Interview with Fri Chihak – Wealth Coach, Metaphysician || EP 142

Fri Chihak is an expert on using universal laws, magic, metaphysics and manifesting. She helps her clients skyrocket their net worth? Fri teaches how to use the law of attraction, energy work and more to manifest 7-figure amounts and more.

Fri offers courses on metaphysics with a fantastic course called juju fierce

Fri also is hosting an incredible mastermind to help heart centered entrepreneurs manifest extraordinary business and wealth opportunities.

I really, REALLY enjoyed this interview. I am personally drawn to the idea of consciously moving toward becoming a billionaire. If you respond to that laughing or thinking that this is impossible, that is part of the problem. Fri is trying to completely transform the abundance mindset to achieve extraordinary things, Fri’s attitude and teaching are infectious. You will enjoy this interview immensely.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so excited to have free hack here. Free is a wonderful life coach who has these incredible, uh, websites and events that help people expand their prosperity consciousness and really tune in to the idea of what it would be like to become a billionaire. A lot of time in the spiritual community, in the law of attraction community and with clients that I have, there is a fear of really wanting to achieve an intention as big as wanting to be a billionaire. And I disagree with that. And in many ways I think that there’s, this fear, uh, is inconsistent. And so I was really attracted to freeze message. She is trying to help other people become billionaires and the embraces the anti intention of being a conscious billionaire, the idea of being a conscious billionaire. It’s fascinating to me. She has, she’s, uh, an ex teacher and as a background in metaphysics and some other things that we’re going to have a great conversation. Welcome to the reality revolution free. How’s it going? Thank you Brian. I’m so excited to be here and to be able to just share this and just have this wonderful chat with you. Thank you for inviting me here. Fantastic. So for people that have not heard about you on the reality revolution, give us a little bit of your background and what it is you do. Absolutely. Well basically I’m a former high school teacher. I was born and raised in Cameroon, in West Africa, studied in done and then here too. So I have a master’s degree in teaching a leadership and at some point you know how life goes. I decided to veer off the track and become a business woman. So I became really fascinated with the idea of billionaires. They have a certain lifestyle, all the contrary to the lifestyle that I was raised in. And so because of the fascination and because of the fact that I have been in metal position throughout my life, I was born, you know, with the ability to see things and you know, which parents are out. But my grandparents were actually in metaphysics. My grandmother was a shaman and he learned, she used herbs and she talked to spirits, that kind of thing. And she was, you know, she was laughed at a lot, you know, because of what she was doing. And my grandpa was a tree medicine man. He would speak to the spirit of trees and be directed as to how to heal. So I grew up in that environment and I was a, you know, I’m also a natural born Astro projector. So did we love the things that were in my life that have been, you know, wrapped around metaphysics. So metaphysics has been, I’ve been searching and finding and following the different paths throughout my life now having this metaphysics and in having this goal of being a billionaire. And I’m sitting here thinking we’ve got these abilities as metaphysicians and got this incredible knowledge. Why are more spiritual people big in theirs? Why don’t we have, you know, in this law of attraction, metaphysical community, a lot of us skyrocketing to the highest levels by totally. And then using that to spread the message to be able to help other people and to live a fabulous life. So yeah. So yeah, we are discussing that in the spiritual community, you find a lot of people that be, that, that will say that they, they don’t want material possessions anymore. They reach a point where they say, Oh, all of that’s unimportant. I’ve gone within. And in many ways I think as I read science of getting the science of getting rich, it is my spiritual duty to become rich. And the more, the more resources I have, the more I can help other people. And I can maybe help one or two people at a certain level. But as a billionaire I can help billions of people. And so it’s, I, one of the hardest things I’ve found as a coach and as you can agree is, is this, this prosperity mindset. People have a mindset, they are afraid of wealth. They think it’s, they are guilty about it. They have this feeling that it’s wrong, that they, uh, they’re doing the wrong thing, that it’s evil. So I, I you probably somebody who has set this intention and to helped other people. Let’s talk a little bit about that. Cause, uh, I think that there’s an inconsistency in the spiritual community. If you’re going to come to me and say that I should feel guilty or wrong for wanting to, to manifest resources in my life. Uh, there’s an inconsistent. So what is your perspective on that? And Brian, that is so true. I mean, a lot of people are naturally afraid of wealth. And I, the way I know, I think it’s, it comes from a, you know, the ancient Christian background or religious background, uh, where people have been taught that somehow to give what you have away and be poor and humble is somehow you’ll get way to heaven. And it is frightful for you to desire. And you should somehow quench your desire. And your desire is not important. And when we see this in many different, uh, schools of fog, religious schools of thought, and so this is so ingrained in the consciousness of the world, then it’s been passed down from generation to generation. And it’s so contradictory because right there, when you look at the book, like the Bible for instance, you’ll see this mixed messages. You see King Solomon, he’s absolutely wealthy and his, and just adoring him and looking up to him. And then you turn the next page and then you’re being told to not ask too. Not to be humble to give away. You see the woman who had, um, give away her last 10 shillings or something of this sort. I don’t recall the story quite clearly, but she goes and gives it away and everybody celebrates that. And you’ll assuming, how is she going to feed your kids, right? If you give it all away, how do you, I mean, so it’s contradictory and this, but I mean that, that cautiousness is deeply ingrained in people where people feel like if you’re wealthy, somehow, you know, it takes your spirituality away from you and, and it’s, uh, it’s a bogus concept because there’s nothing that isn’t spiritual. I mean, on this earth, every single thing is spiritual because everything comes from source. So using finances, whether you’re exchanging calories or AE or your taking your five bucks and getting a piece of gum. If it’s a spiritual exchange, energetic exchange exchange that’s happening all the time. And when in our society right now with all the, we want to make any changes, we need the financial abundance. If you’re really wanting to go out there, if your friend, if your friend is in trouble, you can go and console, you can soup it. Your friend had him on the back on her and say, Oh, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. However, if you are fabulously financially abundant, you can both Pat your friend on the back and write her a check for 10 grand and to hae quotes for those kids, Hey you guys take a vacation and go hang out and forget about the terrible thing that, so you can, I mean, I would rather be the friend that can book that you on the back and give you a check for 10 grand and assists you in in other ways. People listening to this interview, how did you feel when I said the word billionaire? Go inside because I know that some people that are listening or even saw the thumbnail for this YouTube video, how to response the reaction. Yes. And that’s, that’s a question for you. You really should be aware that if you’re feeling a reaction or you saying that’s ridiculous, there’s something going on within you, you are limiting or blocking your ability to achieve this massive. And so there is a difference I want to talk to you chose to, you chose the billionaire path with an intention, which I love that as a conscious billionaire and as you have said some, some people say I don’t want to really focus on the, on the amount of money. I just want to focus on the experiences and I understand that perspective. But there’s something different about the billionaire perspective. Now you could’ve chosen, uh, a millionaire but the billionaire is different. And your reason for that difference in choosing to go for the billionaire instead of the millionaire? Well first of all, more impact, right? I can reach. I mean cause for me I, you know, I’ve lived in the United States for 20 years and the difference between where I live and where I was born and raised is starkly different. As in millionaire. Yes I can impact some people. But as a building there I can have greater influence, not only here in the us but also where I was born and raised. I can. So impact influence, that’s a great, a huge leverage for me. And then the stage that opens up the ability to be able to stand on, to be on the core, the cover of Forbes magazine for instance, a in their fridge on there and that goes spreading out and going. It’s so you, it reaches a certain level. The other reason besides rich is also as an African American woman. So as an African American woman, I feel that it is time for us as a rate. I mean they were just in this board, this bodies, this, this lifetime. But I came into this body for a reason. I must have chosen it because I wanted to make an impact you in that arena. And how many African American women do you see on the cover of Forbes magazine, billionaires and I think there’s another Nigerian woman and two women in Africa and Oprah once in a while you see them, the two in Africa. I don’t even think people know about them, but Oprah, everybody knows about her. So I’m thinking it’s right talk. Yes. Yes. There was nothing American woman I want to stand on. I want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, billionaires proudly and saying, listen, we are no longer limited by the color of our skin. We cannot no longer use that as a reason. We’ve got to blast forward because we know we are not our physical bodies. We know we are sourced. We are powerful beings. So that’s another, that’s another reason we have a chance in this incarnation to make a difference now. Yes, no, absolutely. You don’t need to wait till another like this. I mean quite everything. Yeah, this is, this is the time. You know it. This is it. This is it. We need to be able to, to, to move and chicken and, and really make the diff mic mic changes because we can, we’re supported by the power of divinity that we have access to. And the third reason, and you may laugh at this, the third reason is because the air is cleaner at the billionaire level than the middle near level. You know, there are a lot more people wanting to be millionaires and there’s a lot of energetic, I’m a struggle, you know, energy’s a struggle around being a millionaire because think about it in the coaching world, the business world that people are trying to be millionaires and it’s that grind. All I want to be a millionaire. And I feel like that if you look at the energetics of being a millionaire and 1 billion king at, um, you’re looking at the, the energies, if you could see the energy, she will see that, that the millionaire section is really dense because there’s a lot of, it’s so hard, it’s so hard to pick me. The men so hard, hardly anyone is thinking about setting that big of an intention. And because people aren’t setting the intention, the air is cleaner. That’s what I mean. So the energy, the energy cleaner. Yes. So therefore if I, my my focus to be a bit in there, that half is clearer than the got a lot of bumps along the way. Yeah. So those are just some reasons. No, I love it. So what in coaching some of my clients when you, when, when, when, when they’ve had a, something similar to that goal. I’ve had this exercise as a imagine right now you have to spend $1 million a day for some people that’s out two. To put yourself in the billionaire mindset is different and to, so you have to capture the mindset on a daily basis, what it feels like. So I, you have obviously gone through this process. You’ve made this your intention. What are some exercises that you do route to really capture the essence of being a billionaire in the moment, right. What are the things that you’ve absolutely, well, first of all, Brian, I do have a poster that I had made. Let’s see. Fortunately, I don’t have any next year further over there in my office. I should have brought it close, but I have a poster that I had made of me on the cover of Forbes magazine. I’ve seen it on your other videos. Excellent. Yes, yes. Oh, that’s in my office and I see that every day and when I look at that, it’s, I smile because it’s on the cover of Forbes magazine, so that’s one of the things I know it’s, it seems like a small thing, but it is huge when it comes to intention then every time, and I’m in my office a lot during the day and so anytime I glance at that, I don’t necessarily look at it and imagine myself as a billionaire there, but I glance at it and every so often I’ll read it or sometimes people will come by and if they walk by and this year they ask, we talked a little bit, all those, the this, this board, this vision of me on the cover of form. It’s so powerful, holding, helping me keep that intention and keeping me grounded and focused in this vision, a billionaire because it’s something I see. Do you know one time I was, I went to an open house looking at an open house and I had just a few days ago been seeing myself on the orbs and I was wearing this red dress heels and a certain kind of earrings. I walk this open house and the real estate agent is dressed exactly that way. Oh my goodness. This is so interesting because then it seemed to me that of course my great Juju source, that’s how I call my source or it’s been, um, well showing me what I would look like. So it’s like picturing it in my mind, but now I had an even stronger big wall of it in this woman. So that’s one way, just one way that I go into this billionaire a reality because for me it’s, it’s my reality already. I mean, you know, and I drive by that, you know, I live in a high net worth neighborhood, so it’s easy for me to sort of, to, to drive next door to the see all these huge homes to, you know, see the, the Lamborghinis and the Bugattis and the rolls Royce is they go by my area all the time. So, you know, that’s my ambition. Those cars are what I have for vision as a billionaire because I intend to live a fabulously locked three lifestyle as a billionaire. Um, I’m not, I don’t shy away from wealth. I’m not going to be one of those video nerds shying away from my wealth. No, I am, I am going to be flashy. Um, and I don’t what, what people think they can go, you know, go do their own, you know, if I can do it, they can do it. So no excuse that. But I’m also going to be giving a lot, right? Doing things, making changes, et cetera. And I feel like just attaining that be the next status is a huge, huge deal. Absolutely. So I that I get into the billionaire mindset is to parallel universe. So when I was a little kid growing up, I used to have these interesting experiences that, you know, totally scared. They freaked my parents out and they had to take me to like a, a shaman to, to do some [inaudible] off my abilities. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the witness because I would see things that were in there. I would go places that learn and go. So it would be like, I would be sitting here and then all of a sudden the doorway would open like a Mirage. You have, you seen like when you look at the roof, you know when the sun’s shining and you look at the roof and you can see Alge astral plane, but right here in my physical reality, right. So I would, this is when I was root though I was little and, and uh, and I would see him in a rash and I would just walk right through and then I would be playing with some, I would just, I would be in a completely different place. And then I would come back and tell these stories and so my parents up. So, so I use that, that, you know, they went, they did some things. The course of my ability, I could see the ski, I could see that they were scared. I was just talking about this with my mom and sister last week and how scared that were up to things that I used to do. So I was like, you know, at that time I feel that I must have felt how scared they were and allowed myself to lose, well not really lose cause we never really lose it but um, to let go of those realities so I can be more focused in, you know, in the physical realm. So, but one of the things that I do now is to him, I can see, cause I have the visual right to match. Imagine that I can see that and project my consciousness through this waste. And instead of seeing my little friends that I used to play with, I can now see the me and this lifestyle, whatever I want to do in that being in there stick, which is really powerful and really real to me. Yeah. And so sometimes when I come back from it I’m like, Oh, I’m not in a different place. It doesn’t look like a big Smith. Yeah, absolutely. So I think that when we’re younger we are, we’re, we, we are given instructions to block some of those abilities and our ability to see things. And a lot of us growing up is unlearning what we learned when we were younger, especially when it comes to stuff like this. Yeah. So, so you have, um, you’ve, you’ve helped other people that are, that have this intention of, of, of a high net worth. And I just wanted to get your idea of some success stories that for people that you’ve helped. Yeah. Okay. So one of the success stories that I helped was, um, I helped a friend slash client, um, who we had this relationship where, because she knows I’m a metaphysician so she would in her business, she would contact me and we will talk and sometimes we’ll go out and I would help her with getting back I men, things like that. And very interesting is one day she called me up and she’s, she, you know, she was really freaking out. She’s like, I need your help. Let’s talk about something that happened. What happened? Well, she got through some circumstances, she got put in touch with a couple of billionaires from Europe and um, they had a conference call and they were talking about potentially doing some deal together. Anyway, she, she, um, got really scared because they, the way they were talking, their level of financial commitment, the things that they were saying, you know, sort of scared her because she wasn’t anywhere close to being eight there, anywhere near there. And she hadn’t even thought about the billionaire intention. When your moment comes, you might not be ready. Right, exactly. Exactly. So she, she was talking to me about that and she was saying, you know why I have, I’m sitting here with these people while I was put in touch with these people, it doesn’t make any sense to me. You know, it’s so far fetched and so far out there. And then I had to, I counseled her and I told her, listen, why is because your great Jude, you realize this, you positi to be a billionaire and so y’all, but you haven’t yet consciously made that choice. And it could go either way. So here you are with your grade Jude, you presenting you with an opportunity for you to say either yay or nay. So which isn’t going to be, do you want to be a billionaire or not? And for the first time she was sticking up and she was like, Oh my goodness. Cause I hadn’t thought cause I said make the decision, stand by it. So she said yes. Yes, I definitely, I mean it sounds wonderful. I definitely be been there not long after that. I could go into this and it would be absolutely amazing, Brian, but not long after this through his sir, a series of circumstances that you would not believe. Excuse me, she, let’s just put it this way. God, I’m all block. Yes. So through this as serious of circumstances, she got an eye on a block and uh, which, so the way it works is that some off of the, um, the big companies like mobile and they, they go in, they get these roadblocks, they make the contract with the government and get the soil blocks. They work the block for that for a few years and then they let go there if they don’t renew their contract. So the block comes back to the government government offers this for entrepreneurs to bid on certain companies to be not any company. And it was true series of events like that and mobile had to a block, blah, blah, blah. And my client was able to get that block, which then put her in a billionaire status 10. Yes. Potential. I can, I can say potential because you know, the crude still has to be taken out and billionaire is always a potential billionaire. Once you reach that point, you have stocks and, and high leverage investments. And I’m okay, I embrace the, um, I embrace that when I become a billionaire, I know that I’m a potential billionaire every day. But it, it’s, it’s, I understand that’s part of the billionaire mindset, which is so exciting. Yes, exactly. I mean, she’s, she, you know, this was, that we celebrated, this was a huge deal because the, the, the way it came through, the way things worked out, and this is not to say she didn’t take any action, but she, the way everything came together, there was no other explanation, but for you to see the power of divine movement in the, in the works because on her own just no way write it back in sync and in, in combination with her ability. And she said yes and she allowed the Bennett, she, you know, and she’s a strong spur woman too. She was, she got it. She got it. She understood that. And she just, one of the questions was back how, how am I gonna be him? Something that you don’t want to ask, right? Yes. No. So I, you know, I, I said to myself, I said to my say to my migrate, Jude, you someday I am going to be involved in the house for now. I can see the how to you deal with the side, the house, but someday I’m going to be in there. So, but that’s just one example of how really tapping into metaphysics and setting the intention to be a bit of there can really, things can happen. I mean, this is an industry that she wasn’t familiar with. Right? So let, let, let me, let’s address the wealth coaches. I’ve, I’ve had a few wealth coaches that have said, if you, if you focus on the billionaire, you’re gonna immediately create a lack mindset because you’ll be aware of what you don’t have, which is a common argument among practitioners. And I want there to be an answer for that because I think that the fear of lack, this fear of the, what I call the Chinese finger toy of, of attraction, this worry that we’re gonna when we focus on something that we don’t have it, it’s not always like that. That we can place our attention on it. And it doesn’t mean that we have an awareness of what we don’t have. It’s a mindset. I wanted to get your opinion. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? It’s a common argument. Oh no, you don’t want to focus on the billionaire because then you’re just going to be aware of what you don’t have. Right. And I say, no, that’s not true. Don’t be so afraid to be aware of it. So what is your opinion? Is there a trick where we can be aware when there’s a lack mindset that’s confronting us when we’re dealing with this and when we’re embracing the wealth mindset? Well, the first thing to understand is there’s no lack mindset. Really. There isn’t, there’s no lack mindset. The reason there’s no like mindset is because we all have, you just have to look around you to see that you lie. You don’t lie, right? I mean, your body is taking care. It’s breathing on its own. So you don’t lack [inaudible] on an amazing botnet that is basically taking care of you, nurturing you. You don’t lock, you’re sitting on a chair somewhere in a home, you don’t lock. You may even be lit a Ridge somewhere. You’ll still under a bridge somewhere. Do you see how we think of lack? Like somehow we don’t have something, but it’s because we’re not looking at the thing that we have. So we have energy, right? So financial abundance is energy. Money is energy. We are energy. Everything is energy. Money is nuts. When you see that Mondays is easy. I’m sorry. It’s energy and it’s not [inaudible]. Yes, it is easy. Um, and not separate us then you can’t, you don’t see the lack. How are you gonna say that you lack energy? That energy is not prevalent all over the plate. You may be a little bit tired, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You know, energy is everywhere. So therefore there is no lack. And I think what people are saying when they talk about lack is that, and this is, I call, I call this this whole thing, this, this idea that we, someone is in lack and illusion, right? It’s like that Mirage is talking about like an illusion. So what they’re saying is, well, um, because I’m not a billionaire yet. If I say I’m a beginner and then I’m going to be saying, but I’m not a billionaire yet, or, uh, I’m not a billionaire. That somehow that, that, that disparity is, is laughable. But it’s not like, Oh, it’s just that I think it’s an illusion that a misconception of the way they’re perceiving financial abundance. Cause if you, if you look at and also a separation which then mix being a billionaire, some sort of a goal to reach and some something that’s big and it have to strive for and they forget. And we do. And I do too. Sometimes that or the universe or the grid Juju and I X would say to create a castle and to create a button. Exactly the same. Exactly the same thing. Yeah. So if so there also, because when you look at that, you can clearly see that there isn’t any luck. There is, it’s the same, the the the button and the and the being a billionaire and being a, having a a thousand dollars a thousand there is the same thing to the universe. So I mean that. So I hope that that helps you with, to realize if you, if someone starts to think they’re in lack, they just have to look at the phone that they have in their hands and they can say, I have, how is it that I’m in that I’ve got a phone. You are not in LA, you’ve got upon you, you have a desk, you can, you, you, you just look outside the trees, not a plants at these days people have to buy the, everything is financial. You, not everything, but most things are bought with money. You see it everywhere. So financial abundance is prevalent. It’s a bonded and it’s abundant in you because you and financial abundance at the same thing, you are just your energy. So you lack what you mean. It’s like I was saying, you lock yourself. You don’t like your, you, you can’t do this. You’re made of the material. Yeah. So I had this weird theory about money and maybe I was going to run it by you because you’re, you, you’re, you’re talking about kind of magic at the same time. Do you think that money is an entity, a living conscious entity that we can channel that money is more than just this thing that we get, but it’s almost over time become a conscious extra energy that that, does that make sense? It makes sense. It makes sense. Yes. Well, money, I don’t think that money in itself is an entity, but I think that we have creed fit and energy three, one entity, a savvy or you know, one of those things. Energetic entities because of our focus on money because energetic focused creates, right? So each, each of us could have, um, an energetic, uh, entity that we have created as a result of our focus on money. And, uh, we could give this energetic money NTT more energy and directions and whatever. Right? So we have, we have, we can, I believe that that is possible. That probably, I mean, it’s just, you can’t focus on something so much without necessarily creating a sort of energetic static, I guess around that, right? Like over time, it may not have been conscious of, but because there’s so much focus on it, there’s over time, maybe an energetic entity that has even become conscious. It likes to play with you. And if and, and, and, and at, once you fall in, it falls in love with you. It’ll bless you the way that, you know, if you embrace it. I dunno. That’s sometimes it’s so, yeah, I mean, well, I feel it’s, it’s [inaudible] regardless of whether the entity has its own power, I feel that we still have power that in taught us off the way we want to play with it. So if you decide to create a money entity, I mean we, I mean we specific, we create energy balls, we create saboteurs, we create, uh, entered various entities ourselves. If, why don’t you give them specific directions? I know of people who have created specific entities, dragons or whatever, to, to guide their children when they go off to college or you know, things like that. So, yeah, so this, if we can do that, we can certainly do that with money. So if you were creating your, your money entity, I mean, you could design it to be a certain way. You could design it such that, you know, whenever you want, you want some money, it could bring it to you and it would do your bidding and if you’re fully pitched with it and you, you know, so, yeah, absolutely. Oh, what a wonderful, I love it. Um, so a lot of people that may be listening to this, I know there’s going to be a group of people that are like, well, I don’t really get into business very much and, and, and I wouldn’t, I don’t want to go to business school. And starting a business is complicated. I have to get a tax ID number and I need to, I need to go. There’s all people will create all of these, these blocks of when I’ve coached him, I know you probably have had the same thing. They start to create these steps that they have to jump over that are too hard for them. And so I wanted to get your impression to tell people, I don’t care where you’re at, if you’re in the worst kind of of poverty where you don’t believe that you have resources no matter what your situation, you can be a billionaire. You can be a billion of their billionaires that have started in worse situation than you. Right. The people that have been at that, that are living on the street, that are billionaires right now. And so one big thing that people need to overcome is their current situation. And also this understanding that it’s hard, that business is hard, that the, the processes heart, what, give us a perspective on that. Overcoming those particular blocks. Well, Ryan, in my group, I have a group on Facebook, it’s called manifest time net where we have in that group a book club and in the book club right now we are reading the billion dollar secret in the book, the billion dollar secret, the author interviews, he travels around the world, interviews, billionaires from all over the world and he’s getting their stories, their IBS, how they came to the billionaires. And I promise you, anyone who picks up that book and reads the stories in there, we’ll have no complaints. There will Everest, you were born in the United States or the Western world and you read about this, this like Africa or India from the or the middle East who are in the worst possible circumstances and Rose from those to become billionaires. You will never complain again. Never, because I mean people just assume that, you know, when you become a billionaire, Oh the Southern everyone sees you. And then when they read stories about you, they hear all this about how you are spending money giving away living a lavish life and they don’t take the time to look at where you came from. Right. And in that book, there are people from circumstances I will never wish on anyone. And the tell the truth, the story, the journey, how they, how they got went from where they were to being billionaires and how they did it. So I recommend that, you know, just go pick up the billion dollar secret on Amazon and I do yourself a favor and stop complaining. And it’s one of the reasons why I have this, you know, my, my, a YouTube, you know, I don’t really do the videos much anymore, but yeah, no, you have some great videos on there. So that manifests work in the high net worth. Yeah. Yes, yes. My manifest side, net worth. But YouTube where I interview, I do the conscious billionaire interviews. Well, one of the reasons interviews is, could have a record, right? Because imagine, I don’t know if best the hose for instance or bill Gates, if they kept records of them, you know, when they were strong and doing things and they, you know, it would be fascinating for us to watch instead of hearing it as a story. It would be fascinating to actually see they’ll get sick. Oh my gosh, this is so frustrating. Or this is what I’m doing right now. And I, I’m trying to now that show, we have records of people saying, Hey my, my vision is to be a billionaire, but look away right now. No, we’re close. So some they went, they’re bigger than this and someday when I’m a big in there and people can watch this show and say, Hey, she was on fines constitute the reality, the revolution show. And she was not a big on that yet, but right. And the intention is to show that we can do it, we can do it. We can just set the intention. And if the intention is strong, then the pathways are going to start opening up. You know, for those of us that know spirituality and metaphysics, we are being universe works that your intention is strong. And, and always remember that if you have the idea, the idea is usually at the tail end or the tail of the manifestation because by the time you received the idea, it’s already created it. That’s why you received the idea in the first place is because most of it is already done and it comes to you. So you can chew on it and you can create, you can, you can like decide, Hey, do I want this? Does this feel right to me? The challenges that I’m faced here, what do I want? You can pretty much play with it and, and, and, and then come to a decision, okay, yes I want this. No, I don’t want this, but it’s already done. Genetically. It’s already done. So there’s, there’s some unique things about the billionaire mindset that are different than the millionaire mindset. One being that, that you don’t go after just one idea, right? That you’re going after multiple, multiple ideas are coming to you. And it’s uh, and that’s one thing I, when I, I’ve coached in people, well you have just one idea that you’re going to go after and you want to be a billionaire. Well you know, that idea better be $1 billion idea or you can have, you can have 1,000 million dollar ideas or you can, so I wanted to get your [inaudible] how do we X, how do we explain it? Spend our ability to create multiple choices and see multiple options. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense. It makes, yeah, it makes a lot of sense because I mean it really depends. For me, I feel like this should be no set rule around how you become a billion, right? Cause individual intentions is so powerful and if you can hold the intention then the pathways are going to come. Sometimes the pathway looks like one idea at first and you start to pursue that one idea and then that one idea begins to branch off and other parts come together. Right? So it all depends on how you are as a human being because for instance, you were not working with source and you all of some things that you may not be aware of yet or you have forgotten or it’s about your personality and how you are. And you may be the kind of person who can only, who enjoy ample, uh, focusing on just one thing at a time. And here you are with this intention to be a mega billionaire and you’re you and your source of saying, okay, I’m in order of, the best way for her would be, um, to do this water pro act, actually do that health project, you know, to do that. Oil projects, et cetera. However, if we were to get all those projects at once, that will scare her and she wouldn’t do anything. So Lex, but that, but right now she’s gonna love the chewing gum idea the most. So let’s give her the chewing gum idea cause she loves to create different flavors. And so I get into the chewing gum and I start working on the chewing. I’m like, okay, this is going to take me to be, this is my big on the idea. I may or may not know. It’s my billionaire idea. I just pursue it and it’s wonderful. But as I go into the billionaire idea and I’m meeting other people, growing, learning about how to create amazing flavors, the gum, all of a sudden I run into this water project, Oh, this is what a project is great. And now my beat, my chewing gum has, you know, uh, the, the directors, they’re the people that can sort of run it without me fully being, they’re already established. Now I can branch off to this motor idea and the chewing gum is still taking off, going places on its, you know, that type of thing. So that can happen. So I would say for, for myself and for everyone, not to concern yourself exactly on how, just focus on whatever is exciting that you’ll doing now. Whatever project it is that you’re doing now, go for it and focus on if it’s just one thing, great. If you love having your hands in several different eyes at the same time and you’re able to manage that, go with that as well. Right. You know what I mean? Yeah. So, um, we’ve talked about, we will, maybe we’ll come back to it, but I’m also fascinated because you have your, your Juju course you talk about, and you have a background in metaphysics. So I wanted to talk about magic a little bit with you. You have some background in that and you, um, so, uh, for some people that it’s going over the line, it’s a little bit too woo woo, but there is some power. First of all, have you seen magic, real magic work? Not just law of attraction, but magic, um, entities spells that kind of thing and get, I’d love to have some of your experience on that. Well, I just wanted to say woo. And I won. Woo. My man, I’m going to say, and not sacraments, but some totally will. And I embraced that fully, fully. I, I’ll just say, make no apologies. Full plan to anyone. I am as I am. I love who I love metaphysics. I love magic. That’s me right. Period. Now. So diving into that. Yes, I have seen some incredible things now. I was a Gnostic Christus for 12 years and this is a secret and some that Zotero group, you know, like how they had the Freemasons, that kind of thing. Um, so yeah. Yeah. So I was a part of that for quite a long time, 12 years and we got to do some really five things in that group. We really play with some magic and vocations. Um, getting to meet masters type of thing. We experimented with that a lot. Um, of course, you know, I had seen my grandmother do some things as well, so she was able to, yeah. She, I mean she, she would call daddies. I mean, um, to her, to speak to them to find out what she needed. I mean it, I have, yes, yes, we’re busy. Yes. That’s wonderful. Yes, it’s, it’s fascinating. Um, you know, to, to see that kind of thing happen in, to be able to call on entities, um, or call on day tees and people do that. I mean, so as an expert, do you have a recommended way of protecting my energy? Um, the idea that, um, by using these, the knowledge of Gnosticism, like you said, is there, is there an energy routine that you’ve developed that can protect you and give you a feeling of protection when you do these things? Sometimes I, that’s a question I always like to ask. I’ve learned some different protection routines. I’ve, I’ve personally experimented with the, uh, the lesser banishing ritual of the Pender pentagram, which is a very common one. But then there’s other people have different ones. Is there, is there anything that you’d recommend for, you understand what I’m asking? I understand what you are asking. Yeah. What I would say first to me it’s always important to know that your personal power is magnificent and nothing can penetrate your personal power unless you desire it. So your personal, but we underestimate, I, in my opinion, our personal power. It is incredible and nothing will penetrate if you say you do not want it. I have spoken and sat two entities, no, I will not tolerate that and they back off. So for me is starting with that premise and when I am doing any magic, if I want, if I’m where I’m going to maybe invoke or you know, and I don’t really like the word being polluted because it has so many different connotations. Call just call into my circle, various deans. So I’m wanting to meet various beings in the physical plane or when I’m in the astral plane exploring, I simply set, tell icicle, say in this circle I only ask for blah, blah, blah, and I stick to what I want. You not even attempt enemy for anything if you are not blah, blah, you know, and it, and that, that that personal power is respect. It’s when you command that they will not stand in your energy space. With that, the, the challenge is that a lot of people don’t feel that they are that powerful. They feel that the other entities, uh, more powerful because they’ve been watching, you know, movies or reading books or whatever. Or maybe they’ve heard someone else’s experience with a person who shared that they were overcome by some entity or whatever. And in addition, because of, again, that religious background where they talk about the devil and the devil tempting you and making you do things you don’t want to do. When Adam was tempted and diesel comes, you know, to, to the evil and all of that tradition there, that’s what makes us not really stand in our power. But you got to realize, we exceedingly powerful. We are source, right? And we get to command and you whatever you say, and you, you, you know, when you say it with your intention and you know, this is what I want, you have clarity around that. No one’s going to try and usurp it. No one’s going to use Def alien will not try to pin your circle because your power alone has covered that. Now, people who feel that some other entities can penetrate, they have, you know, you can do the Tetra Gramaton um, around yourself. You can take salts and put it around. You know, my grandmother used to use charcoal and Palm oil. You know, she used to use charcoal Palm oil and some salt to sort of make a circle around her space where she, you know, when she performed her magic, that kind of thing. So, and you can, you know, so basically whatever you feel gives you, because what matters is that whatever you use, you feel protected by, you’re not sitting there, you calling it a divinity or an angel or whatever. Dady you’re calling into your circle and then you are shaking in your boots with fear. Oh my God, why are you doing that? Right, right. That makes sense. So you had mentioned also that you, you are pretty good at astral travel and I’m fascinated by that. So [inaudible] uh, what, how long have you been asked to be traveling and can you help us per people that are struggling that want to, um, astral project? Uh, do you have any suggestions for that? Of course. Well, I’m a natural born Astra projector, so I was, I was born doing it all my life. And, um, obviously, you know, at the beginning, I, you know, I just assumed that that was normal for everyone until I found that wasn’t normal and it’s all again, but that one of the abilities that I have kept, I mean, after you go to bed every night, it doesn’t happen, happen every night. But, um, it happens a lot. And along the way I kind of learned more about it. It’s very easy and it’s, it’s not hard because we all do it. Astral projection is a natural thing. Every time you go to sleep, you ask for project. The difference between the person who knows they asked for projected on the one who doesn’t, is that I am aware when that separation sort of, I mean, I’m quiet and by that other body that has for body leaving, my physical body has as I enter that sort of sleepy state. Right? So I am, uh, that’s sort of separation that happens and a lot of people maybe terrified of that, but you know, because sometimes if it has different sensations, right? So sometimes it feels like, you know, you’re stuck in your bed and you can’t move. Sometimes you hear loud sound, sometimes you just hear a buzzing or you feel your body vibrating. It’s a variety of different things. I mean, you’re really spending your body’s living. Um, and so the, it depends. So if someone really want to attempt and asked for projection, uh, it’s really easy. It’s not hard. The, when they’re going to bed, when you’re going to bend, maybe go a little early, maybe when you’re not too sleepy. Right? So you can be aware cause you want to be aware of the process. You go into bed. And this is not my process. I pretty much I’m doing anything I can do it anytime. Yes. Except I am still learning to do with when I am awake. So if I were like sitting here, I want to be able to project if, you know, I’m sober right now, but for right now I have to really be in a snippy state to be able to do it. So you get into that sleepy state, um, you just observe, you can some mantra or whatever words you want to use or your religion doesn’t matter. You can use the word Jesus if you’re a Christian or Buddha, if you’re working, if you’re a Buddhist, whatever. Right? And you just repeat that internally and you’re just aware of yourself and as you drowsy and drowsy, eventually you’re going through stuff. You get into this, um, it’s a hypnagogic state, right? Um, and where you start feeling, maybe you may feel your body getting heavier and heavier and you’re getting into that sleep state and then you missed feeling that bought your, your, you may feel like you’re spinning. I mean [inaudible] you know, you feel like you’re spinning but you’re not really spinning. You feel like you can hear some loud sound sometimes. So a variety of things or whatever happens during that, that, that time don’t panic. Just relax and just observe. And your body, the astral body is Def is going to leave and you can, you can, you can roll it when it’s living. Sometimes I will do that. Like last week when I was visiting in the astral plane, Stonehenge actually I was able to roll. Yeah. I was able to roll down, get out of my body and then, you know, sometimes I’ll be able to see, look around and see myself in bed. My spouse walked through the house, go through walls, fly, jump off of the hightest buildings. I have created sand storms and you traveled through or you know, no, I have never tried or even thought. But now that you bring it up, that’s very interesting. Well we know that the earth is at a place in time in the past or future. It’s a place so we could travel back to that exact location. So I think it’s possible. Right. I think I’ve done it. Yeah, it’s very possible because I have seen, you know, I haven’t, I don’t, I don’t want to call it travel through time, but I have been able to see my past lives, well, some of my past lives while in the Astro plane because you know, things happen instantly and they ask, you know, when you’ll fonts sort of materialize right away. So I’ve been able to, to travel, so to speak, to see, to observe myself at certain times in certain past lives. Uh, but not necessarily traveled back. I’m not sure what that would be like. It seems like it would just be easy to just say, Hey, I just want to go back and see myself in childhood and go see myself in childhood. I mean, I think that that would be easy. Haven’t really had a strong calling to do that. I did have a strong calling at one point to see my path life. So I did write for anyone who wants to ask for a project. That’s an easy way. Now, the way I talked to my husband was what was with the technique of pulling your finger. It’s just that simple technique where yeah, you just pull your fingers, you go about your day. And um, every time you come, some you, let’s say you’re going, you hear the siren go by. You ask yourself on the astral plane with a physical plane, you pull your finger. And every day we see a group of people, you pull your finger, you see your car, you pull your fingers. So you just go about your day pulling your finger and asking the question, am I in the astral? The physical planning? And what happens is when you are in the astral plane, your finger is going to elongate. Yes. Oh, that’s [inaudible]. I recommend on a regular basis having a check to wake yourself up or checking that you’re not dreaming. And I think that’s a perfect merge of that particular idea. Yeah, because I mean, you can pull your finger anywhere. People are sitting in a meeting at your job, you just pull your finger. No one’s going to know. That’s perfect. Yeah, it’s pretty easy. And you just, you just do that. And what that does, it just, it just allows your body, your mind, your subconscious, and of course your grudge know that you all wanting to experience being an astral plane and it’s not going to be long if you, if you are severely serious, you’re going to do it. I mean, you can also do it. I mean, I know that puts a lot of people, they, when they go to bed when dad really tired and they fall asleep, um, so you could wake up in the morning and try it if you have time because you’re still groggy. I found for me, for instance, yeah. If I wake up, like I’d wake up, meditate, and then go back to bed. Oh yeah. I’m definitely, yeah, definitely astral projecting. No doubt. So there are so many ways it just sticks intention. They have to want to do it because a lot of people, they’re scared, you know, they’re like, well, I’ll have people ask me questions. Like, what if I get stuck in the Astro play? Right. That’s not gonna happen. No, it’s, no, that’s not good. That’s not gonna happen. You’re just sleeping, you know, just, but it’s, it’s fun. It’s wonderful, absolute fun. And it is one of the things you want to experience because it really helps you to realize your not your physical body. It’s an amazing experience for you to know that this isn’t it, that just your physical body, it’s just that. Yeah. And you get to really explore, you know, attend some, you know, if you are like a Christian, you could go to church in the astral plane, talk to Jesus in the Astra point, you know, um, that kind of thing. You know, like, I wasn’t Stonehenge. I like to go [inaudible] every time I go to Stonehenge, there’s a ceremony going on. Does that non-physical tempo there? I, you know, I get to go there and, and uh, and the, and the other day a, I have a, uh, a paid physical group called Juju fears. And one the, uh, one of the members in the group wanted me to meet with her in the astral plane. And I’ve done this before with people way to say, you know, with me, made me ask you a plan. And then when I get there, they’re not there. So, but this time I set the intention to meet with her. So when I came out of my body, I, we planned to meet at Stonehenge. So when I got to Stonehenge, it wasn’t her, but it was her source, her, her, Greg [inaudible] was waiting for me, um, dressed in this, looked exactly like her, had flowers, um, around her head and what is incredibly gorgeous share blue flowing dress and just waiting for me by the temple. And when I arrived, looked at me with such incredible divine law. It was, it’s no words, there are just no words to describe. And you, when you meet your great Juju was someone else’s and the just look at you and you feel completely loved and held my hand. We had a little chat and then I was [inaudible]. Alright. So we need to meet at Stonehenge. We need to plan it out. Well, we’ll definitely meet at Stonehenge in the near future. I’ll, I’ll keep an eye on it. So going back, I just want to talk about another couple of things because in my own experience in coaching and in clients wealth coaching in that kind of thing, um, some people are really good at manifesting money, but they’re not very good. But, but they’re like, Hey, I manifested $1 million, but I owe one point $2 million, or I manifested $1 million and I have to work 90 hours a week. So there’s a certain kind of wealth with the billionaire mindset that you’re talking about that we’re trying to manifest that is not working nineties no. Right. Or manifesting a gigantic amount of debt. You can get a loan for $1 billion and then it’s going to cost, you know? So I wanted to, to talk a little bit about it. There’s some things that people should be doing along their process of [inaudible] of becoming a billionaire, of manifesting money that they need to remember, right? To make it easy to make it quick. How do you deal with people with large amounts of debt? Because that debt really pulls their energy away from the belief and fun and joy of looking for opportunities and debt when you know, the argument is, it’s kind of a weird, if I’m going to focusing on that debt, then I’m going to get more of it. Anything we focus on, we get more of. So it’s one of those crux is, I know you probably had to deal with it. So I want to get your perspective as a, as a wealth coach on, on, on somebody that has a lot of debt or the ways that we, what true wealth that we’re trying to accumulate. Okay. So for me, first of all, I always say I like things easy, right? It’s my [inaudible] I have made easy and normal thing for me. So I encourage people to make easy and normal thing for them because we have been taught that hard work pays it’s not true. And I say hard work cannot be what pays. Because I know a lot of them, moms, grandmas and African, where I grew up, who worked their butts off and fit as still. So it is not hard work. It’s not hard work. It’s not hard work. So mic, easy work. The joyful work, not easy work doesn’t mean you’re not going to come across challenges or you may not learn how to learn. You think that’s not work. What easy work means? Easy work just means it will be something that you will naturally gravitate to and want to do. Right? Okay. So clients who have a lot of debt and they are focused on the debt. The first thing is peace with the debt. You have to make peace with your debt. You have to say debt. Yes, I borrowed, I owe, and it’s okay. It’s okay. And yes, I could lose everything. I want that to be okay. Right? This is so important. If you do not make peace with the debt, it will constantly pull you back. You know, constantly be pulling out your energy and togging at you and it’s going to be tougher to move forward. So make peace with the debt. Be okay with the fact that if the bank were to come and collect everything from you, you would still be okay. That that is the first step. And most billionaires have lots of debt. Yes, yes. Being in debt is a part of being a billionaire or a millionaire. No, no, no. So it’s not, yeah, it’s not not, it’s not so much. It’s a part of being a billionaire at us. If, if someone was, so for me for instance, I love buying things, cash, cash in the sense of I love in full relay. Um, because of the joy it gives me who’s watched the us fix when I buy something that they don’t expect me to pay cash for when I am paying. Right. And so, so that’s my ammo for a lot of people and the way we’ve been raised borrowing and the way their society was set up borrowing, it’s like the normal thing for a lot of people to do. Like, I mean look at the country, the bet that the United States is it, you know, it’s huge debt. So, so people, so with that, you and economics people have been taught that, okay, don’t, don’t go buy the car because it depreciates when you get, when it gets off the lot. So you instead pay monthly for this car. And I say, hogwash, I am going to go pick how old. I like to say that I’m going to go pay full for this car and drive my car up the lot. And then Julius three is down the line. When I decide I don’t want it, I’m going to go buy another one trying to get that one a wheelchair because that energetics I different. So you, uh, when you, when you are putting out to the universe that money is, if this is easy, I can, I can minus energy, I’m energy. It’s always available and it’s always flowing to me in fabulous, large amounts of media, the amount of whatever amount you desire and you will see when you are doing that with your energy, then there is no reason for you to be playing this game where, Oh my car is going to depreciate so I should go in debt. I should go borrow money. On the other hand, you could also look at borrowing money as an easy way of getting money, right? And so if you’re the kind of person who is not faced by debt, who is not concerned by debt, right? If you’ve made peace with debt and you’re like, yeah, I’m just going to go to the bank and they’re going to give me $1 billion and I’m going to go buy that private jet and I don’t care if I paid, if I ever pay them back or I’m going to worry that the money and pay them back. So it all depends on your particular intention. So the idea is examine what you learned around money and then decide what you want with money. But you get to Rick those boundaries. I mean, people, people don’t believe they can buy houses with cash with their own. I mean, they don’t even believe they should. Right? They feel like you have to go to the bank. Like somehow it’s, it’s good to go to the bank and borrow that 300 K and put down 20 K or whatever and you know, and buy this house and then be paying every month and, and working every month in pain. Um, but you can see in the energy and in, in the way people are dealing with that, that it’s, they’ve used that to cause a lot of stress for themselves and shop and, and really wait because a lot of people who have homes and have to monthly their mortgage and they work nine to five as stressed out, they’re stressed out. They, they constantly think about money. How are we going to pay the mortgage this month? Then you have to send the kids to school, then you have to pay for my car, pay off my car and I’m afraid they’re going to take it from me. And so there’s a lot of fear around that. Oh, what are the fears that do away from your true potential? Exactly. And if you were to turn that around, perhaps yes, you’re in a situation someone could be in a situation where that’s the case right now they have bar, they have Barack, but now the begin to shift your consciousness around one and they start to look at it. Okay, I’m so glad that I was energetically available to for the bank to give me X amount. And now I am wanting to turn things around. You can talk to you a great Juju about this and your great Juju was always listening and always there. I mean it’s, you know and wants to assist you. So you just say a Bridget, I’m changing, wanting to change my mind about this. I want to be in a flow where I’m going to my next house. I want to just go pay cash [inaudible] cash words. I just want to walk in there and say how much is this? And the agent says they asking 10 minutes and you say, great, wonderful people that’s arrange it. And here we go. And you want to do that and feel great and not feel like you have. How diminished your capacity that your friends are going to be laughing at you. Oh, that house is not worth it. You’re not buying the house because of it’s worth it to you because of the how you love and admire the house. And that money goes to the people who that you bought it from and they’re not going to put that money under the pillow. The money gets to circulate. They get to book, put it somewhere, invest yet pay taxes, and the one that keeps moving and keeps moving, just like energy continues to move and look, it’s not just sitting somewhere for call one person. Right? So with you keep constantly contributing. Now you can, you can apprise down. You can say, Hey, I want to pay 6 million for this home. That’s totally fine. You can do that. But it gives you the energetics of being able to be in a position where you can just buy what you want and just pay it off is absolutely amazing. It takes a whole different shift in my status shift though. Yeah, from the, from the normal conditioning that we’ve had that you know, it just go. People are buying their TVs and paying monthly for their TV. It’s a mindset problem. The United States has a mindset problem with debt and it’s not because the people don’t have enough money. It’s a mindset. They’ll have $1,000 to buy the TV and they’ll still borrow the money to buy the TV because they don’t want to lose the thousand dollars because they’re afraid they won’t have it. So every time they use it, they’re radiating out exactly that fear, just that fear. And it’s a big deal. And I’m, and I’m saying people listening to this podcast or watching this that heard your just explanation that were saying, Oh, that’s ridiculous. Nobody ever buys a house. That’s a you problem. And that’s your perception of the world problem. And if you had that response that this is unrealistic, then you need to ask yourself about what your beliefs are about money. And even people that, that are somewhat pretty wealthy are still struggling with this. It is, it is part of our human, it’s part of our human journey. Yes. Money is a part of our human spiritual journey in many ways. And you are on the forefront too. And it’s so exciting to talk to somebody that embraces this. Um, thank you. Now, one of the really wonderful books, my favorite books of all time is thinking, grow rich. And he talks about this wonderful idea of masterminds. Now, his idea was he would have X relation with, with like literal ghosts. When you read the book, he was talking to Abraham Lincoln and he might’ve been just in his head, but you have a mastermind. So I wanted to get every, um, you have a mastermind, that bespoke built billionaire and it’s a mastermind event happening in Chicago March 20th to 21st. And you have a venture capitalists there where you’re gonna work together. And the mastermind is such a great idea, especially for money because two people equals four and four people equals eight. And there’s something that happens energetically when the combination of ideas, when people are working together and it’s very, very powerful. Even one event can completely change your life. And so the idea that you have a mastermind event where you’re talking about with an intention of being a conscious billionaire is so exciting. So I wanted you to tell it a little bit more about that event. Yes, absolutely. I mean, I’m so excited and pumped about this I, yeah. And the events, you know, bespoke billionaires rise is about coming together. People who really want to scale to that billion dollar level, or maybe they just want to scale to millions. Maybe that’s where they can, they can see themselves right now. The idea is even if you, if you were to come into our circle, because there are many of us that want to be billionaires and since that’s my aim, I decided, Hey, that I’m not the only one who wants it to be this. And lo and behold, they are now. And so we’re coming together, this amazing eaters, entrepreneurs, ambition Aires and meeting in Chicago, March 20 to 21st 2020 and we’re going to create a [inaudible]. What we’re doing, the idea of this is that we’re gonna get together and learn and figure out what it takes to scale your business, to take an idea and take it to market and really make it, make a big splash out of it and really go deep to reduce the fear that, you know, somehow it’s hard to be a billionaire. Right? And I hope that billionaires would vent and decide to come either physically or via video, just to inspire and speak to us and let us know that it, you know, it’s OK to, to, to desire this. Well, not that we need the approval because we’re going with or without them, but when you have someone who’s been there and done that and they can come and say to you, yes, this is how I did it and I had these challenges, I went and see, I’m just a normal person like you. It helps a lot of to be able to see that. So at the mastermind events, we’ve got venture capitalists because there are, people have ideas, but they have no idea how to take those ideas to market. And they’re looking for funding or people who have built businesses, but they want to expand them by expansion, but they don’t know how to, you know, how to raise the funds. So we’re going to have the venture capitalists there. You can show yes, with the venture capitalists and you know, and be able to get them to fund your idea. I mean they can be right there, the event. So they are ready. And of course we’ve, we’ve got speakers. So one of our speakers is someone who teaches people how to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and private investors. And she’s going to have her templates that have helped her clients, you know, uh, garner millions of dollars from, from private investors and venture capitalists too, to fund their idea. So she’s going to be there to show how to take, to teach us how to [inaudible] your ideas. And then we have people that are going to be talking about expansion, uh, communication, how to keep your business a reverts branding. We are going to together also share Rolodexes because I mean when you meet people, one of the great things about meeting them is being able to tap into their personal resources, right? And so there are people there who know billionaire. I mean some of this venture capital is work with bigger nets in Silicon Valley and Oh yeah. So being at this event is anyone who comes to this event is definitely going to be changing the the better. No matter how small or non-existent their businesses at this point in time, once they attend that event, it’s going to be something else poacher. If that weekend, if that week’s open for me, I’m putting it on my calendar. I’m excited from what you’ve just said. I think it’s perfect. And uh, anybody that wants to check that out as bespoke billionaires, and I’m not just saying that because you asked, it sounds very exciting. There’s a lot of cool people that are coming to this event and to be around people that all share the intention of being a billionaire, the energy of just being around them. We’ll go and literally soak into your DNA and your spirit and your Juju. And I think that it’s a wonderful thing that people can also find you on manifest high net worth. Dot network net So manifest high net if they can find me on Facebook free CI hack, I have a free book, a physical group, a paid Facebook group, they can find me on YouTube. You know, while you’ve been talking, I’ve had several images come to me of you having a book out that said the first billion was the easiest on the cover and I was like, you know, that’s not coming from my brain. That’s somewhere in the, in the, in the space. So I’m excited to read that book and I please, please, I hope that you give me an autograph. Oh, of course. Definitely, definitely. Yes. And I just want to let you know the metaphysical people know that this won’t be the next rise event. We’re also going to have metaphysics. I am going to be speaking at the event on Friday and then I’m also going to, on Saturday I’m going to host a specific meditation and a and coding ritual where we are going to activate our billionaire codes. So, so this going to be metaphysics. They’re everywhere. I go with this gotta be metaphysics. Wow. This has been so much fun. It’s been such a blessing to get a chance to talk to you. Thank you so much for this interview, and I hope everybody checks that out. So bespoke billionaires, yes, and thank you so much and, and welcome again to the reality revolution. Thank you so much, Brandon. It’s been fun.

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