Manly P Hall A Special Class In the Secret Doctrine || EP 329

The notes which follow consist of the hundred questions and answers concerning “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” and its great message simplified

     The student may say, “Oh, a book like “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” is so difficult I cannot understand it; give me something more simple.” The eternal cry of man is “Make it easy.” We do not realize that we must grow up to things. It is a great mistake to attempt to bring Truth down to ignorance. The result is always misunderstanding and perversion. Man must be brought up to Truth.

Ques. 1.   Who and what was Madame Blavatsky?

      Ans.   Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in Ekaterinoslav, Russia in July, 1831. At the age of seventeen she married a Russian officer, Nicephore Blavatsky, many years her senior. She lived with him but a few months, and then began a life of wandering which included travel in Mexico, Canada, India and Tibet. Her contact with the great Indian Masters and her study with them was presumably between the years of 1848 and 1850. She founded the Theosophical Society with the assistance of Colonel Olcott in 1875. She wrote a number of books, of which “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” and “ISIS UNVEILED” are the most important. She also edited a magazine which she called “Lucifer.” (The Light Bearer). She died suddenly in London while working on the third and fourth volumes of “THE SECRET DOCTRINE.”

         Madame Blavatsky was a pioneer in the Western world, for she brought to Europe and America the first connected account of the Eastern Schools of Occult Philosophy. A woman of commanding personality and scintillating mentality, she demanded and secured respect for ideas far in advance of the age. Her own viewpoint and philosophy she sets forth in “ISIS UNVEILED,” while in “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” she acts as the mouthpiece of a very seclusive group of Eastern Adepts, dwelling in the unexplored fastnesses of Greater and Lesser Tibet. She makes no claim to having written “THE SECRET DOCTRINE,” but states that she was merely a pen in the hand of a ready writer.

         There is no doubt that Madame Blavatsky possessed superphysical powers similar to those of the East Indian Adepts. She demonstrated these many times. Most of her work was carried on under bitter opposition, treachery among her own supporters, and continuous poor health, the result of exposures in early life. While she never claimed to be an Initiate, there is every reason to suppose that she had been admitted at least into the lower or lesser mysteries, and consequently was privileged to use the title Initiate. Very few of her students have been able to follow in her footsteps—the only one known to date being Damodar, who was called by the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood into Tibet, where he has remained. It is stated that he is being prepared for work in the world at a future time.

Ques. 2.   What is the SECRET DOCTRINE?

      Ans.   The SECRET DOCTRINE is that knowledge concerning the laws behind life, which has always been in the possession of an illuminated few. These few have imparted these sacred Truths by word of mouth to those men or women who have prepared themselves to use this knowledge for the service and redemption of the race. The knowledge covers three general subjects, as follows: First, the knowledge of how universes and atoms are created, unfolded, and later disintegrated by the cosmic processes of Nature; second, concerning man, his place in the Plan, and how he may later become an intelligent worker with Nature for the unfoldment and redemption of himself; third, how he may learn the control the forces of Nature and to become master over the world of phenomenalistic things. The secret processes whereby these things are accomplished have never been revealed to the profane, but are in truth the SECRET DOCTRINE, which has existed in the world since the beginning of intelligence. This WISDOM is God’s great gift to man, which Deity has revealed through world Saviors, Adepts and Initiates (His chosen Sons) according to the needs of races and peoples. “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” as written by H. P. B. with the permission of her teachers, constitutes a fractional part of this great hidden philosophy. It is all, however, that the world could safely receive at the time.

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