Neville Goddard All Things Are Possible || EP 177

Neville 05-12-1969


In the 9th chapter of the Book of Mark, it is said: “All things are possible to him who believes,” and in the 19th chapter of the Book of Matthew we are told: “With God all things are possible.” Here we see God equated with the believer.

Seated here tonight you believe you are a man or a woman. You believe you are here, but are you willing to believe you can go beyond what your reason and senses dictate? You do not have to limit your power of belief to what your reasonable mind dictates. The choice and its limitations are entirely up to you, for all things exist in the human imagination and it is from your imagination that your belief stems. If you go beyond the dictates of reason, it must be via your imagination, and since all things now exist there, you can at any moment go beyond what your reason and senses dictate.

I am telling you: you are God and there never was another. The being in you is God, and you and I are one, because there is only one God. In the end you will know that you and I are one, for you will discover you are the father of my son, who you will know to be your son. In fact, it will not be the son revealing you as the Father, but you, the Father, revealing your son.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today’s episode is another glorious lecture by Neville Goddard that he delivered on May 12th, 1969 called all things are possible and on sometimes it just comes down to this one thing. I meet so many people and I try to tell them what’s possible for them cause I’ve seen a miracles with so many different situations and they just say there’s just no way that that’s gonna happen. They’ll say that to my face knowing that I’m what I’m going to tell them. But it’s true. And finding a way to realize that anything is possible. Anything is possible. Right now you’re limiting yourself to a reality because you believe that’s what’s possible. You can have anything you want and you go and look at the most successful people. And one of the really magnificent belief systems is that they believe that anything is possible and we are shown every day people that come from every strata, from every social group, from every sort of beginning that achieved greatness at every part of their life, whether they’re 60 years old, whether they’re 50 years old, whether they’re 70 years old, anything is possible, anything is possible. We reach a point where we start to give up or we start to give in to this idea that only these limited number of things are possible. This is explored in so many different traditions. Reality, trans surfing talks about the space of variations and this lecture by Neville Goddard, all things are possible. He begins by saying in the ninth chapter of the book of Mark, it is said, all things are possible to him who believes, and in the 19th chapter of the book of Matthew, we are told with God all things are possible. Here we see God equated with the believer seated here tonight you believe you are a man or a woman. You believe you are here, but we’re willing to believe you can go beyond what your reason and senses dictate. You do not have to limit your power of belief to what your reasonable mind dictates. The choice and its limitations are entirely up to you for all things exist in the human imagination and it is from your imagination that your belief stems. If you go beyond the dictates of reason, it must be via your imagination and since all things now exist there, you can at any moment go beyond what’s your reason and senses dictate. We’ve had just had an eruption in the Christian world concerning the little icons people have made and worshiped for over a thousand years. The 115th Psalm described them as their idols are silver and gold. The work of men’s hands. They have eyes, but do not see mouths that do not speak ears that do not hear hands, that do not feel feet, that do not walk and no sound is heard in their throats. Those who make them are like them, soar all who trust in them. In today’s paper. The story is told of a famous actress who had an accident while in her rolls Royce. She was injured but not seriously and attributed her luck to the little icon she called Saint Christopher. She is just like the one who made it and sold it to her, but she doesn’t know it. Don’t judge another by their worldly possessions. They received them through belief, but they do not know their very being is the one who created it for them. She believed her little gold icon saved her from a fatal accident. Nothing saved her but her belief in it, she bought and believed in her little icon because she does not know the one in whom she should trust. All things are possible to him who believes and with God, all things are possible. Here we see that God and the believer are one. When you leave here tonight, you expect to find your home where you left it. You will go to sleep there and believe you will wake up in your bed tomorrow morning. You believe your clothes right now. I tell you, your capacity to believe is the human imagination, which is the only God. All imagination. You’ve restricted yourself by the body sense and reason you were reason says you are in this room and that you have a certain amount of money and can have no more unless you make a physical effort to go get it, but you would wish you had more. Wouldn’t you assume your wish through the sense of feeling that assumption subjectively appropriated and believe to be true is faith. Can you believe in its reality? Knowing all things are possible to him who believes? Can you persuade yourself that although your reason and senses deny it, your assumption will make it so Blake, in his wonderful marriage of heaven and hell said, I dined with Isaiah and Ezekiel and asked, does a strong persuasion that a thing is so make it so and Isaiah replied, all prophets believe it does. And in ages of imagination, affirm, persuasion, moved mountains, but many today are not capable of affirm persuasion of anything. Everything here was once only a desire believed this building. The clothes you wear or the car you drive were first a desire then believed into being. Yes. I believe there is a man named Neville. He may work for you to aid the fulfillment of your desire. If you believe you have it, many men can and will come to aid you even without knowing they are doing it. If you believe you do not have to persuade others to help you, all you need to do is believe you are what you want to be and then let the world, which is nothing more than yourself, pushed out, go to work to make your assumption possible. I promise you, your desire will be fulfilled for all things are possible to him who believes. As I’ve said before, I have not had an episode on everyone. As you pushed out of all the lectures, I’ve never seen that exact phrase in this particular case, the phrases, which is nothing more than yourself pushed out, and in that particular case he’s referring to the world. Well, of course if you are God, the whole world is you pushed out because you are God. It does not mean that. What some people ascribe it to, at least so far, and I will continue to learn before I make my own judgment on what it means. As we’ve seen just from the interviews that I’ve done with different people that follow Neville, there is a different belief system around that particular idea and it’s very popular on the internet. The idea that everyone is you pushed out right now, this says, the world is nothing more than yourself pushed out. I promise you your will be fulfilled for all things are possible to him who believes. The late Robert Frost said, our founding fathers did not believe in the future. They believed the future in the most creative power in you is your power to believe a thing in our founding fathers did not believe that the passage of time would produce this country as they desired it. They wanted democracy, not a monarchy, and knew that sitting down and hoping it would come to past wouldn’t do it. They had to appropriate it so the simply believed it in how by faith they subjectively appropriated their desire. Let us say, you would like to be in San Francisco now, but you don’t have the time or the money to make the trip. What do you do? You ignore the present moment and subjectively appropriate your objective hope by sleeping in San Francisco tonight as you lie on your bed, look at your world through the eyes of one who is sleeping in San Francisco. You may wake in the morning to find you’re still physically in Los Angeles, but while you slept, changes were taking place, which will compel you to make the journey. I tell you, you will always go physically to the subjective state. You have appropriate it. I have had this work now several times and in my interview with 2020 he also said, while you’re sleeping, when you think of that, you’re in a place briefly think of the place that you are from your home and see where that’s located if you’re in the place. So if I’m in Hawaii, where is, where’s California? So that’s another trick that really works for that technique. But it’s a very powerful technique. And I think by just using that simple technique, when you fall asleep, it can bring about a lot of other changes that are beneficial. Remember Neville says all things are possible to him who believes and belief isn’t believing it’s going to happen. It’s bleeding, it’s happening. That’s what Neville is saying and with God, all things are possible. Man believes that God created the world and all within it, but he does not equate God with himself, the believer, but the Bible equates God, the creator of everything with one who believes and belief need not be restricted but can go beyond evidence of sense and reason in the world. You must go on the outside to light your way. You may light a candle of lamp or use electricity, but one day you will turn within to discover that you are the light of the world. Then you will know you are God. The light of infinite love, infinite power and infinite wisdom. You will expand into these States as you break the barriers of reason and senses. I challenge you to examine yourself. Are you holding to the state you desire to experience test yourself and as you do, you’re testing Christ for he is God’s power and wisdom. It doesn’t cost anything to test him, so try it. We are told that imagination speaks to us through the medium of dreams and reveals himself. Envision. One night I was shown how to test myself. That night I found myself in an enormous mansion on fifth Avenue in New York city. At the turn of the century, everything that money could buy was in that mansion. Although I was invisible to the two generations who were present, I could hear everything they said. The older gentleman spoke saying, father used to say while standing on an empty lot. I remember when this was just an empty lot and then he would describe the building. He wanted to be there as though it were already solid and real. Then the scene shifted and I saw the building now complete standing where only a moment before had been an empty lot. The grandfather was now standing next to his son and grandson and said, I remember when this was an empty lot. This dream taught me a marvelous lesson. I was the grandfather, the son, and the grandson. It was up to me now to pass this knowledge onto other generations while standing in a barren state. You can say, I remember when this was barren. If it was barren, you are implying it is no longer so that you can by exercising your inner sense of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, occupy the state and allow it to externalize itself for you. I tell you, it does not matter what you have or who you are in this world. All things are possible to you. When you believe, you may believe in one or more of the 90 odd so-called saints, which have now been demoted. But if you believe that they have served their purpose now those who formerly believed in icons on the outside must turn around and learn to believe in themselves. It has taken a long time for more than a thousand years, men have believed this nonsense. You don’t have to cover your head anymore to enter the church. So was it ever necessary? You don’t have to believe in Saint Christopher anymore. It never was necessary, but man in his childlike state could not believe in himself. So he created something with his human hands to believe in and his belief produced itself. The icon did not do it for the individual. His belief did it for him. All things are possible to him who believes and with God, all things are possible. So was God not one with the believer, his name forever and forever is I am. Do you not know that you are knowing that? Are you not saying I am? If your name is John, you must be aware of it before you can say, I am John, I say I am Neville. I may not always say I am before I say novel, but I’m aware of being novel before I say the word, I have given my awareness of being a name. It is Neville. I do not have to repeat the words I am to define what I am aware of, but my awareness is God the believer and there is no other God. Now, all things exist in the human imagination, not just the good things, but all things. Listen to these words from the 32nd chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. See I even I am he and there is no God beside me. I kill and I make a life. I wound and I heal and no one can deliver out of my hand who can kill the God. You may say I killed him, but that is God’s name. Your own wonderful human imagination has the power to kill and make alive to wound and heal and there is none that can deliver out of your hand for there is no God besides your own wonderful human imagination. As you are seated here, you have the capacity to believe. You may believe in something stupid but you believe and your belief will make it work. The one I speak of as God is your mighty such yet your slave for purposes of his own, he waits on you as indifferently and as swiftly when your will is evil as when it is good. He does it by con conjuring images of good and evil just as though they were real allowing you to imagine whatever you desire. He projects it upon this screen of space in order for you to experience it, you can move into it so naturally and so easily. You can forget the thoughtless moment when the seed was planted and therefore do not recognize your own harvest. The being you really are is the God in scripture who is your own wonderful human imagination. If you notice whenever Neville says that it’s not just human imagination, he always says your own wonderful human imagination. He goes on to say, can you leave this auditorium tonight in the deep conviction that you are what you want to be? Are you willing to assume its joys and woes? Your assumption is your subjective appropriation of an objective fact that is faith and without faith it is impossible to please him. Tonight when I leave this building, I will ride home with my friend. As we travel, we will pass certain streets and see familiar objects because we will be traveling by sight, but when I walk by faith, my steps are invisible. For I will be walking in the assumption of my fulfilled desire. Paul tells us to walk by faith and no longer by sight. We all know what it is like to walk by sight, but now we are called upon to break that spell and walk by faith. I tell you, it is possible to be anything that you want to be for the believer and the God of the universe are one, don’t divorce yourself from God. For he is your I amness or she believing your I amness for. If you do not, you will never fulfill your desire only by assuming you already are the one you would like to be. Will you achieve it? It’s just as simple as that. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it becomes easier with practice. If I gave a Stradivarius to one who had mastered the violin, he could lift me to the nth degree of joy, but if I put the same violin in the hands of one who could not play it, he would shortly drive me insane. It’s the same violin, yet one brings harmony while the other brings discourt. You kill and make a Vive out of the same instrument, which is your own wonderful human imagination. You may make many discords until you learn how to play. We are here in this world of educated darkness, learning to play the instrument, which is God. You may not know anyone who would give your, give you $10,000 right now, but if you believe all things are possible to God and you know that God is your human imagination, you can imagine you have the money persist in your belief and you will have it. How I do not know, I only know that according to your belief, will it be done unto you? Do you believe that all things are possible to God and do you believe that he is your own wonderful human imagination knowing that God is all love and you are capable of imagining unlovely things? You may not believe your imagination is God, but if that is true, then God is not all powerful. If you can imagine something that God cannot, then you transcend him. If God strikes only harmonious notes and you can strike chords that produced discord as well as harmony, then you are greater than he because you cannot. You can do something he can’t, but I tell you, your own wonderful human imagination kills and makes alive it wounds and heals for all things come out of the human imagination. While learning to use and believe in your human imagination, you may make alive that which you do not want. You may wound yourself in the process, but what you create in your imagination, you can uncreate. Everything can be resolved even though while learning horrible mistakes are made, don’t condemn yourself for anything you’ve ever done, are doing or may do as you learn to play the instrument, who is God himself and your own wonderful human imagination for there is no other creative power. What is now proved was only once only imagined. My Taylor uses his imagination to execute my suits for me. They must first be imagined before the cloth is cut. My tailor doesn’t take his scissors and cut. Start cutting the cloth in the hope that something will come out. He imagines it first and when I sit in my barber’s chair, he sees what ought to be on my head instead of what is there. Everything must be first imagined before it can become a fact and that capacity to imagine is God. Now you do not observe image imagining as you do objects in space because you are the reality that is called imagination. You can observe this room which was once only imagined, but you cannot observe the creative power that conceived it. The things created our scene but you the creator are not seen and you will never know you are he until God, God’s only son. David stands before you and calls you father. Not everyone will accept this knowledge for they would rather have their little icons. I’m quite sure this Italian actress who had the accident would not be interested in or believe my words and she’s not alone. There are hundreds of millions tonight who would not give up their little metals. I saw where Cardinal McIntyre had put his seal of approval on the reverse side of the little st Christopher metal, thereby giving it his blessing on one side is a face that never existed and on the other a priest of the church gives his approval what nonsense yet the metals work because people believe they do. So this is giving us an idea of what Neville would think when people say they talk to their two different spirits or angels or that they’re being helped by certain spirits or angels and in some cases not all [inaudible] because anything is possible. I do. We think we create our own. In reality trans surfing, the idea is you can create your own and in some ways that helps us to believe if we have some extra power, I’m going to create a guardian, but you don’t need to have the little icon because you are the one creating it. So I kind of look at it as it’s a creative process that helps me to believe sometimes when I do things like that. But I like this teaching because it makes you consider. All you have to do is believe. It’s time for man to stop believing in something on the outside. Neville says, and start believing in his human imagination. It’s time to stop all the outside icons. You shall make no graven image onto me or have no other gods beside me. You may have no education, no money or social background, and find it difficult to believe in yourself, but because all things are possible to him who believes and with God, all things are possible. You can go outside of your senses and believe anything into being. Test your imagination and if it proves itself in performance, what does it matter what the world thinks? Through testing, I have proved imagination. I have found him and now I share my findings with another. He is called Phillip, the lover of horses, the symbol of the mind. Knowing Philip loves learning about how the mind functions. I tell him that I have found him who Moses and the law and the prophets spoke Jesus the Messiah. I will take you to him. You are here because as Philip you desire to know more about the mind and its functions. I can take you to Jesus by telling you who he is, but I cannot show him to you. For he is invisible, your I amness is he say, I am secure. I am wealthy. I am free. These may not be true based on your senses, but I am simply asking you to say the words for the moment you do not. You do. You are subjectively appropriating security, wealth and freedom reason. We’ll try to take these from you so I ask you to play a little game with me. Go through the door and walk as though you are secure, wealthy, and free sleep this night as though it were true. If you do, you will not fall asleep seeing the world as you did last night. You’ll see it differently. If this morning someone gave you a check for 20,000 and you deposited it to your account, you’d be $20,000 richer. Therefore, you could not sleep tonight as you did before. Now without waiting for someone to physically give you the money, go to bed as though it were true. Put Christ to the extreme test. If all things are possible to God, and if all things are possible to the believer, can you believe? I’m not saying you will succeed the first night or even the second, having been trained to accept only what your reason and senses dictate. You may find it difficult, almost impossible to believe what you could believe. But you. This morning, as I was returning to this world, I came upon a scene of shadows of beings. The first one was blind, unable to see the world around him, about him. The second one saw, but his vision was limited and a third saw more than the second and the fourth could see, hear, and do more than third. I awoke saying to my friend, Bob Crutcher, with your talent to write, you could write a movie about this series of events. If you did, you would receive three the thousand dollars for it. I knew that just like an actor I had identified myself with every shadowy being I had seen all those shadows I the perceiving one had assumed one after the other to find myself limited by the state, perceived as I assumed the first one I was totally blind. As the second I could see a little and as the third a little more. Then I woke urging Bob to write it, to show how man is restricted by what he is wearing. In order to play a part, you must feel the part. As the blind man, I had to feel my way out. When I put on another garment I could see and did not need to feel anymore. With each garment I wore, I sensed more and more and awoke urging my friend to show this in picture form in the hope that those who would see it would understand that man is only playing a part. The part need not be that which was given him at birth. He could pick apart and enter it at any point in time. Right now you are playing a part. If you don’t like it, you can change it. You could play the part of a man wealthier than you were 20 hours ago. It’s only a part for you to play if you desire it. Everything that I’m telling you is from the Bible. I kill and I make alive. I wound and I heal and there is one that can deliver out of my hand. I even I am he and there is no God beside me. I am the Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel, your savior and besides me, there is no savior. These are the words of God revealed through his prophets of old. Their prophecy is fulfilled in the new Testament as whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will. That’s how easily you apply it. For an assumption though false and denied by your senses. If persisted, if persisted in will harden into fact, I am telling you you are God and there was never another. The being in you is God and you and I are one because there is only one God. In the end, you will know that you and I are one for you will discover you are the father of my son. You will know to be your son. In fact, it will not be the son revealing you as the father, but you the father reviewing your son. Now let us go into silence. Another wonderful lecture by nipple Goddard that repeats many of the same ideas as in previous lectures. So I know it’s a little bit repetitive, but I’m telling you that the lessons that he repeats in these lectures are the ones that are more important and they fit in within the idea that anything is possible in the particular part he was talking about in belief and I think that he came upon a great idea with the, I remember when technique, because you’re using a part of your mind that has memory kind of reverts. You always believe what you remember, right? So it’s an incredibly clever technique. Also we see a mention that the whole world is you pushed out and it is all the physical objects around you in this room are all you pushed out. But the most important thing is this is a really great prosperity lesson. Several times. He makes the idea that, Hmm, you don’t believe right now that you could have somebody come along and give you 10,000 or $20,000 and that’s why you’re not getting it. So change that and believe it, and you will have that happen. Don’t just believe it’s going to happen. Go into the state of receiving it. Wow. It feel, if you just were given 20,000 it’s very exciting. It’s kind of fun to think about, okay, so you’ve got a check for 20,000 what are you gonna do? Are you gonna go to the bank? You want to make sure it’s cached? You got to wait to make sure that it clears, right? And then once it’s cleared, you got the 20,000 wait, what are you gonna do? Are there bills that you’re going to pay? Is there trips that you’re gonna take? Is there things that you want to buy? What are you going to do? Are you going to feel sit there right now and act like you just got it. Just got the 20,000 it’s just been in the in the bank and you just got it cleared and now you can. You’re thinking in your mind of all the things that you can do with it, the bills that you can pay with it, the people that you can take care of with it, the plans that you want to start or continue on, it’s fun. Where do you feel it is in your, is it in your solar plexus, in your heart? Do you feel something in your stomach? How’s your breathing? Does it bring you back to other memories that are similar to that? Do you have other memories where you were given a large amount of cash out of nowhere and you had to figure out what, how to spend it? These are fun thoughts to play around with and of course these are things that people have been talking about in the law of attraction community forever, but this is coming from a little bit different place because it’s really attacking at the very core of the belief system [inaudible] and so anything is possible if you believe in it. [inaudible] anything is possible and I know that I’m talking to people right now on this podcast that are listening to this episode that have that belief that this is not possible for them. They’ve given up on their dream. The reason I know is because I was that person. I was that person I’d given up on my dream. I’d given up on my dream of being a writer. I’ve given up on my dream of doing a podcast given up on my dream of living in California. So many different things. I’d given up my dreams and I had reached a point where I in my mind had crafted in my imagination that it was not possible for me to do those things and to escape the feeling of this belief that I was stuck in. I tried to escape. I know that people that are listening to this are going through the same thing and I’m there for you. I’ve been there and I’m telling you right now, anything is possible. All things are possible as Neville says, and all we got to do is just take a just a moment. Everything will be there for you. Mitch, take a few moments right now and let go of worrying about what’s going to happen or thinking about what happened in the past and right now enter this state the feeling of the thing that you want of the wish fulfilled. I have a sleep meditation where you can try this. It works great. I’ve tried add that into all my meditations now, at least for a portion of it, you don’t need to do it in a meditation form. It’s fun to do walking when you walk. Walk as if you just got $20,000 when you walk to the mailbox. Walk as if you would walk to the mailbox cause he had $20,000 when you eat dinner tonight, eat dinner like you just got 20,000 or whatever it is that you want. Cause I promise you, it may not happen the first day. Like he says, it may not happen the second day, but it’s going to happen because the subjective world will meet the physical reality that you want. Once you assume it, the assumption is a powerful technique to overcome the belief limitations that happen all the time. We can talk and go deep on the different metaphysical forces that are available to you, reducing importance and pendulums and all kinds of things that can affect you, but none of it matters. [inaudible] many people I talk to and I try to help them all that stuff would work great, but deep down in the core, they just did not believe. And I understand it’s, it’s easy not to believe we’ve always been proven everything we’ve seen results on a daily basis that we live in the world of Caesar in this world of normality, that that everything works scientifically. We believe in science, right? Because that’s what we believe and it’s hard to change that belief. And I’m not asking you to believe it, and neither was Neville. He’s not asking you to change your belief. He’s saying go into the state of the wish fulfilled. And when you do that, that’s when it becomes a belief. It’s easier to believe in something that you don’t believe in than you think. You don’t just say to yourself the affirmation, you have to feel it. You have to believe it. That’s how you change your belief. It’s a psychological trick. This has nothing to do with the Bible. If you’ve been triggered by that stuff, don’t worry about it. This is a technique that’s so simple. We try to make it complicated, but all you have to do is assume the state and then over time you will begin to believe that it’s real and anything is possible. Once you believe, as it says in the new Testament whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have many more lectures. There’s so much fun to do. I’ve recorded many. I’m trying not to do just all lectures on the channel. I have meditations. I have a great new training program, the 12 lessons of Roger yoga based on a great lessons by William Walker Atkinson who outlines these 12 lessons of the initiative and I found it really interesting and understanding the self so check that out. That episode should be the first lesson and each one of them will carry your meditation. Also, I have other books that I’m going to be narrating and many more Neville lectures and Neville. Meditation’s so much, so much days and days of material still coming out and a big, big new training that’s coming out. Let me know if there’s something that you want me to cover. I, if, if you’ve told me something and asked me to cover something and I haven’t, I promise you it’s on the horizon. The seed has been planted and I will work on it. I may have to start doing multiple episodes a day just to help everybody and to find a way to answer everybody’s questions. If you have any questions, put them in the comments and tell me how it’s worked for you. Tell me if you’ve used these techniques. Use the comments in these videos as laboratories so that we can all explore what we’ve gone through and so we can share. Because I’m just a student and I’m still learning. All I know for sure is that we are going through something incredible right now. A reality revolution where we’re learning how we control reality. We affect reality. We are reality, and when we learn our power, everything’s going to change. You can find full transcripts of all episodes of the reality revolution at the reality, for coaching. Go to advanced to success thank you, and welcome to the reality revolution.

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