Manly P Hall – The Spinal Column And The Kundalini || EP 822

Ancient philosophy and science derived a great deal of symbolical knowledge and insight from the study of the human body. In the function of the body itself, man was presented with an immediate and intimate mystery. For the most part, this mystery has not been solved, even with our increasing scientific knowledge. We’re able to examine the body in greater detail than ever before. We are able to understand its functions more accurately than was ever possible to ancient man.

Yet the essential mysteries of the body remain and we are still searching for those major keys, by which, perhaps not only can we solve bodily mysteries, but by the knowledge thus gained extend ourselves into universal mysteries. For it was long held that if we could ever understand man we would have a key to all things that exist in as much as man is bound to all other things is derived from all other things.

And in the course and extent of his existence, he moves through all states and conditions and finds available within himself all instruments necessary for his continuing existence, growth and unfoldment through all the states of nature, both physical and metaphysical. Realizing to some measure, therefore, the thoughtfulness that man dedicated to this mystery of the body. We can also be aware of the natural and inevitable functioning of the human mind. Man searching for answers, uses a kind of symbolic methodology. Having discovered some small law operating somewhere, he seeks to extend it as a greater law operating elsewhere or everywhere.

Thus our concepts of cosmogony, our studies of things not visible to our sensory perceptions; these involve a process of analogy by which we apply things seen to things unseen. Principles recognized to principles sought for in the unfoldment of universal life.

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