I was so excited to get a chance to interview Sunny Sharma from Personal Mastery Quest. I am a huge fan of his channel and I have learned so much from his daily teachings. I was really interested to see the journey that Sunny took to the place he is at today. We talk about everything from reality transurfing, Tufti the Priestess, his favorite books and his morning routine. I learned a lot from this interview and I hope you do too.

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He has a terrific class on transurfing that uses animation and is very informative. Also he has a new accelerated reality class. I recommend them all.

the styling and it’s cool. Um, so I read his biography now. He doesn’t even take the credit for reality to answer. Thank you. Don’t say it’s child. So right. I think came before he said, right. I think we all have different levels of intuition and I think people would say that, you know, they’re channeling that information, whatnot, just have a different on degree to which they’ve honed their intuition too. But you know, like when you feel super inspired and you’ll maybe, um, create a meditation or like some, uh, like a video and it’s just like, it came from a lot of inspiration and you look back to when you create it and it’s like you don’t even kind of remember you creating it. You know, like the most recent, uh, pro, like the training that I created, one of my coaching program, it’s like I may both videos in a couple of days and that’s like the best work that I’ve ever done. But when I look back to that, it’s like, I don’t even remember like working hard to make all of those things, even though it took hours and hours to do it, but because it was just like I was in such a state where I was feeling like everything was just coming to me and I was just kinda like creating the materials. So I think someone who channel thing is, it just does that. It may be at another level or at a deeper, like a deeper connection where they just like just get download all this information. They just kind of put it out into the physical. So like I know it fascinates me. That’s all I know for sure. I find it to be to truly fascinating. The thing is that the person I was talking to and they made a good comment, maybe you feel the same. The reason why this was such powerful material, when I first read it, I was like, man, I don’t know about this. But then when you read it again, if you find something completely different every single time that you read it and it’s feels like I already knew this, that’s the really feeling. It’s not a feeling like, oh, this is brand new to me. No, no, this is something I always knew and now it’s suddenly being unveiled to me again. Like they hadn’t forgotten it. It’s coming back to me. So that’s actually something that I, so one of the quotes that I read like way earlier on in my circle journey would like, you know, this is not a process of accumulation. It’s a process of unfold, unfold. Like at that time I didn’t fully understand it, you know, like I was like, oh, that’s cool. And everything, all the mind I’ve been on already know everything. But it’s like when I started to read reality trends are thinking a lot of these other books. The reason I was so connected and real demo was because that exact feeling where I was like, right, I feel like I already know that. It’s like, this makes so much sense. Like, I can’t believe that, um, you know, like this is totally not something that I’m actually learning. It’s something that I already know. And that just remembering those, like that feeling was just kind of took me in right away. Well, part of it was for me just like looking back at like high school going and how I had pined after girls made them so important and I’m thinking, Oh my God, I blew it so bad all those times when, if I just knew about Vadim Zealand beforehand and I could, you know, use some of [inaudible], right? So all so many times I totally wanted something so bad, please, please, please, I want it. And I was just pushing it away the whole time. And when you come to that realization, you realize all those things that you could have experienced or had it, if you had gone about it a little differently with the way that your perspective and your attention was. So it’s super fascinating. Now here’s another question you’ve started as you’ve, you’ve been coaching, anybody that needs coaching, I recommend Sonny. Sonny would be one of the best it. Um, do you notice this phenomenon when you, it’s, I can’t even put, I wish there was a definition when you, well, when you start coaching somebody, you see them do even bigger transformations then you thought were as possible. When you teach this stuff and you have a general idea and you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re giving people and then you see them apply it and then it’s like way beyond anything that you thought was possible. That’s the interesting little thing that happens once you start teaching this. Do you, have you noticed that with some of your clients? Yeah. Especially like when it happened away from the window, just like had a little bit going about their day and they either are listening to one of my trainings or something like that or like just something they realized throughout their day and they’ll text me immediately where it’s like, oh my God, you’re not going to, and I’m like, I know the keep going, keep going deeper, keep going deeper. That’s the thing. I feel like as long as IRA’s really farm, you’re going to Utah fold, you’re going to continue to expand and grow to level. You didn’t even think you can grow to like in awareness and just in your physical reality as well. So that’s like one of my greatest joys to be someone who like working with me to like have that same kind of transformation thing. Kind of realization that I was having, you know, a couple of months ago or a couple of years ago. So there’s that. I’ve tried to, I’ve gotten some badly translated copies of some of these other Zealand books. One of the interesting things he says, which I keep is still on the edge of my mind. I was to talk about it with you, is that we really don’t even have, none of our thoughts are ours. They’re all just these scripts that are constantly flowing through all the time and we’re just choosing one of those scripts and that’s it. None of our thoughts are ours. Just whatever moment. Right now we’re, we’re doing a script that’s the sunny and Brian talking to each other script that which we’re tuned into that. But then, so the idea that none of it’s ever, our thoughts were just tuning into a script for that moment that’s already there. Um, and, and what do you think about that? I think that you are free. Well, right? Like essentially who you are beyond being Brian Right beyond your body and mind are that freewill, that awareness. Now, if you are super identified with being this mind and body, then yet you are subjugating yourself to that script that is constantly being played out in your mind. And you can like notice that yourself. Like anybody who’s listening to this right now, if you just really try really hard not to think for one minute, what are you going to notice? You’re gonna notice that the thoughts are still there, right? So it’s like, okay, you don’t have a choice of if thoughts are there or not. And in irregular unconscious state that most people live in, the thoughts are happening and they think that the thoughts are them, right? Like the thoughts are controlling their behavior. So if your thoughts are controlling your behavior and you are not choosing your thoughts, what does that tell you? That tells you that your behavior and your entire action, your entire life that you are creating as being dictated by a script that is just going on in your mind that you aren’t even controlling right now. The process of a aware like waking up and you know, gaining or rot or raising your awareness. That’s why I’m so keen about it is because as you raise your awareness, you gain more and more access consciously to your free will, which is who you are. You are that awareness within which your thoughts are happening within which your body is happening within which your realities happening. So as you wake up, you gain more free will to be able to choose which script you want. You can’t necessarily ever control a script, right? Like that’s what we learn in reality and surfing and took the as well. You cannot control the script itself. That’s where people go wrong. Instead your freewill lies and detaching from this Marcel’s the body and mind and coming into the perspective of higher self, you can call it who you truly are and then choosing a different script and then your life unfolds differently. So if you stay in this mode all the time, you can’t constantly stay detached from your, like the contents of your reality. Knowing that who you are essentially is beyond everything that is happening. Right. Just, it’s an interesting way you could, we talk on Art Alara channels a lot about parallel realities. The interesting thing is by teams never uses that word parallel reality. He’s implying it, but he almost is implying that it doesn’t matter if, if, if there are parallel early as or not the idea or understanding the way that works, that it may be just a virtual information space and it doesn’t matter. We don’t need to know. So I, you know, that’s an interesting thing is we bring from, it’s clearly obvious that he’s talking about it, but um, no, not in a way to use alternative alternative reality. Yeah. Turnover. Right. So it’s interesting you have also mentioned, I mean the same thing, it all means is it all means the same thing. Uh, you’ve also said that you, your friend, if you’ve read Frederick Dotson, parallel realities of the University of self, which is in that same realm, it’s pretty well written, Scott and some of the material pretty good. I definitely recommend that. And so when you, uh, questions outside of this, just on your, on your youtube, so you, do you record like a three or four movies that are three or four videos at a time or do you do them like once a day and you’re in and you’re thinking about, do you have ideas right now that you have written down on a piece of paper, like future episodes? I want to know about your creative process when you, when you do this and decide what you’re doing for your show. My goals are my creative process to keep it as original as possible from the hardest possible. So I’ve tried that before where I’m like, okay, I’m going to write down as many videos idle and like ideas and then just make them all at one. And I think that it’s more effective in terms of creative output. However, it’s not most effective as like actually creating from the heart. I feel like when I just get an inspiration for a video and then I make it right then and there, right. That feeling they, when you get that idea, I truly noticed that those videos connect more with people. So what? I stopped doing the multiple videos at a time and even though I do daily videos now, I try to usually just maybe do at least one a day. However, sometimes there are days where I don’t do any video, right? But I can do my best as possible to only make videos where I’m at really feeling like I need to make this video and feeling like I need to share this message. And I’ve noticed that as long as you stay open to ideas coming at you too anytime and never think about like, oh, am I, am I run out of ideas or man, what am I going to do if I don’t have a video for that date? Like don’t ever think about that and just continue to live your day, day by day and maintain your energy levels. Like you know, take care of your own energy ideas. Just keep flowing and you know, there are people out there who wants to consume the ideas and you are going to be the channel from where all the of things that they need to hear right now in their life. You know, they’re going to flow through you. And sometimes that’s why like a lot of times when I post videos, people are like, Oh, you just read my mind. Like this is what I did. I always read your comments and I’ve had that happen too. I’m thinking about something fam. You were connected right onto that general vibrational idea that we were all talking about. What we need is a book daily Sunny [inaudible], a book where I, you know, just like you can access a little bit of a reminders from da from sunny that about our awareness and, and that kind of thing. You should definitely, you can youtube of like where I get on all the like reality concept. But again, it’s more daily reminders, things about like, you know, yourself better man. And um, so those are like my little, uh, little thoughts that I just kind of relaying. Right? Yeah. Very, very cool. So I’m trying to think the best way to define, yeah. Wait, I won’t. Anyway, so, um, I wanted to get an idea, we talk about how to FTI is this advanced level of reality. Do you think that it’s is different or is it advanced reality trends surfing? What’s your impressions when you first read to 50 because you had, we had gotten done digesting reality transferring to this completely different thing with this unusual narrator. And so what was your impressions and what do you think about of two 50 compared to today was great. I really like it. Don’t take it to the next level and that’s why I always recommend, it’s like if you’re going to retell fee, you can read it like go ahead, but you might not get it. You might not even much out of it if you haven’t really, you know, a prime yourself with all the reality trends serving material and because reality 10 surfing, right? Like the book can really be summarized down into one page. However, we need the 700 pages of explanation because our mind won’t accept it. I think that’s, that’s our thing does amazing, but it’s like, but even doing provide such like a cleared detailed explanation of all these abstract spiritual concepts that the rational mind can actually eat itself into and learn to accept. Or at Tufts you just go straight into it tells you what it is and it tells you what reality is, what you can do with it and then you can practice it and true with you results and like write it down there and get your ball rolling. However, if you really want a deeper understanding, you’re going to have to, your mind might need a lot of those deeper explanations that are explained in transfer thing. So I think, uh, the more advanced part about Tufts, he is the fact that, you know, but damn straight up, put it right in front of you that you are not controlling your life. You know, you, you are controlling everything but you are not in control. So it’s intimidating to some people and some people might just disregard that they don’t believe and they just kind of regarded as rubbish. Whereas like if you kind of like get into reality sense serving first and ease into all the concepts, then you might actually consider that a possibility. And you kind of opened up to that fact. Right? So something that you’ve talked about on your Trello and several videos and a question I get when we talk about creating feelings of the thing that we want. Sometimes creating a feeling in your body, in getting the body sense is hard. I mean, there are things out there that we would love to experience that we, we may not know what the feeling would be or it would be hard for us to conceive, okay, what kind of, and then how do I make my body feel that? Do you have, do you understand the quandary I’m talking about? We want to feel this in the moment now because we’re broadcasting that out and we bring it back to us. But then, okay, I’m in the moment. How do I feel? How do you know? I mean, how do you create these incredible feelings? You know, like how you, when you get into meditation, you can meditate, right? Right. Because you’ve never done it. When you start visualizing, you can’t really visualize because you’ve never done it. So this is the same thing when you start to try, uh, wake up to the fact that you can create a feeling state. Like you don’t have to wait. Your feelings aren’t just, you know, natural reactions to what happened on the outside. That’s just what they have become now. But you can create your own feelings that your own state of being and it’s all practice. So the best way to really tune into the feeling state of the version of you that is already experiencing what you desire, right? Magination but actually just not necessarily just you know, imagining you have in your desired reality but rather placing your awareness into that body of that individual like actually seeing, right? Like if I was living in this reality, how would the body field, so you’re not even necessarily trying to uh, create the positive emotions and whatnot, but like actually just like on a day to day level right now, like, like your body feels a certain way, right? Like when you’re living in your reality, try to think how will my body field there? Right? What are the things that I’m going to be doing every single day? Right? What are the thoughts that I’ll be having if I have already achieved that certain level of success that I want or whatever goal that I have? That right there will, I do a lot. It’s like, okay, what am I thought I’m going to have? Because when you connect your thoughts to the version of you who’s already experiencing what you want, now you’re connecting to that script right now you’re like kind of downloading that energy into your current energy fields, right? The more you stay there, the more you start thinking, the more you start thinking about like, okay, you know, what do I want now? Like what am I doing on a day to day basis? Um, what am I beliefs about reality? How did people treat me? All of those things will start to open you up to that vibration, but you gotta stay with it. If you just stay with it for like a couple, a couple of minutes, we will start to feel that difference right away. And then just, um, because now you’re familiar with it, intensify it. Like if you, if you feel good, feel good in your body, intensify that feeling. So just, it’s all practice, but it’s one with repetition. You wake up to the fact that yes, I can control my state. I can activate whatever feelings say that I want to right now. You might struggle with it in the beginning, but just go through that phase and eventually when you learn how to create a feeling state, regardless of what is going on outside, it is the most freeing thing. It is the most empowering thing because no longer do depend on external circumstances or external session to be or to feel the way you want to feel. That’s ultimately took me awhile. I always wanted to know what it felt like to land on my yacht from my helicopter. Um, and you know, that’s not probably a feeling I’ve ever had, but eventually if you focus on something long enough you can create the feeling state. Pretty cool feeling state if you can, you can come up with it. But yeah, so I clearly, I’d like if you’d like something like that. Right, right. You have ever done it before but someone else has, someone else has their youtube video and like how they feel at the moment. So, you know, sometimes what I do like to do a lot, a lot of travel bloggers and everything like that and then feed the about the freedom that they feel in their live feed, the way that they carry themselves, feel like the emotions that they have when they go to these places and then literally just start placing yourself in their field because they essentially on a deeper level also are connected to you so you can through them, you can live that experience, get familiar with it in that vibration, I mean a tune yourself to that vibration and then eventually experienced that yourself. Do you use video vision boards or vision boards or anything like that or you know, in your office or just a part of your routine? Yeah, I’ve had a, I’ve had a vision board for a long time now. I, that’s like one of my first thing, but I got into south development and um, but I haven’t really changed it recently because now I’m more about just like feeling state and I’m worried about data being imagination rather than, you know, that started, but I still have it on my, in my room. Yeah. I bet some of this stuff on there has actually occurred. Right? Yeah. I’ve taken it off like, you know, like certain, like youtube goals or anything like that. Whatever you experience, take it off while also appreciating, you know, like what’s still on there. Right. It’s awesome. So what I’m amazed people will come in on your, um, Facebook forum and ask some very difficult questions and I’ll go in and there’s one stuff Sundays on there within a second fam with perfect answer. And some of these questions, when you start doing this, as, you know, as a coach, they’re pretty tough to answer. Some of these are very deep and difficult issues to grapple with. And uh, you, you come from, you’re coming from your heart again. Is that how your, your um, cause I’m one tune in to your ability to solve problems quickly. That’s what I’m saying, I noticed with you is that you’re able to respond to some of these with very authentic and why his ideas when people are asking for help. Um, and I was just interested about, you’re just going straight for the heart. Is that what you’re doing? Cause cause I’m wanting, it’s, it’s fascinating because sometimes um, you know, you understand what I’m talking about, right? Yeah. Early on in my journey when I was really just in 2000 thousand before I even got into spirituality, I went to a Tony Robbins seminar and uh, you know, he does it in front of thousands of people. Right? So he said this one thing, which was before I come on stage, I just like to, in my thoughts out completely my thoughts, my identity, my personality and I just, you know, had the dialogue with the higher power, whatever you call your higher power, God, universe life. And he just like, you know, use me, use me to be like that channel to be people to like, let them hear what they need to hear to better their lives. So before I hop on any coaching call, before I kind of make any video, I do the same thing I’ve been doing that, um, that were just like, I clear out everything. Even before I did this podcast, I cleared just for a few seconds to a minute, I cleared out everything, letting go of all of my thoughts of all of what I wanted, what I, you know, everything and just, you know, use me, use me to whoever is looking into this, you know, to help them click something that, you know, make them realize something or deepen their ovation, uh, or you know, wake up to something. And, um, that’s really what has, what has worked well for me. And, uh, one of the things in terms of like the Facebook question, but anything like that, sometimes when I do read a question, it’s very easy to try to give a response. Right? I always just tried to like dial back what like my whatever perspective I’m coming from and I’m like, okay, what kind of perspective does this person need to listen to at their phase of their current journey that will be most beneficial to them? Because let’s just say I give them an abstract concept that doesn’t mean anything to them and I do that, that, that by accident I feel um, and it doesn’t have the person. So it’s like, okay, from where they’re coming out right now, how can I kind of just like come from a level that I don’t even like to take levels, but just the perspective that is just a little more liberating them there just so that they can come up with one, one in fact that one level. So that’s really my goal. But again, it has to be from the heart. I think when you step up to be that person that has to teach a lot of the things that you’re, you know, you’re doing whatever field you’re in. If you’re teaching now, you are stepping up to be that role, which has to kind of do all this stuff. So it’s like as soon as you step up to the plate, there’s natural intelligence does flow through you and like it takes care of you so it will deliver for you. It’s not even like you’re doing it yourself south that’s not doing anything. Right. Right. It’s going through you just intelligence. I knew I’d get a good response. That’s awesome. No, I mean it’s a, it’s one of those tough things cause you, there’s always that first time that you probably had, somebody asks you a question. There’s that little voice that says, well I better answer this. Right. Because I don’t want to blow it for them. You know what I mean? So there’s that little that anybody that has done this as that has going through that little phase, that little doubt. So have you ever in your entire life witnessed or experienced or seen anything that felt super natural or you could not explain it? Anything like that? Um, nothing supernatural, nothing. The lab the first time in the last time I went to the Donna, there was this like crazy thought that that likes of I have never seen before. It was, and this guy literally turned purple and I was just there with my friend and we were like literally alone in the mountain and it almost feel like this was literally just happening for us. And it was really prevalent. Didn’t even feel like life cause I’d never seen anything like that before. And that’s only like, uh, no one had like a really spiritual place or like, you know, intent, vortex energy and everything like that. But I would just like in a really good state that time and you’re looking at this incredible view that I didn’t even consider possible, I was like, wow, like you know the journey, it is continued to unfold in such ways that you can explain. But really throughout my entire journey over the past few years, the way that it has unfolded, the way that I’m able to kind of conduct myself or like the person I’m turning into, the way my life is unfolding, everything is unexplainable to me. It’s like, because from my previous perspective or I started this journey, I was so self critical, I was so like self judgmental. I was always trying to be like other people. I really had low confidence, everything like that, I would never really good at anything. So it’s like coming from that perspective and now flowing into this perspective where I’m able to, you know, live my best life and help other people also live their best life. It’s all also just unexplainable. It shows you the miraculous nature of life lastic will deliver for you if you step up to the plate. So now the ball’s in your court, you know, like what are you going to do it or are you going to continue to stay in your contract and victim kind of state that the, the, the message, I think it’s like as long as you step up, life will come come through for you. So when you, before you decided to do there to your channel, there was probably a period of time or should I do this? Do I want to put myself out there? It. Was it a long time or was it just like, I’m going to do this right now and it didn’t know second thoughts or, cause I mean you can talk to anybody that does youtube and it’s like, do I do I want to do this and it’s, I’m gonna put my, I was so nervous. Like I stayed away from video for as long as I could hiding behind my blog post. Right, right. You know, I was like, I don’t want to just like with no, no camera for a long, long time. Right. I get that. After that, you know, after you kind of had the same kind of inspiration where it’s like if I want to reach more people, if I really want to step in, like if I really want to turn into the person that I really want to turn into and live the life that I really want to, you have to take that next step. It’s right. You know, like people, like people like us who are kind of inspired to teach. Right. I think happy to take that next level where it’s like if you want to reach a lot of people you have to go on video now because video’s huge. Right? So I was so nervous and at the beginning I hadn’t even told my parents. I hadn’t told my friends, nobody that I was on video eventually, you know, I started like being whatever. I just kind of kept going with youtube but I still wasn’t public about it. None of my friends knew because I was so nervous. I remember the first day that I went public on my Facebook with all like my personal mastery stuff and my heart was beating literally cause like my old self, like when my took, you know, try to go for my dream. Who is like, what are other people gonna think of me, all my cool friends like you know that I used to hang out with. What are they going to think? So you know, it’s like a constant evolution process. But if you are, if you had the desire to grow, you’re constantly, life is going to pull you upwards and then you just have to follow in my opinion. Awesome. Thank you so much for joining me. I’m a small channel and you eat just enough to, they come on the show and I really appreciate it. I could talk to you forever. I’ve learned so much already. I will continue to watch the show. Anybody I talked to, I recommend personal mastery request. If you’re on a personal mastery request, you should be watching. Sunny. Sunny is definitely a part of the reality revolution and thank you so much. I just want to just thank you so much and look forward to talking to you again soon, very soon. Okay. Absolutely. Thank you as well and I’m wishing you the best of luck with reality revolution. I love what you’re doing. I love like the people that you bring it on here and the passion that you bring to this field. I think it’s amazing. So thank you for only. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much.