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In this episode, I discuss the reality creation concept of lifestyle design introduced by Tim Ferriss in 4 hour work week. I give my story of how my business evolved to allow myself to design the lifestyle I wanted. Can we use the internet to give us the freedom to design a better reality? I try to give some basic exercises and examples of how you can use the principles of lifestyle design to manifest the life of your dreams.
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In this episode, I discuss the reality creation concept of lifestyle design introduced by Tim Ferriss in 4 hour work week. I give my story of how my business evolved to allow myself to design the lifestyle I wanted. Can we use the internet to give us the freedom to design a better reality? I try to give some basic exercises and examples of how you can use the principles of lifestyle design to manifest the life of your dreams.

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well, I’m going to go to the reality revolution podcast coming coming to you for weight. Boy, this is your, I’m your host. Brian. Got this. Pot is podcast is dedicated to the spirit, the spirit who has been life. You’re going to find it to be magical. Advanced violence for the multidimensional human beings are Zander viewpoint or we venture to share the mysteries of human being beings or the 21st [inaudible] insurance to share the mysteries of cells by in reality to shatter. My primary purpose is to reawaken, seeing your sense of fascination, goal or towards life just shattered. Your rigid belief systems that are living on waves and see the world and open. Unlimited hot school is they help you hack reality ships in your leash, your true potential to monasteries that have buying power within you to open unlimited abilities, change wells, come held to a quantum relationships in your life. Slowly or the mysteries, I don’t learn a verse or minds. We are experiencing a quantum. As we shift in the world, we are awakening to a new reality revolution. Today’s episode, we’re going to talk about lifestyle design. Hopefully you got a chance to listen to the last episode, which was on purpose and I wanted to kind of include this in the last podcast, but it’s really kind of in and of itself. In fact, several times I’ve wanted to do an episode about this and I will be creating an entire podcast, which in many ways this doesn’t entirely fit with what we’ve been talking about on the podcast, but to me it really does. And let me give you some background behind that. Many times when I have been asked to coach and one of the things that comes up is the idea that somebody has not found their purpose or their meaning or what they want to truly do with their life. I have found the ultimate solution, the greatest solution in 95% of the cases is to find some additional income or some way of working at home, some way of firing your boss, some way of working from your home on a laptop, that kind of thing. Finding a business, and there’s so many different ways to do this, and I’m not saying that for everybody. Everybody has their own dreams and desires and things to do, but if you can find a way to become self employed, it is one of the most empowering and wonderful things and it goes a lot of ways in creating where you’re your reality. It’s a part of it there. It does not distinguish from it. So what I’m saying is if you have the ability to create your own reality down to the very core of it in every way, shape and form everything you can imagine, you’re not just manifesting one thing. You’re not manifesting that car or that house because once you get those things, then you’ve already got it. What we’re on is a journey and you want to live a joyous and blissful life every day, every second, every hour to design your life. Imagine what your perfect life would be. Why are you afraid to ask yourself that question? Don’t limit yourself as to what would be possible. What would your perfect life be? Design it. What time do you want to wake up in the morning? What time do you want to go to bed? What do you want to be doing with the majority of your time? That’s the question. Do you want to work a nine to five job for the next 40 years so that when you can retire when you’re at a a less of a place than you were before then? Then you get to enjoy your money and retire. How about living in retirement now? How about finding passive income opportunities and taking advantage of a market for the Internet that is truly incredible and easy to take apart of? People can work at home and hundreds of businesses, and I’m going to be exploring this on my podcast, which is the laptop revolution. Hopefully you’ll be seeing that within the next month or so, but in terms of this podcast episode, we’re talking about lifestyle design and so it doesn’t have to be an employment or an idea of what it is you want to do, but we really need to get to the core of what kind of life that you want to live. If I’m going to help you be successful, if you want to hack reality, let’s figure this out together. Let’s figure out what would be the life that you want to live and oftentimes people go through experiences and they adjust what they truly want. And I can only give you my own personal story. This is different than what I’ve told you before. This is my own personal story in business, which has helped me to understand that you can find meaning and purpose outside of your work, outside of your job. And part of the key is understanding of how that plays a role in your life. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. You know, 10 years ago, 2008 I had no idea what the future held. I was in the mortgage industry and this is a crazy time in the mortgage industry before it crashed. It was an industry that had all kinds of crazy loans. We could do stated income loans for people with the for $1 million loan and the required no income or no assets and there were just very deceptive and crazy loans at the time. Part of the reason that the industry kind of blew up on itself. That’s a whole other podcast. But at the time I had been a mortgage broker for about 10 years and and seemingly overnight everything had gone. Now this was not a job that I enjoyed. We did loans that were not as good for people and in many ways it would carry on my own, on my own soul and Karma. I felt that. Then I tried to change and find an area in the mortgage business where I was happy with the loans that I could do on stories, try to do purchases and help with the realtors, and there were different things and I got a lot out. I met some really incredible people, but it did not speak to my heart and it’s not something I really wanted to do, but I figured, hey, it’s a great way to make money and I can take care of my family that way. And you get stuck in a job, you get stuck in a line of work and sometimes it starts working out for you and you look back and you wish you didn’t take that job because now you’re making good money at that job. But do you don’t really want that job because it doesn’t give you what you’re looking for. Whatever it is. Now, your purpose doesn’t have to be related to your life. But I believe that you, if you can design your life in the way you want, you can better find your purpose. The magic of finding your purpose is a wonderful thing. You may have already found it, and if you, so I, I’m telling you, go and help somebody else find their purpose. If you found your purpose, you know the magic of it. You know, 2008 I had lost everything. My business was, was done that we couldn’t, I couldn’t find employment. 50% of the mortgage companies just went out of business overnight and I had to piece myself back together in a very short period of time, lost my house to foreclosure. It’s one of the worst feelings that you could go through to finally own a home and then to lose it because this is a home that I loved and had everything that I wanted and in the night and I was going to lose it. And so I had to piece myself together and I had to completely change my line of work. I had a master’s degree, I had education that I hadn’t really used, but that wasn’t going to save me in this time. I needed to figure out, I had, I had to find an, an in house for my family and I needed to figure out a way to make money now in some way, shape or form. So that’s what I did in my particular case. Uh, you know, I just started selling stuff so I could survive, you know, go to the garage, get stuff from the garage and start selling it on, on Ebay and anywhere that you can find on the Internet. So I had a huge DVD collection and huge Scifi fan and lots and lots of books. And so I started selling them my comic books. I started selling my baseball cards and started selling all my stuff. And then you start getting into the, the way it works, you get an understanding of the way that seller fulfillment works on the Internet. And, and that was one in one particular day. There was a book that I had sold on Ebay and I couldn’t find it. The book was, it had sold for six bucks. I had listed as a book. I took a picture of in, in, in and plopped it on there, but I couldn’t find it and I didn’t want to counsel this or refund it cause I knew it would hurt my feedback rating at the time. So I didn’t know what to do. And, and I found another book in better condition than the one that I hadn’t been selling, but somebody else was selling. But I only had to pay $4. So it was a simple transaction. I sent the book from, from the other seller and the other seller sent the book for me and I had $2 and I had $2 to my possession that I got from nothing from thin air. It had not been there before. It just suddenly appeared. And I started to realize the magic and power of the Internet because you can make money from nothing. You can make money from so many different things in so many different ways. And when you really get a grip and a hold of this incredible cosmic informational architecture that’s available with the Internet, then you can design your lifestyle the way that you want. When you have a better understanding of some of the ways that it works. And it’s not just the Internet but everything seems to be tied to it in some way, shape or form. So we’re talking about lifestyle design. And I learned about this as I started to become self employed and I went to the lessons of, okay, well what’s it would, my greatest prayer was, hey, I want to be able to find a way to work at home and I don’t want to go to go work at some other office and I want to just all I cared, it didn’t really care what I was going to do. So more and more I developed several businesses and then over time my time got sucked into these businesses. And so the next thing you know, I’m working 19 hours a day, which gave me five hours to sleep, but I didn’t have enough time. I knew that if I slept longer than five or six hours and there wasn’t going to be enough time for me to do all the work that I had to do for all my businesses. So I would set my alarm and wake up and I would go to bed at two and wake up at seven sometimes because sometimes you get to get all the work done for each of them by a certain period of time. So some days I would just not sleep, maybe catch a little nap here and there. And this went on for a very long period of time and it got worse and worse. And it affected my relationships. It affected my family. This was not the lifestyle that I had to dreamed of when I decided to be self employed. And the thing is, I was also suffering from, from something you can call wws, which is for working for work sake. Sometimes when you have things you end up working for work sake and you really look at it and you understand the principles of of work itself. In many ways the nine to five job doesn’t make sense. And let me give you some examples. First of all, there’s the 80 20 principle which we’ll talk about and the Parkinson principal, and we’ll talk about that a little bit more later, but the Parkinson principal is, is you will always do enough work in the period of time that you’re given to finish that job. So did you ever have that, that paper in college that you had to finish that was 20 pages and you did your best work the night before and you busted out 20 pages when you had no when you had that deadline. That’s how most of us work of most of us work and these smaller time periods. So if you give somebody 10 months, they’ll do 10 months to finish it. If you give somebody, hey, you need to finish this book in six months, they’ll finish the book in six months. So you can use this concept and you can understand it. And what ends up happening is you can change the way that you work, but the biggest discovery was the 80 20 principle and understanding when you do a really tough breakdown of your life, usually about 20% of it is most effective. And then in about 80% of it isn’t. And if you can eliminate that 80% that is wasting your time and your energy and your emotion, you can give yourself more time in your life. You know, it was almost this magic spell, but I remember it was like in a deep meditation. It was just a very fervent favor because I had tried to imagine it and visualize it and look into it and I just wanted to have more time. What can I do to have more time? Because we all want to be wealthy with money, but more and more time is more valuable than money. Time is everything. And imagine giving yourself more time. Lifestyle design was first talked about by Tim Ferriss in the four hour work week. A terrific book that you absolutely have to read and he’s the ultimate trend surfer, but taking our understandings, we have explored in this podcast about parallel realities and the ways in which our attention and thought can pull us literally into entirely different timelines and realities. You need to take this to an entirely different level and design your life. Like that old phrase, the juice is worth the squeeze. It’s mind boggling to see how much I have learned since I’ve started my journey to design my life. And all I can say is you got to start somewhere, do something, act, take a risk, stop talking, and just start doing something. That’s the first step. Don’t be forced into a situation where you have a month and you have a month to pay your bills and you have no other choice but to start a business in a month. Don’t do that. Start now. You know when I considered at that point going back to my office job, the fear which surface and I would, I would lose my breath and get sick to my stomach. I had worked in the mortgage business and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t. I wanted to go. I didn’t want to go to a job that I didn’t enjoy. Honestly, my friends were the only reason I kept dragging myself to work every day, but I was comfortable there and that is what everyone needs to look for. Yeah. As they say, comfortable is not a good thing. It’s a trap. Yeah. My particular problem was that I didn’t know what to do about it. I knew I wanted my own business. I had seen my father start his own business and I had seen the people I looked up to in my life had started their own businesses, but I had absolutely no clue where to start. That’s going to be the focus of the laptop revolution podcast. I have a lot of people that I coach and what ends up happening is we figured out we need to help with their business. And to me it’s really a completely separate thing, but there is a journey that you can go on to start a business. And I love helping people start businesses. I don’t have particular business that I want you to do. This is not a pyramid scheme or anything like that. I just find great joy when somebody, I’ve done it several times when I, when I can help somebody start a business where they can work from home and they can choose their own hours and be their own boss in a comfortable business that they like. It’s something that makes me happy and it’s something that I would love to be able to do for you. And if give that podcast a check, I mean, hopefully it’s something that I can help you with, but if it doesn’t have to just be about being self employed, we have to take this to another level. But I’m just giving you my story in, in how it happened. Uh, you know, even though I had a master’s degree to bachelors degrees, obviously useless, I knew nothing about creating an actual business and I had to find a work around that would work for me. And then in the market crashed and half the mortgage companies just went out of business and I had no idea what I was going to do. What I didn’t know at the time was what I was choosing. My lifestyle would change everything. Finding something that I actually love doing. I knew I wanted to stretch my creative powers and figure some way to work at home and I felt my, my life experiences might help someone. So the first thing you do is you start investigating how to start your business. And if it’s, if you’re designing a particular part of your life, find the information, it’s out there. Activate your reticular activating system and seek out what you want in informational. Come to you, talk to Uber drivers, Google look and talk to the better business bureau. Watch youtube videos, you’ll find a theme. A lot of the themes that I found in my particular case was the internet. Using the Internet to make money in some way, shape or form. People were taking passions, products, and talents to the internet and turning them into incredible careers. Youtube channels. So many incredible people that I’ve met that have started businesses and had incredible careers utilizing the Internet. Once again, you don’t have to use the internet. Um, but I’m giving this as an example and you can use the lessons that I learned. So all I knew is that when I would go to apply for a job, it would say go to this website and I wanted to know more about a product. They would say go to this website. And then when I wanted to go to do a search for a store or a product, who would go to Amazon or Ebay in this digital economy, there’s so many options to choose from. Needless to say, most people don’t even know it’s a thing and then much less capitalize on it. They go to their nine to five job where they do as much work as they have to do and that’s it. And it becomes crippling because you’re in this and you have no other choice from what you do from Monday to Friday and your freedom is not there when it’d be wonderful to be free to do what you want, when you want. You don’t need a formal degree or certification to be self employed and you don’t need capital or money to start a business and that’s what people don’t understand. If there’s a particular thing that you’re pursuing, if you want to be a doctor, then what I’m saying is focus on the 20% of the things that work for you and we’ll give some different techniques that we can use for that. But I’m saying if you really want to find your purpose and you don’t know what your career mode or what it is you want to do, try to find a way where you can work at home to make money. If you can your start a business and you can start a business, you can do it. Don’t get me wrong, it can take some effort and willingness to push past roadblocks. But as I have witnessed from several mentors and from several students, the juice is worth the squeeze. How, let me ask you a question and I want you to ask yourself this. How will your priorities and decisions change if you could never retire? No, seriously asked this question. What if it turns out you can never retire? The only way that you can continue your lifestyle in any way to even survive is that you have to have money coming in. These questions are no longer hypothetical. Millions of people have seen their savings portfolios fall 40% or more in value. I’ve seen it happen and while it may be up now, it could go down at any time. They always do. So can you redistribute retirement throughout life to make it more affordable? Can can people relocate a few months, a year to places like Costa Rica or Thailand to multiply the lifestyle output of their decreased savings where you can live like a king for $10 a day? Can you sell your service to companies in, for instance, in the UK, which earns a stronger currency and then you end and up through the arbitrage of the foreign currency itself give you more money. The answer to all these is that you can do these things. The concept of lifestyle design as a replacement for multistage career planning is a sound idea and it’s as, as Tim Ferriss talks about, it’s more flexible. It allows you to test different lifestyles without committing to 10 or 20 year retirement plans that can fail due to market fluctuations outside of your control or if they tell you that there were not going to give you the pension anymore. Even though we promised it for the last 30 years, people are open to exploring alternatives and more forgiving of others who do the same as many of the other options. The ones safe options have failed when everything and everyone is feeling. What is the cost of a little experimentation outside of the norm? Most often? Nothing. You don’t have to quitter. You don’t have to quit or hate your job. You don’t have to be a risk taker. You don’t have to be 20 years old and you don’t have to travel if you don’t want to, but it can give you more time to design your lifestyle. When you design a way where you have more time, it’s just one option. The objective is to create freedom of time and place and use both however you want. Do you need to be rich or win the lottery to live the life that you want it? Then the answer is no. You don’t need to have $1 million to live a millionaire lifestyle. I can tell you my parents probably never made more than 80,000 per year combined and I’m no Warren Buffet and you don’t need to be either. Do we need to go to Harvard or Yale? No. Most of my role models didn’t go to the Harvards of the, of the world and there some dropouts. Top academic institutions are wonderful places and I went to college for for seven years and loved it, but there’s definitely benefits to not going to an ivy league school and I meet people that say, I didn’t go to that school. I can’t have this life. It’s just not true. And the sad thing is graduates from these schools are funneled into 80 hour per week. Jobs that suck your soul out in 30 or 40 years. And little did they know that that wonderful degree that they got it at the Ivy League, pulled them into a Zombie job or they weren’t given the time and the freedom to find their purpose in life. Lifestyle designers are those who abandoned the deferred life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the new rich of the lifestyle designer, time and mobility. This is an art and a science. That’s what lifestyle design is. Finding a way to maximize your time and mobility because I believe this is something that will help you give you a greater choice in the reality that you want. You know a lot of the literature about law of attraction and Trent Reality, Tran Surfing and consciousness research, it kind of gets separated from business and it is important because it’s defining who you are. And so that’s why I’m trying to bring this just on this episode, we can talk about this further if you want to listen to the other one, but there is a recipe. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. It really doesn’t. Most people, myself included, have spent too much time convincing themselves that life has to be hard. It is one of my favorite things. I try to tell myself like, this has gotta be tough. This has gotta be difficult. There’s that part of me, that voice that I hear that is resigned to the nine to five that no matter what happens, eventually I’m going to have to go back to it. At least you’ll have those relaxing Saturdays and Sundays, maybe the occasional extra Dane just to get through that extra month. The truth, at least the truth I live and we’ll share in this podcast is quite different from leveraging currency differences to outsourcing your life and disappearing and hopefully I’ll be able to show you how a small underground uses economic sleight of hand to do what most considered impossible, where the dream is to escape the rat race, real life fantasy travel, longterm wandering, shadow setting, world records, or simply dramatic career change. You can do it. I believe all of the tools are available now for all of us. If we look into some of these concepts to make it reality in the here and now, instead of making it a reality in retirement, there is a way to get the rewards for a life of hard work without waiting until the end and without all the hard work. How will it begins with a simple distinction that most people miss? One that I missed so many years ago when I started to work at different companies. When I started to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and this is the truth that I will tell you this concept, once you understand it will allow you to manifest more than you realize. I meet a lot of people and they want to manifest money and they usually have a specific dollar amount that they try to manifest. They’ve want to find a cre reality or something, or they want a million dollars or billion dollars. Thing is your heart doesn’t know what that is and your heart is part of this process. In reality, people don’t want to be millionaires. They want to experience what they believe. Only millionaires can buy luxurious Hawaiian resorts, Butler’s exotic travel. Enter your mind when you think about these things, sitting out in your private pool in a Hammock, listening to the waves, rhythmically lapping against the deck of the Beach House that you live in, right? You can have that. You don’t need to be a millionaire. You can have that and that’s the realization. You can have all the things you think you can’t have. You can’t have those things. $10 million in the bank isn’t not is not the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom that it allows. The question is how can we achieve the millionaire lifestyle? How can we manifest this lifestyle of complete freedom without first having $1 million? It’s a way for you to manifest your life without having the money to manifest it. You meet a lot of people and everyone seems to want it. How to build that large successful company, then sell out the company and live the good life and fair enough. That’s, that’s definitely something that has worked and if anybody can look into that, that’s great. The question no one really seems to be asking is why do it all in the first place? What is the pot of gold that justify spending the best years of your life hoping for happiness in the last years of your life? I watched my father an incredible man, work very hard for his entire life for 45 years. Yeah. And then once he stopped working, he didn’t know what to do. And it was his time of retirement. He could spend his retirement. But I just sometimes saddened when I look at my dad’s life and he loved to go fishing and love to do things that he really could’ve, would’ve done more of. But he had that job that he had to do. And it’s the reality of this situation of the economy that we, he was in. I’m saying that is now becoming possible with the Internet and with other ways that business is evolving and growing that we can, we can change this and we look at what’s going coming in the horizon. We see artificial intelligence taking over many different jobs out there. You see automation taking over factories. You see politicians talking about giving $1,000 a month because of this massive change that we are experiencing in our economy. But there’s one thing that they will never be able to take away from you. And that’s your creativity. And that’s your mindset. If you can own your own business, they cannot take it away from you. And it might change. And it might evolve and you will learn lessons and you might fail at one, but I’m going to try to give some reasonable ways to look at it. You don’t need to just start one business and don’t just start one business. Start maybe have a couple of different ideas that you want and you don’t need to be creative and an invent something. You can usually see what’s already making money and remember, look at the infrastructure behind whatever it is that’s making money. For instance, during the gold rush, remember the people that sold the pickaxes are the ones that made the money. Usually there’s an infrastructure that starts to evolve around some particular market, so if you see, for instance, a different, like bitcoin becomes popular, there’s an infrastructure behind bitcoin. Find out about that. If you look at food delivery services, you don’t need to create your own food delivery service. The actual delivery service itself, they need vans and delivery. You can find a way to become a part of that business. There’s so many ways that you can find businesses. There’s so many different things that you can do and you don’t need to invest a lot of money. My highest performing business, I invested $0 million in to start. I’m just telling you that, that I talk to people all the time and they will simply not even try. They will not even think with their minds that they can start a business because in their minds they’ve already told themselves that they can, that it’s too much money. It’s too complicated. That’s not what they were meant to do. If you want to design your lifestyle, it’s going to be a lot easier to do it with freedom. That freedom is something that you can get by exploring this and why are a while other spiritual gurus and teachers and in consciousness explorers can talk about wealth and prosperity mindsets and abundance. How do we get that abundance? What are the things that we need to do to do that, into that abundance? Well, the number one thing is to bring in as much information as possible and also don’t lock yourself into one particular timeline. If you want to have the freedom to travel the world and explore different various timelines, be able to trans surf into different timelines, you need the freedom to do that by creating businesses that are passive as the dominant. Vadim Zealand says, find the easiest path on your wave of fortune and this is a path that is easy and needs to be explored to its fullest. I’m going to assume that the majority of people out there listening to this podcast have suffered from time famine, that creeping dread or something even worse, a tolerable and comfortable existence doing something they’re unfulfilled by the last is the most common and most insidious. I have seen it in my family. I’ve seen it and with my friends, I have seen it throughout my life. It’s not about saving. You don’t need to eliminate all of your red wine if that’s what you want to do. We’re not saving millions of year of millions of dollars 50 years from now. Drink the glass of wine if that’s what you want to do. You can have both now enjoyment today and you can have the joy of it. The goal is fun and profit. This is not about going out and finding your dream job. Most people somewhere between what is there on the earth, like 7 billion of us, the perfect job is the, is the one that takes the least of time. Why does our lives have to be defined around that? Imagine what would you do if you had all the money that you wanted? What would you do then and if you had all your money, what? How would you design your lifestyle? What would you eat for breakfast? When would you eat at? How would you eat it? What would you do during the day? Create the lifestyle, the daily lifestyle that you want. The vast majority of people will never find a job that can be, that can be an unending source of fulfillment and it would be ridiculous to say, Oh, it’s your purpose is all about finding that job that gives you your fulfillment. That is not the goal. To free time and automate the income will allow you to find something else. You know, there’s a very good story in the book prosperity Mindset where the teacher is talking to somebody that, uh, decides to finally pay off everything they had in their business and they had enough to go home. And so they paid off all of their debts and went home and decided that they could retire in that moment. And once they had been retired, they had no obligations of anything they had to do. They had the ability to pay off all their, all of their debts, but they continued working because that’s what they had been used to. So when they finally decided, okay, I’m going to pay all these debts off and just see what it’s like if I don’t have to work in that period of time in that month where they didn’t have to work, they finally a true meaning they found legal issues that they wanted to, he was a lawyer at a law firm and they found legal issues that, that, that really, that he felt he cared about. And so one thing that happens once you get this free time from your income being automated, you will find more time to find your meaning and purpose to and you will be able to better create your reality. Eliminate those things that take the most time, but produced the least. That’s the thing. 80% of the stuff that you have with your job or business right now, even whatever it is, is useless, and many times we’re in corporate jobs. They make us do these things. 20% are the key things that are defining it. It’s almost a universal truth. It can be founded on on many layers, on many levels, even in nature. You want to be able to find some way of putting cash flow on autopilot using geographic arbitrage or outsourcing. Those are the things that you can do. You can find virtual assistants in the Philippines and in India. The ones that I have are my best employees. They can help you do all kinds of things, but you have to find a way to overcome the wws working for work sake and do the minimum necessary for maximum effect, distribute recovery periods and find mini retirements and adventures throughout life. Do all the things that you want to do and be all the things you want to be. It’s not about the tools and gadgets and things that you’re accumulating. If it includes that, that’s fine. That’s not a means to an end or bonuses. That’s not the focus. The thing you get is not the focus. It is the experience to be neither the boss nor the employee, but the owner to own the trains and have someone else ensure they run on time to make a ton of money with specific reasons and defined dreams to chase timelines and steps included. What are the things that you’re working for? Imagine a little bit more quality to find more quality and less clutter to have huge financial reserves, but recognize that most material wants or justification for spending time on the things that don’t really matter, including buying things and preparing to buy things. You spend two weeks negotiating your new Infiniti with the dealership and then you just get $10,000 off. Well, that’s great. Does your life have a purpose? As Tim Ferriss says, are you contributing anything useful to this world? Are just shuffling papers, banging on a keyboard and coming home to a drunk existence on the weekends? Think big, but to think big, we have to find a way to make the money to do it. Ensure that payday comes every day. Cash flow first, big payday, second, freedom from doing that which you dislike. Lifestyle designers to have freedom from doing that which you dislike, but also the freedom to raise, resolve to pursue your dreams without reverting back to work for work sake. After years of repetitive work, you will often need to dig hard to find your passions and you probably out there, you’ve done so much of the same thing. It’s hard to even think about having a passion. You’ve let it go. There’s a part of you that says, I don’t need to do that. I’m past that age. I don’t need to worry about, I don’t need to have a dream anymore. That’s not true. Redefine your dreams. Revive your hobbies that you let atrophy that you gave up on the things that make, give you joy. Eliminate the bad, but remember when you do that, you leave a vacuum. Pursue and experience the best in the world. There’s always the blind quest quest for cash and we feel it. It’s pushing us. It defines everything. It is the most important thing. There’s this sense that you’ve got to do everything you can. There’s this pressure and it defines a lot of people’s meditations, but the secret that I rarely tell is that a lot of people don’t know is that it costs less than rent in the US. If you can free your time and location, your money automatically were three times as much. There’s nothing to do with currency rates. Being financially rich and having the ability to live like a millionaire or fundamentally two very different things. You can live in another country with the money that you have and you can live like a millionaire. Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life and the W’s are what you do when you do, where you do it and with whom you do it and say it as a mantra. I’m so happy and grateful that I’m free to do what I want, when I want, where I want and how I want. Say that over and over. Imagine that feeling of being able to do what you want when you want, where you want and how you want with whom you want. Make that your criteria. So using this criterion, imagine somebody that can, that has those and compare that to somebody that works 80 hours a week at an info like an investment banker. The person that only that only makes $20,000 a month is still Richard is he, if he’s able to do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants and how he wants. The ability to choose is a real power. And I’d really love to find a way to create and see those options with the least effort and cost. And it’s paradoxical but you can make more money a lot more. And I, and there’s examples, I’m not just talking about one person in particular. There is literally hundreds of thousands of people right now that are sitting at home that have figured out this particular trick of designing their lifestyle, finding forms of income and which the gives them the freedom that they want. That is the real power. And, and I would love to share my stories and to hear your stories, to create a forum where people can talk about ways to achieve this freedom cause we want to manifest this. How are we going to manifest this for all of us? I believe we can all have this. Who are the lifestyle designers, the employees who are rearrange his schedule. And negotiates a remote work agreement to achieve 90% of the results in one 10th of the time. They’re stories of all kinds of people that have negotiated with their boss to get a remote working agreement. They figured out a way to do the job that they have to do and it minimal amount of time. And that’s an example where you don’t have to quit your nine to five job. And I recommend reading the four hour work with their specific scripts that you can talk to your boss, ways of going about it, ways of bringing up working at home. And it’s powerful and it works. You’re a writer and you want to work at home, but you have a day job. There’s ways if you can find a way to talk to your boss, you can get and work in a remote environment. So the business owner is the lifestyle designer who eliminates the least profitable customers and projects and outsources in operations entirely and travels the world. So the business owner that has two clients that are making him 10,000 and the rest of them are making him 50,000 and he eliminates the two that are, that have the 10,000 because they complain all the time and they bitch and Moan and they take hours and hours of his time. You can eliminate customers and things in your work environment that are taking away your time without guilt. By doing so, it can free up more time for you to make more money doing other things. Imagine being able to establish an online video rental service that delivers $5,000 per month in income. For our small niche of Blueray Aficionados, you could do that two hours a week. You need to learn the noon, that lexicon recalibrate direction using a compass for an unusual world. For inverting responsibility to jettison the entire concept of success, we need to change the rules. Number one, retirement is a worst case scenario. Insurance treat it like that. Retirement planning is like life insurance. It should be viewed as nothing more than a hedge against the absolute worst case scenario. Becoming physically incapable of working in needing a reservoir of capitol survive retirement as a goal or final redemption is flawed. It’s Pr. It’s predicated on the assumption that you dislike what you’re doing during the physical, most physically capable of years of your life. It’s just not true. Nothing can justify that sacrifice. Most people will never be able to retire and maintain even a hot dog for dinner. Standard of living right now, even 1 million is chump change. In a world where traditional retirement could spend 30 years and inflation lowers your purchasing power two to 4% each year, the math doesn’t work. The golden years become lower middleclass life revisited. That’s a bittersweet ending. If the math does work, it means that your two, that you are one ambitious, hardworking machine, and if that’s the case, guess what? One weekend to retirement, you will not know what to do with yourself. You probably going to look for another job and that defeats all that time that you spent building up your retirement accounts, Max out your 401ks in Iras for PR, for tax purposes, but don’t make the mistake of retirement for your goal. Interest and energy are cyclical. So if I’ve offered you $10 billion to work 24 hours a day for 15 years and then retire, would you do it? Well, you probably would be dead. Of course you wouldn’t. You couldn’t do it 24 hours a day for 15 years. It is unsustainable. You simply couldn’t do it just is what most define as a career. Doing the same thing for eight plus hours per day until you break down or have enough cash to permanently stop. That’s the world that we’re living in. Let’s create a new reality now acknowledging that we have the ability to create our reality. Then let’s change this and let’s find a greater freedom and abundance in the world by taking and controlling and designing our lifestyle. I see my friends looking like Wilbur Brimley and Barbara Walters. It’s horrendous. Premature aging, triple bypasses, frappuccinos and possible workloads. I know because I was there at the point that I realized I needed design my life and I had started my business and I’ve, wow, I got this business that’s working, but guess what happened? I was working, like I said, 19 hours a day and I broke down, didn’t know what to do and when you start to realize there are people out there that can help you with your business, that is a big, big learning lesson in a lot of businesses. Don’t assume that you have to do all the work. There’s always a way for you to find people that can work for you, that can help you. As I’ve met people that have started businesses that are very afraid to bring on other people to work for them, and I’m telling you it’s worth it. Give it a shot. Give it a try. Don’t be afraid to have a mini retirement here in there. It’ll help you and give you enjoyment for the that you need by working only when you are. Most effective. Life is both more productive and more enjoyable. It’s the perfect example of having your cake and eating it to aim for one month overseas or relocation or high intensity learning, learning of something like getting your black belt in particular projects less is not laziness. Doing less meaningless work so that you can focus on things of greater personal importance is not laziness. This is a hard for a lot of really high achievers to accept because our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity. Few people choose to measure the results of their actions and thus measure their contributions in time. More time equals more self worth and more reinforcement from the above and around them. So be a lifestyle designer. Despite few our office hours in the office produced more meaningful results in the next dozen non-life Diet. Lifestyle designers combined. Let’s define laziness differently. Okay. To endure a non ideal existence to let circumstance or others decide life for you or to a massive fortune while passing through life like a spectator from an office window. The size of your bank account doesn’t change this, nor does the number of hours you log in. Handling unimportant emails or minutia that is unimportant. Focus on being productive instead of busy. The timing is never right. It’s never going to be right for you. The universe will move however you want. But if you’re sitting in waiting for that time to be right for you, you’re gonna. It’s never gonna be perfect that the universe and reality doesn’t, is not conspiring against you, but it’s not going to go out of its way to line up all the pins, either follow the sectors of the alternative space, get access to it, and your heart will tell you the right ways to go. Someday is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Okay? And it’s also good to ask for forgiveness, not permission if it isn’t going to devastate those around you. Try it. If you miss a day at work for something else, ask for forgiveness, not permission. People, whether their parents, partners or bosses deny things on an emotional basis that they can learn to accept after the fact, if the potential damage is moderate or in any way reversible. Don’t give people the chance to say no. Most people are fast to stop you before you get started, but hesitant to get in the way of you are moving in, get good at being a troublemaker. And saying, sorry when you’re really screw up. And I’m saying that for people that are not willing to go after their dreams or do things that they truly love, emphasize your strengths. Don’t fix your weaknesses. Most people are good at handling handful things and utterly miserable at most. The choices between multiplication of results using strengths are incremental improvement, fixing weeks, weaknesses that will at best becoming Yorker, focus on better use of your best weapons instead of constant repair. Things in excess become their opposite. It is possible to have too much of a good thing in access. Most endeavors and possessions take on the characteristics of the opposite. Thus pacifists become militant. Freedom fighters become tyrants. Blessings become curses. Help becomes hindrance more becomes less for too much, too many, and too often of what you want becomes what you don’t want. This is true of all your possessions and even time, and it’ll probably be easier to design your lifestyle if you’d have the ability to move and decide what you want to do with your life than to have a bunch of stuff so you don’t need to create an excess of it. You don’t need to create an excess of stuff. The positive use of free time doing what you want as opposed to what you feel obligated to do is the key. Money alone is not the solution. There’s much to be said for the power of money. It is. It does make life better. It is not a bad thing. It is a wonderful thing. If I only had money is the easiest way to postpone the most intense self examination and decision making necessary to create a life of enjoyment. That is what I hear when I talk to somebody with some truly powerful gifts and they say, I, if only I had money, then I could go do that thing. It’s not true. Stop saying that. By using money as the scapegoat and work as are all consuming routine, we are able to conveniently disallow the ourselves, the time to do otherwise stop using money as your excuse. Relative income is more important than absolute income. That’s the, that’s the key in understanding how to treat money. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar. The new rich don’t think so. Fifth grade math problem to hardworking people are headed toward each other. The first one is moving at 80 hours per week and the and the second one is moving at 10 hours per week. They both make $50,000 a year who will be wealthier and richer when they passed the middle of the night. It would be be, it would be the second person, and this is absolute and relative income. Your income is relative to the time you’re putting into it, so understand it’s not too late for you to design your lifestyle, to think about these things, to put this into your meditations, to do or not to do, to try or not to try. Most people will vote no whether they consider themselves braver, not uncertainty, and the prospect of failure can be very scary. Noises in the shadows. Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty and I did the same thing for years. I set goals and made resolutions to change direction and nothing came of it because I was afraid. How is this an insecure and scared as the rest of the world? The simple solution came accidentally when I sold that item and I couldn’t find it and then I could replicate the similar process and I could find items to sell that I didn’t have that somebody else could ship for me. That was the first of mind than it was helping people to advertise, to advertise on Facebook than it was to help people create websites and market. There’s always something that you can do and then you can maximize this course. There were times when I was in the mortgage business when I was making thirty thousand forty thousand a month and I wasn’t happy. I was completely miserable, worse than ever, I had no time. I was working in the office for 18 hours working myself to death. What was wrong with me? I had all this money. The truth was nothing was wrong with me. I just had reached my limit. I’d reached the limit of my business model at the time. It wasn’t the driver, it was the vehicle, critical mistakes and that was what happened. It became frustrating later on when I was able to get my own business and I did enjoy it but didn’t enjoy the amount of time that I put onto it. And then I had was working 19 hours a day and the problem was I couldn’t sell the business that I had created. I S I couldn’t sell it, so I had to continue doing it, but I was stuck working the 19 hours. What was I going to do? I couldn’t just abandon it, but to find ways to take the most effective, the things that were taking most of your time and minimize that was truly powerful and free. How do I free myself from this Frankenstein while making it self sustaining? How do I pride myself from the tentacles of workaholism and the fear that it would fall to pieces without my long 19 hour days? How can I escape this prison that I had made for myself? How do I f it felt prudent for me to find a way out and I couldn’t. So I just just was in shame and anger and embarrassment and I tried to numb myself from it. One day, my bliss of how bad my future suffering would be. Don’t be happy. Be Worry. Why don’t I decide exactly what my night or it would be? And so I sat down in this time and I said, what would be the worst case scenario? My business would fail. What would be the worst case scenario? And I’m asking you what would be your worst case scenario? Guess what? It’s not going to be as bad as you think you can overcome it. You can take chances. And a lot of times we’re so afraid of the worst case scenario. Analyze what, what other options that you might have. Oftentimes your worst case scenario never happens. And I’ll, and oftentimes what you think is your risk in a case scenario isn’t so bad. You’ve got to conquer your fear. You’ve got to define the fear and find a way to overcome it so that it won’t stop you. So I’m just telling you that you can do this, that you have the ability to do this. I’m going to give you an, uh, a great exercise and that is to dream line, to set some goals that are unrealistic and focused on activities that can fill the vacuum. What would you do if there were no way that you could fail? If you are 10 times smarter than the rest of the world, create two different timelines, six months and 12 and list up to five things you dream of having, including but not limited to, material wants, house, car, clothing, et cetera. Being being, uh, uh, a great writer or fluent in Japanese and doing so visiting Hawaii or visiting Thailand are going to Norway or swimming with the dolphins. So three things, six months and 12 months to timelines, five things you dream of having, doing and being. Now that can be difficult. Most people have trouble coming up with defined dreams. They’re being held from that they can’t have, they don’t like to think in those terms. This is particularly true with the doing category. In that case, what would you do day to day? If you had 100 million in the bank? Ask yourself that. What would you make you most excited to wake up in the morning to another day? Think about it. Fill in the five doing spots with the font, with one place to visit. One thing to do before you die. One thing to do daily, one thing to weekly, one thing you always wanted to learn. A lot of people have a hard time filling these out. What is being entail? Converted being into a doing to making actionable identity. Find action that would characterize the state of being or a task that would mean you had achieved it. People find it easier to brainstorm or being first, but this column is just temporary holding spot for doing actions. What are your, what are the four dreams that would change at all using the six month timeline, star or otherwise? Highlight them for most exciting and or important dreams from all the columns. Repeat the process with the 12 month timeline and then five, determine the costs of these dreams and calculate your targeted monthly income for both timelines. If financial, what is the cost per month for each of the four dreams? Rent, mortgage, payment plan installments. Do not cower behind these numbers. Just put the numbers down. If you feel any kind of fear or ridiculous around the numbers, take that away. Make an intention that you take that away. Start thinking of income and expense in terms of monthly cash flow, dollars in and dollars out instead of grand totals. It makes it a little easier. Nothing’s often cost, much less than expected. For instance, a Lamborghini Gallardo spider can be purchased at $2,897 a month. If you want to spend that much a month, then you can be driving around in one. So I looked up a Porsche that I always loved with a thousand miles on it and then I could find it for 136,000 or $2,003 per month. If my, my payment would be, you can find a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Tokyo, to Singapore, to Bangkok, to Delhi, to London, to Frankfurt, all for $1,300 the things that are available that you can purchase are sometimes a lot less than you think. Then total each of the columns a, B, and c counting only the forest selected dreams. Some of these column totals would be zero, which is fine. Next, add your total monthly expenses at multiply it times 1.3 to give yourself a buffer of 30% for safety or savings. The grand total is your total monthly income and the target is to keep in mind for the rest of your time in defining your lifestyle. It’s a process that I learned in the four hour work week and it works. Define your daily income, your monthly income. What is it can take the monthly income and break it down daily. Even break it down hourly. Break it down by the minute and the shorter you make it. Then you can start to find things that can allow you to do the things that you want to do. Give yourself the mobility that you need. Overcome your fears. Define your nightmare. The worst thing that can happen, what? Figure out what those things are. When you go through this process, you’ll become aware they’re not as bad as you think. What steps would you take to repair the damage? Chances are things that you could do or easier than you can imagine. What are the outcomes or benefits, both temporary and permanent of more profitable scenarios? Once you overcome your nightmare, all of your other possibilities start to open up to me, up to you, and help you to define your lifestyle, to create it in the way that you want to. If you were fired from your job today, what would you do to get things under financial control? Imagine this scenario and run through some of the stuff we’ve talked about. In many cases, it would probably be a lot better than you think. I’m telling you since the late nineties or revolution has taken place in the way people do business, thanks to the Internet, new web technologies such as email, search engines, affiliate programs, voiceover protocols, online auctions, video streaming, webinars, social media. You can now do business all over the world without ever leaving your house. Millions of people are now making fulltime living, working from home. If somebody created $1 billion infrastructure that you could leverage for free to connect with 1 billion people around the world when she want to take the advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, there is a revolution gathering and it’s not just the reality revolution. It’s the revolution of entrepreneurs worldwide. $1 trillion are being spent online. One in every four advertising dollars. Now being spent is online. Most people spend 40 minutes a day on social media, and yet most people are completely unaware of the incredible opportunities this is created for them. And in this podcast and this related blog, you’ll definitely find some success stories of people that had been able to work this out in their lives. You can probably find it on the laptop revolution podcast and we’re not going to discuss it as much on this podcast, but my intention is to inspire you with this podcast, to take advantage of these opportunities to define your life, to find passive income opportunities, to find ways to make money so that you can live the lifestyle that you want to think about and plan your entire day, entire month, entire year, to truly manifest all of the things that you want in your life. And that is why I do believe if you can find a way to find income in other ways, if you’re not happy with your job, if you’re happy with your job, there’s lots of things that you can use, the principles that we’ve talked about on this podcast, but for that are looking for their purpose, self-employment can do it, and finding ways to do that are powerful. I just wanted to thank you for spending this time with me about lifestyle design. I could talk about this forever and I will be on the other podcast, but you can find your purpose and you can find a way of living the life that you want and you can manifest it a lot easier than you realize. A lot of times we’re creating very complicated manifestations that we want to envision. We have goals that are too complicated and we don’t realize that we can have a lot of the things that we want right now, and you can do that. So thank you for spending this time examining the ways that we can find a way to design our lifestyles. If you’d like more of the website, you can find all of the information about all of our podcasts with all transcripts if you need coaching, go to advanced success if you need to reach me, you can email it’s a real pleasure to have this chance to talk with you and I hope that you are designing the perfect lifestyle for yourself. Thank you for joining the reality revolution.

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