Interview with Kevin Young of Personal Success Programs | EP72

I really enjoyed this interview with Kevin Young. Kevin is a groundbreaking life coach.

Kevin Young’s passion is assisting others in empowering themselves.

Kevin works most often with the “intuitive” community, that is, those having intuitive or psychic gifts who use them either as a profession or simply in daily life.

Together with his wife, Suzanne Young, Kevin runs a coaching and training company, Personal Success Programs. They often hold workshops together, do speaking engagements, and host a global community of intuitives and energy workers called, LightworkerXchange.

Kevin has been published in choice, the magazine for professional coaches a number of times.

Kevin and his wife hosted an internet radio program on the network called, Trusting Your Inner Guidance, where they discussed various, spiritually-based self-empowerment topics, such as the Law of Attraction.

Kevin is a professional certified coach with 500+ hours of coaching experience.

In this interview, we talk about channeling, the law of attraction, consciousness, morning routines and releasing energy in your body.

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welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott. And this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun year. We’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality like purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and our towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome to the reality revolution today. I’m so excited. I have Kevin Young, a groundbreaking coach and I was so excited to, I first watched your interview with Allie O’Shea and I started reading more about it and I’ve been talking to a lot of other people in my interviews about channeling and I started looking through your website and you had so many different things that you’d offered some experience with Law of attraction coaching. Kevin has written some really amazing articles and choice magazine. He is a long time life coach. Some of the stuff that it takes to become certified is pretty amazing. Uh, your, um, it says professionally you are credentialed at the international coach academy. You have 500 hours of coaching experience. You spent 125 hours in ICF accredited coach training program. And so the, the, the bottom line is once you go through this process, you get a lot more experience with that. And, uh, I’m really excited to get your perspective as you worked with clients and, and you particularly specialize in helping people develop their intuition. And so I just can’t wait to get your perspective on this. Welcome to the reality revolution, Kevin. Thanks for having me today, Brian. Really appreciate it. Yeah. So, uh, first of all, just so for everybody who may not know who you are, tell us a little bit about your story and how you got into doing this. Uh, sure. Well, um, most people are surprised to find out that I actually have a background in technology. [inaudible] many years I was in the computer field. I’m on both writing software, designing systems, right. A motive and so forth. And it was in uh, 2008 that I was diagnosed with a noncancerous brain tumor. On the right side. And, uh, it was one of those things where you just kinda shake shop, you kind of stops you in your tracks. Right. I knew about alternative methods and so forth. Um, but I wasn’t really a big believer in that and I didn’t really have a spiritual background. It was very scientific, but it kinda forced me to face into who I was and to start looking at the things that were maybe alternative cause he, what they wanted to do is basically cut a hole in my head and, and pull the tumor out. And it was living on the balance nerve, which was affecting also the facial nerve and the hearing nerve. So it was pretty dicey thing. So over that year, I spent some time, uh, in my did hypnotherapy sessions, I had coaching. Um, I think I did a little channeling with, I can’t remember if I did that at that time, but just trying to find ways to, to heal this. And it was right after the diagnosis is when we found the Abraham Hicks, uh, channeling material that aster hex who’d brought challenge. And so I spent that year. I totally didn’t believe it. I was like, you know, come on this, there’s somebody just quieting their mind and they’re opening up to some consciousness as talking through them. And, but the more I listened, we listened and listened and listen to my wife and I and, and got CDs and we bought DVDs and I couldn’t pick it apart. Like it was pure positive energy. It was always the same. And so that was kind of the kickoff of my journey into this sort of awareness of another level of connection. And then, um, I ended up, once I gave up the desire to not have the surgery, I realized I, I simply wasn’t in a place where I could get rid of this tumor on my own. I wasn’t a evolved enough to understand it and to let go of the, the, what I learned later was the negative energy I’ve been carrying, which caused the tumor to begin with. I was just not at that place. And so I let go of the idea of healing the tumor. And so I just got to have the surgery. We’re gonna wrap up things here at the house. We’re going to fly out to California where they do these surgeries. And within a couple of weeks, because of the immense tension I had released in myself, uh, a friend of mine said, Oh, I know somebody else who had this same surgery. And I was right here in Michigan. We live outside of Detroit and it was at a hospital that was probably 15 minutes from us. Right? I thought the only place that did this was in California. Right? So by letting go is my first law of attraction moment that I had identified. I let go of the tension and I focused on what I wanted and the answer showed up. And so in the fall of 2009, I actually had brain surgery and they pulled out the tumor. It did, it destroyed my hearing and my balance on that side. But to save the facial feature, mostly I still have a little bit of a little sensitivity in that, in that side. Um, but then I get my life back. And then things started accelerating from there in terms of understanding of the law of attraction. And that then dovetailed, uh, several years later into the coaching. And that’s, that’s a long story. But essentially a friend just said, you know, Kevin, every time we talk you’re coaching me. And he was a coach already, so why don’t you just go and get trained with, so I checked into it and I found it was very lot as a law of attraction based coaching, the coaching modality, the International Coach Federation who, uh, has something like 50,000 coaches. Yeah, yeah. That’s the top of the game because everything is, yeah. So it’s law of attraction based at the core. And so everything’s positive forward, focused, always about empowering the client. And that just so resonated with me. So I went through the, uh, the intermediate or the basic level, a course in a year and, and got my certification. And then a few years later I realized I wanted to be, go to the professional level. And then I got more coaching hours, I got more training and then I became the professional certified coach PCC. And that’s the level I’m at right now. And the, the, the fascinating thing about their modality that really works is you’re not giving advice, you’re empowering somebody to give themselves advice. And that process is really, really works. When somebody’s sitting there telling you what to do, it just doesn’t have as much power as when you find out in yourself what to do. Yes. And it, and I got to say, you just hit on the head there, Bryan. That was the, the, the, the, the hardest shift that I had to make as a coach because I was an engineer who had solved problems and now I can’t solve your problems, right? So I had to give up that side of my personality and I turned that to be, how can I solve, how can the problem that I need to solve because my brain still wants to be active. How can I find, what’s the next question they need to hear the next reflection that will help them find their own awareness. And when I made that paradigm shift, I could relax and settle into my own alignment and then they had a better experience. Yeah, a lot of first time coaches, their first instinct is this is okay, this is what you need to do and this, this, this and this and this. And sometimes that works, but, but eventually when the person doesn’t think it’s themselves, it’s just very temporary. And that’s why this works so well. It’s very, very impressive. So I’ve had episodes on the reality revolution and you had mentioned on alleys where you’re teaching people about intuition and channeling. And so I’m going right into it because I’m fascinated by this. So let’s talk beginning about channeling in general. Channeling is a fascinating subject to me. Going back all the way, obviously parts of the Bible are channeled and you really wonder when you start to understand channeling, how many wonderful works of art were just written by multidimensional characters that were not even, did I lose you? You’re not moving Brian. All right, now I’m still going. All right. You had a nice pose there for a minute. It might freeze up a little bit. We’ll, we’ll work it, we’ll work it out. But I haven’t had any on my end. Um, so the, the channeling is a fascinating subject. As I was saying that going back, you, you wonder what famous works of art might’ve been channeled, but at the same time you sometimes will catch somebody on youtube or where it just doesn’t feel like they’re really channeling that clearly, that they’re just straight bs. They want us to think they’re channeling. And, um, so there, then there’s the question of, well, there’s still, you know, is sometimes with channeling you’re activating a part of yourself. It’s not really another spirit, but that activating of your party yourself still opens up part of your personality that is intuitional and there’s a process to go through channeling. I have tried this and I’ve, of course I’ve read Jane Robert’s book, uh, on ESP, which was a good start. Of course, I’ve read a, um, Abraham Hicks and Esther Hicks when she describes how she first started to channel, she would just, you know, her meditating, but then she would type on her computer and kind of get into a conversation at the beginning. And I’ve tried these processes myself and I’ve had some pretty big moments where I’ve had stuff that started coming out. And then, um, is that coming for me? I don’t know. And then there, there’s that long moment. This is this coming from me. How will I ever know if it’s coming from me? Um, another interesting thing is when you listen to some of these channelers are talking about aliens and completely bizarre things and some of them are very genuine. So, so I guess I have to, in many cases, just check myself. For instance, when I, when I go to Abraham Hicks, she is so genuine. It doesn’t matter if you believe her or not. What she’s saying is so powerful. That is what resonates. And as you had told your story when I went in and I have a friend that convert vouch for this. When I went and saw Abraham Hicks a few months ago, I just was, I looked over and said, can you see the aura? She has this big old thing of energy above her. And you had mentioned that too, that you could see that if the collective conscious that she’s downloading and sometimes some questions she’ll get more in last. And I want it first before we go into your coaching modalities for I’m channeling, I wanted to get your impressions on that. You had, when you first, you first started listening to Abraham x and then you went and saw Abraham Hickson person, right? Yes. And then tell me about that experience. Yeah, so that was the, the summer of 2009 when I was really in a lot of pain and, and getting ready to have the surgery. And so we drove out to Chicago. It’s about five hours from here and sat in the audience. It was our first workshop and I was raising my hand, but I wasn’t in the line state so I was not going to get picked. There was no energy coming out of me. Then that’s one other requirements to get picked from the in the hot seat. I figured that out later when I got, was able to get picked I think just because, you know, I figured out the mechanics of it, but at that time I was not able to um, to be aligned. But what did happen is there were times when I would, I was kind of meditating and my eyes closed and just relaxing and then I’d hear something and I like the words would get louder. And there was one time when I, I actually saw over Esther’s head the, yeah, like this almost kind of cloud beings that look like what would be the Abraham collective if you could turn them into like physical, spiritual beings. Just kind of gray, fuzzy, right. Cloud beings. But it was, it was pretty striking. I had never had that experience. And not long after that, there was a lady whose son who was a, she was in the hot seat. She said her son had a brain tumor. Oh Wow. It’s like, okay, how, you know, what’s the coincidence? So well, of course, you know, when law of attraction is active in your alignment, uh, it’s, the chances are 100% things happen fast. And so I saw the words and it was another segment, what they said. And it was almost like in gold letters, in your pain, you must remain and hopefulness. Oh Wow. And that was the, that was the key. You have to separate when things are not going well, you have to separate out your emotions from what’s happening around you because your emotions are caused by what’s happening around you, including brain tumors. So it was really the first lesson I had in and how important it was to start owning the vibration where I was blaming people and angry at this and that, you know, as my, my whole life had that energy around it. And so that was the beginning of the process of, uh, you know, healing many areas of my life. And it’s crazy to think that that, that tumor, you just basically got it by accident just for my traceability. You created it, but it, but it wasn’t purposeful. It was unintended, create anything negatively, purposefully. Right, right, right. But, uh, but it was emotions that, that you weren’t, you know, at that you were not as tuned in to how these emotions affect your body. Well, I had no idea, to be honest with you. I had also, I had allergies. I had stomach upset. Uh, you know, I had sleep problems. I had sleep apnea for many years, which is now gone where all these either minimized or completely gone. I’m more healthy now than I have been in since I was probably a kid because I’ve learned the techniques of vibrational alignment and letting go. So, okay. So if, if you’ve, I’ve given you a little bit of my story about how I want a channel and I’ve also, you know, I books like, uh, opening the channel I think is one that I’ve read by Cynthia Roman. And so if I come to you and I say, Hey, I really want a channel, I think I’m channeling, um, give me a first step to, to start that process. If I were to want to start this process of possibly channeling. Yeah, I’d say the first step is to acknowledge that you’re already doing it. Okay. So we’re channeling all the time you think? Yes we are. And so some of the different degrees, so some of the thoughts coming into our mind are not necessarily ours, we just don’t know how to recognize them. Sure. So the way I look at it, are you familiar with the Abraham Emotional scale? There’s like 22 motions. Okay. And at the top are the positive, most positive, high frequency ones, joy and love and so forth. On the bottom is fear and desperation and hope, hopelessness. Well that say that’s also, it’s not only a frequency range, but it’s like a valve opening degree of valve opening. So down at the bottom, the valves almost completely close to source energy, the higher part of your own consciousness in whatever spiritual energy you want to connect in with. And the more you move up that emotional scale, the wider the valve and the more blended to being you become. When you’re up at the top of the scale, then your valve was basically wide open and your human mind is very little of a participant in the, when whatever it is that you’re doing, right? So it doesn’t matter if you’re painting a picture, as you said earlier, or you’re composing a piece of music or playing a piece of music. I play drums and right. Get to that state. Or if I’m coaching, uh, I get to the, I’m very comfortable and familiar with the feeling of being in harmony and alignment and trust within myself like I am right now. The part of me is channeling right now based on your question. I’m, you’re pulling through me this answer, right? And so the, the key is to, is to not get in your head and to be present in the moment. And as soon as you start reading about what’s coming next, or am I doing it right or is it me, then now you’re, you’re going back down the scale and you’re closing the valve off. Right? We just want to do anything we can to relax in the moment, open the valve up, be present and trust. Right? Sure. So, and, and for people listening, you may hear the word channeling and think, oh, that sounds crazy. But if you listen to what Kevin is saying, channeling is a part of getting to know yourself and understanding your own intuition and going through this process helps you to understand the way that you make decisions and all an intuition in general. And I wanted to, you’re, you’re, you’re coaching more than just channeling your coaching. How to tap into our intuition well become, and that, that facilitates channeling. I don’t teach channeling. You don’t do, do you teach intuition? No, I don’t like teach much, but I do. It’s like coach, right? Right. So I help people to find their own harmony. And in that process, channeling becomes an option. Okay, I understand. So then one problem that I’ve had with when I’ve talked with people about intuition is there is a part of our brain that we’ll identify when we start looking for things. We will see them. Like if I look for a white Subaru, I start seeing white Subarus all the time. But that does not necessarily mean that’s an intuitive signal. And so it’s trying to differentiate those times when my brain is just finding stuff I’m looking for and something that’s important or significant. And I know my feelings are there, but I wanted to know if you had any particular tips so that we can cut the wheat from the chaff cause we’re seeing synchronicities but some synchronicities are more important than others. For instance, I love your article where you wrote about the white Mercedes that wasn’t really a synchronicity, but it was a sim, something that it gave you intuition. There’s something important about this white Mercedes and as and, and it ended up helping you to get your get published and you and align with that. So that’s what I wanted to know is that w that magic moment when it’s not just a thing that you’re seeing, but it’s something that’s important that our intuition needs to respond to. They’re the same thing there. They’re always the same thing. A synchronicity is, is simply a you in alignment enough. You’re getting the messages that are always being broadcast by her herself to point you towards something that’s important to you, that you’ve established either consciously or through experience in the past that’s important to you, that your inner being already knows and sees. And so you’re always getting bombarded with synchronicities, with impulses. But usually we’re pretty far from being tuned to receive the frequency. We’re on a different radio station, we’re down the scale on the messy impulse. We’re always getting impulses. But the question is, are they leading us to what we want? And they’ll lead us to what we want when we’re in the frequency range of them, which is high vibration. So I always ask anybody I talk to you, I have these general questions. What is your morning, now that you’ve done this and you’ve coached other people, do you have a morning routine that has helped you in your process? Well, nobody likes to hear this, but no, not really. Okay. What I have as a, as a toolkit. Okay. Of goto things, depending on how I’m feeling. See anything that to me, I come from a very rigorous background. Okay. My Dad was very, you know, everything was in the right place and you finished everything you started and x, Xyz, everything. And that’s how I became the sort of scientist, right? Computer Guy, which served me very well for many years. But the problem is that anytime you, you, you put a process around something too strongly too in too much structure, you actually put yourself in a cage. So you want to create processes only to the degree that there are platform that you can jump up on to see the next thing to do. But most people will put a cage around themselves. Say I have to get up at 6:00 AM and I have to meditate for 17.6 seconds or minutes or whatever, and then I got to drink three ounces of water. And if that makes them feel good, then great. That’s, that’s serving them. But, but oftentimes there’s a like, Oh God, I gotta do that when my inner being is telling me I should sleep another hour. Well, sleep the next hour. Don’t, don’t follow the schedule because you’re the past. You decided that this is how, what’s going to get you to the future. Your inner being knows your job is to find whatever you can do to find alignment and every moment possible and then follow the impulses that come. So do I meditate every day? Pretty much. Yeah. Do I meditate first thing in the morning? That was mostly sometimes. And then on a nice day, like today, now I do it outside. I’ll do it in the middle of the day, right? Sit on the back porch and maybe it’ll be five minutes, maybe it’ll be 20 minutes. But I always drink tons of water. I’ve got probably 10 16 ounce glasses with some sea salt in each one because that catalyzes and myself, that’s a that. But my body tells me to do that. It tells me to breathe, it tells me to drink lots of water, tells me to move my body and that allows the energy to flow even more. And then I can, I can be more of the coach channel than I am. I love that perspective because I’ve talked to, you know, I am fascinated by morning routines and I guess I haven’t w we wake up when we follow her routine, but we’re, that kind of takes us away from trusting our instinct. If we woke up every day and [inaudible] okay, what do I need to do? I’m going to try that. I like that because you can get stuck into a rigid routine that can feel like it’s, it’s pulling you away from what you’re wanting to do. Um, so after you’ve acquired some of the knowledge and, and, and gone through coaching, have you changed any of your routines or activities or behaviors? Cause one of the things I’ve found from coaching is you learn a lot about yourself and some of those lessons are so profound. I always like to ask that of other coaches. You, you learn these lessons and what major lessons have you learned from coaching others about the law of attraction or just anything in general? Yeah, no, that’s a great question. That’s a great close coaching question. Yeah, I guess, uh, probably the biggest thing sort of alluded to it earlier was that, um, as soon as I start to assume that I know what their, their answer is or even what the next step is for the client, then I’m out of alignment and, and I can feel it. Like right now I’m so, I’m so sensitized to energy, I’m so tuned in that it doesn’t take much to feel pushed off center and I can feel it in my body and then I can feel the client start to go off their own center. And so then I have to get back present. Remember that the client is the boss and that I’m, I am the, I am the channel, the coach for their, for their inner being, their higher self. How she part of it comes through me. I feel where they want to go but don’t know that they want to go. I can feel that energy and all they need is to find their way back to their own alignment so they can feel that guiding impulse and then they can go in their own direction. So then from that sort of holistic perspective, I can then feel what’s, what’s the next question? What’s the next thing I want to receive from a new perspective? Sometimes I get an idea and I asked permission, can I share this idea with you? Because I’m getting a download and deep learning to detach from their outcome and know that they’re having their journey and law of attraction will take care of them just as it’s taken care of me and my job is to be in alignment with me. That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned over however many years, the coaching that I’ve been doing. And the fastest way for you to get into Lyman is just to stop going into the moment and breathe and focus on the moment. Well, we have a, uh, we have a little saying that we made up my wife and I because she, she teaches us as well. She in different ways, right? But uh, we kind of kind of similar stuff. We say, um, it’s stopped dropping flow. I love it. Stop. Stop. Yeah. So stop what you’re doing. Okay. Whatever it is, stop. Drop what you’re thinking. Become intensely present in the now moment. Okay. Got of the future. Have the past, the end of the now moment and get back into flow. Find any way to get into alignment again with yourself and that interrupts the pattern that’s going so that you can then find your way back into alignment. And then the impulses start to flow again. Now, a lot of times a separate question. I just wanted to see if this is a phenomenon. One thing I’ve noticed when you coach, when you coach somebody in you, you’ll find they’ll, they ended up doing way more incredible things than you even thought possible. It’s, it’s like a, I don’t even know if I could even accomplish some of this stuff that I see. When you coach it, it’s like a magnification. Does that make sense? I’m trying to explain it like a, I’ll give a suggestion or give ideas or ask questions and I’ll see this huge transformation and it’s, it’s like, uh, I can’t, I’m trying to put it in. Do you understand that phenomenon? Yes. I regularly experiences now, particularly with the channeling clients more than I’ve ever experienced as a coach of, um, you know, sort of the wider demographic, right? Cause channeling clients are already aligned. They’re already pulling through powerful energy. And so I, I can find ways to pop open the valve in a gentle, gentle way, gentle, safe environment, and then they can then open up to me completely to themselves. So what you’re experiencing is, is the unlimited energy source, right? So, so you’re, you’re not only getting the energy flowing through you, which helps them, but now you’re being guided to exactly the, the switch that needs to be flipped so that they can open up to this exponential geometric energy. And so anything’s possible when you, right. Let me talk about energy then cause that also you’re very tuned into energy as you had mentioned. Um, so one thing that happens when you work with clients, you, you, you almost get a, an energetic connection, which can be bad or good. Um, you have low frequency. Do you go through a process of separating your energy, your open, your energy up to them? Uh, there can be a two way flow, a one way flow. That’s one of the things that I’ve noticed when you start coaching, there’s an energy connection that you start with your clients. And is there a way for you to monitor that so it doesn’t affect your own health? Well, yeah. Well, no, it won’t affect my health because I managed my own vibration. I wouldn’t get that low. But, um, there is a two way communication. I would say that my stronger energy connection is with my own inner being, my own higher self, which is then in turn to connected to their higher self. I don’t get, my greatest benefit to my client is not getting into their energy, right? Because if we’re both down at the bottom of the wealth thrashing around, I mean nobody’s helping anybody, right? I’ve gotta be higher up on the ladder to be able to help them to help lift them up and they lifting themselves up. But I’m providing a powerful environment of positive energy and reflection from their own inner being so that they can start to climb up the letter on their own right now, as you had experienced at with this miracle and overcoming and all the brain tumor, we capture emotions and energy in our bodies and we hold it and it ends up becoming making us sick. In many ways it’s a, it’s an epidemic. And so for people out there that are experiencing this, where they know what are good techniques or ways to release energy that we’ve trapped in our bodies to, to maintain our health. Because I think a lot of times that’s the core problem with people’s health problems is that we are holding the emotion or energy in our body. And sometimes it’s a little more difficult than just saying, I want to release it. There’s a process to releasing it. And I wanted to know what your go-to techniques or what you’ve learned or suggestions that you could make about how to release those energies. And an interesting timing because I had one of those moments, uh, much earlier today, a release moment. See, people think that when you do the spiritual work in you and you become aligned and then you just float on the cloud all day. And that’s not at all the case. But you know that of course, of course. Yes. Right? So the difference is that I have techniques that don’t allow me to, don’t allow me not to stay at the bottom of the emotional scale for any length of time, right? I don’t stay down there. Right? And, and if I do get stuck down there for a day or two, it gets really, really bad. And I, I finally get to a point where I release it. So to answer your question, it helps to understand the emotional scale. And for the listeners who aren’t familiar with it, it’s good to go out and get an Abraham Hicks book that has this, the 22 emotions cause it gives you a lot of context that in essence, when you’re down at the bottom on a given subject and you’re on a different emotion depending on the subject. So it helps to know what the subject is. Usually you do a, you’re down in fear or guilt or feeling powerless or unworthy and you finally have that awareness that that’s where I’m at. Then the next, uh, grouping up from the bottom is anger, rage, revenge, uh, hatred, blame. And nobody wants to hear that because you immediately think, oh no, I’m going to go get in a conflict. Maybe I’ll get locked up. Maybe this, I’ll be shot. And you know. But the thing is, the secret is that two things is that, number one, you have to go through those emotions to get beyond those emotions on a given subject. There is no way around it, right? You can, you can change subjects and ignore it and sometimes that it’ll go away, but if it keeps coming back, you got to face the emotion head on and be deliberate about finding a way to express your anger. And so banned caveat, big caveat, biggest caveat, big lights flashing right now. Pay Attention, right? You don’t do this around anybody else. Write this as a solo venture unless you got a coach like me who knows how to coach you through it. And then you find any way you can to express that anger is as vehemently and violently and physically as you can by yourself. Now we have a room here in the basement. We have a finished basement and I have a, uh, 80 pound a sand bag and I’ve got boxing gloves and I’ve got a, a variety of baseball bats and um, and probably three dozen cardboard boxes of varying sizes. And we ran clients down here. And when they’re at that, that point where you can feel the, the things are bubbling up and there they’re starting to like, they’re finally having the awareness of, Oh my God, I’m just, I’m feeling so powerless. I’m ready to do something about this. It’s okay, come on, let’s go into the breakout room here. And you got your choice of weapons, you know, and they’ll, people are either scared to death or their, they’re excited beyond measure that they get to hit something right. And so I will coach them through, I’ll remind them what it was that they were upset about or what were their feeling powerless or who it was that were pushing their buttons and just gently coached them. We’ll bring up the emotions and then they, as soon as you start swinging the bat, it’s like a two way street. It’s like when you smile, you feel good. When you feel good, you smile. It’s physiologically, it’s a bi-directional kind of thing. So when you start moving the body, the emotions start to come up. And I’ve seen some of the most amazing breakthroughs, tears and just lightness that occurs in five minutes of doing that. And so I do it myself now. Like I, this morning, I’ve had several days where some stuff was really pulling me off center and it wasn’t doing the work on myself. And it finally culminated early this morning and it’s like, okay, that’s it Kevin, time to do what you teach. And I spent a good 10 minutes in there and had a great time. So somebody sitting in their car that maybe doesn’t have the primal scream or something just to, it’s all up the windows and, and hit, hit the steering wheel, not the horn. Hit the steering wheel, scream at the top of your lungs, tell you, tell the world who you hate and what you’re upset about it. Hatred and revenge and rage. Uh, and jealousy, those are all valid emotions cause they’re just guidance. They’re feedback to let you know that you’re way out of alignment. You’ve been thinking thoughts that aren’t serving you, and it’s okay to release them because as soon as you face into them and release them, then now you can move up the scale. You won’t get stuck there, I promise. Okay. So I want to attract incredible, joyous emotions in my life. And for a lot of people that is difficult because there’s experiences that I haven’t had and I want to know that particular feeling. I want to know the feeling of landing in my helicopter on my yacht and getting off. Well, maybe I haven’t experienced that. So give me an impression on how you would suggest that somebody create these high vibration emotions that they have not experienced. It takes a little bit of level of imagination creation, but is there any techniques that you would recommend where we can amplify these higher emotions in even, not, doesn’t necessarily have to be in a state of meditation, but in the process of manifestation. Um, if you had any shortcuts or tricks or ideas on how to create an amplify these higher level emotions. Sure. Yeah, there’s lots of techniques. And first question is, um, why do you want to do that? Cause I want to feel more of those emotions and I want to see that reflected to me in the outside world. Okay. Well the reflection is inherent. It’s like when you stand in front of a mirror, you can’t do anything but reflect, right? So everything in your life and in our lives is an exact vibrational reflection of the energy we’ve been putting out through thought over a period of time. So, so the manifestations will always come on the heels of the vibrational alignment. So like Abraham says, everything’s about momentum. Law of attraction is two pieces. It’s frequency, which is reflected by what emotion we’re feeling and it’s momentum, which is how long we’ve been on that frequency. Right? Okay. And that’s how long the car goes in a certain direction versus in the other direction and the, and the longer you’re on worry, then the faster the cargo is. More law of attraction reflects back worry. And so you build up a big worry vibration. Well, it works with any frequency. So the secret is to catch when you’re in the low frequencies by paying attention to how you feel and then moving up the scale like through expressing anger or other ways in. If you’re higher on the list, then it’s about milking that energy. Using techniques such as lists of positive aspects, you can do the list of appreciation. You can go out in nature and just not think and be present with nature. Observe everything doesn’t see the thing that people believe thanks to the way they were brought up is that I’ve got to set a goal and I’ll go work hard on the goal and I’ve got a bit to think about the goal all the time and then the goal will show up. Well the problem with thinking about the goal is that you don’t have, is that you’re thinking about the fact that you don’t have it usually and that prevents it from coming. So you don’t have to be on the thought of the goal that you want. You have to be on the frequency of the, of the thing, which is as you said, how you want to feel. And that’s generic anywhere that you can feel good, you can come around at any angle. And the more time meditation of course is the number one starting point to stop the mind by stopping the mind we float up to that frequency, then then you do everything you can to milk that frequency and then you get to the point where you don’t need the manifestation because you’re feeling good all the time. And then the manifestation show up. Right? So there’s a one thing I talk about on my channel, it is Reality Trans Surfing. I don’t know if you’ve Heard About Reality Trans Surfing. It’s sort of a form of advanced law of attraction. It takes into some other other tech ideas that are there. Now we kind of naturally deal with when we talk about, and I wanted to get your perspective of it. It’s good that you haven’t read about it. So it’s interesting when I talk to a law of attraction coach that still mirror some of the stuff in red. So one of the big, one of the topics in Reality Trans Surfing is if we’re creating our thoughts, our thoughts are creating reality. There’s these pendulums which are they, it’s an outside force that is a group of thoughts that end up controlling us. You can be good and bad. It can be corporations or governments that they’ll see that positive and you don’t think that’s possible? Well, nothing controls us not, let me just not say control. We are submitting ourselves and giving ourselves to the pendulum. We do that all the time when we go to job or whatever. A pendulum is more than just us. It’s a group of thoughts that pull us into a certain direction. It’s, I think it’s becoming aware that while we are creating our thoughts, there’s these other outside forces that are also using these, the law of attraction and, and thoughts. Um, and so I wanted to, how do you help people maneuver through these pendulums? It could be a government, it could be a culture. It could be a family, it could be a group or whenever you have four or five people thinking thoughts, it can pull you into a certain direction. Once you get sucked into that pendulum. We do it. We, we, um, we do it voluntarily, but sometimes it can be deceptive. The pendulum can be deceptive. And I wanted to know how you would coach people in maneuvering through what I would, what they refer to as pendulum. Okay. So I think what I’m hearing you say is it sounds like there are potential outside influences which could affect your experience. Right. Okay. So, um, that doesn’t, again, back to the idea of reflection, everything, all those pendulums are reflections of the vibration that you have going on. Right? Any moment. Now, momentum can build, like we were talking about earlier. If a moment, if there’s, um, let’s say the government is, you know, there’s a negative energy moment that you call them pendulums. It’s just energy in place, energy, momentum in play. The only way that you’ll ever align with that, the only way it’ll clean and show up in your experience, your mirror is if you’re on that frequency already. Right. And we’re all in the, on these frequencies all the time we opened, she opened up her computer. But in a way, a second though, right? Why did you open up the computer? Because you got an impulse to do that. Where did the impulse came come from? It came from your vibration. Where’d the vibration come from? Was the thoughts you were already thinking in the momentum you had in play. So it’s still a reflection of what you’ve been thinking. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. We are, we are the creators of our reality and there’s nothing that’s more powerful than our thoughts. Right? Of course. Yeah. So another, uh, another topic they talk about, um, is important. When you see when, and, and I, and we’ve seen this when we tried to manifest, when we have something that we really, really badly want so bad or that girl I have a huge crush on or that job that I can, I’ll please, please, please, I want that. As soon as we start to go into that mode where we create importance for it, then there’s balancing forces that seem to work against us to counter the, the amount of energy we were printing into the importance of it. Does that make sense? Sure. What’s the feeling behind desperately needing something? Is it joy and love or is it powerless? It’s one. Yeah. It’s that it’s the lack. Yeah. And so that’s what you have to manifest, which means nothing can actual up right. Soon as we attached to a manifestation may and making that a more important than the thing that we want from the manifestation, then it can’t come because we’re focused on the lack of it being there. Right. Okay. So I’ve learned so much so far in this conversation. I just wanted to you and I could keep on going. There’s so many little aspects of the law of attraction. Is there, is there anything in particular that’s been a big realization recently that’s changed your philosophy about the law of attraction? We’re always learning and so there’s new things that you’re learning and as it, as you start to teach intuitives, I’m sure that you’re learning as well. Have you had any realizations that you kind of, it may be a small modification or a new, uh, realization or epiphany as you go along this process that you could share that could help us? Yeah. Good. Good question. Um, I’d say that, um, from the law of attraction standpoint, it’s just gotten simpler. The more experiences that I have, particularly when I talk with our coach, with people who are channeling from the broader consciousness, and I am participating actively. When I work with a channel, when I coach a channel, I’m often being the person asking the questions through the channel to pull in an energy through them. So I get to talk to source all the time, which is right. It’s amazing. It doesn’t get better than that. And so of course, I get all this, this pure knowledge and that just helps me very simplify and refine my understanding. And, and basically what he just shared, the idea of frequency and momentum. That’s law of attraction. Everything is a mirror of that. Now, in terms of my own growth, what I would, I realized fairly recently as I’ve decided to refine my, uh, coaching practice to only being the intuitive part of the, the lightworker community, uh, is that, uh, things are things add. The more you tune into what you want and the more you allow yourself to be, uh, connected with what you want to do, the faster the energy moves and things that, like, things I created six, seven months ago this, I created a lightworker exchange, a meetup group, and then it’s going to be a Facebook group for lightworkers to come and join it, right? That’s already become boring. And I was coaching people like three months ago to into intuition in this beautiful eight week program. All of a sudden that’s boring. Now they can be now channels has shown up in full force. I’ve been coaching channels on and off for a number of years, but now I’m exclusively doing it and now they’re showing up. And the energy is so much more powerful now that it’s taxing me to, to do the work that I’m teaching and coaching other people to do. I have got to do the alignment work on my body and my soul, or I can’t keep up with what I’ve created. Yeah. So I’m, I’m of course, I want to ask the, um, you’ve been around so many channels, there’s gotta be some fascinating stories, some that are like, wow, this stuff beyond comprehension, uh, maybe other planets or aliens or anything that’s really interesting that you’ve encountered that gives us a little bit better knowledge of the universe that we would all love to, to know about through these channels. Sure. Oh yeah. Well, so the interesting thing is I’ve come back, I know that, so I’ll tell you real quickly. Yeah, yeah. When I got into the channeling, and first couldn’t believe that in fact, I w there was this broader intelligence and it was everywhere and it was pure love. And there was no criticism, no judgment. It was, you know, and then as I got into that, then of course I’m curious about, well what else is out there? You know, are there ets, you know, are the other dimensions? And yes, the answer’s yes, there’s more life than you can imagine in this universe and other universes as well. And, and yes, there are people who channel the ets and I’ve probably spoken to a few now that I think about it through various channels because the channel is just a connection to another consciousness. Doesn’t matter where it is, cause there’s no time and there’s no space. Everything is here, everything is now. So there is no distance to any t who’s in this connectedness energy. The only difference between an 80 and the spiritual consciousness that we’re talking about, nonphysical is whether or not they’re projecting into a body or not. And there’s, there’s more than I can imagine. Now that being said, then as I’ve gone through this evolution, to me that’s all passe. Now I’m just, I’m now more, more than ever a, I care about being here and now on this planet that I chose to come to and step into the mission and the purpose that I’m here to do, which is to help the evolution of the planet is through these, how you encountered multidimensional beings that seem to contradict others that were in opposition with their message that seemed a little bit off. Well, in all cases, it’ll still be a reflection to my contradiction. If I have any people to people worry about, um, are there evil spirits? I want people listening to this that are thinking, I don’t want to do that because I’m scared that I’m going to have a demon that’s going to come in to me or something like that. And I would say then don’t do it at that time because you’re not in alignment with the concept you will attract. Is there negative energy? Of course there is. We create everything, right? All consciousness needs contrast, the negative and the positive to see the difference. So you have to have the unwanted to be, have a clarity around the wanted, not the unwanted to get the unwanted. And so it’s all good. But the question is whether you’ll tune into it. The, I had a lady in my last class who was, she was from us conservative Catholic background and yet she, she, this, these energy was coming out and so she came to me and wanted to be in the program and one of the segments I do is I play some music and I say, who do you think is playing the music? And so they’ll get an image in their head, you know, it’s a little intuitive thing. And she said, and they’re all thinking, oh, there’s this, this old African American guy playing the piano and he’s doing a great job. And that would, that would be my thing too. That’s what I would think. But then, uh, this one lady, okay, she says, no, I’m getting a 12 year old boy playing the piano. And that’s who it was. Oh Wow. This is 12 year old boy from, um, Indonesia. His name is Joey Alexander. He’s, he’s like in his late teens now, I think playing a John Coltrane jazz tune called giant steps, one of the hardest jazz spaces, right? Cause every quarter very, yeah. Is 10 and yet he is 12 years old. He’s improvising as some of the best jazz musicians I have ever heard. Is he channeling you’re 100% worse. Yes. Yes. And when we talk about it like that, all great artists are channeling all of the, and perhaps that’s the, the ultimate test is when you truly create your opening to channel. Yeah. Completely and fully. Yes. That’s what we call it. Let people call it flow state flow state. Right. You know, that’s kind of the generic term when, when I talk about channeling for what the people I’m coaching now it’s more about verbal channeling connection and with a stream of conscious and subconsciously translating it. But yeah, that applies to pretty much anything where you’re in the flow state. Yeah. Now, um, something that I talk about in my book that’s coming out is parallel reality. So I wanted to get your perspective, do we channel, can we channel parallel versions of ourselves or versions in other realities? Do you think that is a possibility or have you encountered that in any way? Um, I have not. Um, I have done, um, I did a regression that’s called a quantum healing hypnosis technique. Uhh, t yes, it’s a wonderful Dolores Canyon. I’ve, yes, it’s wonderful. I’m aware of it and I’ve trained with that as well. Oh, okay. Yeah. So I had one of those last year and, and I actually was in different aspects of my own past and that was at Atlanta’s and you know, there’s some things and that which resonated from other experiences I had had that there was a very parallel energy and it was interesting. Uh, but again, what I’ve kind of come full circle and that I’d, I care personally less now about what happened in my past or past lives or other dimensions because that’s all interesting. And, and if you want to pursue it, that’s fantastic. That’s your journey. And my journey now has come back to the here and now. Yeah. It’s really all irrelevant because all we have is this moment. We can talk about it and it’s fun to talk about. But the moment is the key. And that’s the key. That’s the big word awareness that comes when you start to focus on this stuff is that it? I think it’s a part of the lesson that we learn. We, we, we, we are interested in the past or what’s going to happen in the future, but it all comes from right now in this moment, every second. And thank you for the lessons that you’ve given me. I’m sure that we could keep on talking and as always happens, as soon as I’m done with this conversation, I’ll have four or five more questions, but I always ask a couple other small questions to everybody just because, um, I’m, and they’re just for fun cause I’m a big movie buff. And so I always like to ask, you know, is there a movie that you made suggested that I haven’t seen that I might like, that you haven’t seen or, or just give me your favorite movie, if that’s the easiest. But if there’s a PR, there’s like a unique movie that I might not have heard. I always liked to find out of movies I might not have heard. So. Wow. There’s so many. I think all the, uh, the movies, uh, along the lines of, um, the Matrix series was really philosophical for me, right. As it has a very clear tie into law of attraction. Um, I’m a big follower of Star Trek and star wars because of the Fomo. Yeah. I’m not, so, yeah. So, uh, if I think of something I can’t think of anything you probably wouldn’t already know. And do you have a particular book in first of all in, in this field that you, that really touched you, that you’d recommend it? Um, in the, is it g w we talked about Abraham exposor. Any other books that you might recommend that, um, some, somebody out there might read that could be inspiring or uplifting? Well, the books, certainly the Abraham Hits books and probably modern day, um, from a modern day perspective are the most important, have been the most important for me because everything else when you find the alignment and harmony and everything else manifests off of that. So you know, after that, it’s just like, what are you interested in, you know? Well, thank you for being so gracious with your time and answering these questions. Everybody, if you want to get some coaching from Kevin, you can go to PSP and you and your wife Suzanne, um, offer coaching with law of attraction, lots of experience in this stuff. If you are intuitive and you want to embrace your talent and expand on this, then the person that you need to talk to you as Kevin and I will include a link with this episode and just thank you. I’m so happy that you took the time and we, we just barely met. So I appreciate you spending the time with me and, uh, let’s talk again soon as we go along. All right, we’d love that. And Ryan, thank you so much.

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