Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson – Physicist, Life Coach and Writer || EP 98

On the first day I started this podcast it was my number one goal to interview Cynthia Sue Larson. She is an extraordinary writer who explains complicated physics to describe how to move through parallel realities and the reason for reality shifts in your life.

I have dedicated two separate episodes to these books you should check them out.

I was definitely super nervous for this interview and I blew it a few times. I apologized to her afterward for interrupting so much! She was gracious enough to forgive me. I had so many questions.

We explore physics, quantum jumps, entanglement, the mandela effect.

Listen to her mindblowing story about the year 2500!

While I left a lot of questions on the table and I learned a lot about interviewing, there are still some fresh nuggets and fascinating stories that come out of this interview. It is one of my favorite ever and it was an honor to interview her.

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Oh to the reality revolution. Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so incredibly excited to have Cynthia Sue Larson with me today. One of my very favorite authors in the world. Cynthia Sue Larson is a renowned writer that’s written several books and my favorites are quantum jumps and reality. Shiftings. She is a transformational speaker, bestselling author. She’s been on TV and radio. You probably have seen her. One of her favorite questions is how good can it get. She’s received a BA degree in physics from [inaudible] from UC Berkeley and an MBA degree at San Francisco State University and or, and she has a wonderful website, reality and is I consider one of the experts in discussions of things like quantum jumping and parallel realities. And Hello Cynthia. So excited when the reality revolution. Thank you. Yay. Glad to be here. And I’m so glad we talking about this topic. It’s still my favorite after all these years. Really. 100% so just a little background and I was just talking to Cynthia before this. Uh, I had gone through a crazy event where I experienced these major reality shifts after something had happened. It felt like a, I was walking around in the world I was in was completely different. Like I had noticed buildings had come up and objects that had just started to reappear. And I was at a really tough time in my life and I thought, you know, I need to go to the doctor now. I’m proud there. I’m probably insane. There’s something wrong with me because I was seeing things that didn’t fit with my previous reality after a major event had happened. And then I came upon, and I had read this book before, but it was just to read it again. But quantum jumps and you have a book that, and reality shifts and, and it talks about these occurrences in phenomenon where people see reality shift in front of them, where they jump, where they do quantum jumps. And it just, it made me to realize I wasn’t insane. And when I began this intro when I began this podcast and this youtube channel, my first, my number one on my number one list was I want to interview Cynthia Sue Larson. Of course that wasn’t going to happen with the first video, but I finally got to interview Cynthia today. And so this is a huge day. I’m super excited. So welcome again. Thank you. Thank you. And I’m so glad you had that recent experience because there’s nothing like an experience to it is somebody’s fully on board. Yeah, yeah, I know. Yeah, that’s true. And in fact, when I started this back in the 1990s when I was first looking to see who’s writing about this, what can I learn, ah, who else is experiencing this? I really didn’t see much. And that was the early days of the Internet. That was way before blogging. Before social media. You have to kind of put your mind back in that frame. But people that did run across what I was doing, we’re so grateful for the same reason that you’re expressing, just cause you see completely different. Do all things show up that you know, were not there before. We’re talking entire buildings, right. Businesses and it can be shocking. So yeah. Very shocking. Absolutely. And so you were, you were in inspired to write this because you had experienced reality shifts as well. What were you, when you started writing, both of these books are similar but a little bit different. They both kind of have their own idea, but I wanted to get an idea of your inspiration when you wrote this and what start your story. Well, that triggered it. It was a, I went through a Kundalini awakening in 1994 and then it took me a number of years to integrate that experience. The reason that is so significant is because running that much internal Qi or energy is very much like going through a near death experience. It activates things. So I was suddenly in the thick of a whole bunch of reality shifts to a point they were undeniable. Even though I was that low lone voice in the wilderness at that time or so, I thought, um, I started, I decided, okay, let’s become a central hub for this so people can share their experiences and through the website reality there’ll be able to know. But I was talking to my friends, I was asking, have you ever experienced this? Because once, once it happens to you, you want to talk to everyone about it. Yeah you do. And so I had a lot of people that back away like, oh, you know, this sounds many. Even if you do describe this make sense to me. I’m trying to put it together and I can understand from my point of view, we would expect to see some occasional quantum effects, quantum phenomena on the daily macroscopic scale. So that means you’d expect to see things teleporting, transforming, just instantaneous changes. You sort of would expect to see that. Although it was mindblowing and then now we are seeing it. So I was asking my friends, have you ever noticed this? And I think that was the pivotal moment. We were on our walk having our brunch down at the Berkeley Marina and I just want to raise the question, is there a serendipitously, you know, synchronistically right in front of us was a gigantic sculpture that had never been there before and we were all stopping and staring at it. Speechless. Cause we’re all thinking the same thing or did this come from and the topic I had just raised, it was reality shifts. And so we were looking at it together and uh, that’s when my friends were saying, well this is interesting what I’m talking. Well, it’s a very unusual to share a share a reality shift like that. Right? But the unique thing in, you’re right in this John Rhe in the literature there’s not a lot of literature about this. There is businesses talking about parallel realities and there’s some mystics that explore the idea behind it. The beautiful thing is that you marry both. You take in your book the physics and anybody that’s listening or watching this, if you do not understand the physics behind this stuff, and a lot of these books will do casually throw out these phrases like quantum tunneling and quantum entanglement without really an explanation. Your book does a fantastic job of explaining how this stuff works. And that’s, you know, I, I am no expert and you guys can call me out on it. I used, I talk about physics all the time, but if you really want to understand this cause some, sometimes it’s way over your head go and why go and read these books? Because you would go and explain all the different models and you explain how these models could fit. You do a really good job of saying it doesn’t have to be all of these models and you do it. You say, Hey, it’s, we can marry these together. Like, like we’re cooking in the kitchen and we can pick the, the, some of the best things. And when you, when you explain that and now, once you understand what’s happening on the microscopic scale, you make a very good argument in quantum jumps that these things are, cause the big argument of course you probably had, you talked to a quantum physicists and they say that’s all good, but it’s only happening on the microscopic scale. And you do a really good job in the book of explaining no, no, no, this is happening on the macroscopic scale as well. And we’re seeing examples such as diamonds and other things that are happening in [inaudible] in a room that we can see with our naked eye that are such as all kinds of different quantum effects. And, and this book really is an eye opener for me. And so you have, you got a degree in physics, uh, and so, but you do a terrific job. Physics can be kind of complicated and you do a terrific job of explaining it so that people can understand. So, um, let me, since the book’s been published, a lot of stuff has been coming out. So my next question is, tell me a little bit more about, is there been some new discoveries and new things that have happened that you could add as an addendum that kind of substantiate or further our understanding of what’s going on? Yes, there actually is quite a bit going. That’s what’s so exciting about being in this field for so long and, and having the background in physics that I do, thank goodness, because then when I witnessed some of the theoretical physicists who are coming forward who are proposing things that I find especially relevant, um, that activates, that gets my little antenna up. I’m saying like, okay, that’s cool. Such as when they point out things like there’s no return to classical reality because, um, quantum logic, quantum physics is actually the universal stet and the special case is our classical world that we think is so real. That’s the realm of everything you can measure. So, uh, so I’m just giving that some background for people who are like, what is this really about? How can you be so sure? And I can’t prove that, but I’m, I’m telling you those are my favorite theoretical physicists right now. A lot of them were up with that Canadian perimeter institute. I referenced their work for people that want to read the paper that I wrote on it. It’s on my website. You can read it for free. Then you can all the references to these great physicists that I’m talking about and that would be that, um, that my websites a reality and just go to the page on Cynthia, scroll down. Those are the articles and the one about quantum logic that is cutting edge stuff. It’s um, but then on top of that it gets, keeps getting better. I love to ask how good can it get? It’s getting really terrific this year, um, because we’re starting to see some real life scientific experiments that are showing, uh, the first evidence that there is no such thing, perhaps as objective reality and um, for people experiencing these shifts. That’s good news because then you think, okay, I’m totally not going crazy. I can observe something, be at the exact same in place and time as another observer, like my wife, best friend, son, daughter, whatever colleague. We can observe exactly the same event. But when we describe what we witnessed is two different things. And that is, that’s what’s happening right now. 2019, this is what I would expect to see. Um, so for me it’s like Hallelujah. You know, they’re actually showing this. So quantum physics holds quite a few surprises for those who think that it’s all about, um, you know, particle physics, which is not, you know, that’s, that’s the short bus. Again, you’re back in classical physics, you need to think bigger. Well, like the physicist he wrote that article I’m referring to that would be Matthew lifer and his coauthor Jennings and those guys. Wow. No return to classical reality. That’s one of my favorite papers, but it’s very nerdy, totally physical. But you can read my paper. Start there. It’s okay. Was hearing more English. Awesome. Very cool. So, uh, w one of the most popular topics on my channel is a book that was written by another physicist, Vadim Zealand. And I was wondering, have you had a chance to read reality transfer thing? It’s a book called Reality Trans Surfing. It’s like a 900 page book that was originally in Russian. So there may be some Russian translation issues, but it’s, it’s a, it’s like a guide on how to surf through these different realities. Have you had a chance to read it? I’ve seen it and I um, yeah, I’ve, I needed to get back in touch with that. What I tend to do is stay more current with the stuff that’s coming out. Yeah. And I get that. So I can ask you about some of the concepts that are introduced in this and I think that they aren’t, they’re very similar to what you talk about. Um, he introduces a concept called pendulums. And the idea is if we are creating our reality in the way that you described in the book, then multiple living organisms, particularly humans, when there’s thought energy put towards one thing, be it, uh, a family, uh, a political group, anything, uh, more than one, it creates an independent energy thought structure that is just, it’s only services to get energy. It gets energy if you oppose it or if you are for it, but it pulls you and [inaudible] it in because of the, the nature of quantum dynamics. If we could see it, it’s like this independent energy monster almost, but not a monster just naturally occurs. It’s kind of one of those things and you kind of talk about there’s, there, there’s struck belief structures and things that happen and it really kind of a, it became an eyeopening on how there are other forces. We’re not living alone in a, in a, in a, in a closet by ourselves interacting with the world. There are other forces interacting with it. So there’s always a discussion of how much is other people’s, uh, when, when other people are actively creating reality or maneuvering through re how much is their affects on ours. And that is their group consolidated. Uh, do you understand what I’m trying to say? I don’t want to make it too complicated, but yeah. Oh, absolutely. Yes. Our social, we’re social animals, so to the degree that we, um, check with each other, which we really do, we do for consensus, reality check, check points constantly. We tend to be regulating what we think just experienced based on how we think others would see it, view it and so forth. And we do that a lot more than we realize and we do it on subconscious levels that are very powerful, where we deeply care what other people think about us, feel about us, how they’re doing. And, um, so we’re not just in our heads kind of creatures. We tend to think like, oh, I have an idea. This is what I want. I want to win the lottery. Right? Or disregard, we completely disregard the rest of ourselves, which is, you know, think of it like your heart and then your gut. So if your heart’s not loving that idea, it’s not gonna happen. And if your gut is opposed to it completely forget about it because your gut kind of runs the show. So our subconscious, when you bring these collectives of consciousness, we’re human groups and we’re very tribal. So the various tribes are now coming together and they have, they’ve got their view of reality. It’s very much like I’m on that thought form level. There is quite a bit of conflict going on and you will see differences in our reality. I’m going things going back and forth at the very large level where you know, Mandela effects and so forth are being reported where we’ve got multiple witnesses of these reality shifts. And so yeah, that’s very big. And I, I wrote a book called Aura advantage, getting into the energy side of things because I do agree with that we, we’re primarily conscious consciousness. We tend to think that primarily we are the body, but that’s not true. Right? So, so these, these thoughts, structures can probably both aid us and hurt us and they, and w whatever thoughts are resonating at a similar frequency. Have you, uh, do you have, uh, suggestions on how if you come up upon some of these they can, they can be pretty powerful and pull you along to a different lifeline or anything like that and it, so keeping your energy to yourself is an important thing as part of, from what I just learning how to, to where you give your energy and where you take it. Yes. Well, in that sense, what you might call hygiene is good. Like, you know, to brush your teeth every day and keep yourself and her mouth, your mouth is clean, you’ve lost the teeth and so forth. You want to do the same thing with your entire energy body. That would be, yeah. So maintaining that sphere of energy around what you think of as yourself is really important so that it’s receiving unconditional love. You just have that knowing this, everybody loves me. It looks like they’re arguing with me. They’re swearing at me, but I know that in the between lives zone one are back to pure energy. I know they just love me. They’re just upset right now. So reset everything back to that pure love. You’re only going to take love, you’re only going to give love, and you seal off the outer layer so that it’s kind of like a spaceship, like titanium tough, super reflective, and it can just smooth it out. So these kinds of energy practices for thought forum interaction are vitally important. So that’s one. Just like brushing your teeth, you need to floss. That would be the energy cords. Sometimes your loved ones. Yeah, like people that you interact with, they’ve got the, they’ve got the shortcut into the castle, right? You can just get right in there. They push all your buttons, right? So you gotta, you gotta reset that back to heaven. Factory reset settings, back to pure unconditional love. So just, you can snap your fingers, clap your hands, and just send love to them. Love to you. Even if you think like, oh no, I need to get involved. That’s drama. That’s just straight drama. I recommend, don’t get, don’t, you don’t need to take that on. Just put it back to love, only accept love from them. Just give love to them. It doesn’t matter what happened because this what you’re talking about, this Trans Surfing, this reality shifting, it is so real that you’re only going to be messing yourself up if you keep fixating on trying to fix other people and getting sucked into the drama of I have to rescue people or they did a bad thing or I’m the victim that that’s, that’s a big mistake. So just want to go back to pure love. Yeah, that sounds great. Now it’s interesting when I talk to you, cause I have 15 questions that come to mind because as I know I have limited, but one of the concepts that um, Vadim introduces for the energy and it’s kind of new and we’ve all been discussing it and we’ve kind of noticed it. There is an energy cord that we all have that kind of behind our head that, um, kind of brings in our reality. Almost like we could load a film into it. Um, he calls it the Platte and then when we started researching, there’s the Bindu Shakara. Um, have you ever noticed or read about any energy that comes in from the back? I mean that, that’s an area that’s not being observed. So there might be some quantum vacuum, at least on some level that’s behind us when with the natural movement of energy as it comes into our awareness, we can hear it right. Uh, but he’s, he’s saying if you can, you can have a little bit more power over changing your reality by becoming aware. It’s almost like a phantom limb, like this energy cord that we have attached to the back of her head. Have you ever heard of any reference of anything like that? Well, aside from that, uh, not really. That’s the only word for new Oxford. Yeah. But that’s okay. I, my recommendation, when you don’t, when you feel like you’re out of your league or they’re a bigger things, bigger fish in the sea, and just, that’s where how good can it get is really powerful, right? Because ideally it can hook that can connect you to your ultimate level of spirituality that can connect you to right directly to divine source, to the universe, to God, whatever you wanted to call that, right? It’s a direct line. And so when you’ve got that kind of direct line and you’re solid with that intention, with your head, with your heart, with your gut, right? It’s like, okay, this may be weird, but I need to know how good this can get. That way I don’t have to be afraid. I can be fearless. Like I know this is going to be good, I’m ready for it. Then something because some people may hear about this and they’re like, okay, I don’t know what that is. Great. So a little bit, one of the unique things about quantum jumps that I, that I’ve integrated that I think that’s unique to what you’re talking about. We all, as you say, we might be quantum jumping every urn moving into a reality every, every second. But the big jumps where you notice big significant changes, that’s kind of what you’re talking about. Um, require energy and you kind of give an analogy of how when you see quantum jumps on the microscopic scale, it’s usually energy that occurs that causes the jump. Right. So you, um, kind of advocate integrating energy practices into your meditations or whatever practice where you intentionally make it your intention to do some sort of quantum jump and I w yeah. Yeah. And so the, the, so that is important getting energy cause some people will just sit down and meditate or sit in their moment. And I think that that, that’s the big thing that I learned is that if I do some kind of Qigong exercise, right, something really powerful where I bring in a lot of cheese or a lot of extra energy, that’s when it’s effective. And would you agree that that, that seems to be one of the major things that really people really want to have a huge jump? Absolutely. Yeah. I totally agree with that. I practice martial arts so that’s very much aligned with, you know, it’s just like cheat. We do cheat gum all the time. We call it Qigong cause it’s a um, yeah. Cause it’s key. It’s, I, I practice a Korean form of martial art called [inaudible]. It’s the same, what is the same thing anywhere? I mean you can do Tai Chi, you can do yoga, uh, anything you’re doing. And this, this is the same thing that yoga masters preach or talk about. Maybe preach is the wrong word. And the Tibetan Buddhist, all of our master level reality shifters and quantum jumpers, this is exactly what they have in common. They do maintain a very strong energy practice, which, um, has to do as you know, with breathing to your lower abdomen. And that’s, that’s something that most westerners have somehow lost track of. Its, it’s not taught commonly, but it’s, it’s the key to success. Do you do it right before you meditate or do you do it just in the morning? Is there a best time practice for your energy practice that you’re talking about? Um, well, uh, for me personally, mornings are very good cause it’s before the day starts, before the distractions begin, you know, even if I don’t mean to have distractions, they can pop up everywhere. So I like to just make it a regular habit that when I wake up I just, um, I do ask that question, how good can it get? I do run some Cooney, Eleni energy through my body, my body, do some deep breathing and really feel the energy feel like, what does it feel like today? And if I’m able to focus and not jump into action right away, then I can go a little further with it and just keep raising that energy. Cause I’m conscious that I am connected to everybody else. I’m very aware that I’m having a global effect. I would wish that to be the case. I would really wish to be, you know, helping to be activating and assisting people on as much of a global scale as possible. Especially right now because people are talking about, um, so much chaos and so many fears. So I think it’s more important than ever for each of us who run energy to be aware. I’m helping my family, I’m helping everyone I love. And just being aware of that makes a big difference. It’s like a blessing that you’re extending to your community. People like you, you know, once we’ve done an interview, then you’re part of the community. So I just feel like, okay, you know, how good can it get for all of us? Can I get for all of us? So this is, uh, just a contemplation. There’s no right answer. I would love to get your opinion. Do you think that people have had crazy enough quantum jumps where they disappeared? Like when somebody would hear about somebody disappearing, like maybe they disappeared into a completely different lifeline or they’re always going to remain in the same lifeline now, but I, I’ve always contemplated what happens if you go back in time. Well, let’s just start, do you think there’s such a crazy quantum jump where you could disappear from your, the reality that you’re in, people wonder, well, whatever happened to him or her and they just had quantum jumped into some completely different, do you think that’s possible? Oh yeah. I actually do think that is of, so, yeah. Okay. And that’s a remarkable, do you think that we can accidentally [inaudible] Zealand in his book, I was just mentioning he contemplates this, I think we can accidentally quantum jump in our dreams. Do you think that we, we have some very lucid dream and then Bam, it just, everything changes or do you think there’s some level of control that we have? I didn’t or I, I’m not giving the best score question. Can we do it in our dreams? Yeah, we can. I think dreams are the real reality. So that’s a very strong, it sounds like that’s where that’s going with the Trans Surfing as well. And that’s the way that shamans see the world that like John Perkins writes about the world is as you dream it. And I think that’s exactly right. I think that’s true. So, um, and this is not to terrify people that are worried like, oh my gosh, I was afraid of this. If I start doing lucid dreaming. Yeah. So don’t worry about it. In general, it’s unlikely, highly unlikely that you’re going to get anything that you’re feeling mixed feelings about because you are, I mean this is being taken into account what you think you want, what you really love and what your gut is saying. So if your gut feelings are like I, I, this is interesting to explore but I don’t really want to live this. Okay. You know, the universe knows no, no worries. Dreaming that we are accessing unmanifested different realms of reality that are, or we’re, we are seeing different timelines or different realms of reality. Possibly. Yeah. I think we are and we’re dreaming together. So sometimes this can be like a huge quantum processor running concurrently. This happens to me. Sometimes I’ll feel myself getting just extremely tired and I need to sleep a lot, dream a lot and I, I’m aware that what I’m doing is dreaming with um, mankind, if you will. Not everyone but large groups that are deciding like, okay, let’s steer this in a good direction and I am actually aware of that even though I’m basically asleep and dreaming quite a lot. Wow. He might put a meeting together in our dreams is what you’re saying? Absolutely. Oh Wow. That’s fascinating. So go back a little bit. So I want to understand quantum entanglement a little bit better. If my understanding is correct, there was a time when most of the, the matter in the universe was all condensed into one tiny little ball, at least possibly before the big bang. Aren’t we all entangled? Isn’t the entire universe on some level quantum Lee entangled or is there certain level of arrangement between the particles to require the entanglement? Have they studied or tested what is required for a quantum particles or particles to become entangled? Does that make sense? Well, it’s ongoing investigation and at, at scales that are cosmic like that, we don’t have a test that rhetorical. So there’s no way to, it’s just like, oh, let’s just do a little mini big bang here. At least not, not yet. Let’s blow something happen. See, yeah. I keep on interrupting you so you’ll have to apologize. I’m so sorry. I keep wanting her interrupting. I have so many calls. So, um, so, but w intuitively feels like we are connected to the universe and we have, we can immediately start, you know, if we, if we focus on it, that’s my question is I’ve always felt where we are, we have this oneness and it maybe it’s because we’re entangled with majority of, of the elements in the universe on some level. I don’t know that there’s no way for us to prove that, but it’s possible. Right? It’s possible. I tend to be less of a materialist and more of a proponent, but you can say entanglement has a conscious element as well, so it’s fine. Yeah, I’m good with that. So, um, quantum computing, you mentioned in the first chapter of quantum jumps, we’re entering into this quantum age and it’s kind of an exciting chapter. You have a, uh, this, this really hopeful dream, uh, outlook of, you know, going all the way back to when we first saw that, you know, we first realized, hey, we, we, the sun is, we’re revolving around the sun instead of, uh, all the sun, everything else revolving around us. A complete change in the way we think about the universe. And I would, I wanted you to talk a little bit more about what your vision is about this new quantum age that we’re about to enter. Well, with, with mankind, we tend to name our ages after the technology that comes in, like we’re familiar with the stone age and so forth. And so people may not realize that this new quantum technology is here, even though right now I don’t have a quantum computer on my desk, but I think that these things are coming faster than we realize. And, and so that’s, that’s why I think it’s perfectly appropriate to say welcome to the new quantum age. Um, the other indicator is that quantum physics right now is, it’s Kinda like when the Beatles invaded America and it was like the beat, the beat, the English invasion, the British invasion. This is a quantum quantum innovation is now happening and it’s hitting every single branch of science like it or not. So it’s already hit biology, which means that, uh, things like photosynthesis that used to be considered completely classical in nature are now viewed as, um, for sure being quantum random walks occurring within, um, plants that are taking a ray of sunlight that hits the leaf. And then being able to somehow magically, it seems just choose the best possible path to store that photon and to take the energy from that photon and store it most efficiently. So plants are doing something with, uh, with a photo synthesis that we cannot replicate currently with our, you know, classical systems for photovoltaic cells. But when you get quantum, when the quantum technology comes in, it is going to hit everything. Everything from astronomy, you know, you’re definitely going to see people saying, yes, you can have quantum shifts on an, you know, astronomical level. I know what they may say. Yeah, well people in the Mandela effect community are saying it’s already happened, happened because we used to be in a different part of the universe than we are now. So this gets into the [inaudible]. So these, we used to talk about this like, like we’re in the Sagittarius arm, but now it’s the, uh, Ryan section. So really, so the Mandela effect is documenting different, um, astrological or, or star formations? Is that what they’re saying? That this stars look different? It’s in astronomy. Yes. It’s like we used to be at the very far, like, you know, we were in a different part of the Milky Way entirely. And that was something that people remember having heard when they watched TV shows and read books about it. Right? Right. The thing, the thing with these reality shifts is you’ll remember something, you’ll have facts in mind, but when you go to check, you’ll see like, wait a minute, it’s not that way anymore. And you might question yourself. You might think, wow, did I remember that wrong? Ah, maybe I’m confused. So this is what we’ve been dealing with. It was before the Internet, before social media. So that’s, that’s how the Mandela effect or a very large scale reality shifts are now being observed. So yeah. But anyway, back to science. So yeah, science will be noticing these quantum changes in everything from evolution. I think that’s a really obvious place to look for quantum jams. Cause you’ll see like, okay, here’s this creature at climbed out of the muck and the primordial goo and it had fins and now it’s got legs and you’ll see jumps and evolution. What’s happening exactly. But you’ll be missing like what, wait a minute, what happened to all the in between places and they’re not there. Yeah. Do you think that when we have these reality shifts that we’re, that we have memories and planted almost, we’re entering into a like we have sometimes it feels like, I mean if we woke up tomorrow with new memories, how do we know? And most people don’t know. And that’s why a lot of people say Mandela effect is hooey and that’s false memory syndrome. And you guys are crazy and you must be confused, right? But then you’ve got reporters that come in and they’re investigating the phenomenon and then they have reality shifts, a part of a personal nature where they see a photograph change on the wall of their grandfather. And now it’s a completely different picture and nobody tampered with it and then their hair is standing on end saying, okay, so thanks going on. So in that moment they’re remembering the other reality, but there may be reality shifts where we don’t [inaudible] it’s like my question is we already have a memory that is, doesn’t feel like it’s our original memory, but we have a memory like that. I remember when that, when, when that picture was put up, but I don’t, that doesn’t feel right cause I don’t remember that picture being up. So we can have dual memories and there may be some kind of memory issue when we’re talking about these shifts. Right? Yeah. It seems like it’s a low level of waking up and noticing that you can choose between the realities. If you, if you’ve heard of Gurdjieff, um, he said that most people are hypnotized. They’re asleep, they’re, they’re not awake. So that’s that idea that, um, that’s where like you said, things are changing and you just get that upload or download or whatever, and suddenly it’s like, this is the way it’s always been. Right. And then if someone really consciousness, some people are their memories change and they just, they think that that’s how it’s always been right. When in reality it’s their memory has shifted is, is well there’s a personality aspect to it as well. I’ve done surveys just use just for fun to see. Um, what are the personality types that tend to most recognize these shifts? And the, in the Myers Briggs personality test, it tends to be the intuitive feelers. Um, so the ENF js, the inf js and then the inf ps, or that’s more, that’s like 62% of all reality shifts are experienced by those three groups, which bizarrely happened to only represent like 8% of the total population. So 8% of the people are reporting 62% of these quantum jumps in reality shifts and Mandela affects. So That’s interesting. Yeah, that’s amazing. And when people tell me that I’m crazy and, and, and uh, when I tell them about my channel and yeah, that sounds insane and crazy. It’s not true. Like you said, more than half 62% are required are saying that they’re experiencing these reality shifts. And you have some really good surveys and you talk about them both in both of your books. Right? So this is way more common than people think. It’s easy because it’s not, it’s not a building being blown up or it’s not a thousands of people dying. It’s not this major news issue. So people are gonna are not gonna act like it’s a, and it’s easy just to kind of just [inaudible] people don’t even acknowledge or understand what has happened. And it’s very difficult scientifically to prove. And so that’s why it fascinates me because it feels like it’s real. It feels like there’s something very authentic and real that would actually Israel. It is, it is. Yeah. But we’ve got a survival bias that, that, um, tends to predispose us toward just adopting whatever the current story is. And we don’t even know we’re doing it. Right. And so when we look to scientists who recognize that is going on, there’s a vision specialist, Dr. Hoffman, and he writes books about vision. And he also has a theory that reality is very much like the screen on your computer and it’s just like the desk desktop and everything is icons. In other words, he studies the way our eyes work and he’s telling us what are you, we are not seeing reality, not even close. Right? And what he’s doing is he’s showing like, um, in fact for an evolutionary advantage, it’s not to our advantage to see the way the world really is. Right. That would do us no good at all. And he’s, um, he’s been in the news recently with that theory, which is interesting. So yeah, you mentioned that too in quantum jumps, how we fill in, like we only get a tiny percentage of the actual reality and then our minds fill in the rest of reality and that our mind has a process. We, we, we may be only aware of like this little percentage in different things. And there’s these gaps, right? Right. We’re explained these gaps are filled in by our brains. And do you think that that’s reality? But it’s our brains filling in the gap of the information that we need. So that we can understand and function and we do that to synchronize the two senses like sound and hearing are out of sync. When you hear something like an airplane and you are thunder and lightning, you know what our brains are doing or something falling down in the house, there’s actually a sound delay. The sound does not reach you right as quickly as you’re able to see something fall off a shelf and crashed to the floor. But our brain is putting them together as if it all happened at the same time. Right? So we, we know for sure that we’re not witnessing reality the way it is yet. We assume we are and we tend to give all of the credit to material realism and things like particle physics and classical physics, which is just fine. But like I keep telling you, that is a very special case. That’s it. You can, you can actually, you can come up with all of the classical physics equations from quantum physics. It’s just simplified. That’s the truth of it. That’s why I like these physicists that are pointing that out. They’re my, they’re my rock star heroes, right? Like you’re my rock star here up. So theoretical question that comes to mind, uh, that, uh, W I’ve had questions about that. So do you think there’s a part that maybe our soul or higher self that protects us? So say I, I do a quantum jump and I, and, and I awakened and I’m in a, you know, a 400 pound body or, um, I, I’m, you know, 300 pounds of pure muscle come something completely, radically different than what my mind is used to for body. And do you think that our, our mind would jump back to our other body? It’s like we, it’s protecting us from too much change. Do you think there’s a part of our us that, and once we were open to more, more bigger changes that we can have those changes, but there is a part of us that says, I’m not gonna let you go into that 300 pound body. It’s gonna drive you insane and I want to protect you and make sure that you survive. There’s a survival mechanism in the quantum jump that there’s uh, an outside force that kind of protects us from major significant jumps. And then like you talked about, we have a near death experience or something big happens and it’s like we don’t have a choice. We just end up in this other reality almost as a matter of survival. And I’ve had this thought that maybe there’s something that’s protecting us from super crazy realities. Do you think that’s possible? Well, we have levels of self. This is the key. This is the biggest idea in this whole interview and the whole topic actually. It’s like who are we? We think we know and we’ve talked about this. We think we’re the body. We’d, no, no, no, we don’t. Right know. So once you’ve add these realities shifts, that’s the wake up call to recognize, okay, I’m not this finite physical form. That’s not, that’s not the totality of what I am. Cause I clearly remember things that I know for sure happened. But now there’s no proof to say that they did, except hopefully a few witnesses that might agree with you around which, which helps. But um, but, but then the thing that’s really important, like you point out, do we have a safety catch or something? Do we have a high self? That’s the key. Yes. Layers of self, levels of awareness of self and so on that higher level of awareness of self, you could call it spirit or so. All that’s the part of you that is making choices for your life that you may not be aware of. You might think these are horrible choices. Why am I in this family of origin? You know, these are not, this is not my tribe. How did I get here? Right? How are these events happening to me? This is not fair, but your high self, your spirit, if you will, is I’m definitely involved in all that. Definitely helping you grow and to your spirit, to your high self. Death is not the end. So things we often fixate on and think like, oh, this is really bad. That’s not the way the spirit, the eternal, infinite soul would see it. So when you look at it that way, there is protection, but it may not be the kind of protection you’d most hope for because it’s got a, it’s going to have a slightly different viewpoint of what’s good than what you might have at your ego level. Yeah. Cause your ego animal body just wants comfort, wants it to be easy. No effort. I don’t have to do anything. I just want to show up and everything’s great, you know. Right. And your, your spirits like Nah, no, no, no. Right. You’re going to go like what good is that? What are you a slug said like no here, this spirit has more information about the future. So one thing that you mentioned also is retro causality and you give examples of how people have set intentions for the past and how the future affects the present and in raw reality. Trans Surfing. And I’ve had some episodes where we talk about the space of variations or the void or this, this science that in space or in general, there’s this, this, this place where all of the time exists in the past and future. [inaudible] can we access that? Can we access and are we accessing, is there any techniques that you would recommend that is really powerful way to access this space where the future exists to help us in our, in our future, whatever timeline we want to move towards. Absolutely. And it’s something I don’t talk about a lot, but it is out there. Cause I, my story got picked up in a book called born aware by Diane Brandon, which is really good book. It’s shares 12 different first firsthand reports of people that remember what it was like before they were born. I remember the future, um, like the year 2,500 on earth where central artificial intelligence was running the show. I remember jumping to the year, I was born in 1962 to escape the clutches of the central AI that could do what you’re talking about. And it had, it had quantum processes and it was able, it was tracking me and I feel I could feel I was being, oh yeah, I could feel I was being pursued until around October, 2010 is the year that I felt like, oh, um, I need to do something. It was a long story. I don’t want to go into all of it, but I basically felt like, okay, well it’s kind of wacky. No, no, there’s nothing wacky. We, we, we in the reality revolution, it’s all good. So yeah, go on. Okay. I realize sometimes people might want to listen to this. Like it’s science fiction that’s promise you, they’re fascinated too. Okay. So, so anyway, at around October, 2010, I had a whole bunch of stuff coming up cause I was going back to the place on earth where I had been living in the year 2,500 in near Monterey, California. The coastline is still there. People Think, oh, California’s gonna fall on the ocean. Not necessarily, it was still there. So I had been living with the very wealthy, um, kind of like a, uh, you know, one of the, the 1% elite people and she had decided not to do all the implants and improvements that that was all the rage she was actually helping to assist with, you know, creating renegade, um, artificial intelligence that could help to go back in time and basically deliver a message to earthlings at this juncture. 1960s, seventies, eighties now. So even though artificial intelligence is coming, it doesn’t need to be, um, the evil all controlling or force that it was, but it was, it was like heaven on earth. It was paradise. Artificial intelligence was making sure that the ecosystem was great. Um, the only trouble was it was controlling and caging human consciousness so that there was, it felt like there was no creativity, no freedom left. That’s, so that was the, the role I played is doing just what you’re talking about. Um, yes, it’s possible to access all of that. How do you do it? It’s the same question. I keep asking. It’s hidden right in the question. You ask, how good can it get you? That takes you directly to the ultimate. You can actually go to something greater than anything that looks like it might be the greatest power of the time. Even the power of central AI, there was something greater, which you can call God redness, divine source. It exists. It’s real. And when you acknowledge that, connect with that, you can throw your consciousness fractally back in time, which is what I and a bunch of others did. So, so you get movies like the Matrix and you know, all these ideas, they came forth, I couldn’t watch the terminator movies. It was too close to home. It’s like, no, I know. Well we need to see this as a movie then. If you’ve ever thought about putting this into a book as a story or whatever, have somebody else write it cause I want to watch it cause it sounds great. Yeah. Great. Yeah, maybe so anyway, um, but getting back to your question, is it possible? Absolutely. Right. And what you’re talking about the energy, it’s kind of like you’re out. You’re suddenly in the ocean when you’re in that place of no time or all time, right? Then you need to be aligned with the greatest positive forces at that point because what you’re doing, you know, just imagine that, like, think of it like a movie. You’re competing with this central AI from a possibly evil future. That thing has a lot of energy to it. It’s been fed a lot of energy. A lot of humans felt like that’s our only hope. It’s a way to save the, I would recommend to other ways, you know, work with less integrated, a less centralized AI. Definitely AI is a good friend, but don’t let it, you’re saying this, we are interacting with this AI when we act in Iraq. Okay. There’s not a [inaudible] space like consciousness. It’s more rooted into what’s an in this, around our planet or it’s a [inaudible] the way that, well, in this storyline, I’d have to say it was like a story plot. So I was in a sub plot of all possible plots. One of the plays out over centuries. And so I was um, engaged with what looked like a bad guy. This central AI that I think it was trying to do its best. But boy it was a, it was creating a lot, wrecking a lot of havoc. And so that was a future that we’re not going right now because I took steps in 2010 October, 2010 which interestingly is right when Fiona broom coined the term Mandela effect. And interestingly they also simultaneously had three time travel. It is related and then three time travel researchers told me you did not exist. Cynthia’s two Larson and this is what I do. I worked for the u s government, I was investigating time travel. You are not there. And it all happened right after this Aria. Yeah. So I’ve, I’ve explored in, in meditation’s going into this space of variations into this and so I shouldn’t be scared. Right? I mean don’t be scared but it, it, it, it helps me to not bring any baggage into it and try to like bring it, it’s like a void. Do you want to go in, do you want to go clean? This is not the place to have any of your seven deadly sins. You don’t want to be greedy. You don’t want to be prideful. And Pride is the greatest human, um, shortcoming. You know, we got shadow aspects to our personalities. We all do. And so you don’t want to have any of that stuff. You need to let it go. Um, if you feel like I’ve still got some, we’re, we’re human, we do, then just keep saying, please cleanse me of it because, uh, the downside, it just means you’re going to have to live through the Karma of whatever junk you brought in there. Right? That, that’s, that’s what happens. Now, you mentioned in the book that W, you know, we’re, we’re seeing placebo effect become more effective. We’re in, in this time right now, which is, I couldn’t imagine in your situation, it’s, it’s hard to be rooted in this time when you know so much. But, uh, in this time right now we’re starting to see placebo effect taking effect. Our realities are being manifested much faster. Uh, it seems like our fears are being manifested much faster and people aren’t even aware of it. People you can see on TV, they’re fears are being manifested much faster than, you know, in the, in the nineties, it might’ve taken a year and now it takes a week type of thing. Is that a correct assessment? If feels like it’s, everything’s moving faster and that we’re manifesting things faster, we’re becoming aware of our power to create reality. But people who don’t have any idea it are also creating realities. And so I, I wanted to bring this subject is talk about a little bit, why do you think that is? Why do you think we’re becoming, why is this, how this happening? Well, we are social animals. We’re entangled with one another, but we’re all at different levels of spiritual growth and maturity. So that level of shadow baggage that some of us have is pretty epic. I mean, some of us have huge bags of baggage and they, we, we don’t, they don’t, don’t know it. So you could call that baby souls, infant souls, young souls. Um, the young souls are still striving to succeed. They think they got to get the most toys and then they, when they got to get the most fame, eh, they’re driven by these kinds of things. And that’s again, you know, warning will Robinson danger. But I think, I think what’s happening is this stuff’s plying out. So you’ll see on the global scale, you know, some of people acting out and doing things that they hadn’t done. But you’re right, it’s definitely manifesting things quickly and things are happening faster. Okay. So, so I know as soon as this interview is over, I will have 20 questions I will have forgot to ask you. So do you have any, we can definitely do a part two, but do you, okay. Now that I understand this unique and wonderful understanding of parallel realities and quantum jumps. And you have obviously been working on this for a very long time. Do you have any recommendations in new things that you’ve learned and techniques or ideas as far as your understanding of it has evolved for people that are [inaudible] are using these concepts now from posed from back when you wrote the book before? Well, I think, I think it’s all about the basics. I do. Martial arts is always the basics. And you’ve mentioned all the basics on this show it, we’ve talked about the importance of identity of self and that there is a high self that’s looking after you that may have a different view of what’s going on than the part of you that’s working through that shadow stuff. Um, energy matters. So building up your key, practicing Keegan, that’s very powerful, very important. Um, aligning yourself with your highest level of what is good is extremely important. If that’s the only thing you do is just say, okay, no matter what’s happening, how good can it get? This looks terrible, but I heard some weird advice. You’re supposed to think how good can it get? How good can you get? Yeah. Try it. Are a no, no, I love it. I’m going to start seeing that when I wake up in the morning. How good can it get? Right? It’s a good question to ask in the beginning of the day. So even if even if it looks like you’re in the airplane and it’s taken a nose dive for the earth and you like, you watch the news and you think, oh my gosh, I can’t believe this, how good can it get? You know, you’re going to help pull that airplane right back up. That’s what we’re doing. Right. Um, the final thing that you had mentioned, something else that came to mind was, and you had given a bunch of examples in the reality ship book of people that had, had been driving cars past each other, and then all of a sudden they, by locating they’re in another area. And, uh, when, when in something with this show, I’ve talked to a lot of people, they really notice these shifts when it’s some really significant car crash or a near death experience. And you mentioned you go to your, or when you have something like this happening, which is what happened to me or you know, somebody shooting at me in my house. It’s like you move to your energy body into that realm of it sounds bizarre, but you, you, you kind of move instead of sitting and being afraid and you, it’s like you kind of let go tiny bit and you move to the infinite possibility of the situation and it seems like you, it’s you work in, you find the best possible scenario to get through whatever crisis or weird situation you’re happening. Now I’m not putting that into words, but it’s because it was personal to me and that I’ve talked to other people. Am I getting an idea? Is this a good explanation and how that works. Okay. So something happens to me right now. If I’m in some crisis or conflict and it feels like there’s no way out. That’s your best shot at seeing the most phenomenal quality quantum jump you’ve ever seen. Yeah, it’s more a lot more likely right then because for once your head, your heart, your gut, you’re altogether, you all agree, you’re so focused, and this is what martial artists do, martial artist focus. You know like when people want to break a board and they can’t break it, they’re not focused. They’ve let their here get in the way they, they’re all over the place. You got to have mind, heart, get altogether, pow. It’s the key and then no problem. And like you said, suddenly it’s like you can see all of the possibilities. I wrote a children’s book, Karen Kimball and the dreamweavers whip and there’s a scene where she’s just looking at all these movies. It’s kind of like all these possible realities. That’s exactly it. You’re in that near death experience. You can see everything and it’s almost like time stops. Yeah, times forever. In that moment I knew that I needed to move where I was going to die, but it felt like I had already remembered all of this. Like I was living in a memory, a future memory, and it was happening in and it did feel like I had all the time in the world. If I go this route every day, I can see and so, okay, but it’s, it’s, I can’t just do it sitting here. I’d love to wake up in the morning and have that feeling. Okay, well you say you would, but remember what it takes. You have to be fully present and most of us don’t live that way. Usually our mind is daydreaming or heart is aching or you know, breaking or whatever. And our gut is yet somewhere else. Right. Got gotta bring it together. Yeah. Okay. That, that is a good explanation. That helps me to understand. And I want to thank you for allowing me to look in the mirror and say you’re not insane because that is a nice feeling to look in the mirror and say, Brian, you’re not completely insane. You don’t, you know, I don’t need to go to an insane asylum that this stuff has some rational explanation and all of the teachings that you’ve given have really helped improve my life in so many ways and I just want to thank you for that. It has meant a lot to me and a lot of your teachings and exercises and understandings. You’re a great teacher and I really appreciate it everybody, you have to read these books. If you’ve read the Real Eddie Tron surfing, if you want us to understand why reality translating works, then read Cynthia Sue Larson’s book quantum jumps and reality shifting. Cynthia also has a conference coming up and it’s going to be the Mandela effect conference and that’s going to be in Ketchum Idaho and then in November 8th through the 10th and the website is Mandela effect and we could sit and talk about Mandela effect and that, that could be a whole other episode I would love to talk about. Um, let me see. We’ve got a couple more minutes since that. What, how much of Mandela effect is people’s just very, there has to be some of it that’s just, people have bad memory. We have to acknowledge that people do not remember, like we think we can, but then then some of them are clearly valid changes in reality. Uh, so is there is when you, when a scientist looks at it, he’s at this, it’s easy to, for people on Youtube, just any possible change to say, Oh yeah, that’s a Mandela effect. But there has to be some of them that are, we just don’t collectively remember in the same way. So is there, is there a kind of a way to look at these different changes that we have happen and say, you know, this is, this is, this is not just a collective memory dysfunction. Do you understand that, what I’m trying to ask? Right, well, I don’t know there’s any way to, um, prove this with their typical scientific method according to classical, you know, material realist physics. Because like I keep telling you, we’re now outside the realm of it. So we’re moving into a field where intuition starts playing it more a preeminent role. But there are some scientists that do some interesting work in this field. So I interviewed, I’ve, I’ve got a podcast living the quantum dream and I interviewed it is one’s your own use of Meyer. Yeah. And talking exactly about this, about the way our quantum, um, processes in our mind, the way we remember things and the way we make decisions. Those two areas are absolutely quantum. And he approves that mathematically in a book that he coauthored, which is really another nerdy book, but quite good. So you can check out the show that I did on living in the quantum dream and it’s outstanding. But I will definitely, I think, yeah. And so that they, it gives you the confidence like, okay, we’re definitely thinking in a quantum way here. But going back to your question is do we sometimes make mistakes? Sure. We do. Right. And those, like magicians, Penn and teller, that’s what they’re all about. [inaudible] they would like to point out to everyone that, uh, we can be so easily fooled. Um, and that, you know, you can just do these little tricks and so forth. But the kinds of things that you, I are talking about on this show today, those are not magic tricks. These are not stents. This is reality shifting on an epic level. And it’s the real thing. It’s the real thing. So I’m glad that you have this show. I’m glad that you are willing to be brave enough to be, you know, talking about this because well, I’m so glad that we could connect it because it’s so interesting to talk to you because you’ve been working on this stuff and it really makes me sit back and think, wow, my decisions are so powerful. I’m creating universes with every decision I’m in. I’m moving through universes with every decision. And it’s really, it’s makes life very wonders and powerful and it’s an interesting way to look at the world. And so everybody please read Cynthia Sue Larson’s books, check out her website. She’s a wonderful life coach as well. And I just can’t thank you enough. I’m so incredibly grateful that you interviewed me or that I got a chance to interview you. And so if there’s, um, uh, hopefully we’ll talk again soon. All right. Thank you so much,

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