Interview with Tom Douce of Infinite Creations – Neville Goddard, Reality Transurfing, Law of Attraction || EP 120

This was a fascinating interview with Tom Douce of Infinite Creations

Tom has a great channel where he talks about Neville Goddard, the subconscious mind, law of attraction and Abraham.

We had a great interview and we talked about 11:11, the plait, finding your specific person, his visit to an Ashram in India, and Neville Goddard.

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Welcome to the reality revolution and I’m so excited today. I have Tom downs from infinite creations, a wonderful YouTube channel that you have to check out. Tom discusses everything from Neville Goddard to Abraham Hicks to reality. Trans surfing recently went on a wonderful trip to India and I reached out after several of his videos and after a little bit of time we were able to make a connection here and a, we can, we can talk about some of this stuff we have. We a are probably very much on the same level about some of the stuff that we talk about on both of our channels. So hello Tom, welcome to the reality revolution. Hey Brian, thank you for having me on the show. Well thank you for coming on. I appreciate it immensely. I’m a huge fan of your channel. There’s some for people that haven’t had access to Tom stuff. You’ve got to check it out. He has some really good meditations and you discuss some topics on how to change the subconscious mind and some intricacies about Neville garnered some. And one of the things I love about your channel is you, I don’t know how you do it, but you’re so chill. I mean you have, you’re so calm and relaxed, which is, you know, it, it, it, when I watch it I get very relaxed and it, it’s, it’s a interesting way of teaching. I’ve gotten a lot from some of your stuff. So what made you get into putting YouTube videos out, talking about stuff like reality creation and law of attraction? Well, that’s a good question, but firstly I have to say, I almost want to be interviewing you because I’ve never seen such an interesting channel and honestly like the, the video links, I’m fascinated by that and how you pack in just shot such amazing content for the thumbnails. I’m kind of a bit annoyed that I’m the subject but, or all with that today. But yeah, I just have to say, I like, we are viewers of Ryan channel. You’re in the right place. Yeah. Oh, well man, that I appreciate that immensely. That means a lot. If this is a lot of fun, I think for both of us, I think we’re exploring stuff that’s fun to explore. I can tell that you enjoy it as well. So yeah. Well I suppose that answers that actually sort of gets into segues into your question about what got me into this. Yeah. I’m posting videos on YouTube and everything. It’s kind of always was like, it goes actually back like a long time ago with just this general urge to express myself and they value be of service to others and something, you know, I think we all, even as teenagers can start to [inaudible] resonate with that idea of we want to have a certain impact. We want to have a passionate Korea, um, you know, to enjoy specific aspects of life that resonate with us and we’re starting to find ourselves. So I always knew that I wanted to put myself out there in some way. That was, I knew it was going to be outside my comfort zone at the time. Right. And YouTube, I guess over the last couple of years, it’s really just like skyrocketed. I don’t remember if it was little as five years ago, there wasn’t as much monetization or business on YouTube. And then all of a sudden it just explodes. And I kind of, um, I started the, another a more personal development practical channel, like a about a year ago. Had some videos there, but then, you know, sort of stopped that and then sort of transitioned into the second channel, which was more about manifestation and integrating more of my knowledge over that year between my first channel. So that’s how I got onto YouTube, right. With this specific channel. But yeah, it was always this urge to be of service to others and help. Hmm. That’s awesome. So obviously when you get into this and you have maybe had some experiences, uh, that you look back on that made you say, wow, I really want to look into this further. Maybe you had something manifest or miracle happened or some, some kind of synchronicity. A lot of times that’s what happens. Something miraculous had happened. Is there some story that goes along with your spiritual transformation? So again, my story, the interesting thing is it doesn’t really start in the spiritual realm at all. Right? I was, I’m like, I studied philosophy in university and it was very like very like Hoppa analytical mind was racing around. Maybe you can relate, right? But, um, yeah, so, uh, basically the thing that really got it for me was I was studying all these amazing philosophers thinking that I was, you know, the quite the intellectual, you know, quite getting quite a handle on life. And uh, turns out that I w it was actually, I was the most blind person of anyone I knew. Yeah. Average person could have been more aware than I was. And that was the truth going back there four years ago. And the thing that did, it was like getting into the basic personal development notion of do you realize that you’re actually like thinking thoughts on autopilot that you’re not aware of? And then it was like, what’s this? Uh, I was, I was, I wanted to study more Descartes and, and uh, nature and you know, give me, give me the real stuff. Then it was like, Oh, hang on, this is something to this, and I start dealing with it. And then I realized like, Oh wow, like there’s a, there’s a whole can of worms and everything here and there’s, there’s beliefs that like don’t support me. And it was kind of like this, it was like a mini awakening, but I still didn’t even know about spirituality. It was just more of this sense of Oh my goodness. Like I can empower myself. Yeah. And I’m, I’m vulnerable and I’m flawed, I’m better than no one. It was very humbling and it was just like this is understanding of like, Oh, we can reprogram our subconscious minds and we can change and, and upgraded our identity to just be more positive, empowering people and sort of let go of those like limiting neurotic aspects of that personality. So that that happened to me in about two weeks. This sort of like w from one video sort of getting hinting at what the self images and all of this kind of stuff to doing like a couple of journaling sessions looking within and then all of a sudden I was like, wow, this stuff is so powerful. And that’s what sparked my journey along. Yeah, personal development. Then ultimately leading more to spiritual domain territory and then into manifestation in this channel. One of the, the main a topics that you’d like to discuss on your channel is the mind. You and I are very interested in this, how to hack the subconscious, how to change it. Clearly you reach a point and you realize I’m doing all this stuff. My subconscious is not working with me. Change it. I think a lot of people come to that point and you have some really good videos and suggestions on how to change the subconscious mind. It’s, it’s a lot. It can be more difficult and so I just wanted to get some of your suggestions for, for the reality revolution. Yeah. I mean, I definitely gonna put the links in your videos, but uh, you have, you have some pretty good suggestions pre sleep and sleep wise and on how to really get in there and hack your subconscious mind. And I just wanted to get your perspective on that. Mm. Well, you know, the interesting thing is, um, the, there are amazing techniques and do you actually cover a ridiculous amount of them as well? Um, so yeah, what I would say is that everyone can reprogram the subconscious mind and everyone’s exactly where they need to be in their own journey. I think some kind, sometimes it’s actually not so much about can I do it, what technique it’s about right? Becoming in that state of I’m ready for a change because in truth be told, you can imagine before sleep that’ll do the trick. You can imagine he’s saying you can feel into it. That’ll start doing it. You can listen to, Oh, I will, I call desire tapes. Right. Just the way you, it’s like a series of new beliefs and descriptions about your life and you can listen to that with some music in the background. It’s like you have your favorite song and so you can do that. Like that’s palpable stuff and they don’t take too long to set up. But what it really is, it’s about you kind of aligning with what you really want. I found and it’s like what in reality, transforming the heart and mind and getting that, that that harmony in that relationship and then basically the subconscious mind. It’s like very easy to reprogram from that point. And so I found that in my own journey. It’s like even off I was telling you about how I was finding out about subconscious mind in my beliefs, everything like that. I actually was getting coaching as well. I love attraction person development, coaching and we were getting these potent, powerful techniques and I didn’t apply them for 10 months after I found out about them because I think in the background of my own mind, I knew that, you know, like once I do this I have to be like ready to, I want to change and that’s okay. I was just building myself up in other areas and getting a bit more life experience and then I do the subconscious mind stuff and then my whole journey just like really took off. And that was in about the last year and a half. So does that answer it? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. You recently traveled to India and pretty interesting. Um, I just wanted to get your thoughts on that trip and that journey and, and how that changed your perspective. I mean, they made you take your phone away or your, your, your put into, just tell us a little bit more about that. Oh, that was not pretty, the whole phone away. Yes. Um, yeah, no, that was, that was a really spontaneous thing actually. I was listening to this. Have you heard of the book outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill? Wonderful book. Yeah. Yeah. Good book, isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely. Um, yeah. So yeah, I think very early on he, so let’s start talking about following your intuition and your like this idea of the highest self or this, this was a version of yourself that you can kind of tune into and they have answers or it has answers just waiting there for you. It’s almost like right under your nose. And so I was um, you’re thinking it was ordinary week. It was a Monday. I was going to go into, do some work in the city right under the blue. I didn’t even know I was going to in two weeks. I was there. Yeah, it was, it was, uh, yeah, yeah. Quite a out of character bold thing. But excuse me. But yes, I was listening to this thing and I did the exercise on the train this morning commute is about a foot away from my head going like this to try and like that. And I’m just doing this in a higher self connecting thing and then saying, building a clear message, let’s, let’s go to India, let’s do it. And I just went, Oh you, you know, you kind of go, Oh, you’re kidding. Intuition. Oh this is really inconvenient. Um, so I went, all right, what do you want next? And then said, just go to the nearest library and look up, look up stuff. So an hour off of that I knew all about ashrams and your the flight costs and you’re the vaccinations, got the ball rolling, put some savings into it and was there in two weeks. And so that’s how it sort of, uh, that’s how I arrived there. And then the experience itself was just amazing because I’m thinking about Russia cash. I mean you talk about a bit about vibration, your channel and how the planet is like, you know, we’re elevating and there’s, it’s more potent and quick manifestation because we are arriving at higher and higher States now our own vibration and things like that. Same with the lower polarity as well. And I think that’s the thing about cash is like getting into that, that, you know, spiritual hub where the whole culture is based around it. It’s like this little, this little little nuke on the planet earth where it’s like, it’s so concentrated in that high vibration energy. And so I think I was drawn to that on some level and getting there, it was just like, you’re in there and you, and I’m sitting next to an unenlightened Yogi. It’s just kind of this real, you wouldn’t even know what he was just this really amazing like beautiful person, just really authentic and he’s just just there like delivering, yeah. Like these truthfulness I’ll at breakfast news kind of being like, this is this normal? And just like, Oh, we’re eating breakfast and do you know about the soul? Anyway? Um, uh, so yeah, we, I just like did a lot of journaling, load healing and we did meditation and stuff and I was really trying to prove within myself that this stuff isn’t just wishful thinking. Yeah. That we really are, there is an, there is a different dimension to us and that we actually have these credit [inaudible] and we can hack our subconscious mind and we can create our reality. And it was important for me to kind of validate that like some kind of depth within myself. Not, not completely not, I’m certainly, no one’s ever done, I don’t believe in harnessing this power, but something in me. We just wanted to get this like real sense of understanding beyond what I had had at that time. And so yeah, they took away my phone and there was no wifi have an international SIM, um, in LA. I don’t know why I didn’t get that sorted. Probably the lack of planning, but yeah. And so you kind of just forced to think about this kind of stuff and, and go within, I had a couple of books I was reading at the time and then go to the classes and, and the interesting thing is what was the physical part of the classes? Like doing the yoga didn’t really never really done yoga much. I’m flexible person. You probably meet in a lineup of a hundred people, you’d probably find that on the least most inflexible. I mean they will, you know, we were, we were with people in the 70s at the ashram saying we’ve made that will more flexible than me. So I went from sort of being really stiff to fully opened up and just really shorter period of time. Yeah. Two weeks. Cause we actually three and a half hours every morning. Okay. Yeah. So it was kind of, it was a, it was a bit of a like a, the daunting thing when you’d wake up at five in the morning and you go, all right, we’re in, we’re until nine. Right? So these are more simple, um, yoga or you’re doing pretty complicated balancing to, I mean there’s different kinds of yoga. So it was just a, it was a Shavasana. What kind of exercises did they have? You do? So it w it was, it was a lot of different ones, but we were doing yoga saunas. So yeah, so like just holding poses and it would start off very easy. Like the most simple thing of like, just, just warm up your risks and then it wouldn’t be like get your fingers and would literally just do every body part all the way through. And so basically every single time you’d, you’d stretch out and hold and release like all this energy, right? Cause that’s what I believe. I believe there’s like toxin, toxic energy gets built up in the body and then by, yeah, really stretching it out, you kind of get that energy moving and then like, yeah, so we’d just like stress out all the toxins, um, according to what was happening. And then the whole body would be done by the end of this three hours, three and a half hours. Now this is interesting. It’s, it goes along with the personal theory. Are you doing the yoga exercises before at the ashram? Are they doing the exercises before the meditation? Are you doing the meditation first and then the exercises? So we did, we actually did, um, pranayama breathing before the yoga, which is like, it’s like kind of a, a mix of meditation and yoga. It’s kind of like these, um, mindful breathing exercises. But there’s a lot, this is a slight bit of body element. Like you might put a, a hand across your stomach and then do some like breathing fast exiling out of your nose and kind of like pushing, um, this is like a semi meditation, but we do that. And then the yoga and then in the evening we do like a, a sitting down, a lying down meditation, more formal, simple style. Yup. It’s almost like a sequence is built. Even that breathing is, it’s a build up energy and then you have this pool of energy for your meditation. Later I started to see this pattern. So I was interesting when you said that. So, so yet one of the first totally different, we’re going to different subject. One of the first times I saw your name was a on a video about the law of one. Something I’m, I haven’t really talked about on my channel, but I’m fascinated by it. And so I noticed that you’re interested in this too. Um, I haven’t had an episode where I have explained, it’s probably too hard to explain, but, uh, essentially it’s a channeled work book that talks about the way that the universe is put together, that there’s seven densities of the universe. Uh, what is your thoughts on the law of one and what is your reflection on it? Cause I thought if anybody gets a chance to look at Aaron app Q has pretty good couple of videos that explain what it’s about, but it’s good to talk to somebody else that’s actually been exposed to that. Their opinion. You’re dying, you’re just bursting. Yeah. Talk about it, right? Yeah, because that’s something, boy, yeah, it’s somebody on the street. Hey, have you heard of the low? Yeah, maybe one of the, in the third density to a new density. We, our son is living logos, I promise. Well, it absolutely can confirm our [inaudible] check him out. Amazing. He’s incredible. Absolutely. They’re a really cool person. Um, yeah, so I’ve never actually straight up haven’t read them because I know they’re very dense. Um, and I was like, it’s pretty dense, multiple volumes and it’s, it’s still even, I know it’s out there for most people. Right, right, right off the bat I’ll say that. Obviously I’m not, I’m not certain about any of this stuff. I’m just very, it just takes my interest and it resonates on several, some level that this is true and it does tie in to like my, like kind of mystical experiences that I’ve had here and there that kind of like open your mind up enough. And when you’re in that open minded state, this stuff comes in and it’s kind of like just reading the morning news and you don’t even bat an eyelid. Then he goes, well, it was this normal. You know what I mean? So, but this is fascinating. It was, um, it is fascinating. I don’t know if you resonate with this, but you, you read all these books. Yeah. So in theory, these theories need amazing ideas that you kind of become desensitized to them. Nope. In the Inn, you’re not passionate about them, but that you’re familiar with them and you’re around them all the time. And, but when you first heard about them, it was like a mind blowing, right? The sense of awe and wonder when you first learn this information. Right. And so when I was reading about and learning about the little one, that was like the first time in a year also like where I really came out of something that was like this is totally brand new information that you know, we are the souls going through density off the density for billions of years and that they’re beings that are billions of years ahead of us and their own evolution. Contacting a woman in the 1990s penning this like doctorate level amount of thesis almost on knowledge on all the agencies and evolution of the soul. Just mind blowing. It’s really, really fascinating. So I can tell you we’re also had similar on spying experience when you were exposed to Neville Goddard. Neville Goddard is just such a wonderful writer and, and is one of those that reaches out and goes beyond the words. You can tell there’s something else going on there. So I wanted to get your perspective. There’s camos kind of a little, if you notice online, there’s a little pendulum starting to form a the Goddard versus the trend surfing versus a law, but, and there’s seems to be the little pendulums forming. To me, I see consistency in all of it, but it’s good to talk to somebody that’s been exposed to these things. So let’s talk about nipple guard a little bit. What is your impressions of Neville Goddard? And you know what, just give me your thoughts on, on, on his teachings. Absolutely. Well firstly I absolutely agree with you. I say consistency as well. I know people don’t say consistent since they, and they start to split hairs and get quite passionate about what’s better and what works. Everything. I totally get that, you know, there are better techniques and others in, in across all three thing I love about never got out is that when you listen to his books that go straight to that intuitive level. And if you’re open to that, it’s almost like having a personal mentor that basically is just, just giving you the, the, the amazing truth about your manifestation value, your ability to create your own reality. And he, he was the one that talks mostly about imagination more than any other teacher. I’ve also teaching, I’ve come across and just like the power of their imagination and made me really want to invest in building that up, that muscle. I know some people can be intimidated by that and I was too, because sometimes you can start visualizing and it’s very hazy and you’re just constantly building up disability. And I suppose what would I say about Neville girl that is, you’re either going to lock him or not. I know he has a lot of religious symbolism and he explores the Bible as his main source of reference. Right. That doesn’t bother me even though I’m not religious in any sense. I’m not tied to or affiliated with any religion. Um, that doesn’t bother me again because he’s not actually, he’s talking about the symbolic [inaudible] anyway. It’s something that’s never been. Yeah. Yeah. Which is really, really interesting and um, it’s just very empowering. These, he says that, you know, everything exists within the human imagination. Um, and you know, in reality chance surfing, that would be the alternate space or this quantum space beyond the, this physical realm. Right. So again, a consistency here and yeah, I just think that if you listen to some lectures online or we’ll see teaching around the Mort, you’ll also notice in the comments is that people have a lot of success stories and they do these techniques and then they go, this thing literally just popped up in my life and that’s what’s happened to me. When you, we’re open to it, you resonate with that and you just go with what he says and you just give it a trance and then, well w this works, this stuff like creates stuff out of thin air sometimes and he’s a time traveler. I’m just the toilet. He was creating this material so completely out of his time in place. That’s what it is. Amazing. People don’t really, they treat him like he’s from the 80s and he’s not. He was, yeah, he’s already deceased for 10 years. So, um, what do you think about the mythology around Neville Goddard that he had met this? Is it Abdula or Abdul [inaudible] Ethiopia and Ethiopian minister that taught him some of this stuff. I think that’s an interesting too. Is there, is there a sect that is kind of a God guardian secret sec out there? You know, I don’t know. Right. It that I find interesting. I mean we can contemplate, there’s not, there is no proof of anything, but that’s interesting to me and it will a little wait, what are you thinking about? Yeah, no, I totally agree. It’s, it’s, it’s very mysterious. It’s almost got this mythical tone when you hear about these encounters and going into Barbados and all these, like, it’s like the, the, the, it’s like the, um, kind of like the, the, you know, the creation of fire. But in the 50 years learning about the imagination, you get these kind of like the historical events that are taking place and who all these people. Um, so maybe it just kind of adds to this, the fullness I have for it just because it is fun. It makes it more interesting to have [inaudible] stories and I think it makes him more fascinating as a person. And he actually does, you know, talk about his life more factory as well and he struggles and uh, you know, moving out of his family, you know, money issues, struggling to even use these techniques and see any results in the start. I strongly believe it was possible and have faith that he could do things and that’s where Abdula comes in. Who was that mentor figure, right. That, you know, seem to really helped him kind of solidify his knowledge and be able to then exponentially increase these results. And then obviously it pops up as a teacher for all of us to enjoy. So absolutely. No, it’s, it’s, it’s interesting and even when I think I’ve read or hurdle of his lectures, there’s still a bunch more than the amount of information out there by Goddard is also pretty amazing as well. So let, let, let’s together, let’s, let’s come up with our own. What do you think is happening? Are we, are we choosing a reality that’s already there? Are we creating one? Let me ask that basic question. Are we creating one out of thin air or is it a route or does it matter? Um, Hmm. What is your, obviously we’re not going to get a true answer in this discussion, but to talk to somebody else that’s thinking about this, have a working theory of what do you think is happening when we are manifesting and creating these realities that just, that, that you’ve pondered and thought about. So I think firstly that we exist on more than just this level, this, this physical reality. And that’s based on, yeah, my spiritual experiences where you can, if you’re a doctor, doctor spends a, he’ll talk about it as this quantum field and that when you know, you get into a meditative state and you become no thing as he describes it, which is literally nothing. There’s no physical connection anymore to this reality. You become the vast awareness and that’s what he calls his quantum field. And Neville got up and cooled out the realm of the human imagination. But this, this, this, the consistent idea is you’re going within yourself to see, to pull out and sort of choose a reality. Uh, from this, the, this, the archive space. I’m throwing in all these techniques, these, these terminologies from reality trends sitting there. The consistent idea for me is that it is when you, it did because you, although the one source consciousness and you’re also just this, this point of consciousness right now, like we are where this human limited point of view. Then if you go within yourself and you become enlightened, you realize that you’re one with everything and that on some level you had, uh, a role in sort of bringing all of existence to the point it’s up. So if based on that, uh, yeah, uh, foundation within you is also the palliative create any reality you want. And obviously that will be a reality. That’s, it looks like this physical world, but it’s just sort of a, and you formed that you’ve never experienced. So a new set of objects you set of emotions. You said the thoughts, that’s all within you. And you can kind of select that within yourself with, and in choosing that you can, you kind of expand towards it. That’s how I view it. And it kind of moves towards you at the same time. That’s how I view it. Because you know, in Latin Mawson’s Mohs, like echo league, they teach us, there’s only the present moment. So really it’s just one present moment, uh, after next that you’re experiencing. And within that you’re kind of putting an order saying, I’d like to arrive at, you know, $1 million in the bank account and you just kind of move one present moment at a time based on what you’ve selected in yourself. And it is kind of waiting over there, but it’s, you’re kind of moving towards it and it’s kind of getting closer to you. So it’s like this merging with that reality that you selected that exists within you at another level of this is grabbing the little words, like you’re on a motorcycle, moving with your attention is what, yeah, it’s like that. So it’s, it’s kinda like what reality in reality, trying surfing now that aim talks about, you know, an outer intention. It’s kind of these two forces. There’s, there’s what you’re doing in the level of willpower in everyday life and selecting it, taking action towards it. All of that’s the practical stuff is really important. Obviously the, also the techniques in selecting and visualizing what you want. And then there’s an outer force, which is this, this highest self version of yourself, which is what I’m trying to get with when I say you’re turning within. That kind of sets you up and it’s kind of guiding you and you’re moving closer and closer towards this reality. Right? That’s my view. That’s my quiet, it can get quite confusing and I’m not that good at explaining it still, but I appreciate it. I think it’s a question to ask because we’re talking about these things, but it’s, it’s, that’s an interesting perspective. I appreciate that. Uh, and I, and I definitely agree with it. So just, just to talk about your personal routine. Now that you’ve gone through this and you’ve created the channel, you’ve started to analyze your own. Do you have a morning routine that you’ve developed that that works for you? Mm, so my morning routine basically took shape really recently, a little bit before I went to India and basically I was hearing about half. You do like some breathing exercises you can really like, um, cultivate a lot of energy within your body and you’ll, you can more powerfully impact your subconscious mind. So what I do is I do 10 minutes of Kundalini yoga and it’s just a simple braiding and techniques from a YouTube tutorial. As soon as I get up, I do that and then right off that I’ll do my imagination exercise as why imagine my dream reality [inaudible] then after that, I’ll do a L raid instantly, like some something to really stimulate myself that empowers me and says, you know, I can create my own reality. At the moment it’s never got ads works. I’m just going through the complete work so that again, and then after that I’ll do some affirmations and awesome journaling. If I’m, if I’m sensing, I don’t know if you get this, but sometimes you wake up with a little bit of doubt even though you have done so much work and you don’t really doubt it for some reason, given the account situation in life, you can get up off, you know, on the wrong side of the bed and I just addressed that straight away and go, what is this? Oh, it’s a, it’s a pastoral that’s trying to, it’s a, it’s a really like a POS pendulum, which is like this full form that’s trying to grab my attention and pull me to this negative polarity, but that’s not me anymore. I don’t think like that. So I’ll do a little journaling on that for five or 10 minutes and just realign myself with empowering beliefs [inaudible] well and the ideas that I’ve study and then off of that, that takes one hour. I get on with my day. That’s when is at home or what time do you usually get up? Get up at five 55. Okay. All right. I like that. Well, that’s how I roll out of bed. So I get started by about six. So, uh, is there, is there any dietary, I, I, it’s a question I don’t ask. Sometimes I regret asking people when about their morning routine. You do you get protein right away? Do you wait the hour until you’re done meditating, eat or drink water? I mean everybody has their own thing, but yeah, I drink, I’ll drink straight away usually Tuesdays after sleep. Um, uh, so yes, I’ll, I’ll drink some water and then I’ll eat breakfast straight off through it. I’ll just ate something fairly healthy that um, will be generally plant based. It will be like oats and berries and, and things of that nature kind of thing. And having a basic breakfast, something that likes to stains me for a while. But in terms of my overall diet, I’m kind of really a fan of the whole idea of body consciousness and listening to your body and not judging anyone for what they have and being willing to change at point. I got that idea from poll check. Do you know Paul Chek? Sounds familiar. Yeah, he’s a, it’s like this, um, this health, um, and he’s also a health expert in like almost the philosophy of these days, right? And he talks about you can have three different dots in the one day if you’re really in tune with the body. Right? And that’s the whole idea that you just go listen to the body. So if I, if I’ll want meat that’ll have made 10 snobby too often, usually like I’d say 80 to 90% of time it’s plant based vegetarian and yeah. And then that’s how I ate and I’ll just listen to my body and stick to that kind of like 80% at least of my food. Quite decent and healthy. Now you have a, an evening routine then, which you talk about a little bit on your channel. Uh, it’s, it, it’s not an hour long, it’s just right as you go to bed, you just tell us a little bit more about that. So yeah, it’s usually 15, 15 minutes. So firstly I’ll write three things I’m grateful for. Get in that mindset of just, you know, that whole attitude of gratitude thing. So I’ll just write a couple of things down from the day of a life. Oh, that tends to be quite good. Then I’ll write under the three things. I’ll write one moment in the day where I fell off track and it’ll usually be something where I just was a bit too reactive and I didn’t come from that, that will noble cell phone. I know I’m, I’m trying to strive to be right and embody and so whatever I’ve done, I’ll just go back into that senior first person point of view and I’ll just rewrite that and say, no, I did that right. And it just makes you feel not a perfect day. And then, uh, then I’ll, uh, yeah, turn the lights out. Um, my girlfriend will be next to me, like doing whatever else or sometimes it’s kinda like it done. We’re going to bed on imagining to do, come on and also, yeah, then I’ll do, I’ll imagine my sane and then right as I’m about to fall asleep, I put in a sub, my subliminal type. Okay. Happens to be my desired type. And that just plays on all night. On the last one. Yeah. And then that, that’s a full psych every night. Well the U S you mentioned your girlfriend. So, um, some people struggle when they go through this process in maintaining a relationship. The person that they’re with is not on the same level, doesn’t understand, thinks it’s weird and unusual. And so you, is your girlfriend on on the same level as you or she’s just like, Oh, you can do whatever. How does, I mean, how do you, how do you, how have you maintained your relationship through your spiritual awakening? Brian? I’m not going to lie. She’s probably going to be watching this, so I’m totally kidding. No, no, no. She, she’s, she’s absolutely champion. She’s really open minded, really on board for this. Um, she’s a couple of years younger than me, so I think she just literally hasn’t had as much time to write since we both started getting into all this to, um, to sort of catch up really. And so she’s still reading, she’s exploring. We, we have like amazing conversations about it. And she’s, you know, building up her own, whatever works for herself and explore, exploring more of the, the ideas that I’m not familiar with. Like, you know, the feminine energy and the in a goddess and all those kinds of notions. I’m getting into all of that. And, and she’s, she’s big on like a minimalism and, and kind of veganism and bringing more of that into life and de-cluttering cause um, yeah, she used to be really into shopping everything and now she’s more into, you know, calling things and keeping things in a meaningful, but overall she, yeah, she’s really open minded. There definitely have been challenges, definitely because I think in the early days on your journey, you kind of [inaudible] it’s so new to yourself that you’re kind of doubting yourself. Right. And when you doubt yourself, you take it out on others for not believing in you, but really it’s your own projection. So that was how I used to suffer. Yeah. Through this with my girlfriend a couple of years ago is that when things didn’t go my way, when I was doubting myself with all this stuff and not in that, that sense of alignment and empowerment, I would kind of be like, you know, come on. Like, why are you coming to me with more ideas? Why aren’t you doing this? And I’ve since learned that the, that’s that, that old adage of lead by example is the only way you’re ever going to inspire people to be their best versions of themselves. Right. And so I leave it, I just, as much as I can, I just let anyone be, whether it’s my girlfriend or my friends or my family, I let them be and I try and just focus on myself. And, um, interestingly, like the in Latin Masa that was within the ashram, so was the, you know, it was a couple of days left in my retreat there for at the end of the two weeks. And he, um, he started talking to me late at night. Just us too. Kind of looking out at the stars, uh, on the balcony was like really nice moment. And he was just saying like, yeah, number one thing I’ve learned in life is that it’s self care. It’s, and that’s actually the most selfless thing you can do because when you’re looking after yourself and doing what you need to do to be in a healthy relationship with yourself and to have, you know, respect and self-love, then you can absolutely be this like beacon of light that can help others. But as soon as you lose that in a, uh, self care and, and you know, cultivating what works for you and how to be your best self, you’ll lose that. You actually a liability to all the people, any start devolving very quickly. So he’s like, no, he said number one things, self care. You kept doing that self care one thing, you take that away from that self care. That kind of resonated with me and it was really cool to see someone with that amount of wisdom. Yeah. If you had one thing to tell me and say, look after yourself first and, and love yourself and care for yourself. And that resonates with me too. I, I think that’s great lesson. It really does. Yeah. That’s awesome. So [inaudible] so to you, obviously you’re, you’re somebody that reads and is interesting in this level of literature. Is there any books that I might not have heard about that, that you, you know, have read that we can discuss in the same one in them and about metaphysic anything in that particular John rhe that we’re talking about that, that maybe you’d like to discuss? Well, probably not likely cause I know you’re very well read, but, um, every nod say, have you heard of prosperity consciousness? It’s the most recent book I’ve been reading. It’s the prosperity conscious, the one by Frederick Dotson or the one by [inaudible] lemon. Lemon Berman Waterman. Okay. That one was Frederick Frederick as well. Fredric Lehrman. Is that it? Yeah, that’s it. I have listened to that three times. I can’t even find this, the hard copy. I’ve only been able to listen really audible, but I, um, yeah, that is amazing. When you just by listening to that book, you are to form a prosperity even if you don’t know either. It’s a weirdest thing. Yeah. It’s so true. Yeah. You’re absolutely right. It’s just like you just think. Yeah. And just absorbing all of this kind of like these, these ideas about prosperity and you’re feeling quite good about yourself for doing it right. Putting up your bank accounts, which is pretty great. And it gives some examples, but I don’t know, something about the way he describes everything. When you come out of it, you’re like the mindset, there’s a conscience from that material. It’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, it’s really good cause I don’t know if you relate to this spot. I’ve never, it’s not that I’ve had like limiting things about money, but it’s like I just never really think about it because for me it was always the impact. It was always the alignment. It was always the passionate and like kind of finding my voice. And I always just never thought about money. It was not that I didn’t care about it, not that I had anything against it, but now it’s kinda like, well, it’s important. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with that. And so for me, like, you know, uh, never really thought about money. It was like, Oh, it’s a fantastic book for just being like, Oh, it’s nothing to be threatened about. It’s something that, it’s actually very simple. You’ve just got to put your consciousness until the prosperity, well, just as bandwidth and that book is like, there is, that book is tuned into that band for 100%. Absolutely. That is so awesome that you recommended that book because yeah, that one calls out to me for sure. And I’ve definitely applied it and it’s definitely worked for me, you know? That’s awesome. Um, you, um, that, that, that’s part of this, a lot of times people get into the law of attraction. Let’s be honest. It’s about money or a relationship that they want to get into. And so money is the, is the hardest. It’s a, it’s a, it’s not the easiest thing to manifest because we, you know, our hearts don’t know about money. And so we could sit and talk about what techniques have you used or read about that really resonated in manifesting money. What’s the, you know, what comes to mind? Cause it’s an interesting, it’s like the Chinese finger toy because if you focus on the money too much, then you’re focusing on the lack. There’s always that thing about law of attraction when you, when you focus on it too much then. So you always have to find this perfect little balancing point. What comes to mind for that that has helped you, that you, that can advise listeners? Yeah. Um, there was a couple of things. So model one of my, my law of attraction coach, so I mentioned before you used to say this thing quite a lot that said, when you go off your one, it needs a map and thought that was very powerful. And so go for what you’re passionate about and the money kind of just aligns because what you’re passionate about is valuable to other people. And that’s a very common one as well. You hear great credit value for others and don’t worry about it. You’ll, you’ll, you’ll see there’s money in whatever you want to do. And with the power of the internet, uh, you know, you absolutely can kind of channel whatever credit albizia passions into. Yeah. Something that can bring you in income in some way. So I, I think as well though, I understand how when you’re in a situation where you want money, sometimes just going directly full, that may work for other people, but I’ve never done that, so I’ve always had to, as you said, I think that was, that’s true as well for me, that the heart doesn’t connect with money. It’s a, it’s a piece of paper. It’s if you connect it to a situation, even if that’s a holiday for you or passionate business or something like that, whatever resonates with you attaching it to a scene and with in which money would have to be there for that to happen as a, as an organic consequence of that scene. That’s a powerful way to stop, know, opening up your mind. And really what I found is that as you open up your mind to prosperity, uh, basically you start, you know, uh, I think it was, I heard a teacher talking about the reticular activating system and how like, you know, when you’re in that that thing, you’re, your eyes start darting out the like signs of it. And you know, I start singing like Lamborghinis, I start seeing like someone, you know, talking about money, someone handing money around it, you just start seeing more, more and more money and yeah, it’s really good and you kind of just start having ideas as well popup like, Oh, I could do this, I could do this. Some of them are good, some of them and I’ll be silent and be like, I’m going to create my own wealth. And I think that’s the most important thing, probably more powerful than just kind of being like a hope someone leaves me, right. Money I hope I manifest and uncle that I never knew about and as you know, spent 100,000 for me, probably more to go from like that sense of empowerment of like I can create this. And that’s what Madison festing part of an overall life picture that that resonates with me. I agree with that. That’s, that’s perfect. That’s where I’m at, at least with it. I agree 100% there’s two topics since you are in WWE. You have your finger in Neville Goddard and Abraham and reality trend surfing. There’s two topics I want to talk about because it’s just a, I don’t know what to say. 1111 first of all, let’s talk about that. You see it on Facebook boards and on, you know, Hey, I just saw 1111 the angels coming alive, you know, you know what I’m saying? You see it a lot. It’s a popular thing and maybe there’s some truth to it, but maybe our reticular activating system is good at finding things we look for. Like when I started looking for things, as you said, Lamborghini, we find it. So if I’m looking at, Hey, if somebody is telling me the angels are talking to me at 1111, I’m gonna see 11, 11, almost every time my brain’s going to be like, you know, so what do you think? Do, are we having synchronicities where we are being spoken to it specifically, or is it just our reticular activating system? Or is it both? And is there a way for us to distinguish the two? Do you understand what I’m trying to say? What’s your, I know it’s a great, it’s actually a fantastic question and you know, being such a skeptic that I, that I was over the past five years, if you were going to be five years ago, reticular activating system, cognitive biases, lower probability, um, apotheosis or whatever it’s called, that, that, um, you know, that psychological idea of like, you find patterns and they’re actually meaningless, but, right. You assign meetings of all those things. That’s, I’ll just jump straight to that, right? Oh yeah, yeah. And, and that’s fair enough because it, especially when you have that cliche of like, you know, type yes. If you seal 1111 and, and uh, you’ll have good luck today and they kind of can be cheapened. But I think when you do start to explore the nature of consciousness and reality question, especially for more like, you know, reality tends to try setting things like that which have like science behind it, you start tapping into this and all of a sudden [inaudible] right, of these synchronicities come up that astonish you. And not just simply numbers. Like I’ve had situations where, um, for example, Neville rolled out books, like he, he’ll read like a, a certain chapter of the Bible that he’s referring to and he’ll say like, jobs three 21 and things like that. And I remember one time I was listening to this book and I was really aligned and there was something that was really resonating bellows to, I looked at the time and he said, job’s three 21 and the time was three 21 and as my eyes went on three, two, one, it was like a line. I was like, that’s strange. Not strange. Yeah. So I think things like things, things of that nature kind of happen all the time. And I, um, what I do to, to almost like prove it to myself because again, like I’m still like, yeah, is this, is this like a, a worthy phenomenon or is this irrelevant either way? Or was it a sign if we want it to be signed, but we just created that and you can create it any way without signs, um, without, and in all of this, these distinctions, what I do anyway is like, I treat it as like a positive thing, but I don’t rely on it. And when it happens, when I say like, uh, uh, you’re a triple number or a quadruple number or something like that, or one, two, three, four, any of those kinds of spiritual numbers, signifying alignment or whatever, I’ll just take a screenshot on my phone. I look and I get five, five to 10 a day effortlessly. Yeah. So I’ll just take it and go, Oh, it’s free. 33 screenshot, move on. Yeah, move on. Right. Uh, so I don’t try and like overhype it, but I think it is. I think when you tap into this whole field like, like you yourself has done, you start seeing these, he thought seeing it and it’s very interesting. And then you can get into all the kinds of spiritual if really choose. I mean we have a choice to make whatever we want of these signs, you can make them awesome and there may be a positive effect by just assuming that there are these incredible signs. I mean, I’ve gone on boards and just answered out of the blue. This means that everything is going to work out for you. If somebody said, Oh, I just saw 1111, what does it mean? You know, why not just say it means all of your dreams will come true? Because I can tell myself that. I mean that. That’s right. Yes. Right. Yeah. And I did the same thing with a black cat. So I remember right before I went to India, the day before I went to India, I saw a black cat and I went, Oh crap. Like that. That’s meant to be quite a serious omen and I just went right at that point. It was like a really good example. That’s a fantastic sign. I mean, good luck, right? Like a, and obviously it did work out well. I have no idea what that played into effect. So again, I think yeah, just always it’s I think a that AME talks about it in two 50 it says, always assume the positive on whatever happens to you even if in your linear limited perspective and rational mind. It just seems like how could this be beneficial seem as an advantage to, it happened to me last night, I was trying to upload a YouTube video that to the processing thing and my hard drive called broke and I just went, I assume the positive in this. Alright. And what it forced me to go to bed so I’m more fresh to talk to you. Right. Turns out it processed overnight and you don’t actually need to have your, your hard drive connection to process it. So it actually got me a good sleep and uploaded by itself, probably forced me to be in a healthy mindset for this. There you go. So that’s another like a little nuisance, interpret the positive. Now I can actually see just a couple of hours later I’ll sleep and not sleep light. Oh, it actually turned out to be that positive definition like David. So that kind of fades into all this I think. Right? I absolutely want it. So there’s another to kind of, I’m almost calling them pendulums because they are, it’s a, you may know on them, but they’re related to Neville Goddard. And I’m starting to seek conflict between like trans surfing and Neville garter is the first is [inaudible] the specific person B S P right? It is a popular it, you know, and there are people obviously that have had, um, have, they’ve had loves in their life that they wast and deeply bothered by it and they desperately want to get that love back. And I get it. You know, and you’re gonna hope in your heart that you can, you can use this power to find a specific person. Uh, but just the, to me, the, the looking for a specific person automatically creates importance and they’re, it’s such a balancing act. So difficult. I mean, I think it’s possible, but there’s definitely conflict. There’s the transfer for saying that that’s the impossible. And then they also, Neville Goddard has the idea that everybody is, you pushed out. So there may be a misunderstanding of his teaching. People are treating it as if they’re solipsistic in their own world and they control the universe and everybody is just them. And maybe that’s, it’s, to me, I see it as more of the mirror universe idea, but I want to get your perspective of it because you, you are aware of these materials and can you manifest a specific person in your, I think you can, but I think it does. I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head. It depends on where you’re coming from. I’ve had clients that came to me for this and some of them just, you can just tell it’s pure, authentic love. They really love these people. And, and it’s not a, there’s not a neediness for it. There is no desperation to feel something within it’s, it comes from a place of celebration and love. And I think when you come from that place of I am worthy of this person, and you don’t put them on a pedestal and create importance and that’ll, that’ll send them away. If you’re saying, please come to me, I need you. That’s, that will never manifest specific question you have to come from, I love these people because they’re amazing and I love myself because I’m amazing and I’m, I’m going to just flow and allow it to happen with the intention that it’s specifically them. Just like you can choose a specific career or a specific amount of money. It’s the same thing that you’re just going, Oh, I’d like that on the menu please. And there’s a, there’s a reality where they feel the same for you. Uh, and so that also come from worth and has to be like this organic feeling of love. And I think when you are in that place, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because these people and my clients know these people in most often in some personal level. So they’ve known these people for years, then they’ve drifted apart and then trying to win them back. And I think when you come from this place of self love and worth first and, and want to see it more as a celebration of love by having their companionship, they actually pick up on that. So it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy cause that’s highly attractive to be around someone that is complete within themselves. Right. And so that again, it draws them in and it crates that. And so it’s absolutely possible when you’re in that, that state of I’m worthy of this and I’m not, I’m not desperate or needing of it. And so that that has a, this significant, yeah, it’s a thing in martial art, like a really tough move that a lot of people can’t like a kick or some specific move that it can be done. But a lot of people can’t do it. There’s balance involved. That’s what I feel like, like you can do it, but because of the nature of it in and of itself, and I think you just hit the nail on the head, it’s where they’re coming from. They come to the eye. [inaudible] is a great explanation. Now everybody is you pushed out. No, I’ve read some people that utilize this philosophy and it almost can create a mental illness. I mean, whoever they’re talking to, they’re literally thinking that they have control over that person. And I don’t think that that’s what Neville Goddard was getting at. So explain what, what do you think is your impression of the everybody as you pushed out and, and do you understand what I’m trying to [inaudible] yeah, yeah, I do. Yeah. I think that if it makes you feel solipsistic and isolated, then that’s just a thought. That’s a thought that you’re thinking in your mind. That’s the perspective you’re taking of it. Ultimately, in my opinion, what enlightenment reveals is that we are all connected. We are, we do come from the same consciousness. And this consciousness is an infinite, infinite consciousness. And that’s what enlightenment is. It’s, it’s, it’s tapping into this like, uh, I like to use the word divine, but I know it cannot put people in a, not really in a religious sense at all, but in this sort of powerful consciousness and we are kind of all from that source, in my opinion. And that’s something I’ve directly experienced. And when you experience it, you can know that that’s true. But then I always make this distinction of like as good as that is, where in this physical reality, and this is about this life. And so sometimes it’s just about letting go of that, that perspective sometimes and just having fun trading what you want in this life and seeing the people, even though they are connected to you and you could be like, Oh, they’re not any different from me. I’m literally there. I’m talking to myself that that actually doesn’t, it doesn’t serve you as opposed to saying, I am talking to a real person within this reality. That’s all I’m asking. I mean, I still have free will. I still can create things. I can still enjoy my hobbies. I can still do anything. On a practical level and it actually makes it even better because there’s this sense of freedom that comes in understanding that and freedom and love and appreciation and just positivity that comes with being like, Oh everyone is connected with to me and yeah, yeah. It’s just a shift in how you think about it. And ultimately you can choose that one that makes you feel negative or you can choose that one that makes you feel positive. And ultimately the truth is, is that beyond that, when your at existing as that in Latin consciousness, you, you tend not to be thinking anything at all. And that’s why, and then we have the UN and even more powerful sense of peace and love for humanities. That would be someone like echo, Taleo Sadhguru coming from this, this total place of, of unity. But w w you have to be honest with you have, we’re not there. We’re not, we’re not at that. That’s spiritual master level. So we’re, we’re in the level of duality, therefore we’re in a level of thoughts, thought forms. And so you still have to look off that and you still have to just choose whatever you want and create a positive meaning for it. And that, that tends to solve all the problems with this whole [inaudible] sense of anxiety of everyone has to be pushed out just by choosing to see it in that practical positive way. That’s what I mean that, but in saying that, I didn’t go through a period where I was jostling with this and then I, and then I did a lot of deep contemplation to arrive at this point. And then it was just like, ah, it’s actually so simple. It’s just the choice of thought. I mean, that’s a powerful thing to look at everybody and there’s a little bit of them in me and yeah, it’s very, it’s a, it’s a powerful thing. I even, even my worst enemy, I, I can relate to them when I start to think like that and I get that. And I really appreciate that perspective. I just think that there may be a misunderstanding of it. People it, and, and maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. So one cool thing about Goddard is that he has a lot of little techniques, uh, that are kind of hidden in his works. Um, you know, I, I had just tried out the ladder technique where if you did a fun, it was, I can’t say yet, I like it kind of just go, I tried the ladder technique. Um, is there any obscure techniques? Cause that’s the cool thing about Goddard is there’s always something new. Seems like that I, that you, you might recommend or suggest that from, from your readings of Goddard. That’s really interesting. I do really like the revision one. The pruning, she has a revision and that’s what I do every night. That’s where you basically travel back in time and your own memory and you rewrite the scene to be positive. And I kind of impresses your subconscious as in, Oh wow. Like I am coming from this, this, you know, this virtuous, uh, best possible version of myself consistently. And you kind of, it does start to make you a bit blurry on do I fall out of alignment or not? And you start to just, it overall helps you cultivate this sense of like, I, I can respond and not react and I can maintain, you know, what resonates with me and what I want to choose to think. Even if like the news comes on and something like that. So it’s highly negative and overwhelming. You can then revise that and be like, I sold those, that sensory data come in and it didn’t shake me. And then you eventually arrive in that situation. You’re seeing the news again the next day or the next week and you actually draw off that, that past revision memory rather than the actual experience and you go, Oh, the handle it. And so that’s a Russel really, really, really cool one. I I, I love that one. And understanding quantum physics, it’s almost like we’re changing the past a little bit. A little bit. Yeah. There’s, you know, it’s past is nonlinear in the way that the, we’re starting to understand it. That exercise in and of itself, especially done on a regular basis I think can possibly pulling us into alternate timelines where the word, the past is actually revised. How would we know? Yeah, that’s a lot of these cases. Unless there’s a major reality shift and the in some reality ships we might, it might literally shift us in that moment. We, we, we always thought that that thing happened. So it’s fun to experiment with. And I, and I think that that’s consistent with reality trend surfing with, with buddy in Zealand. So yeah. The, there’s like the whispering technique, which is there’s some pretty cool techniques. Yeah. Well I have to say, I really like, um, the, the, the technique, the four-step technique, and I’m going to make a video on this soon in, um, two 50, the priestess and, um, you know, finding the plate you’re getting between the two screens, getting that sense of mindfulness, activating the plate and just picturing a really simple scene. I found that to be just a profound, and I use it to do little things like, you know, uh, manifests a free cup of coffee or, uh, you know, I did one the other day where we, I don’t know, um, in America they have keep cups, keep cups. It’s like a, uh, environmental coffee cup that you, you give to the barista and I make your coffee for you and then you give it back and you keep using the same comp. Right. They don’t have that yet, but I’m sure, you know, it’s being in California. I’ll be the first to see it. Yeah, yeah. You’re in a good spot for that. But yeah, in Australia they’ve really taken off and everyone’s getting this key account and there they’re about 10 or 15 bucks. And I said, I’ll just manifest one. And so I did, you know, simple technique of just becoming present on the white. I did this with my eyes open and just would just get present, see myself with a Cape cup and just drop it. And I did it about two or three times a week passes. I’d never, I didn’t tell anyone my girlfriend, but as a keep cup, that’s the exact model, you know, the exactly. Hello. Just sitting there and I was talking to her and we’re having a deep discussion about something and I kind of went, I looked over the side and I just was looking and I just saw all the keep cup and I was like, you burst out laughing and it was just, it was right there and then I had it in my hand and I went and I gave it to the Brewster and the coffee shall be exactly like it was in my mind from I’d say a total of like 30 seconds of visualizing over a couple of days with that technique. So it’s really tickling seven brings up to the first is you mentioned something in there that I think is super powerful that you almost can’t talk about, but is the not talking about it. Have you found that your manifestations exercises are way more powerful when you do not tell anybody about it? I w when I’ve asked this question, there’s generally a much, much larger success rate. It almost goes back to chaos magic where they try to forget about it, but at least at a minimum, as soon as you tell somebody else, and I’ve read where people say, tell other people what you’re manifesting, then it’ll be more, you know, and, and so what is your perspective on that? Yeah, so I think like, I think I got the idea from more practical personal development that when you tell someone you’re going to do something, no matter what it is, if it’s going to be styling business, losing Wydell, getting in better shape or, or anything that’s positive, like building a habit. If you tell them what you actually doing is expanding, seeing that expanding. Yeah. Gee, that inspired, motivating energy that and a part of you thinks that you’ve accomplished it by telling other people. So that’s in a practical sense and I think it kind of is similar, the same way of like what you want to manifest is that when you, when you tell people about it, it kind of, it takes the shine offered, it takes the purity in it and people kind of don’t have that same emotional resonance. And connection to your manifestation as you do. So it’s kind of like a, it’s like a special thing, especially the more meaningful things [inaudible] to you and the biggest things. So by keeping it special to you, you kind of get to nurture it more. And I, but I find that you can tell people sure. And it won’t make a difference so long as you aren’t changing within yourself. And I feel like that’s the, that’s the trouble is when you feel like a whole bunch of people know about what you’re trying to create, you can fall into this, all this, this pressure here, people know about me. I feel it would be exposed as those special, you know, that’s the only issue is when that changes you, cause then you’re out of that aligned States that will manifest it. So I think if, if it doesn’t effect, you tell people if it doesn’t, do you want to have more time to cultivate and enjoy it? Just privately get some momentum on it first, then go with that. So that’s my opinion. So just to go back, anytime somebody mentions the plat or plate I, and I got to ask you, I mean, do you feel the plot? Do you feel it when you, when you do that exercise, everybody’s different, but you feel it after you’ve started to kind of experiment with the idea of the plate. Yeah. You know, it was really interesting for the first two months I was doing it wrong. I thought it was, cause I was listening to an audiobook when I heard about the Plato plot and I thought he was talking about the heart center. So I was [inaudible] manager on my heart and then it was only like a, you know, a month later when I was revisiting it, I was like, I’m gonna do talking about a place behind your body. You know, like Oprah braid, an energy cord that extends from the head, but you feel it. It’s a little bit complicated. You feel it near your back, but it’s coming from your head. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So I did. I kind of, I don’t know if I really felt it to honest and I kind of go more with the heart center. So I, I go, I find, I tried to play that few times. I don’t really remember Phil. I didn’t manifest anything to be honest, because in that two months where I was using the exact same technique, but I was putting energy on my heart. It was working. It was, you saw, I sort of just became biased by my own mistake. Right, right. Just put it, put that energy a little bit on the heart a little bit in the, yeah. Between your, the outer screen, which is the environment and you’re in a screen, which is your thoughts kind of getting that, that awareness and center point between those, a bit of awareness and the heart. And then just to see the scene eyes open and eyes closed, just see it. And as droplet. And I’ve just been doing that and it’s been working the same. So maybe if I move to the awareness, you know, a foot back behind on the plate, we’d work in metal. But yeah, I honestly like I just don’t have enough experience on it. But I think it’s pretty fascinating cause it goes into that whole like matrix idea of we will once plug, are we plugged in on one level it could be that there’s a blind spot right there. If you look at quantum physics, we know that the observer effect and when it’s something’s unobserved it’s an a wave form. So that would be the one part of our bodies that’s a blind spot that we literally can’t look at or observe. And so there may be, you know, energy that’s coming into that. Part of us may be in a waveform type of state and it may be not just a core, but that’s my theory. It could be that we have some primal memory that is really, really cool that I’m going to think about that. I’ve never, but the weird thing, of course I hear it all the time now, it’s not exclusive to trans surfing. And I’m talking to dr Joe Dispenza includes it in all of his, he says focus on the back of your head. He doesn’t say its supplier plate. And then you start hearing all these meditators say, okay now they, they always [inaudible] why was I not hearing this before? Did I go into a universe where that, where I was ever remembering it? But now all of a sudden I hear it like it was just a normal thing like Oh yeah, we were always talking about it. Right. Yeah. No. Fascinating. That’s, that’s really cool. Like thanks for sharing that with me. Yeah. I’m going to be full that photo cause I’m, that actually would make a lot of sense. Right. So we’re getting close to the end here, but I like to ask, cause I’m a huge movie fan, doesn’t have to do anything about what we’re talking about. Do you have any movies that you recommend that I might not have seen? So again, I know you might not have seen, right? I know you’re a big movie buff, so I was trying to think of the most obscure fine line. I love it, you know, but I couldn’t, Oh yeah, I’ll have to go to Australian movies. Right. That, you know, I probably might not have access. Right. Um, yeah, no, to be honest, like the, a recent film that’s somewhat rare, but it’s kind of a classic battle I really enjoyed was Mr. Smith goes to Washington and I really love that cause it was, have you seen that one? Oh yeah. The, the, the classic you’re talking about. Oh yes. Wonderful. No worries. And, and I thought that was so cool because it was again about conviction and just maintaining true to what you believe is true and then reality yields. And I guess that’s what he was doing the whole time is he stayed true to his values and what he wanted to see happen in the world. What I found out for choice movie, man, that’s so awesome that you would choose of all the movies. That one. That’s awesome, man. Yeah, that was, yeah. Tom, it’s Ben. Huge pleasure man. I’ve really enjoyed this and I, and I want everybody to check out to Tom’s YouTube channel, infinite creations. Also, your website is Tom D O U C E T O M D O U C Tom is offering some free coaching, one on one manifestation coaching. If you check out his website, you can contact him there and uh, you have regular content coming out, some great meditations. I would definitely recommend all of them. I mean, I’ve never seen a video that didn’t have something that, that I learned from your stuff. So keep up the good content, keep it going. I love it all. So, and I appreciate you coming on and hopefully you can come on again soon. We can talk about this stuff on an even deeper level cause we just went with the surface this time. So you’re invited back and we’ll definitely, let’s talk soon again. All right. Thank you so much Brian. I had an absolute pleasure and yeah, absolutely. Thank you for having me on reality revolution podcast and your show. Thank you.

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