as I told you, the Bible is God’s plan, something to be understood only through revelation. It’s revealed; it’s true. What seems the most impossible thing in the world will prove itself true in time. The Book of Genesis is the seed plot of the Bible. As we remember, it began with God: “In the beginning God,” and the book ended on the note “in a coffin in Egypt.”

The one in the coffin was called Joseph. Joseph is human Imagination. It is of one tissue with divine Imagination, but here it is human Imagination placed into a body. He exacted from his brothers a promise that they will not leave his body in Egypt; they will take it up to the land that was promised by God to his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That was a pledge by the brothers, exacted by the brother Joseph. That ends the book, the seed plot of the Bible.

Then we start toward the unfoldment of the seed planted in the Book of Genesis. The next Book is Exodus, and that’s where Moses comes in for the first time in the Bible. As I told you earlier, a name is the expression of a character. It’s not something that you call a name and someone replies. It simply is a true expression of the character of the one who bears it.

Now we are told that Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses floating on the river, and she named him Moses because she drew him out of the water. Well, I will not deny that; that’s one part of the name Moses, “to draw out, to rescue, to fetch.” But, it has another name, another meaning. She was Egyptian, and the boy was raised in the courts of Pharaoh.

The word Moses is, as a root, the Egyptian word for the verb “to be born.” That’s what it means, to be born. Something is now to be born, and it is buried in man, in the Book of Genesis. It’s completely contained in this part, in this coffin called man. But now it must be awakened; it must be born. And we are told that he did not volunteer for the task; he was drafted. Now let me stop here and tell you this is not a man as you are, as I am; this is a state of consciousness.

All these characters are states of consciousness. And so Moses is playing the part now leading you, leading me, and leading everyone in the world, out of the state known as Egypt, taking us out of Egypt into the Promised Land. Moses is true. In this case, in him in germinal form is the entire future life of Israel. All the figures that you read concerning him are contained in us. He was a prophet, a priest, a lawgiver, a shadow of the king or a foreshadowing of the king, a victor, an exile, a fugitive, and a man of God. All these are figures in the state called Moses. Now he’s leading us out.

Neville Goddard

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