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DESIRE brings all things into being. Therefore, let your first desire be that you bring your ideal mate to you. Then do that which will attract him or her to you. The great secret of how to attract romance is to do only that which makes you loved. And what is doing only that which makes you loved? The answer is very simple—live love. Living love means putting others first. This will develop what some people describe as “empathy” which is an intuitive understanding of others’ moods. However this characteristic is described, it is a combination of many things which comes from putting the feelings and desires of others first.

Scientifically the reaction always equals the action; therefore, in first considering the other person, you are kindling his desire to regive to you that which YOU desire. Everyone is seeking that certain someone with whom he can feel happy and contented. Contentment seems to express a deeper feeling than happiness. When we feel that we can be ourselves with someone, we feel comfortable and contented with him. Tensions do not build up between two people who have found the key to contentment. Consideration for each other is the key to romance and it is the natural expression of love.

There is an irresistible quality about a man or woman who puts love into every action. It is the little things about a person that attract you to him. And it is the little mannerisms that irritate and often break up a budding romance. Humans are so geared that they take the big things in their stride but the little things can wreck an otherwise wonderful relationship. No one can resist a truly loving person, and when one understands the art of living he has learned that loving everything he does not only brings joy to his own heart but he becomes as a magnet that draws others to him.

If we approach a chore with a happy attitude, we do it well, quietly, quickly, and smoothly. We feel good inside. If, on the other hand, we approach it whiningly, we do it badly, and slowly, and feel irritated inside, because we are really cross with ourselves for so acting. When we learn that only we suffer for our bad tempers and basic laziness, we learn to put love into all of our actions whether the task is a small or large one. Our character traits are of the utmost importance for they shape not only what our face and body look like but they also shape our destiny. We are what we think, do, and say. Therefore, to attract romance we must look, act, and express romance. We must be romance. This being so, let us first consider our faces, which is what first attracts us to each other.

Russell, Lao. Love: A Scientific and Living Philosophy of Love and Sex .

Lao Russell the amazing author who was also married to Walter Russell wrote many books and I was excited to share her work.


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