Morning Meditation The Walter Russell Morning Prayer || EP 1112

From The Divine Iliad, join me for this powerful Morning Prayer. Walter Russell’s Morning Prayer

The dawn telleth the coming of the new day. I turn my eyes to the morning and purge myself in the purity of the dawn. My Soul quickeneth with the beauty of the dawn. Today is, and will be. Yesterday was, and has been. My yesterday is what I made it. I see it in memory, perfect or imperfect. My today is what I will to make it. I will to make it perfect. I am man. I have free right to choose. I may do as I will to do. I have the power to build the day or to rend the day. The day will be of my making, either perfect or imperfect, good or bad as I choose to live it in spirit or in flesh, on the mountain top or earthbound. The day is of my choosing. None shall stay my hand in the making of the day.

The Universal One will not allow this day to go unlived to the glory of Him whom I am nor to the fulfillment of His command, nor to the fulfillment of His purposes. If I build the day I will have lived the day to the glory of the One in the fulfillment of that part of His purpose which is mine to fulfill. So that I may meet the day with knowledge to build the day, I will look into my Soul while it is yet dawn, before the morning breaketh. These are the words with which I greet the day. These are words of the morning.

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