Multidimensional Consciousness And The New Earth || EP 727

The cyclic nature of events occurring on Earth is tied to the dimensional state of consciousness as described by Ra. The spirit called Ra is a “Social Memory Complex who evolved through the third, fourth, and fifth-dimensional states of consciousness on the planet Venus. Ra is currently in a sixth-dimensional state of consciousness. He advises that all Spiritual Creations must evolve through eight densities or dimensions.

Multidimensional consciousness is a system that enables us to travel in fluidity in the layers of our consciousness and bring out the cosmic creator, collaborator and the project manager within us. It is a functional and practical system that elevates us to the layers of our higher dimensional consciousness. By declaring our intent, we align with our vertical evolution in consciousness and activate our multidimensionality. I will go into the details of multidimensionality as the chapters open up. At this stage, I would like to remind you that multidimensionality is a forgotten quality that exists within our internal guidance system. Once we are ready, we can activate it using our intention statements. I have shared some practices in this book to show you how you can make an intention of reviving it. You will learn more about it as you read and do the exercises. By tapping into this quality, we can experience ourselves as a being who is spontaneously acting on the multiple layers of consciousness, with fluidity.  

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