Neville Goddard – Incubate The Dream || EP 487

I promise you if you apply it in the immediate present, you’ll see the results. It’s based upon dreams. The Bible recognizes only one source of dreams and that source is God. But today, in l963, our doctors, our psychiatrists know that the source of a dream is Imagination and so they will say, no, it’s not God, it’s one’s Imagination.

But they do not know that the word God and Imagination in the scriptures are the same. The word potter is Imagination. The word potter is God. And so we all agree there’s only one source of dream and that source is God. But if it helps to change the name, I’m all for it, and to say it is human imagining, well, I’m all for that.

By identifying God with human Imagination, we close the gap between God and man, and then we start from there. The Bible is simply filled with the secret of dreaming, and tells us that God speaks to man through the medium of a dream and reveals himself to man in vision.

Now, there are intentional dreams, and there are unintentional dreams. Most of us have the unintentional dreams. We go to sleep and we dream. Many of us do not remember the dream. The Bible tells us every dream has its own significance, that God instructs man through the medium of dream. Now the dream could be in a simple manner, told in very plain language that needs no interpretation. But quite often the dream comes in the form of symbolism, symbolic, and then it needs the real interpreter of the dream.

The first grand interpreter of the dream in the Bible was Joseph. He rose from a slave to the second in command of the whole land of Egypt through the ability to interpret dream. So he took the dreams of Pharaoh, and because he gave them the true interpretation, he rose right under power of Pharaoh. It was through his dream that he was sold into slavery because of the jealousy of his brothers, for he saw the sun and moon and eleven stars bow before him. The father rebuked him and said to him, “You mean that I and your mother and your brothers will bow before you?” He saw his sheaf rise to its full height, and all the other sheaves bow before this sheaf. And so you know the story, I think you are all familiar with the story of Joseph, how he was sold into slavery because he was the dreamer. “Behold this dreamer cometh.” He not only had the dreams but he could interpret the dream. But here we find in the Bible not only these unintentional dreams, for we didn’t plan to have them. And God prophesied through the medium of dream the seven years of abundance and the seven years of starvation, of famine, and it came just as he said it would happen.

But there is one dream that was intentionally and that we read in the 1st Book of Kings, the 3rd chapter, and then the same kind of a dream in the first chapter of the 2nd Book of Chronicles. And this is the dream that was induced by Solomon. So Solomon went up to the high hill, called Gideon. It was a holy place. For kings would speak in synagogue and the temple or some holy spot as they considered it, in the hope that they would in some strange way induce some communication between God and themselves. So Solomon went up for the purpose of inducing a dream where God would reveal himself to him. And so God appeared and God said to him, “Ask of me what you want.” He asked for an understanding mind that he may rule his people, more numerous than the dust of the earth. And then, said he, and this is his prayer, “O Lord God, thy promise to David my father fulfill this day” (2 Chronicles 1:9). That was what he wanted above all things in this world: Thy promise to David my father, let it now, this very moment, let it be fulfilled now. And then God said to him, “Because you did not ask for a long life and riches and the life of your enemies, I will grant you all these plus.”


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