Interview with Satyen Raja – CEO and cofounder of the Warriorsage group || EP 242

Satyen is the founder and CEO of the multi million-dollar transformational academy WarriorSage. Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world.

After 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, Satyen works privately with CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams who have mastered accomplishment in the financial and public world, but now want a deeper balance, illumination and self-realized equilibrium that he calls Peak Existence™

A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to lead leaders worldwide into their highest self-knowledge, self-expression and impact.

This interview was very fascinating. We talked about morning routines, using martial arts in reality creation, masculine and femine energies, Reality Tranurfing in the corporate world, using revision to overcome pendulums, the plait, how to overcome abundance blocks and much much more.

Satyen trains CEOs and it is highly effective teacher and coach. I learned a lot and you will too.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today is a wonderful day on the podcast I have safety and Raja Sage and Raja is the founder and CEO of the multimillion dollar transformational Academy warrior Sage. Sage [inaudible] has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world. After 35 years of rigorous study and practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, Satan works privately with CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams who have mastered accomplishment in the financial and public world, but now want a deeper balance. Illumination and self realized equilibrium that he calls peak existence, a remarkable living synthesis of Eastern wisdom in Western practicality, Satie and combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the Sage to lead leaders worldwide into their highest self knowledge, self expression and impact. Welcome to the podcast H and how’s it going? Uh, it’s great being here today, my friend. I’ve been enjoying watching all your podcasts and Facebook sharings illuminating, expanding people’s consciousness. So I’m very honored to be here. Well, thank you so much. You have been doing this for a long time. And when I, when I started doing some research on you, you’ve been teaching and working on your programs for, for decades now. So I wanted to get a little bit more of an idea of how it all kind of began. What got you into this and how you became the teacher that you are a little bit idea of your, of your journey. Well, when I was a youngster, I feel very out of sorts with the world. And I came across the TV show Kung Fu with David Carradine. And I saw Bruce Lee and I had a very strong past life recollection as a youngster. I was about 1112 and I knew that I was meant to be in Rochelle and temple. And that’s part of my life and my being. And so I pursued that to my parents’ chagrin, but I found a school which had an awakened teacher and, and awakened teaching. And so that was been my base. And so I started that when I was a youngster, about 12 years old. Um, so PFOA martial arts has been a foundation of my life. And that led to, because martial arts is, it’s about self preservation, but it’s also about self perfection and self-realization. So that led me on a journey, which I’m still on. There’s no rival and us learning and opening. And so that’s over 30 years. Well y’all over 30 years ago. Amazing. So that’s the thing that a lot of people don’t talk about there. We’re working with our bodies and our minds. So when you come at it through martial arts, you’re getting that other aspect that, that a lot of people, I have a, I certainly will admit I have an imbalance that I’m more mind focused and I need to worry and focus on my body. And so what you’ve created is a synthesis of these two things by taking your martial art knowledge. So, um, so I wanted to talk about that D w you were able to come to your awakening because of perfection and mastery over your body. Is that, is that correct? That’s part of it. You know, in my body of work, and this is a perennial wisdom, you know, the four quadrants of our being, the physical, the mental, intellectual, if you will, emotional body, and then over spiritual essence. So in my work, I really value cultivating all four. The physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, that way we become a whole embodied being in our life. Take solid me, uh, a fullness that if we were just focused in one area, might not provide. Right? So that’s the essence, developing and cultivating the totality of our being. And I feel that’s the way to have a fullness of joy and freedom, right? So if I’m on the path and Hey, I want to find a martial art that can expand my awakening, there are so many choices when I, you know, Hey, look, there’s, there’s judo, there’s tea, there’s kungfu, there’s karate. Uh, what would you recommend? I mean, there’s obviously benefits to all of them, but for somebody like me that is wanting to get into martial arts to expand my mind and spiritual knowledge, what has been the most powerful for you? Well, my background is in Kung Fu, but over the last decade, I’ve dove deeply into Brazilian jujitsu. Okay, this is my highest recommendation because Brazilian jujitsu, you are cultivating the capacity from a martial aspect to go from, you know, if you need to, you can go to the worst extreme to really subdue your opponent, harm them, take them out of existence if your life is on the line. But that’s the extreme which rarely any of us will ever have, right? And at the very least minimum, what happens is you can learn how to subdue or control peacefully, calmly a would be a Salem. But that’s the martial aspect. What I really love about Brazilian jujitsu is that we’re cultivating the masculine, energetic, as well as the feminine energetic of reception awareness, moving with the flow, not fighting reality. It’s very aligned with our trend surfing teachings where you want to use the minimum amount of yang energy all only when it’s required. Do we do the action? Most of it has to do with the willingness to have, as we realize in these teachings. So I love Brazilian jujitsu and I advocate it for children, for women, for men. And the other thing is there’s no punching or kicking each other, right? So you keep your face nice and pretty and happy and, and you don’t have to harm anyone, but you can learn how to control your body. And that the last thing I want to say about this, it’s a complete, if you will, full body, mind, spirit, chess. Yeah. Right? And anyone can learn it. You can learn it til the end of your days. So I highly recommend, and here’s the other thing, you get to feel your soul and mind body alignment immediately. Okay? Feel the barometer immediately of how aligned your soul in mind is or how uninstall a to this and then bring it into alignment. Awesome. So you mentioned something right there that you have, have worked on for years and is you’ve had interviews about, and it’s something I am, I need more information and knowledge on. Clearly I know and I’m aware of this duality that is inside of me in the universe that I’ve been given. There’s good and evil. There’s the sun and there’s light and dark, there’s female and male. And you know, somebody tells me I need to integrate more female energies into my life or I need to be, have more masculine energies. You have worked on this and thought it out and synthesize a little bit. So I’d love to get your perspective of this energetic. We have a part of both of these aspects in us, but sometimes we might go too far in one direction or the other. And as a man, I, I, I don’t want to let one dominate, but I, I, I want to do the right thing and I want to use these energies, uh, to help create more gravity. So teach me, help me understand how to, to balance these energies. Am I, am I telling myself, okay, great. This is a very great and valuable and valid question for our day and age, especially in the conscious communities. So I’m going to speak about masculine and feminine energies in a very specific way that might not be aligned with the context. People are listening. So kindly remove yourself from the way you might know it and pure it in a new way. Okay, so what I mean by masculine is the witness consciousness that’s in this present moment, the witness to all that surprising the one who’s here, the entity, the divine being, if you will, that is witnessing and experiencing reality, right? So you’re witnessing, you’re watching, you’re being aware. Right now, when we’re doing meditation, we’re learning to be aware of what’s arising you our consciousness, the one that’s aware, I’m going to label the witness consciousness for a lack of a better term or the masculine consciousness. In other words, divine emptiness. You can’t actually find it. It doesn’t have a location. It’s not in time and space. It’s transcendent to all four of an experience, okay? Right? That’s what I’m sharing is the masculine. Some of us more men, not all men, but 70% of men. If there’s a scale of masculine and feminine, we’re more identified to somewhere along this side of the scale. I, myself personally, is about 70% masculine identified. What that means is on a human level, I am more drawn to the seeking and the and the winning of greater freedom. [inaudible] freedom from the constraints of life I business, money, responsibilities, relationships, the masculine within us. Since it is witness consciousness at its absolute nature on a human level, when we forget that we forget that we are already free. And so we try to get more free through money, sex, power, and all the things of the world got right. And so that’s the masculine side. The highest priority and value of the masculine is the search for greater and greater freedom from the constraints of life. Okay? Okay. Hold up that land for a second. So now what’s its other side within us also all of us, male, female, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, LGBT doesn’t matter. We have masculine, energetic, as well as feminine. Now what is the feminine? Well, if the masculine is the witness, the feminine is everything else in the cosmos. Light, touch, color, tastes sense, smells, feelings, emotions, tapestries, vibrations. Cosmos is all the things that have time-space mattered. I mentioned ality, the C a variations, the infinite variations of reality. Those are all the feminine and the way I’m describing it, the infinite God is right. All right, Brock, gritty in yoga. [inaudible] in yoga is the masculine. [inaudible] is the rising of all that’s in reality, right? So from the reality trend surfing concept, we would say put your attention on you, but when you are, they’ll put your attention on the reality that’s arising. Find the midpoint and the midpoint is the wake up moment, right? It’s the Periscope up moment. No. If you’re feminine, more feminine, skewed, like my wife, we tend to attract our reciprocal and partners. I’m 70% masculine, 30% feminine. She is the very opposite. Suzanne. She’s 70% feminine, 30% mescal. What that means on a human level is she’s very much drawn to the creation of greater, greater love, more connection, more flow, community gathering festivals, becoming one with the other, dealing, moving through the separation in our hearts and coming into more flow of love and connection. So the feminine priority will, they know we’re so is the the flow of love, the masculine priority in our soul is the flow of freedom. Now once we know this, then rather than trying to become 50 50 which is not our true nature, it’s fine. What is your true nature? And then start living in the sweet spot of that. Right? Okay. So if we’re very masculine, right, and we’re doing a ton of basketball things all day, goal achievement, orientation, breaking through success, working hard, eight, you know, moving forward, pushing ourselves in life, using internal intention, if you will. That’s more of a masculine dryer. The feminine energetic is where you surrender and you feel for the life you wish to have. That’s where we kick in. External intention, right? Feminine form of realization. So does that give you some [inaudible] so if I was to create a meditation around this to balance two sides, so I’m not, I wouldn’t want necessarily have one over the other, but I would want to find the balance best for me. How would, how would you go about doing that? Really good question. So first of all, we have the spectrum within us. For some of us it’s more atrophied. We weren’t taught how to be more masculine. Let’s say we were a young fellow and we were taught that anytime we’re asserting over direction, which is a masculine energy that, no, no, no, don’t do that. It’s too dangerous. Don’t follow that. Then we’ll have an ad. We’ll have an atrophied sense of direction which can show up later is not taking risks, not moving forward. Procrastination, not feeling confident about who you are and where you want to be. Right? If we weren’t nourished in the feminine for being seen just as light as love, it’s you don’t have to do anything beloved. You’re whole and complete and beautiful and divine and accepted just as you are without any performance, right? You get them. Get that nurturance. What we can do now is nurture ourselves now recognize and here’s how we cultivate wisdom is not finding the balance. We used them as a cultivating the whole spectrum so you’re not stuck in masculine and this is the old way how men should be. You’re not stuck in the old way of how women should be dumb, your and just receptive and and, and at the whim of the mass of the male. That’s old school. So to wrap it up, the first stage masculine is all spine, less heart over father’s generation. Drug reps earlier, very stuck in their role. The recipient go would be the first stage codependent wife. She’s stuck in her role. I can’t do anything without you. The old Archie button bunker and EDI karyotype. Okay. Right. That’s the first page. The second stage evolution started in the 60s where women said, look, we don’t want to be underneath the patriarchal oppression. We don’t want to just follow what mankind says. We want to have our own autonomy, our own freedom, our own choice, our own liberation, our own choices, our own money, our that’s cultivating masculine. So the, what happened was the second stage feminine, she’s, she’s learned to develop a balance, masculine and feminine balance. She knows what she wants. She can your business just as good as her men friends and she can make a killing probably better. Now, the second stage of masculine is a guy who realized, I don’t want to repeat the errors and the stuck roles of yesteryear. How would I grow my emotions, grow my hair, wear more colorful clothing, get in touch with my emotions. So the second stage of masculine is but typical would be the new age flowing men who’s, who’s not so rigid anymore. No. Here’s what happens. They attract each other. The strong, powerful, empowered woman sorts of track the flowing, Oh, it’s an evolution from the codependency here. Now we have a healthy independence, right? The challenge with that is it dries out sooner or later because there no passion. That’s what we’re ready. The third stage, which is the embodied, the awakened de masculine, the awakened feminine, the goddess and the divine God. That’s when you ended up for the masculine spine resolution, courage, warriorship ed, you’ve got a big heart of love and embraces and the feminine version of that is a woman who can do business like anyone else, but in her intimacies, she can let go of that masculine shell and love and relish in the erotic pleasures of being a full body of a woman. Right? That’s where we’re all moving into. I really believe that. I feel that I, I’m inviting everyone to to go into that. So is it possible for relationship to work when two are both masculine or both feminine? Is it in your experience? What do you think? No, no, because what happens if you take two magnets? Okay. Pole [inaudible] North pole and you try to put two North poles together, they’re going to repel. There’s only three things happening in relationship. There’s in the arc of attraction, there’s repulsion. [inaudible] what happens when you both are in your masculine? Let’s go this way, honey. I don’t know. No, let’s go this way. Let’s, where do you want to do for dinner? Well, let’s go for Italian. No, we did Italian two weeks ago. Let’s do Mexican enough. I don’t want to do, so you’re both erection, right? Right. Okay. Now the other way. So that’s repulsion. Then there’s neutralization. And what do you want to do for dinner? I dunno, what do you want to do? I don’t know. Last time, no one is making a decision, both in your feminine poles of receptivity and no one is saying, Hey, okay, let’s do Italian and putting their foot down. Okay, let’s do it. Right. Okay, so the third, so the next ways. So we have repulsion, neutralization flat, and then we have the creation of erotic connection, loving connection. And that’s playing the poles consciously. It doesn’t matter if the man plays feminine or masculine, the woman plays feminine or masculine. No one should be playing a stuck role. So for example, in one moment with my wife, I’ll give you an example. I’ll surprise her. Ravishing and honey, Friday 7:00 PM something black. We’re taking you on a surprise. Really? Where are we going? I’m not telling you. Just be ready. So that’s taking the masculine lead in a joyful moment. None of gregariousness, but out of trying to create an uh, uh, a mysterious, magical mystery experience for your beloved. So we can play with these energetics rather than push each other away by learning to feel, you know, is my partner more feminine right now? Can I serve them? Can I ravish her? Can she ravish me? Sometimes I love to be taken by my nightie. Right. So this a thought came up while you were talking about that. Do you think that media politics, advertisement use these energetics as a forming of manipulation? I’m going to, I’m going to appeal to that masculine or feminine part of you and make and make you feel like if you take this action, it’s going against your energetic, you’re too feminine. If you do this, you’re too masculine. Do you notice this as a form of manipulation? It’s huge right now. I mean, sex sells and women and portraying women in sexual energies, in whatever, holding a beer cat or whatever it is. It’s one of the biggest manipulations because of our primal brain is hooked to look for the sexual energy, right? And those in marketing and business and manipulation, they know how to work them. That’s why it’s important we find our own groundedness and through the surfing trans surfing principles, we need to release the hooks that are trying to stir us and draw them into their pendulum. Energetic. The pendulum wants you to be like them. If I spray acts on me, I’m going to have a hoard of women fall upon me. It’s not true. It’s just not true. No. What does work is being in your authentic core, which might be masculine, might be more feminine and radiating that true core of who you are without any excuse. This is who I am. I am mean world and join me as I am. I enjoy myself as I am. Take it or leave it. That if you will, Karen of the self without caring of what others think. It’s easy to say, but it’s a cultivation to keep practicing and as you get better and better at it, you’re realizing I don’t need to get hooked in to what people think I should be, how the how I should perform. If I should be more male, more female. Those are all the old paradigms. Let it go. Enjoy who you are. Now you, you teach leadership. It’s a big part of your teachings, right? So are those energies, can they hurt or if or help your ability to lead. Can you be feminine and lead? Can you be masking when lead, obviously those things come up. You’ve dealt with that, right? Exactly. So in leadership as leaders, we need to cultivate the whole spectrum within us and to honor, love, enjoy and acknowledge the spectrum and everyone else. So their energetics. So here’s a practical example in coaching and mentoring and training and leadership. Those, you know, when I’m training people on how to lead their teams, people who have more of a feminine energy, they are much more moved by praise and acknowledgement and appreciation. So my daughter’s like that. She’s far more feminine in nature. Before I knew this, I’m more masculine. I’m Mike come food training and all that was very severe, very goal oriented, achievement, achievement, achievement, breakthrough, obstacle, breakthrough, a masculine virtue, which I grew well in because of my nature. But then I tried to super impose it on my wife and my daughter before I understood this years back and I was forcing them to grow in their masculine thinking. That’s the way everyone should grow. It’s not true, right? Not until I learned this, I realized, okay, now I need to far more with my daughter and my wife. Give them much more praise, acknowledgment, not superficial, genuine, real. What are they doing well as well as my teams, so I feel for their feminists and I nourish that. You’ve done this really well. You did eight out of 10 in this. What you did well is you did this, this, this to get to a 10 show us more of rap. The masculine within us is more moved and grows through loving challenge, not brash, challenge, loving challenge. So with my son, with those on my team who have more of a masculine orientation, I’ll say, Hey, you did really well here. I’ll give them the praise and, but I’m not overly praised. I give you an eight out of 10 in this. You did well with this, this, this. Now listen to get to a 10, I’m going to challenge you to do this, this, this. Okay. Yeah. So your demeanor of loving calling forth challenge, which will inspire the greatness in the masculine. And it’s your loving invitation and acknowledgement and praise, which will inspire and evoke the feminine. I love it. So it’s always an honor when I get to talk to someone like you and I, and one of the first questions I want to ask, because you’ve been working on this for a long time and uh, it’s always very important. You start to establish a routine. Uh, you’ve seen that you’ve helped other people and in the process you kind of grab and get an improve your re. So I want to know, I want to break down your full routine, what time you go to bed, what time you wake up, when you meditate, what you, we want to get the whole, so if I was to model you, what, what would be the model? Do you understand what I’m saying? I do. I do. I’ll share as best as I can because I truly believe that we all are unique flowers. In this cosmos. Sure. Everyone. So I can share about some of my routines, but like anything you’ve got to find, sift, and as Bruce said, absorb with useful, discard what’s not useful and come up with your own creations that suit your own vibration. Right? So having said that, the first thing that I started off with is a dialing in warrior Sage question. Okay. And the question is this, and this leads my whole day, my whole week, my whole month, my life. And the question is this, I’m going to ask everyone not to listen to with just the ears, but to listen with your soul because it’s a question. But it’s a challenge and an invitation. And here it is. What must I do today to live, love and die completely without any regret? Wow. Love it. What must I do today? You meet everyone who’s listening in. What must you do today? Not future pace it, not put it got delayed, not procrastinate. What’s one action, something action that you can do today that that will make you live your fullest? You know that if you died today, it’ll be complete. So I’m going to ask you that. What is that for you today, my friend, right? You have a response. What’s something that you can do today to live, love and die completely? Well, I, I asked that question a lot and for me personally, it’s what can I do to help the most people right today? What can I do to be of service to as many people as possible? And I, and I’ve continued to ask, the more I ask that question, the more answers I get. Uh, and, and it’s, I, I, but do you, so you asked that to yourself the moment you wake up out of bed. So I bring that up. Yes. The first thing to do is I bring up my journal moments and I write that down. What must I do to live, love and die completely without regret. And then I open up within myself to the answer and I write it down and I, it could be pick up the phone and call my daughter, let her know how much I love her. It could be to, to follow through with this one communication and business that I know I need to do today, which will make the bigger goal more achievable. Okay? Right whenever it is, whatever the answer is from within the soul that appears, trust it and then follow through. Be willing to have an act on it. And it’s the action on that which will open up incredible doors. So that’s the first step. The next thing I do is I’d like to do a ritual cleansing. So as I brush my teeth, I think I’m a truth loss. I look at where in myself I’m not, that can be living in deeper truth is I’m brushing my teeth, truth paced. Where can they live even more truthfully aligned with this. And then as I shower, I do a ritual shower or bath, I let the water pour me and I just release it all. Then I’d like to do a physical exercise. I like to do squats, pushups, and sit ups. So one of my own martial art mentors said to me, he says, earn your meal. So before I have my smoothie, I earned my meal. So I’ll do pushups to failure. One day. It could be 20 next day, could be 50 next day could be 10 body feels, but to fail. So failure just one time. Right? So I don’t try to then push you even more if it’s 20 in that moment. Great. Rubbing, 20 sit-ups and 20 squats. That’s it. At lunchtime we’ll do the same before and then at dinner. So I like to earn my meal. I’m training my physiology, my animal body to be hungry for the food. Right. Okay. Okay. Once I’ve done that, then I go, I got deep into the study of my reality. Trans surfing. Okay. It’s one of my, to me, um, I believe reality trans surfing is like Daoism. Absolutely. Reality, reality manifestation 10.0 you know, it’s an amazing reality software and I continue to learn from it. Absolutely. W w what? Okay, we’ll get to that in a second cause I want to keep going. So then do you meditate? Yeah. So then I’ll take that, I’ll read, I’ll sit with it [inaudible] and I’ll feel it and then I’ll start my day. [inaudible] then I’ll start my day. And so in terms of shingling I’m quite eclectic. One day I could be up to 3:00 AM next day I couldn’t go to bed at 9:00 PM that plan, I’m a little uncut. I really follow the wave of what’s happening in the day. Some days are far more productive in the sense of like today I’ve, I’ve been meeting with my teams cause I’ve been away for a few weeks in Hawaii and came back to my headquarters and we dialed a few things in and then after my call with you I’ll be totally released. I’ll let go of all internal intention and allow myself to enjoy the external intention that’s generating new realities. Right. And now do you, so that’s something that I, I have been coming towards. People say you need to have a set time that you go to bed every night and I’ve found that that doesn’t work for me. I go with the flow a little bit. Some days it’s 3:00 AM, some days it’s, it’s 10:00 PM and I haven’t had a problem. But there’s that little voice inside of me. He says, you probably should start setting up a regular routine, but you’re one of the first that has said that you, you kind of go with the flow, right? That adaptability can be helpful. Right, exactly. What I do is I’ve got set appointments like the one we made for this interview right now, my set appointments, and for those set appointments, I’m quite sharp. I’ll have my phone ring, I’ll be very sharp. And as we’ve learned in the teachings, yeah, I like to remove myself from the emotional of all the things that I have in a day that go into it. I’ll say, okay, time to be impeccable. So lowered emotional connection, lowered emotional importance, but I increase the impeccability. So to the degree I lower emotional importance, I increase precision that impeccability. Usually when we have more importance on things, it’s when we get really down to detailed, well, I need to do this right. And I do the opposite. I lower it hot. This is not really that consequential no matter what, like my things right or lower dial down imports. But then I increased the impeccability. That magic formula together is really phenomenal. Yeah. And then then my impeccability time, I’m precise and clear. I do what I need to do. Bookkeeping, accounting, business calls, transactional. Then when I look that, when I’m done with that, then I release again. I like to do a ritual. So you’re not carrying it with you. Exactly. Right. And then it allows me then to enter the external reality. They’re getting an external amount of the station. Now you’ve worked with some CEOs. Do you see a common habit or ritual that is from all of them, a commonality that that shows their effectiveness? Or when you, when you see that they have a ritual, you know, they’re going to be much more powerful than ritual. That is not been it. Okay. One error or challenge that business leaders, CEOs that I’ve, that I’ve worked with is overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Okay. That’s the number of this constant fires are putting down overwhelmed, struggle, uh, constant things that they’re struggling with. And so the first thing I’ve noticed in that is, is I like to do inner practices. Either processes, either awakening work, where I look at, why are they struggling? And obviously when we look at the core of struggling, it’s attachments to things that are important. It’s a patch moment. The things that they must think are serious and valid and real. And it’s the investigation of not that it’s not important, you know, struggle, it’s effort that’s laced with negative emotion, right? We need effort, right? To pick up the phone, to get on Skype work, but we don’t need to add the extra units of struggle. The energy. And those are remnants that we’ve picked up right from our past, from our family’s origins. And so that’s the sorting process. That’s the relinquishing process, right? So how do I help CEOs go from struggle to that? Well, I train them in the ability to let go of the grip of excessive control. And so I’ll take a pragmatically, I’ll say, okay, what’s really, what are you struggling? Where do you, what’s the tension you’ve got going on? And I’ll get them to I, it’s my staff and this guy’s having a problem with my staff. I’ll go squeeze your fish in your jaws. As you’re speaking to me. [inaudible] I’m troubled with. I go, okay, good. Now after they’ve shared it, fully have expressed their struggle, then I’ll say, okay, breathe. Now take a look where have you added way too much energy to this? Then you really need to, right? And then they go, Oh, okay. And then I so can now with your breath in your body, I want you to breathe and I want you to imagine you’re releasing the reigns of control to spirit, to the cosmos, to truth, just, and I take them through the little visualization and then I get them to do deep breathing. And then I get them to find the humor in all of this. Look, dude, we’re gonna die. We’re gonna no matter how the, you might earn that $5 million business and two weeks later, you might pass away like, so even a break. Well, it’s really, it’s really, we deal with it, right? Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but no. Um, it’s exciting to talk to somebody that’s taken reality trans surfing. And it sounds like you’ve started applying this even with your clients and put it in your program and uh, it’s, it’s, um, it’s obviously rare that we get to talk to fellow, uh, trans surfers out there that have gone through the teaching. It’s a big book. There’s a lot of different, trans surfing is not one idea. It’s a complex, uh, gathering of multiple ideas congruently moving together. So first of all, what is the thing that really stands out that’s helped you? And it’s a hard question to answer, but with trans surfing that has, before you knew about transferring to now that has helped make that quantum leap. Does that make sense? It does. And not just for me, you know, I’ve got a boat, you know, my current CEO circle I work with, they all are deeply involved in the study. We studied this together, the trans surfing principles and some of them have hit 10 X 10 times growth already and all of them are on track for 10 times growth in the next two years. And we’re talking companies, some of them will be worth billions, right, are close to that level. Some of them are in, uh, you know, seven, eight figures, very successful. And they’re all in this. And not only that, that the leaders, the CEOs themselves are bringing the principles into their teams, into their executive team and right down to the floor, everyone. So when everyone is moving in that resonant field of learning, this absorbing, it starts to release all the, the tension struggles, all the infractions, all the pendulum interferences, and they all start to disseminate and move away. And then what happens is flow States start to occur. Yeah. So I’ve got now about 10 companies experiencing flow state. It’s profile. It’s, it’s even a hard one. Imagine that mainstream America is absorbing, living in realizing these timeless principles. I’m really excited. It is exciting. I’ve wondered when it was going to catch and become a corporate thing and now we know the answer it’s been going on. So, uh, and I, and that is the, that that’s the thing that I’ve had flashes multiple times. This is if I want to 10 X my company. Really, I just got to keep going. The path is right there. Uh, you know, that it really is. So, um, what, uh, is there any, uh, how, okay, let’s, let’s go through some of the ideas we’re surfing. Maybe you’ve added some concepts, mixing them with your knowledge of, of martial arts and other teaching. Uh, and thug throb bug throws things of my teaching actuality or divides as well. Well then lucky let’s let, let’s back out of that because there is definitely this energy of sexual transformation. Napoleon Hill talks about it. Tantra. Okay. So, okay, how do we integrate, maneuver and understand sexual energy so that we can use it to our benefit? Okay, great question. So as I shared earlier, the masculine feminine dynamics, right? One of the things is, okay, you know, as in Napoleon Hill goes into this, used to conserve one sexual energy and be more judicious with the release of it, right? So pragmatically, once capacity to manifest, to kick in, external intention happens whenever body system is more filled with life force with chief [inaudible], with, with, with, with life force. So one of the ways is good eating much more raw foods, alive foods, fresh juices, less and less processed foods. We know all know about this when it’s actually doing it, so that it will raise the energy. But also when you start to feel horny, when you start to feel that sexual desire don’t want immediately dissipate it, let it grow. Now what I train my men, CEOs and women CEOs is to keep a subtle level of six to seven. So if you imagine in terms of the ejaculations or orgasm, so there’s no arousal, mild arousal, more arousal, lots of arousal. Whenever you’re getting, let’s see, nine is, wow, okay, you’re gonna have orgasm, okay, right? Eight is like, wow, that’s almost uncontrollable. Okay? But you still have a little bit of control before you totally let go. Seven is you’re really turned on, but you’re in your presence, your relate-ability and contact capacity go six and a half, seven see how long you can keep your sexual energy there without a jocularity thing. So it might be that or without orgasming. So within a month you might orgasm three, four times as opposed to a few times a week resume sample. So with Oh being too tight because if you get too serious, I will not. Then you create, again, balancing forces get generated by the excess just as of too much importance on restraining the sector, Leonard rag. So what I say is just joyfully, happily, once in a while, reduce the amount of end orgasm and allow more of the energetic sexual energy to run through your body. Enjoy lovemaking, enjoys self-pleasuring, but not all the way to the peak. And then bring it down. Slowly open your heart, open the heart while the sexual energy is running through you. Then do your, uh, slide creations. Then do your creative visualizations. Then do your imaginative creations of what you wish. What is the world? The reality is you wish to transfer your self in, but do that after your body is sexually invigorated with lifeforce and watch what happens. The manifestation magnifies big time. Is there a difference between the loss of life energy when you’re with someone than when you self-pleasure? Do you understand? It’s almost sometimes it feels like, and I’m just, I have no way to prove it, that when you’re with someone, it’s almost like the energy is magnified. There’s not really a essentially a net loss of energy, but self-pleasure is a net loss of energy. So, uh, it’s almost like when you’re with a loving partner, you don’t even have to count that. Am I right? Yes. Okay. Yes. This is my experience as well and it’s being consciously aware of how many times you do go into the full release type orgasm, right? And being playful with your partner in that. This then you can make love, you can go all the way, but you might not come to release next time. You might the next two times, three times, you might not. The key is, is being clear with your lover that Hey, I’m turned on by you. It just once in awhile I’m not going to go to full release orgasm just so I can remain in a state of perpetual orgasmic presence. Right? So you don’t tell them that they might feel, is there something wrong with me turned on by me? But let them know an enjoyful communication. Oftentimes I think there is a a habit. Once we have the release, we immediately want to go do something else. And my knowledge and learning an idea, just as you were saying, that is a, once we have that, that sexual release to stay in that moment as long as possible, and that is the spot. Hold each other, hug each other, don’t, okay, we’re done. Let’s go. I gotta go do my thing. It, it’s not really about the release, it’s that it’s that joint energy that occurs and if you can spread it out and strength, am I in, am I just saying that or is there [inaudible] you’re on track. That’s totally, it’s after the release. If you do choose to release one to run both of you or many of you, however your style of relating is, that’s the sacred time to invite in a heart connection, imbibing. You’re looking at each other. Gaze, blend your hearts dissolve, merge your hearts, release the boundaries in those times so that you’re feeling the divine love that’s living both of you. Right? I love it. Thank you. So now that you were first, when you first became aware of trans surfing, one of the big things that everybody goes through is okay, you started becoming aware of the pendulums. You probably already were aware of them on some level, but that knowledge changes your filter of the world a little bit. So you’ve gone through it. We all go through a little learning process on how we deal with this, because clearly it is affecting what reality we’re creating and what we’re doing. So have you come up with ideas or learn things about how you deal with pendulums? Absolutely. Okay. So the teachings of trans surfing teach us that pendulums are energy systems that are aiming to have us join their trip. In another words. Okay, join their system, become part of that momentum. And they’re very provocative. And the more provocative they’re, the more they’re there to capture over units of attention. [inaudible] as a warrior and the warrior philosophies, warrior Sage philosophies, the most precious thing we have is over units of attention. Exactly. And so if you know that everything is vying for your attention, every media thing, every commercial, every radio, every political campaign, there’s pendulum’s going on right now on the earth plane at full force. They’re aiming to capture our attention full force more now than any other time it has. Yeah. So how I deal with it is the first thing I do is, and this is the teachings of transforming, let them fall through. See how they’re trying to suck your life force. Like in the matrix. You are a battery that they’re trying to draw life force, right? So don’t be for them and also use the key. Don’t be against them. Mother Theresa shared this year is when they asked her, you know, there’s this, uh, anti-war rally, will you come to that when she goes? But if there’s a four piece rally, I’ll be for that intent is the same at an everyday level. But she was understanding at an energetic level, it’s very different to be against war versus to be for peace and unity. Right? So when we could find that discernment and stay awake knowing, Hey, where are my units of attention going today? How can we look at that? At the end of the day, what I like to do is I like to do a attention summary. I looked to my very right before I go to bed and I go backwards and if the left here is the beginning of my day, I’ll start with my right little run the real backward. Oh yeah. That’s when my dad really triggered me about that. Okay. How would I do this differently now? Uh, no. I would just listen to him more. I’ll take five more minutes, let him air out fully take one minute to breathe and then listen to what he has to say. Then I’ll respond calm. Are you okay? So you, you correct in your consciousness. Where are you going to fuck and then not go back earlier? Oh, dark. I got hooked by that virus stuff on the news and then I went into that whole on YouTube on it and that whole on YouTube on at night. Oh my God, I, my mind is filled with virus consciousness. I couldn’t die this, this, this. Okay. I got Huck hooked in. Now I’ll look at all that virus stuff coronavirus does, but what? And I put it into a ball and it’ll say, okay, I got hooked in there. I release that hook back to where it came and I let it go. So I like to do an inventory and then correct where I was drawn in, hooked into the pendulum machinery and rerelease it. So I’m not taking it until the next day. The key is to review, release so that you’re brand new, your unconscious mind gets to sleep and peace processing at night. Now when you wake up, you’re no longer carrying pendulums from yesterday. You’re brand new in your power. It’s fascinating cause I have read lectures by Neville Goddard where he talks about revision and now what you’ve just said is revision can be used as a technique to deal with pendulums. It’s and it’s, that’s it. He’d said exactly what you said. Go through your day backward. But I never thought about going through and monitoring when I interacted with pendulums and just change my memory of that. So I, it’s almost like I instantly get the energy I gave back. I love that. You are. We are. I am. You are. We all are responsible for upgrading our own internal software. Exactly. No one else’s fast. That’s fantastic. Now, just theoretically, there’s no way for us. Do you think some of these pendulums are conscious, separate entities? Yes. Not all, but clearly some of them are outside of whatever is running the pendulum. They’re conscious separate entities like [inaudible]. Right. You know, my viewpoint on energy systems, ghouls entities, these type of things, I don’t like to make it. Yes, they are, and I don’t like to make it. Yes, they’re not. I look at it from a practical view, is it drawing my energy and absorbing my goodness and my field of awakening? Is it narrowing me and bringing me to a ball of tile angry men? [inaudible] is it getting me concerned about sex, money or power? Because those forces will continuously aim to stoke up the lower end of Maslow’s hierarchy within you, which is sex, power and money and survival energetics. Nope, we won’t survive. This won’t make you survive. Anything that evoked the lower chocolates is easy to grab that we have to find. So other practical examples, gas prices go up and down. I remember my parents, my dad looking at talking about gas prices. I live in Canada. Whenever I’m visiting Alberta, which is an oil town, and we’re talking about oil book. Well, in truth, can you and I do anything about the gas price? Nothing. 2 cents, 5 cents up at the end of the year. If our, it might be a difference in a hundred dollars $500 if you’re a truck driver, it might be 2000 it’s still adds up, right? All that amount of energy, right? To circle around and talk about gas stations in which gas and gas, it’s units of energy that have been trapped and drawn away from you. That’s why my, I’ve learned, I don’t look at anything like cat control. If I can’t control what’s going on in China right now, I don’t bother. If I can’t control the price of gas, forget it. What I can control is my income to the place where I don’t care. It doesn’t even make any consequential difference in my impact if the price of gas goes up a thousand or dollars more per year or not how, but I focus on making an extra 5,000, 10,000 a year. So I don’t have to worry about my mind being trapped by all those people that want to travel. Right. So I’ve asked this question of everybody that knew about trans surfing. So I gotta ask you, cause at some point I’m going to gather up everybody’s response. Um, well I wanted to know your, your impression and feelings about the plate replat uh, this for people that haven’t or don’t know about this, uh, the writer of reality, trans surfing wrote [inaudible] the priestess and discusses this idea of an energy cord that is behind our heads that we can feel maybe in our lower shoulders that may give us direct access to reality. And you know, Carlos Castaneda might’ve sort of discussed this with the assemblage point. It might be based on old Toltec wisdoms. I just wanted to know what your opinion, if you feel the plat, if you believe it or do you think that he what? What do you, what is your idea? That’s a great question. So Carlos Castaneda talks about the assemblage point, right? And the way I look at the assemblage point is how we are assembling this infinite source of information into over subjective congealed reality, right? How we assemble that is the assemblage point. No, Carlos and Vadim give it a location in between the shoulder blades flowing down over here. Right. For me, I don’t care if it’s on the tip of the finger, right? Nobody knows the tip of my head. To me the location is all secondary. It’s the idea that I am focusing my, I am breaking the spell of the reality. I mean as a solid fixed reality, I am consciously saying I am now going into a transpersonal or divine state or unloosening the grip of congeal reality. And to do that, I’m going to visualize a spot between my shoulder blades or I turn on the flows to meet. It’s the same thing with, I turn on the flows. Whether I visualize a toroidal field, whether I visualize 16 movements through my body. Every master teaching has their own way of activating the energy field. To me, that’s at a mental level. The how to is secondary, right? Those are permission slips to access external energy intention. It doesn’t matter if I create a pentagram and sit stand in it, right? It’s the same. It’s the same. It’s an excuse that you’re putting, you’re using this thing, do this and your external intention will get activated. Right? Right. So I don’t place too much credence on the exactness of it. Okay. But the mechanism mechanism of it, I feel that it’s real and true. The anthropomorphizing of it into the how to is an individual thing that can be played with, but you can make it anything. You can make it close. If you in the first books of trans surfing, you turn on the flows and you expand the center to fill the flows. And that’s the same as turning on the plate method. So very true, very true. So reality trans surfing is written by a physicist and so a lot of the, this teaching is based on some concepts of quantum physics. Do you think that there is behind all of this, possibly a physics explanation for it all and at some point, many years in the future we will understand the physics behind everything that going through spiritually. Do you think that that, that we’re leading towards that it’s intersecting right now. I feel it. It’s intersecting right now. I mean reality credit creation in the way trans surfing expresses it. This is has full on physics correlations right now. It really does. Bowman speaks about the implicant order, famous, you know, implicant order, we would call the space of variations. It’s an infinite sea that congeals in consciousness once we pay attention to it, but that paying attention to it, usually we have a pre-framed attention imprint around it. So, so it’s an interesting thing. So physics and spiritual, there’s no difference. Metaphysics, physics, xylene, there’s only one thing going on, and that’s universal law to the degree that we’re able to penetrate aware, play with universal laws is our growth process as humans, I believe. Fantastic. So you teach, you have a three free courses on your website at warrior, you, you teach a warrior Sage abundance where your Sage relationships, where your stage power. I wanted to talk a little bit more about abundance for the person that might be watching this. That’s in a tough situation in there, in their environment, what they’re in now. Maybe it’s the country or they’re living in a studio apartment that’s falling apart or something. It’s easy for us to become locked in to this environment that we’re in now and a lot of what you teach and a lot of the stuff we’re talking about is trying to ignore the actual exterior reality to create another reality. And it’s difficult for some people. Everybody has a different idea. So what are what, what steps would you advise to ignoring the present to be, to move to a better reality? That’s a really good question. Very valuable. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just having challenges with money or you’re a multimillionaire and you’re hit a ceiling. It’s the same universal principles from my experience. We have core beliefs that are not empowering us regarding money. And there’s a set of 10 major ones that I’ll share. Um, you know, on my website I’ll share with you, but some of them, the major ones are, I’m not good enough. Right? Right. I don’t deserve, I get that all the time. I can people old, young, I’m too something, right? Money and spirituality are bad. Spirituality is, or sorry if I’m sick and money is not the highest. So we have all these imprints within us and so first we got to transform those and that’s why I created this training. It’s a one day, absolutely free training. There’s no cost, there’s no nothing to buy afterwards. And it’s called the warrior Sage activation available that warrior, And what I did was I created a way to repattern those top 10 limiting beliefs out of our system rapidly. All you have to do is download that, go through it. You should do this with a friend, have two minimum or numbers of that or even two, four, six, eight. When you bring your friends there to do this process together within one day, half a day, you will eliminate all those negative beliefs and you’ll start to feel a flow happening around money. The other thing around money that’s a challenge is guilt and shame. Guilt. We have done things with our abundance with money that we think we shouldn’t have in our own estimation. Right? You have failed to do things that we think we should have done that we didn’t do regarding them. You got to get honest with them. You’ve got to get honest because we could do all the re imprinting. You can have positive affirmations, but if it’s sitting on a sea of guilt, those higher affirmations naturally route because, because the soil is dirty chain. Yeah, so we’ve got to own, yeah. Shit, I did screw up around money with that person. With this situation. Yes, there are things I did out of integrity. You got to own it and you’ve got to be sorry to yourself in prayer. You got to feel, what did I do that I think I shouldn’t have done? Journaling and then and then look at how do you think that affected others and yourself. You got to walk that path. You’ve got to say, Oh man, this could have hurt them this way. You’re going to feel because until you feel what the consequences of your misdeeds were, you won’t allow yourself to forgive yourself. Right? And then the next phase is what would you do differently now knowing where you’re at now with the wisdom you’ve gained on the path with the humbleness that you’ve gained and the more alignment with your heart that you’re at now, what would you do differently now they then commit to doing that. You can’t just zoom, zoom, zoom and clear the shame away. You have to face it, guilt around it. You’ve got to own it and you’ve got to make a right by it. By changing your behaviors and actions. Just the willingness to do that will open up a portal for great abundance to start to come back to you. It’s not forces that are repelling your abundance. It’s your own internal guilt and shame that keeps it kept absolutely lonely. We can do something about it and we must then, then we can relate with others because you know you’ve cleaned up your own act now, you’d give yourself permission for greater abundance. Everything that you’ve said resonates with me cause I went through a period of time where I could have been much more successful and I, I felt guilty like I didn’t deserve it. Like there’s a part of me that said I don’t really deserve that success. And so me going through the process of saying I deserved it and letting go of the guilt was a big part. Now, I have a lot of clients that come to me that number one issue for prosperity and abundance, it’s they’re pro. They’re pretty prosperous. They’re making pretty good money, but they are deeply in debt and so their coaching debt is kind of an intercut because if you focus on something, you get more of it so you can’t focus and visualize paying off your debt because you’re just going to be paying off more and more debt. So do you understand? Did you understand that guy or that, how do we, how do we Madam visualize, create and move towards a state where we have, we do not. Debt is not a part because debt is not a necessarily a bad thing. No. If it’s conscious and you use it in the right way, is it real estate investing where you take on mortgages to purchase more homes for Rockland investing? It’s consciously created death. Okay. Let me give you a little primer on my philosophy of death, right? I think it’s the number one life force sucker, right? I really believe so too. It sucks the life force out of us. What it does. There’s an AKA cord, an energy cord, all that you have dealt with. And no matter how you try to overcome it can suck you. Yeah. Why is her debt? Because we’ve been conditioned by the forces in reality that and what they conditioned in is to do is to purchase life experiences in the now that we haven’t earned yet. [inaudible] you’ll see a sale on a TV on your, on your, uh, credit card, but you don’t have the money enough cause it’s black Friday or whatever. And you’ve got to get it because you’ve got to get the bed that’s stirring up within yourself is what perpetuates the debt. And then there’s a guilt about afterwards when you do purchasing from your future to have something now that you haven’t earned yet. Right? So in itself, it’s intrinsically off. Well, we’ve done it. So now what do you do when you do it right? I like to take an aggressive approach of taking a look at how much income is coming in. So pragmatically and put aside, this sounds tough, 20% sometimes 25% minimum of my income. I used to pay off debt back then when they have it, they say, well, how am I supposed to do that? Sounds too, too much. Just do it five 10 20% every month. Make a goal that my debt with the next six months, one year, it should be more than what feels a little bit comfortable, so when you get your check per month, let’s say it’s five K, put that one K towards, if it’s 50,000 in debt, pay it. It’s going to feel like nothing. It’s not making a dent, but next month when you do the same thing with discipline, 2000 will be done. There’ll be feeling of a little lighter the next month you’ll be a little later, the next month, a little later, once you’ve gone past four months, paying down that there’ll be an energy release. Right? That energy release, it’s really at a subconscious level because now you’re saying, no, I am in charge. The debt doesn’t own me. Right. That’s what happens after three months of paying it off consistently, conscientiously with a big amount. Then be aggressive and like think, okay, I can do the whole thing in, in in 18 months I can paid down, do it. Boom, boom, boom. When you get the six month Mark, you’ll hit another energy shift. There’ll be realms of abundance comes in when you are finally painted off. If it’s 18 months, 24 months, six weeks, once you’ve done it, make a commitment. No more debt, zero debt. If you need to cut your credit card, cut it. No. If you need friends, family members to support you in holding accountability, look, I’m going to pay you. I remember years ago I had 30,000 in debt with my father, not with him, but in my business and as a dad. I got to pay it back and he says, write me 12 post-dated checks. Divide that 30,000 up and I went, how much he wants to make that extra because just do it. I’m going to cash it on the first of every month. Call me and say there’s not enough money. Then you’re going to get a PO, you’re going to get an NSF check and that’s going to ding your credit. I went home so that next month I hustle, they hustle, I did whatever I could and I made it and I paid that and I felt, Oh my God, I did it next month I did it again. Right. Then after a while I was just making more income cause I was used to the extra energy required and then after I had that six month breakthrough, then 18 months later I paid it all off the whole inner belly. Relax. So energy the solar plexus. Yes. Solar plexus. Right. Okay. Because that’s the power center [inaudible] and that sucks your power center. Right? Once that got finally eliminated, Oh my goodness, and then you’ve got to celebrate every month. Yeah, I did it. I brought that down. Yeah, I did it. You got to celebrate and enjoy and ride the wave of success. But is it a wave of success? Right. But don’t spend your day thinking about it though. Just put together a plan, pay it and let it go. Yes. The big mystery is low emotion, right? People get worried about the debt and think about it all the time. And that also has certain repercussions. Exactly. Do it conscientiously knowing that there’s light at the end of it that you are creating, not that there is that you are creating the light of the tumble and more importantly the light is now this act of is of paying that one $100 it could be this month. That’s it. Do your best and enjoy that wave. Fantastic man. It has been a gigantic pleasure. Speaking with you. I’m sure is as soon as we’re done, I’m going to think of like 10 or 12 more questions that I could ask, but everybody needs to check out where your say and Raja and three free classes, a warrior Sage abundance where your Sage relationship, where your Sage power and there’s tons of awesome videos and interviews that you’ve been doing for decades now. And you’ll, and, and it’s interesting once you get your RAs focused, you’re going to see safety and everywhere you’ve been, you’ve been in documentaries and, and so I was really honored and excited to get a chance to, to interview you. So thank you so much. Hopefully we can have you on again. And if you’re a CEO out there, I’m telling you, if you want to integrate reality trans surfing concepts with martial art concepts, contacts, ancient cause, uh, it’s pretty amazing and we’re moving into a reality revolution and this is the kind of stuff that we need to learn. And you’re on the forefront of that. Absolutely. But Brian, I am so grateful for our time here. I really enjoyed our interaction and our chair oversharing. And our energy and everyone listening all my love and embrace to you, we’re all divine, infinite beings capable of manifesting all that we want in life, and I’m going to just end with an encouragement to say, yes, let’s all arise together and create even a more magnificent reality. Oh, wow. That’s fantastic. Thank you so much [inaudible] and welcome again to the reality revolution. Thank you, brother.

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