Jose Silva & Robert B Stone What We Know About The Mind And Creating A Genius || EP 554

When Nicholas Tesla began to experiment with newly discovered electricity, his lighting up a room was viewed as astounding and unbelievable. Nobody suspected it would lead to the lighting of cities, or the advent or radio, television, and computers.  

Recent discoveries about the human mind are in the same relative stage now. We have learned how to control our brain waves and how to activate more of our mind. The mind can be trained to be in conscious control of the body. With this control, you and I who have been using our mind to make us sick, can now use our mind to make ourselves well.  

By training ourselves to control our mind, we can activate more of its capacity. We can become better problem solvers. This additional mental capacity comes largely from the right hemisphere of the brain. This being in touch with creativity, it gives us access to a whole new stage of evolution for humankind.  

So, you see, we are now at the same stage in the development of our mind as Tesla was in those days when he used electricity to light up a room. Just as his primitive experiments led to the miracles of today’s mass media and global communications, which people never even imagined at that time, what we now know about the human mind can transform the world.

Dr. Robert B. Stone was a world-renowned author, teacher, and counselor. Dr. Stone was author or co-author of 87 published books, some with sales of over a million copies, as well as scores of magazine articles. His non-fiction books, ranging from new age to diet books, were published in 19 languages. Such titles as Martinis and Whipped Cream, You the Healer, Celestial 911, The Silva Method, Anatomy of a Teacher Strike, Jesus Has a Man in Waikiki, Hypno-Cybernetics, Parade of Homes, and Life Without Limits demonstrated his creativity and powerful communication skills on a wide diversity of subjects.

Dr. Stone was an internationally known lecturer on the human potential. He taught for many years at the University of Hawaii on activating the powers of the mind. A MENSA member and graduate of MIT, Dr. Stone was elected to the New York Academy of Science. A Silva Method lecturer for 20 years and Ambassador-at-Large, he introduced the Silva Method to five nations and was honored with many Silva awards. He counseled hundreds of individuals around the world in self-healing, human relations, and problem-solving. He served as a volunteer advisor with SCORE of the U.S. Small Business Administration, President of the Honolulu Lodge of the Theosophical Society, and member of the Good Samaritan Advisory Board. He started a public relations practice on Long Island, New York, serving Boards of Education, businesses, and non-profit organizations, and was Editor of the Huntington Times.

You can also learn more about Dr. Stone at  

The book I am reading from is Create A Genius.

You can get a copy of the book here

The Magic Of Psychotronic Power By Robert B Stone

Here is the kindle link to Life Without Limits, it has so much

You can also learn more about Dr. Stone at  


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