Neville Goddard Election And Change Of Consciousness || EP 493

Election and Change of Consciousness

by Neville Goddard

February 24,1963

Election is an act of God, not based upon any inherent superiority of those elected, but grounded in the love and grace of God and in his promises to the Father. Let no one boast who is called. Let no one boast who is elected, for all will be called, but in God’s own predetermined time. So tonight my subject is Election and Change of Consciousness.

God speaks to Man through the medium of dream and reveals himself in vision, and we are past masters of misinterpreting his words. A dream is a parable containing a single jet of truth. Don’t try to give meaning to every word or event of the dream

Everything is a state which is real, yet invisible. Not knowing this, and seeing no evidence to support your desired state, you may return to the former one. Expecting the new state to happen now, you don’t remain faithful to it. But if you will remain there until it becomes natural to think from that state, it will be born in your world. There is a period of time between your entrance into the invisible state and its visibility, and it has to come.

Everything has an interval of time. The vision has its own appointed hour. If it seems long, wait. It is sure and it will not be late. A little sheep takes five months, a man nine months, a horse one year. All these are fixed intervals of time. How long will it take for a state to become objective? As long as it takes the nature of that seed to hatch. All you are called upon to do is to go into the state and remain there psychologically.

Although you will continue to physically walk the earth as one person, as you think from your desired psychological state, it takes on physical tones and becomes a fact in your world. This is how you move from state to state as you wait for the promise of God to fulfil itself. On that day you will be called and incorporated into his immortal body to express a far greater translucency and expansion than you knew before the start of your journey into the world of death.

I can’t tell you the thrill that is in store for you when you experience the embrace of love. There are no words to describe it, but as you embrace, you fuse to become one body, one Spirit, yet without loss of identity. Everyone will be called into that same union. Everyone will experience the end of the journey, for not one will be lost in all my holy mountain.

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