Manly P Hall Special Class On The Stanzas Of Dzyan In The Secret Doctrine || EP 338

In The Secret DoctrineThe Stanzas of Dzyan are, according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky part of the Book of Dzyan of Tibetan origin. The Stanzas form the basis for The Secret Doctrine, one of the foundational works of the theosophical movement written by Mme. Blavatsky.  

The Stanzas and its commentaries were originally written in the sacred language of Senzar, which is unknown to modern Anthropology:

   This first installment of the esoteric doctrines is based upon Stanzas, which are the records of a people unknown to ethnology; it is claimed that they are written in a tongue absent from the nomenclature of languages and dialects with which philology is acquainted; they are said to emanate from a source (Occultism) repudiated by science; and, finally, they are offered through an agency, incessantly discredited before the world by all those who hate unwelcome truths, or have some special hobby of their own to defend. Therefore, the rejection of these teachings may be expected, and must be accepted beforehand. No one styling himself a “scholar,” in whatever department of exact science, will be permitted to regard these teachings seriously.[1]

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Mme. Blavatsky refers to Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese translations of commentaries:

   The Stanzas which form the thesis of every section are given throughout in their modern translated version, as it would be worse than useless to make the subject still more difficult by introducing the archaic phraseology of the original, with its puzzling style and words. Extracts are given from the Chinese Thibetan and Sanskrit translations of the original Senzar Commentaries and Glosses on the Book of DZYAN —these being now rendered for the first time into a European language. It is almost unnecessary to state that only portions of the seven Stanzas are here given. Were they published complete they would remain incomprehensible to all save the few higher occultists. Nor is there any need to assure the reader that, no more than most of the profane, does the writer, or rather the humble recorder, understand those forbidden passages. To facilitate the reading, and to avoid the too frequent reference to foot-notes, it was thought best to blend together texts and glosses, using the Sanskrit and Tibetan proper names whenever those cannot be avoided, in preference to giving the originals. The more so as the said terms are all accepted synonyms, the former only being used between a Master and his chelas (or disciples).[2]

The Secret Doctrine published two sets of Stanzas: the first one, under the name of “Cosmogenesis”, explores the formation of the cosmos and its evolution. The second set, entitled “Anthropogenesis”, deals with the appearance and evolution of humanity on this planet.  

Here Manly P Hall Unveils the stanzas and explains what they really mean.

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