Interview With Kristin Johnston On The Human Energy System || EP 1021

Kristin Johnston is one of my favorite people. In our first interview we had so much fun talking about our spiritual journeys.  Kristin has finished her amazing book Heal The People and I cannot recommend it enough.  

So much energy was flowing during this energy we knocked out the system a record 10 times!  

Kristin explains that Heal the People was written because humankind is destined to undergo a profound shift in consciousness—a global awakening. Now is the time and we are the catalysts.

This book was written as a map into a path of human liberation, and an in-depth guide into the profound inner-work that makes this awakening possible. Inside you will discover the miraculous tale of how one woman conquered her demons and healed her life, along with the guide she used to do it. Kristin Johnston combines timeless wisdom with cutting-edge techniques to illustrate what mystical transformation looks like in our modern world.

Heal the People is designed to initiate an alchemical process within the psyche of its reader. It will introduce you to the many complex layers of the human experience and reconnect you with the transformational power of your own unique spirit. Herein you will find all the wisdom necessary to reclaim your power, expand your mind, and transform your life.

The book unlocks the human energy system.  Here I go over the book and we go deep on Kristin’s unique concept of the human energy system and a variety of other topics.

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