Interview With Dennis & Jessica Stone || EP 504

This was an interview with Dennis Stone and Jessica Stone, Dr. Robert Stone’s son and granddaughter.

It was wonderful to go behind the scenes to learn about the family life and legend of Robert Stone, how he became one of the great ambassador’s for the silva mind control method and masters of metaphysical power.

Stone was author and co-author of over 80 published books, most notably on self-help and powers of the mind. His most best-selling book was “Martinis & Whipped Cream” (1966) with coauthor, hypnotist Sidney Petrie. That book was significant in the history of dieting.

Dr. Stone was an internationally known lecturer on the human potential. He taught for many years at the University of Hawaii on activating the powers of the mind. A MENSA member and graduate of MIT, Dr. Stone was elected to the New York Academy of Science. A Silva Method lecturer for 20 years and Ambassador-at-Large, he introduced the Silva Method to five nations and was honored with many Silva awards.

Dennis Stone is a management, finance, and technical professional with 40 years of experience.

During over 30 years at NASA, he helped manage nearly $1B in investment by NASA in commercial space capabilities.  He helped start and execute NASA’s successful Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program which invested in SpaceX and Orbital to carry cargo between Earth and Low Earth Orbit.  He led the business team in both COTS investment rounds, in the first rounds of the Commercial Crew Program, and recently on Commercial Space Capabilities.   Today as Project Executive he manages NASA support to SpaceX, Orbital ATK, United Launch Alliance, and Final Frontier Design.   Before COTS, Mr. Stone had two decades of International Space Station (ISS) experience, including as Chief System Engineer of the Assured Crew Return Vehicle, Manager of Avionics Integration, and ISS Commercialization Working Group Chair.   He began his space career designing flight avionics and ground systems at McDonnell Douglas and Ford Aerospace and supporting Shuttle/payload integration with Rockwell.

He is CEO of Ion Biotechnology which has an therapeutic family of compounds which is hypothesized to target cancer at the cellular level.  These agents may also show efficacy against a range of infectious disease.   The company is conducting tests on this technology which is in the post-discovery/pre-clinical phase.  

Mr. Stone is volunteer President of World Space Week Association, a non-profit which globally coordinates UN-declared World Space Week, the largest space event on Earth each October 4-10.  In 2018, WSW was celebrated with 5,000 events in 90 nations.

He earned two Bachelor of Science degrees, in Physics and Electrical Engineering, from the University of Hawaii and is Associate Fellow of the AIAA.

Jessica Stone is an Esthetician/Owner at Stone Specialty Skincare and has used her grandfather’s techniques with great success.

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