Letting The Money Flow || EP 1203

As you grow and become sensitive to more and more aspects of creating abundance, you will recognize that money flows in and out, like ocean waves. You will experience times when the tide is in and times when the tide is out. Your universe is made of energy, and energy moves in waves and cycles. There will be times when your magnetism has a larger result and times when it has a smaller result. Some months you will receive more money than usual, and some months you will have more bills than normal. Some weeks your business may be booming, and other weeks you may have very few customers. There is a natural rhythm to money, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in your life. Every business has an ebb and flow. Every person has cycles in life, times when money is coming in more than it is going out and times when it is going out more than it is coming in. Your challenge is to not go up and down emotionally with the natural ebb and flow of money in your life; use these natural cycles in a way that further builds your prosperity. So lets affirm and discuss the flow of prosperity

Money flows in my life. I am prosperous in my life.

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